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6 Sneaky and Brilliant Small Space Organization Ideas

Keeping small spaces organized to have little or no clutter may be a challenge if you aren’t aware of clever ideas to make the best use of unconventional spaces through simple storage hacks. Here are the 6 sneaky and brilliant small space organization ideas that will guide you.

Our living spaces usually become too crowded, making it almost impossible to stay comfortably.

But wait – your house is where you spend most of your life, and you should always try to make it as cozy and inviting as possible. It’s always a joy to come back after a long day to a warm and attractive home where you can relax and wind up.

So, how do you organize your small space? Small space organization doesn’t have to be complicated. We have compiled a list of small-apartment ideas to help you with home organization.

You may not use every brilliant idea we explore below, but be sure to choose what will work best for you.

1. Go Vertical

If you naturally like to dot all the i’s, going vertical in your house is something you should consider. There’s always a lot of unused space between the floor and the ceiling, and a lot of creative storage solutions can be applicable here.

For example, you can install high cabinets that tower from the floor level up to the ceiling. It could be a bathroom cabinet, kitchen cabinets, or school medicine cabinets mounted against the wall to use the overlooked storage solutions that vertical spaces are.

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Ceiling-height kitchen cabinets come in handy as versatile storage solutions for the kitchen. For example, they are a good place for keeping spices, utensils, decorative items, and cleaning supplies.

Other creative storage solutions with a vertical include shoe racks, slim clothing racks for the bedroom, a coat rack, and built-in closets.

2. Use All the Wall Space

It’s surprising how we often overlook wall space as a perfect solution to our small space organization woes. Most of the time, the walls are free, yet they are sturdy and can hold a lot of storage and organization units if we get creative enough.

Storage ideas suitable for wall spaces include floating shelves, corner shelves, hooks, magnetic racks, kitchen cabinets, and wall-mounted racks. Floating shelves act as extra storage space where you want to have some ground clearance from the floor in the kitchen or bedroom.

a wall decoration

Hooks and magnetic racks work well in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for holding your favorite items for daily use, such as toothbrushes, towels, cooking sticks, calendars, wall clocks, and light pieces of clothing.

Storage organizers like plastic item holders will work well with your wall organizer to multiply the number of things that go up on your wall-mounted storage solution. Think of a plastic tray on a wall shelf for holding items like stationery so you don’t end up with a messy home office.

3. Use Unconventional Spaces

We usually overlook many nooks and unusual spaces in the house, yet they can be excellent options for the much-needed extra space.

To use your floor space to the maximum, consider using the space under the bed for storing different items. Here, it’s a smart idea to use storage containers for items.

Seasonal items you don’t use every other week can go under the bed, such as season clothing, event costumes, and winter boots that would otherwise fill up your soft shoe organizers.

a bed drawer

Some people even shove their low-lying shoe organizers under the bed because apparently, we have lots of shoes we hardly wear for a long time. So think low, think low-lying shoes!

Another unconventional trick is to go for storage with doors where you can attach hooks or rods for holding minor items like towels, paper rolls, handkerchiefs, or even dressing mirrors!

The insides of cabinet doors are a particularly perfect solution for hanging cooking sticks, spoons, knives, napkins, sieves, and other common kitchen utensils.

You can also bet that many of us overlook one other unusual storage space, yet it is always right in our eye line. Think of the refrigerator here with its unused top and sides. You could hang some racks from the top on either side of the fridge and store kitchen items.

You can also place some decorative things like flowers on the top. However, extra care should be taken not to put too much weight on the fridge.

4. Maximize Closet Spaces

The typical closet holds shoes, clothing, beauty and skincare products, and shopping bags. To use closet spaces to the maximum, consider using hooks and rods to double up the number of points where you could hang clothes, belts, and caps.

a small closet photo
Optimum use of closets is a brilliant bedroom storage idea that will make your sleeping area cozy with a renewed touch of those nights of fulfilling sleep that escaped your grasp.
Adding storage containers for holding the smaller items is also a smart idea to ensure they do not scatter all over the small closet floor. You can also bring your shoe organizer into the closet if there is plenty of vertical space, and you won’t be interfering with any hanging clothes.

5. Go for Double-duty Furniture

Out of small-apartment ideas for making the best use of tight spaces? Go for dual-purpose furniture like Ottoman couches, C-tables, Ottoman beds, and Montessori beds.

photo of a red ottoman

Each piece of furniture can serve more than one purpose when creativity comes knocking. For example, you can use a C-table as a desk for light remote work tasks or as a snack table when you have to catch up with your favorite actors on TV.

6. Some Additional Drawers in Cabinets

Drawers are a life-saving storage solution. They take up very little space, and you can always shove them back into their cradle in the cabinet to get them out of your way.

photo of additional drawers

If your cabinets have extra space, think of adding some drawers in there. And they don’t have to be complicated. You can easily make do with sizable storage containers or baskets placed on the floor of the cabinet. Of course, remember to label each container for ease of identification.

Bottom Line

What small space organization idea do you like the most from our list? And what other hacks or ideas do you use to keep your small living spaces well organized into a beautiful home?

We would love to see your bedroom organization ideas at work because, well, the bedroom is key!

Pick your favorite idea and run with it. And when it works for you, remember to share it whenever you can.

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