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SmartThings Hub V2 or V3?

Smart hubs such as alarms, thermostats, speakers, cameras, and lighting, etc. are unquestionably practicable means to organize a wide array of smart devices inside your dwelling place.

At present, Samsung is one of the most prominent producers and developers of high-tech gadgets worldwide.

More and more people decide to have SmartThings in their residences as doing so can help save more on electricity expenses; and more importantly, upgrade the entire home to a new level.

So, if you’re planning to purchase a new hub for your place, consider upgrading this to a smart home automation solution.

Fundamentally, both smart hubs V2 and V3 are popular for being outstanding models to select from. They offer a comprehensive, convenient, and practical solution to every home without any slowdown.

If you are still wondering about which version to choose, this post intends to provide you with some buying guides.

Let us explore the similarities and differences of SmartThings v3 hub and v2 hub and check out two particular products that you can consider for your next purchase.

Samsung ET-WV525BWEGUS SmartThings Wi-Fi Mesh Router

This Samsung Wi-Fi mesh router can provide whole home coverage by up to 1,500 square feet. It enables multiple access points too. You can add up to a total of 32 routers if you require additional coverage.

It’s a famous option in that it features 2-in-1 smart home solutions. It can link to and control over 100 compatible devices, such as doorbells, speakers, lights, and cameras.

This product’s one app control it all feature allows users to catch a sight of what’s connected, formulate network access for visitors, prioritize devices, set Internet usage schedules and parental controls, and a lot more.

Such an innovative item is straightforward to install. You only need to download the SmartThings app and adhere to the guides to get your new network working in no time.

This way, all of your devices will be recognized, the flow of traffic will be determined, and start optimizing instantly.

Interestingly, SmartThings Wi-Fi utilizes the Plume cloud as air traffic control. This helps your Wi-Fi to take the quickest path to the clearest channel.

This does wonders in maximizing performance for a more beneficial and stronger Wi-Fi experience.

The content restriction and security features allow parents to better manage what forms of content their children could access.

This product is compatible with former models of SmartThings sensors and outlets.

Excellent performanceRequires two apps
Creates smart home hubShort range
Small devices
SmartThings Hub Reviews

Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA 3rd Generation SmartThings

This Samsung 3rd generation Smartthings product is adept at wirelessly linking and controlling a broad array of compatible smart devices from various brands, such as sensors, cameras, speakers, switches, lights, voice assistants, etc.

Users can take advantage of a 24/7 monitoring. This includes getting app notifications from linked devices when there is an anticipated activity in your place.

This item is built with upgraded DIY solution. It includes enhanced guides on boarding for effortless installation. Hub links with Wi-Fi so it is unnecessary to be linked to an Ethernet port.

To enjoy home automation, you can instantly teach the hub your greetings plus other routines to switch the devices on and off automatically all through the day.

It is compatible with earlier models of SmartThings sensors and outlets. As for the voice controls, you can utilize voice commands to regulate linked devices using Google Assistant and SmartThings.

Please note that this product requires iOS 11.0 or later version and Android 6.0 or later version.

Lastly, this item works with communication protocols including ZigBee, SmartThings, Alexa, and Google.

It has a built-in battery pack.130-ft. range.
Compatible with 200 smart home products.It supports only three communication protocols.
The mobile app is easy to use.
SmartThings Hub Reviews

Exploring SmartThings Hub V2 versus V3

Similarities of SmartThings Hub V2 and V3

  • Design

Both SmartThings v2 and v3 have the same body built and design. There is only minimal difference in terms of their dimensions.

You will find a spot of the ethernet port and USB port on the side of the hub. As for their weight, they both weigh approximately 8 ounces.

  • Setup Method

Both of the 2nd and 3rd generation versions are no hassle to place on the wall. They include a wall mount bracket that will enable you to easily hang up the device against the wall with much comfort. A manual guide is contained in the kit once purchased.

  • Compatibility

These units are compatible with any devices that require a hub. They are compatible with HVAC products in your place.

You can be guaranteed a more excellent interface, since the technology utilized behind this consists of Bluetooth, Z-Wave, as well as ZigBee.

Any of these options can be utilized to match the device. And, you can do it in no time.

  • Compatibility with the Previous Version

Both V2 and V3 models are highly compatible with the previous version of the outlets and sensors. Hence, getting one for you can provide you the liberty to set up with more devices.

You can also link with all the HVAC devices regardless of the year and date in line with the sensors.

  • Interface

It is critical to edit manually and make some adjustments to the temperature from the SmartThings app. You can access this app for both iOS and Android without any charge.

Please note that the interface of this app is similar for both models. You can utilize the product without any hassle once your device is linked with the products.

Differences between SmartThings Hub V2 and V3

  • Hub

The V2 version is built with a smart design that could instantly fit into the wall. Its dimension is 4.90 x 4.20 x 1.30 inches. This model allows users to get effortless movement since it only weighs 0.5 pounds.

On the other hand, the V3 version is designed with a significant upgrade. It is much slimmer and its total dimension is roughly 5 x 5 x 1.2 inches.

  • Motion Sensor

The V2 model used to have a befitting motion sensor. In general, it was ready for use at a rate of $34 per sensor, which is considered second-rate. This can also be customized.

On the other hand, the V3 version outplays every product in the same range. This model is engineered with a more stellar motion sensor that is less expensive.

Moreover, the magnetic mount is quicker, so users can receive immediate alerts.

  • Multipurpose Sensor

This enables users to accomplish more tasks at the same time. In short, you can do plenty of features that would assist you to obtain quick connectivity.

V2’s multipurpose sensor slightly looks like a box type. It is designed with a better magnet that is meant to discern closing alerts and door opening notifications.

You could also ensure a smooth sailing configuration with the system. In addition to this, it is ready for use with instant alert.

Meanwhile, the V3 version is upgraded with remarkable improvements. It is equipped with a stronger magnet.

Additionally, the app could instantly notify you about door closing and opening. To make it more straightforward to link with the products, you can install a 3M peel and stick.

  • Water Leak Sensor

V2 version can merely detect water that’s beneath it, while the V3 version has sensors on its above and below portions.

Since water often comes or drips from the top before reaching the ground where bottom sensors are situated, this is deemed as an extensive upgrade.

  • Price

It is essential to check price first as this is a great consideration when buying a smart product that would serve you.  But, be reminded that it is unwise to pick products that are priced affordably yet the features are mediocre.

Surprisingly, the V3 version is less costly than V2 even though it comes with more upgraded features.

Substantially, it’s delighting to know that you can enjoy more perks because of the well-improved features without spending lavishly.

The Verdict

To wrap up, Samsung Smartthings smart is an ingenious, innovative, and serviceable investment that you can consider to upgrade the safety, convenience, and security in your home.

It is user-friendly in terms of usability since it is a cinch to set up, and it is virtually serviceable for daily use.

If you’re wondering which SmartThings hub is a better option, the V3 version is a more excellent choice.

It possesses all the great features that the V2 model has; however, the difference is that it could still be utilized wirelessly and it’s surprisingly less expensive than the V2 version.

Likewise, the V3 model comes with upgraded guided onboarding to allow a more straightforward configuration.

Both earlier versions of sensors and outlets are now compatible with the V3 version, which implies that it is unnecessary to worry about missing any of your hardware.

Lastly, if you wish to manage several electronic devices, this product can provide you with multiple connections.

By exploiting the Samsung standard, you can easily determine connectivity problems. In the same way, you could obtain minimal battery backup support that would enable you to acquire flexible connectivity requirements.

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