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Will a Smart Vacuum Remove Pet Odors?

No one enjoys cleaning their floor, so it’s no surprise that robot vacuums are all the rage these days.

Equipped with modern smart home technology, they can clean up dirt, debris, and crumbs with a simple voice command.

(You can also schedule them to run at the same time daily, so you don’t even have to think about it.)

There are some smart robot vacuum models intended specifically to pick up pet hair. But this leads many pet owners to wonder: Will a smart vacuum remove pet odors?

To answer this question simply, yes! A robot vacuum can banish pet odor. However, it’s not a given; you’ll need to buy the right kind of smart robot vacuum and maintain it properly.

With a little know-how, you can drastically reduce pet odor in your home.

What Causes Pet Odor?

Any pet owner (or friend of a pet owner) is familiar with the concept of pet odor, or “dog smell.” It’s an unmistakable funky smell that seems to stick to any surface pets have been in contact with.

Think about the stink of your dog’s favorite blanket, or what a towel smells like after drying off a wet dog. But what actually causes pet odor?

Pet odor is caused when pet hair, dander, and dirt they carry on their coat settles into fibers, such as carpet or blankets.

(Another type of worse pet odor is caused when dogs or cats urinate on carpet or other surfaces.

These smells are very difficult to get out and you’ll typically need to use an enzyme-based cleaner. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on general pet odor or “dog smell” caused by the mere presence of pets.)

If you have hardwood floors, pet odor tends to be less of a problem. However, if your home is carpeted, this creates plenty of surface area for pet odor to cling to.

How to Combat Pet Odor With a Robot Vacuum

Regular vacuuming is vital for controlling pet odor in your home. But not everyone wants to get out the vacuum cleaner every single day. A smart robot vacuum can be a huge help because you can set regular cleaning schedules.

Look for a Robot Vacuum Specifically for Pet Owners

When shopping for your smart robot vacuum, look for one that’s intended to combat pet hair with powerful suction.

The iRobot Roomba s9+ is one of the top-rated robot vacuum models for pet hair, although it comes with a very hefty price tag.

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 Aivi is also recommended for pet owners, as it will automatically avoid any piles of pet waste that might end up on your floor.

(Surely you’ve heard the nightmare stories about robot vacuums tracking dog poop all over people’s white floors.)

The Neato D7 is another great pet friendly robot vacuum. It has powerful suction and a HEPA filter and using the app, you can set “No-Go Zones” to help it avoid spilling your dog’s food bowls, for instance.

Clean the Filter Often

The filter of your robot vacuum will tend to get caked with dust and pet dander, so check it often.

If your filter is clogged, it will affect your robot vacuum’s ability to suck up dirt and hair, and will also contribute to pet odor in the air.

Depending on your robot vacuum, it may have a disposable filter that needs regular replacing. Other types of filters can simply be washed and dried thoroughly before being reinserted in the smart vacuum.

Also, look for a robot vacuum with a HEPA filter such as the very affordable Eufy Robovac 11S.

An air purifying HEPA filter will trap allergens, making it very helpful for households where someone is allergic to pet dander.

Wash the Dust Bin

You’ll want to make sure you empty the dust bin of your robot vacuum frequently. And beyond just emptying it, you’ll also want to wash it regularly. Even after emptying it, the dust bin can remain coated with a layer of dust and pet dander.

This can produce a lingering “dog smell,” so be sure to wash it thoroughly between uses. Simply use a wet soapy cloth to wipe down the dust bin.

Make sure it’s completely dry before you run the robot vacuum again, otherwise you’ll create the dreaded “wet dog” aroma.

Consider an Odor Eliminating Carpet Product

Another way to help banish pet odor from your home is to use odor eliminating powder or beads. These products such as Fresh Wave, get sprinkled on your carpet and then vacuumed up by your smart vacuum.

They use natural odor-absorbing ingredients to help deodorize dog smell. Used in combination with regular vacuuming by your robot friend, they’ll help keep your home smelling fresh.

Final Thoughts

So will a smart vacuum remove pet odors? The answer is a resounding yes, provided you shop smart for a robot vacuum that’s well-suited to picking up pet hair.

By using your phone app to schedule regular cleanings and making sure you clean the filter and dust bin regularly, pet owners can help eliminate nasty pet odors from their home.

Overall, the use of a smart robot vacuum can help you spend more time with your furry friend and less time cleaning your house.

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