4 Shower Wall Material Ideas

4 Shower Wall Material Ideas

Embarking on a bathroom renovation project is exciting, but it can also be maddening. From toilets to shower heads, the sheer amount of options out there for every part of your bathroom is overwhelming. Take the shower wall material, for instance: You have to find material that can fight against mold and mildew and is tough enough to take a good soaking while still being attractive. Here we’ll present 4 shower wall material ideas to inspire your renovation.

You also want to choose a shower wall material that gives your bathroom the right mood. From sleek and modern to luxurious, choose one that goes with your bathroom decor. These are the best shower wall material ideas you need to check out.

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

There’s nothing wrong with going back to basics: People use ceramic and porcelain tiles most often when it comes to tiled shower walls. The best thing about them is that there are so many materials you can choose from and so many styles. From oversized porcelain tiles that look like marble to tiny penny tiles, you can tile your shower walls and even cover all the walls in your bathroom with them.

Ceramic is one of the most affordable tile choices. It’s also the easiest to cut and install. The great thing about ceramic tile besides saving money is that they’re going to last for a very long time.

Porcelain is thicker and denser than ceramic. They’re more difficult to cut but they’re also more heavy-duty. Porcelain is harder to chip and will last for a long time, too, and both ceramic and porcelain tiles are super easy to clean.

AffordableCan be slippery underfoot.
DurableVaries in color from batch to batch.
Easy to cleanCold underfoot in the winter.
Shower Wall Material Ideas

2. Marble


shower wall material ideas

Marble is another popular choice for shower walls. You can find marble slabs or tiles with all sorts of designs or “veins,” so each marble wall so unique.

Marble gives bathrooms a classical and elegant look, adding an extra touch of high-end quality to your home. There are a few disadvantages to using marble in a bathroom. It’s easy to stain marble with hair dye or makeup and some chemicals can leave scratches on the surface. Marble also take more care than other types of shower materials. You have to keep up with cleaning and maintenance, but if you have a big budget this is definitely one of the best shower wall material ideas.

Uniquely beautifulRequires maintenance.
Gives a high-end luxury look.Expensive
Can get stained or scratched.
Shower Wall Material Ideas

3. Prefabricated Acrylic Panels


shower wall material ideas

Prefabricated acrylic panels are the easiest shower wall to install in your bathroom. They come in giant sheets and all you need is strong construction adhesive. They’re on the cheaper side of wall material choices and are super easy to clean. One of the downsides of acrylic panels is that after a few years, they’re likely to become discolored and will need to be replaced. 

You can buy acrylic panels as a multi shower kit, wall kit, or as a one-piece unit. One-piece units are difficult to install as it covers a complete shower unit. So, if you only need to cover a shower wall, you won’t need a one-piece unit. A multi shower kit includes an acrylic wall, a shower pan or bathtub, and sometimes shower doors. It’s a partial kit, so to speak. If you’re looking to only change up your shower wall, your best bet is a wall kit that contains only the shower wall or walls.

Not long-lasting
Easy to installLower-end appearance.
Easy to cleanCan get discolored.
Shower Wall Material Ideas

4. Prefabricated Laminate Panels

Laminate panels are another great and affordable choice for your shower wall. They are water-resistant like no other and are common in many showers.

With both acrylic and laminate panels, there are zillions of designs and colors you can pick from. Your choices are limitless. But, you can’t install laminate sheets onto drywall. You have to install a layer of fiberboard between the two. Besides the fiberboard condition, installing prefabricated laminate panels is straight forward. You just have to cut them to size and place them where you want them. If you’re on a budget, prefab laminate panels are one of the best shower wall material ideas.

Very affordableNot as luxurious as higher-end material.
Many colors & designs to choose from.Have to install fiberboard first.
Easy to install
Shower Wall Material Ideas

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The bottom line

If you’re looking for shower wall material ideas, there are several choices out there for you to consider. As long as it’s water-resistant and matches your taste, you’re good to go. Whatever your budget, we hope these shower wall material ideas have been helpful.

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