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Smart Bulb Vs. Smart Plug

Are you trying to test the practicality and usefulness of smart home products? Or, you have just accidentally come across the interesting and fascinating world of smart home automation?

Well, if you are wondering what’s the significant distinction between smart bulbs and smart plugs; and can’t decide which one to opt for, this article aims to help you explore more on these smart devices.

Take in mind that when it comes to establishing a smart home, one of the most important factors to consider is lighting. However, each avenue of smart lighting is distinct. The same goes for the requirements of each home.

In some instances, you could even integrate approaches to form a more refined and completely featured setup. You can accomplish this by understanding the upsides and downsides of each approach.

In this post, we’ll explore the difference between a smart bulb and a smart plug.

NITEBIRD Smart Light Bulb

The smart light bulb manufactured by NITEBIRD is one of the best options available today. Its phone app control allows you to control your smart bulb anywhere.

This means that wherever you are, it is now possible for you to check the status of your residence’s light any time you want. Hence, you are worry-free even when you leave your place and forgot to switch off the light.

What makes the app control amazing is that you can have complete control as long as your phone can access an exclusively 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. In the same way, it is possible to form a group for your device and control them via a single button.

By the same token, you can schedule the bulb by turning it on and off automatically through the phone app. In short, you can easily set the countdown timer.

For instance, they will switch on automatically before you wake up or reach your place. Or, the smart bulb will switch off automatically after you fell asleep or leave home.

Not to mention, this smart bulb is also designed with very convenient dimmable settings. Its color temperature is 2700K, while the dimming range is one to one hundred percent.

If you prefer, you can adjust the right brightness according to your requirements, and create a more soothing and comfy atmosphere for your room.

This device is so impressive since it is a piece of cake to install and it helps you save more on energy costs. The smart LED light bulb is equivalent to a 75-watt conventional incandescent bulb, which could save approximately 80% of energy.

When setting this smart bulb up, all you need to do is to screw the bulb into any standard fixture or E26 light socket. The installation process is DIY stuff, so it’s beginner-friendly.

More importantly, you can count on the professional technical team that offers excellent after-sales services. The staff is more than willing to assist customers in terms of the setup process and connection.

This product is also backed up by a one-month money-back guarantee offer, plus a one-year replacement warranty.

Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant compatibleNeeds strong wifi connection
Energy savingNot easy to integrate bluetooth
No smart hub needed
Smart Bulb Vs. Smart Plug Reviews

Amazon Smart Plug

The smart plug manufactured by Amazon is quite effortless to set up and utilize. All you need to do is to plug it in, then open the Alexa app, and from there, you could begin using your voice.

In addition to this, since this device is crafted with a compact design, it helps keep your second outlet available.

When using this smart plug, there is no smart home hub needed, you only have to organize the schedules and routines via the Alexa app. Put simply, it functions with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet.

As you can see, if you prefer a less stressful smart plug, this unit is perfect for you. It allows you to schedule appliances, fans, and lights to switch on and off automatically.

Not only that, but you can also control them even when you’re away from home. Isn’t that a convenient and safe way to manage your appliances at home even when you’re not around?

With the “Away Lighting” function of this smart plug, Alexa can automatically switch connected lights on and off to make it appear like you’re inside your place when you are remote from home.

To activate “Away Lighting” function, you are required to have a light linked to an Alexa app and Amazon smart plug. Then, link your smart plug to a lamp, and allow Alexa to recognize when you arrive and leave.

Primarily, if you are already tied into what is popular today as the Amazon Alexa ecosystem, this smart plug device is really practical, functional, and convenient to have. It is a smart investment if you want to keep things under control using a single app.

Such a smart plug lets you instantly gain control with your echo device if you prefer. Even if it is your first time utilizing a smart plug, this product is plain sailing to operate. Alexa discerns this smart plug at once and you only have to scan the rear portion of the plug to add it.

Unlike other similar options, this unit is short and less dense. Once you have this device installed, you will be impressed to see that it works flawlessly for its purpose.

AffordableNo IFTTT support
Works with Alexa voice commands and Alexa-enabled devicesDoesn't work with Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant
Easy to install
Smart Bulb Vs. Smart Plug Reviews

The Bottom Line

By and large, the world of smart lighting might at first appear perplexing and intimidating; however, it is literally and notably easy to navigate the moment you learn the primary distinction between the various alternatives.

Smart bulbs are sterling if you have a minimal interest beyond adding remote control to a bulb or two, and uninterested or don’t have plans about other adventuresome activities.

Such devices could bring effective and mood-enhancing colors to any spot too.

On the other hand, smart plugs provide you the additional perks of being able to control more devices and appliances, and convenient control to your lighting as well.

They ensure a more user-friendly experience for you and other members of the family.

Evidently, with integrated energy monitoring, consumers don’t merely delight in a less expensive solution, but they could also save more bucks on their monthly expenses.

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