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Smokeless Indoor Grill by Simple Living Electric Infrared BBQ

Everyone loves a good meal, and a burger or grilled veggies might be what you need before watching that thrilling late-night show. Learn more about smokeless indoor grill by simple living electric infrared BBQ.

When looking to grill food, a smokeless indoor grill might be what you need, especially in winter (or at night) when you can’t barbecue outside.

Electric indoor grills produce authentic char-grilled texture to bring out the tasteful flavors. What’s more, they are smokeless, meaning your kitchen space will be smoke-free. So, if you’re looking for healthy cooking, a smokeless grill might serve you better.

But with many smokeless indoor grills on the market, finding the best one is quite a chore. This article reviews incredible models by Simple Living, a reputable manufacturer that makes one of the best kitchen appliances.

Also, the article guides you through the steps when buying a smokeless indoor grill. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are The Best Simple Living Electric Grills?

Simple Living Infrared Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill

If you have a large family and need to cook fast, this smokeless indoor grill might be best for you. Not only does it boast a sleek design, but it also features a large nonstick cooking surface (8×14 inches).

You can be sure to cook four large steaks on the cooking surface. Also, you could grill six burgers or eight chicken pieces on the cooking surface at a time.

This indoor grill delivers incredible performance since it produces sufficient heat to cook any food you are looking to grill excellently. It boasts an advanced infrared technology for delivering consistent heat at a temperature of 446°F.

As a result, your food is cooked with even heat at a constant temperature.

Also, this indoor grill is smokeless, thanks to its special reflectors that act as heating elements. So, if you’re looking for a smoke-free kitchen, this indoor smokeless grill is for you.

Igniting the smokeless indoor grill is a no-brainer. It features a knob for ignition and temperature control.

This kitchen appliance also has a drip tray below the cooking surface. This drip tray collects the oil, fat & grease drip. And this leaves your kitchen clean as before. What’s more, the drip tray doesn’t heat to splatter the collected oil and grease. Therefore, it averts any danger.

It is incredible how Advanced Infrared Technology delivers healthy, delicious grilled food every time you cook food. The indoor grill heats fast so that your food can cook on time and have tantalizing grill marks.

Durability is another advantage due to high-quality ceramic material. As such, you can grill indoors all year round and have a consistent cook result every time.

Excellent char-grilled texture.It has no built-in fan.
Large cooking capacity.The power rating is a bit high.
Efficient heating.
Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Simple Living Infrared Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill

Simple Living indoor grills are durable, and this model lives up to that reputation. It boasts Teflon and Plastic, which are high-quality materials for unmatched durability and incredible performance. Aside from durability, this indoor grill boasts excellent performance.

First, it features advanced infrared technology Infrared heaters remain at the consistent temperature of 446°F. As a result, they deliver uniform heat to the steak, cooking it excellently like an outdoor grill.

With this infrared technology, you can grill your favorite foods to a precise temperature.

Besides, this indoor grill has special reflectors that focus the heat on the steak to cook it perfectly. Since the heating elements use electricity to produce heat, this indoor grill is virtually smoke-free.

Therefore, your kitchen will have no smoke, which is excellent for keeping you healthy.

More safety comes from this grill’s drip tray that is below the heating elements. This essential component collects the oil, fat & grease drip from the food cooking on the grills.

What’s more, the drip tray doesn’t heat to cause oil splatter. As such, you can grill your favorite foods indoors 365 days a year and not risk burns from oil splatters.

The cooking capacity is also impressive. This kitchen appliance boasts a large cooking surface that can cook four large steaks at once. You can also cook six burgers or eight chicken pieces at once, making this model an ideal choice for large families.

You can also cook for many guests and feed them in no time if you opt for this smokeless indoor grill.

The design favors smaller kitchens with limited storage spaces. That’s because this kitchen appliance is sleek. It is a highly portable indoor grill that also favors RV owners.

Despite being a slim and sleek indoor grill, it churns out sufficient heat to cook your steak or chicken fillets excellently. Therefore, it is another smokeless indoor grill by Simple Living worth considering.

Easy control.It might take a long time to achieve cooking temperature.
Durable model.It has no built-in fan.
Smokeless cooking.
Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

How To Choose the Best Indoor Grill for BBQ

You will have to keep a closer eye on a few features to get the best indoor grill on the market. The market could overwhelm you with smokeless indoor grills, and you can be sure to find that not all of them work excellently.

But if you know what to look for, finding the best smokeless indoor grill is easier. Look out for the following features when picking the best indoor grill for BBQ:

The Power Rating

Your indoor electric grill uses electricity to function. You can know how much power it consumes by checking its power rating. A unit with a 1500W power rating uses 1500 Watts of electric power to cook for an hour at full capacity.

Of course, taking less than an hour ensures the unit uses less than 1500W (its power rating).

Another unit with a high power rating, say 1700W, uses more power. Electric indoor grills have different power ratings. You want to check the power rating before picking a given model.

First, checking the power rating ensures you know how the unit will contribute to your monthly energy bills.

Second, you want an indoor electric grill that is powerful enough to cook. A highly-rated indoor grill cooks with sufficient power, but it consumes more electricity.

Always pick models with powerful cooking if you want true grill marks and incredible performance from your indoor grill.

The Ignition

You also want to buy an indoor grill that is easy to ignite. Many indoor grills on the market are easy to ignite. So, you don’t have to worry about facing an uphill task getting your versatile kitchen appliance started.

But you will look for more than ease of ignition when considering the ignition of an indoor electric grill.

Usually, these appliances feature ignition knobs or push-button ignitions. They all work efficiently, so you will only choose the one that feels more ergonomic for you.

One user might find the ignition knob more ergonomic, while another user might favor a push-button ignition. As such, you can pick the ignition design that works best for you (more ergonomic) since they all work efficiently.

The Cooking Capacity

Before picking any indoor electric grill, you want to consider the meal size it can cook. Of course, you will also consider your family size because you want a unit that can cook food for everyone at once.

The cooking capacity tells you the meal size your preferred indoor grill can cook at once.

If you have a family of four, an indoor grill that can cook four large steaks can suit you best. Also, a large family will require an electric grill that can cook six burgers or eight chicken fillets.

Fortunately, you can find such indoor grills on the market. Therefore, be sure to check the cooking capacity of the indoor grill model you are coveting before picking it.

Heat Temperature

You want an indoor grill that produces sufficient heat to cook excellently. You can check the temperature range to know if a unit will heat and cook your food excellently. Usually, indoor grills with a high wattage rating produce sufficient heat of up to 446°F.

But with a more wattage rating comes more power consumption. Besides, an indoor electric grill uses more electricity if it radiates heat at a high temperature.

Look for an indoor grill that produces enough heat to grill your steaks or chicken fillets excellently. Pick an indoor grill that can heat and cook food at temperatures of up to 446°F if you want to have an authentic grilling experience!

Smokeless Cooking

Since you will be grilling tasty steaks or chicken fillets in the comfortable kitchen space within your home, you want a smoke-free kitchen space.

As such, look for an indoor electric grill with a smokeless design. Units that use advanced infrared technology heat the cooking surface efficiently while keeping smoke on low (smoke from the food cooking).

Units with special heat reflectors also reduce smoke buildup in the kitchen. The heating elements use electricity to produce heat, thereby ensuring your kitchen is smoke-free.

If you are looking for smokeless cooking in your kitchen, choose an indoor grill with advanced infrared technology with special heat reflectors.

Non-Stick Cooking Surface

Besides checking if the cooking surface is large enough to cook food for everyone at once, you also want to check if it is non-stick. A non-stick cooking surface is easy to clean after grilling meat or chicken fillets. Also, such a cooking surface guarantees an easy food release.

If you are looking to clean your indoor grill with a single wipe with a wet cloth, a non-stick cooking surface will prove easy to clean. Also, you will efficiently serve the grilled veggies or meat for hungry guests.

As such, check if your preferred indoor grill has a non-stick cooking surface.

The Design of the Unit

Consider picking a slim and sleek indoor grill since they are easy to store. Slim and sleek indoor grills fit in compact spaces, making them an ideal choice for a kitchen with limited space.

What’s more, sleek units are more portable. So, if you always go camping, you can bring a sleek indoor grill to your RV with ease. As such, be sure to pick a sleek and slim indoor grill, especially if you have limited space for storage.

The Material

You also want to check the material of your preferred indoor grill before buying it. That’s because durability heavily relies on the material of choice for any given indoor grill.

Stainless steel and ceramics are incredibly durable, and you can opt for a unit that features any of these materials.

For the cooking surface, you want to ensure it boasts a non-stick material for excellent performance. Also, you want to ensure the cooking surface has a material that distributes heat evenly for uniform grilling results.

You can check the review on the cooking surface to know if it heats evenly.


How does an indoor electric grill generate heat?

Your indoor electric grill uses electric energy to function. Advanced infrared technology uses electric power to generate heat. Then a set of special reflectors focus heat on the food you are grilling.

The great part is that indoor grills generate heat without producing any smoke. So, if you are looking for a smoke-free cooking experience, an indoor electric grill is for you.

How much electricity does a Simple Living indoor grill use?

Your electric grill for indoor BBQ uses electricity, depending on its power rating. The Simple Living indoor grill has a 1660W power rating. That means it uses 1660 Watts of electricity to cook food in one hour. Of course, this is the amount of power it uses at full cooking capability.

If you are grilling your food at maximum temperature, the longer your cooking takes, the more power your indoor grill consumes. Therefore, you want to finish cooking as soon as possible to save on electric power.

Why should I look for a non-stick cooking surface?

When shopping for an indoor grill, ensure it has a non-stick cooking surface. First, a non-stick surface releases food with ease. Also, you will easily clean a non-stick surface. With only one wipe with a wet cloth, your cooking surface will cook the next meal.

Does my Simple Life indoor grill have a drip tray?

Indoor grills by Simple Life have a drip tray for collecting the oil, fat & grease drip from food. The drip tray does not heat or splatter to cause accidents. As such, these indoor grills are safe.

Does a Simple Life indoor grill have a built-in fan?

Unfortunately, these indoor grills don’t have a fan built-in. But they don’t need these built-in fans since they use advanced infrared technology to generate heat while keeping smoke minimum.

As such, they guarantee a smoke-free cooking experience, which promotes respiratory health.

Wrap Up

Simple Living is a manufacturer of some of the best indoor electric grills. They use advanced infrared technology to generate heat while significantly reducing smoke.

What’s more, their indoor electric grills are backed with excellent customer service and support. So, if your unit develops complications due to the manufacturing defect, you can be sure to receive assistance in time.

Even if you are looking for more indoor grills that perform excellently, you need to consider a few things. Fortunately, we have presented you with a few features to keep a closer eye on if you want the best unit on the market.

As a result, finding the best unit might be simple, unlike before. Invest in the best smokeless indoor grill by Simple Life and have a tasteful grilled meal!

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