Best Solar Heater for Above Swimming Ground Pool

If you’re looking to take a dip in your above-ground pool on a chilly day, you will want to warm the pool water. And that’s where a solar heater for above-ground pools comes in handy.

A solar heater for an above-ground pool features solar energy collectors. These collectors have water tubes passing through them.

The solar energy collectors then transfer heat from the sunlight to the water from your pool, thus raising its temperature.

Since solar heaters use sunlight to heat your pool water, they offer a cost-saving heating solution to above-ground and even in-ground pools. And this makes them an investment worth making.

But you want to buy the best solar heater to raise your pool temperature efficiently using free energy – solar. The only problem is that the market has plenty of solar heaters, and not all of them are efficient.

We have rounded up the best solar heaters for your above-ground pool. They are easy to install and quickly raise your pool water temperature to comfortable levels.

We have even included a buyer’s guide with some features to check for when sourcing solar heaters for your above-ground pool. So, be sure to read on for more information!

Our Pick for Best Solar Heater for Above Ground Pool

SunHeater Pool Heating System

SunHeater Pool Heating System allows you to raise your pool water temperature by 6-10°F. What’s more impressive is that it allows you to use the free heat from the sun’s rays to warm your above-ground pool water.

Therefore, it is a cost-effective pool heating solution that your above-ground pool rightfully deserves.

The pool heater comprises two solar panels. Precisely, each panel measures 2 feet × 20 feet to maximize solar energy collection.

The panels also boast high-quality polypropylene that guarantees excellent performance and durability.

Therefore, you can expect your solar heater to provide sufficient heat during one of those chilly days for many years!

Installing these panels is easy, making the installation ideal for DIY projects.

The solar heater comes with everything you need to install it easily: 2 elbows, 6 stainless steel clamps, a Teflon tape, 4 end caps, and rubber connector hoses.

You will be sure to install your panels with ease with all these components.

The solar heater works with your pool’s pump to warm the water. The pump pushes water into the panels’ tubes. As a result, the panels warm the water before water heads back to the pool.

The cycle continues until your pool water is sufficiently warm. This means you can extend your pool season by weeks if you invest in this solar heater for above-ground pools.

Manufacturer Esse Enterprises LLC
Model NumberSolar Pool Heating System,
Product Dimensions240 x 27.5 x 16 inches
Item Weight1 pounds
Water Temperature6-10 degrees F

It is easy to install.The tubes easily leak.
It raises the temperature from 6-10°F.No installation instructions.
High-quality Polypropylene material.
Best Solar Heater Reviews

Best Universal Solar Pool Heater

SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater

SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater also measures 2 feet by 20 feet to capture the most solar power. It uses the collected heat to raise your above-ground pool water temperature by 6-10 degrees F.

The sizable solar panel collects maximum heat from the sun’s rays. Since the solar heater uses sunlight to raise the water temperature, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective pool heating solution.

What’s more, the solar panel features a patented web design for collecting as much heat from sunlight as possible. And this works to improve the pool heating efficiency.

As you might expect from a solar heater that’s already reputable, it boasts polypropylene for excellent durability.

The design of the solar heater makes installation an easy task. As such, you can install this solar heater yourself as one of your DIY projects.

Even if you have an in-ground pool you’d love to keep warm, SunHeater S120U solar heater still does an incredible job. So, you can consider buying it for any pool you have in your backyard.

You can place the solar heater pretty much anywhere: on the ground, on your roof, or fence. And this makes installation a complete breeze. It works with your pool’s pump to help circulate the warm water.

The pump pushes the water into the solar heater’s tubes for heating before water moves back into the pool. The cycle continues until your pool is sufficiently warm.

You could extend the warmth in your pool by using the liquid heat shield. Also, you could lay the solar panel down quickly or apply it just as quickly using a reel system.

But you will buy the reel system and liquid heat shield separately. 

Manufacturer SPQ Brands
Model NumberS120U
Product Dimensions240 x 27 x 3 inches
Item Weight18 pounds
Water Temperature6-10 degrees F

It features a web design.Poor packaging.
It is easy to install.It might leak pool water.
High-quality and durable material.
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Best Roof-Mounted Solar Heater

XtremepowerUS 75070 Pool Solar Panel PP 4X20 FT

XtremepowerUS 75070 Pool Solar Panel is larger since it measures 4 feet by 20 feet to collect more solar energy.

Besides giving you 80 square feet of surface area that collects solar energy, the panel boasts high-quality polypropylene to heat pool water for many years.

You can install the solar panel on your roof, although the ground also makes an ideal spot. You will require an installation kit. However, the solar panel doesn’t come with the kit.

So, that means buying the installation kit separately. 

Since this solar panel captures heat from the sunlight excellently, it will raise your pool water temperature by 6-10 degrees F.

The solar heater will extend your pool session significantly by weeks due to its excellent solar energy collection!  

The tubes inside the solar panel are specifically in the patented web design of the solar panel for maximum heating effect.

And this results in faster heating performance, meaning your above-ground pool will have sufficient warmth shortly.

The solar panel resists UV rays excellently, which improves its durability even more. Also, it offers rigid flexibility to increase heating efficiency.

The solar panel can expand and contract depending on the water temperature inside its tubes without breaking.

Therefore, it excellently handles all the pressure, making it another worthy solar heater for your above-ground pool. It will raise your pool water temperature to comfortable levels.

So, you want to consider adding it to your above-ground pool system. 

Manufacturer XtremepowerUS
Model Number75070
Product Dimensions48 x 240 x 10 inches
Item Weight31 pounds
Water Temperature6-10 degrees F

It is UV-light resistant.It doesn’t come with an installation kit.
It raises the temperature by 6-10 degrees F.It takes effort to unroll.
It is easy to install.
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Best Solar Heater for Small Yards

Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater

Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater works with smaller above-ground pools efficiently. But you can still warm your large pool with multiple Goplus solar heaters.

So, you want to buy more than one unit for your larger pool. This is one solar heater you want to place on the ground near your pool for efficient performance.

The solar heater works with a maximum pool pressure of 21 pounds per square inch (PSI). This particular solar heater features rotatable hose connectors.

You want to connect a 38.5-foot hose to the long hose connector and a 14.5-foot hose to the short hose. This guarantees efficient performance.

The rotatable hose connectors allow you to connect the hoses from any angle.

The solar heater even features a dome-shaped cover to protect intricate components from dust and foreign objects. And the result of this is prolonged performance.

Laying the solar heater down on the ground is easy since this unit features foldable support legs.

Also, the legs ensure you can adjust the heater to the correct angle to collect heat from incoming sunlight. At the same time, these legs guarantee compact storage.

You want to choose two hose diameter options when installing this solar heater: 32mm or 38mm. The solar heater offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective pool warming solution.

Since it has all the features to warm your above-ground pool, you could consider buying it.

Manufacturer Superbuy
Model Number-
Product Dimensions22.5 x 22.5 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight11.2 pounds
Water Temperature5-10 degrees F

Foldable legs for hassle-free installation.Not ideal for larger pools.
It is adjustable.It becomes heavy if it contains water.
It boasts high-quality construction.
Best Solar Heater Reviews

Best Curved Solar Heater

GAME SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater works excellently both for above-ground and in-ground pools.

It doesn’t raise your pool water temperature instantly, but it makes your above-ground pool warm and comfortable in 4 days.

Specifically, it raises the temperature by 5 degrees Fahrenheit if your pool contains 8,000 gallons of water.

The solar heater features adjustable legs. Also, these legs are foldable for compact storage when the solar heater isn’t in use.

You could use the legs to position the solar heater to capture as much sunlight as possible for maximum heating performance.

The foldable legs make this solar heater ideal for your Intex and Bestway pools, not just an above-ground pool.

Therefore, this is a versatile solar heater for almost any pool in your backyard. The transparent cover on the solar heater locks in heat to increase the heating efficiency.

The whole unit boasts a curved shape to maximize solar energy collection. On the other hand, you have treaded ports to connect it with your plumbing accessories.

The material quality is also phenomenal, with the solar heater featuring high-quality materials for impressive durability. 

The solar heat handles the outdoor atmospheric conditions excellently while resisting the harsh UV rays from the sun.

The unique shape, foldable legs, and durable solar panel area work together to increase the heating efficiency of your pool. As a result, you will extend your pool session for weeks.

Therefore, this is another solar heater you want to consider for your above-ground pool.

Manufacturer GAME
Model Number4721
Product Dimensions27.56 x 5.91 x 44.88 inches
Item Weight18.3 pounds
Water Temperature6-10 degrees F

Foldable legs.The legs aren’t durable.
Unique shape.It might leak some water.
Durable solar panel area.
Best Solar Heater Reviews

What to Check for When Buying a Solar Heater for An Above-Ground Pool?

You will consider some features when buying anything for your home. And that means checking for specific features when buying a solar heater for your above-ground pool.

The best solar heater for any pool has some must-have features, and they are what to look for to land the best deal. So, you want to check for the features below before spending your money:

The Type of Solar Heater

The first thing you might want to do is check the type of solar heater you want to buy. Solar heaters come in three types, and each one offers advantages that the other types might not have. So, you will have to choose your preferred type:

Flat-Plate Collectors

These solar heaters take the form of solar panels hence the name flat-plate collectors. These solar heaters are the most common in many homes, and they are the majority in our review. You could install them on your roof, but the ground makes an ideal spot. 

Besides, you want to install your solar heater near the above-ground pool for efficient performance. One drawback for this type is flat-plate solar heaters take more space.

But they heat the pool water sufficiently and are worth the investment.

Evacuated Tube Collectors

You want to invest in this type of solar heater for your large above-ground pool. And that’s because these solar heaters generate more heat, ideal for raising the temperature of larger above-ground pools.

These solar collectors use vacuum tubes to help generate more heat. So, consider these solar heaters if you want to keep a larger pool warm and comfortable.

Batch Collectors

These solar heaters could substantially raise your pool temperature to higher levels. These solar heaters comprise a water tank placed inside an insulated box.

Solar energy heats the water in the tank before that water goes back to the pool. As a result, your pool will become hot, probably hotter than you need it to be.

So, you want to opt for a solar heater that works best for you. However, this type is less efficient than the first two.

The Durability of The Solar Heater

You also want to check for durability when sourcing a solar heater for your above-ground pool. You want to check if your preferred solar heater resists UV rays and works efficiently even after exposing it to the outdoor weather for years. 

Although many materials make solar heaters, especially flat-panel collectors, durable polypropylene is one material you want to choose. It is durable and will make your investment long-term.

Therefore, you can check for solar heaters featuring this material or check if your preferred solar heater withstands the UV rays excellently over the years!

The Size of The Solar Heater

Many flat-panel solar heaters measure 2 feet by 20 feet. But some solar heaters are larger. You want to opt for larger solar heaters to collect as much heat from sunlight as possible.

A 4 × 20 feet solar heater collects more heat than a solar heater measuring 2 × 20 feet. So, opt for larger solar heaters if you want better heating performance.

Heating Efficiency

Solar heaters can raise your above-ground pool temperature by 6-10 degrees. A solar heater could take up to 4 days to achieve this result. But a more efficient solar heater takes a short time to achieve the same heating result. 

If you want your pool warm and comfortable fast, you want to buy a solar heater with high heating efficiency.

So, look for solar heaters boasting high heating efficiency to use more of the collected solar heat to raise the temperature.

Solar Cover

Some solar heaters such as Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater feature a cover. This cover works to trap heat within the tubes, thus improving the heating efficiency of the pool.

Also, the solar cover keeps dirt and debris out of the intricate internal components of a solar heater.

Since the solar cover is an essential component of dome-shaped solar heaters, you want to ensure your solar heater comes with it.

Installation Process

You also want to check for ease of installation before buying a solar heater. Many solar heaters are easy to install, making them perfect for DIY projects.

But some may require a professional to help with the installation. The good news is many flat-panel collectors are easy to install.

You can place them on your roof or ground, connect them to your pool pump, and leave the rest to your solar heater.

Installing other types, such as batch collectors, will probably require professional assistance. So, check if a solar heater is easy to install before buying it.


How many solar heaters do I need to heat my above-ground pool?

You require 4 to 6 flat-plate solar heaters. But this depends on your area of residence and its temperature. Also, the number of solar heaters you need depends on the size of your above-ground pool.

If you live in a colder area with shorter sunlight exposure, you will need more solar heaters. Also, you will consider adding more than 2 solar heaters if your pool is substantially large. 

What’s the best temperature for my above-ground pool?

You want to ensure your chosen solar heater raises the pool temperatures to the ideal levels. If you expect elderly people to take a plunge into the pool, you want to keep the temperature in the range of 84°F to 94°F.

But if kids frequent your above-ground pool, you want to keep the temperatures between 85°F and 89°F. So, look for a solar heater to achieve and maintain these temperature ranges.

Can I prevent my solar heater from freezing?

First, you want to use PEX piping in place of copper pipes. Second, you could install freeze protection valves to protect your solar heater from adverse cold water and conditions.

Lastly, consider installing a recirculation system. These steps will ensure your solar heater doesn’t suffer a blow if the temperatures outside fall to critical low points.

How long does a solar heater take to achieve an ideal warm in a pool?

It takes a few days, probably 4 days, to have your pool warm and comfortable. Solar heaters don’t rapidly warm above-ground pools (or any pool for that matter).

That means you don’t expect to achieve the ideal warmth after a few hours or a day. Once you’ve connected your solar heater to your above-ground pool, you will wait for a few days to see the results.

Wrap Up

A solar heater ensures your above-ground pool is warm and comfortable even on a chilly day. It warms the pool using free heat from sunlight, thus providing a cost-effective pool heating solution.

Installing them is also hassle-free, all of which makes them an ideal investment for anyone with an above-ground pool.

Besides, even in-ground pools could benefit from these eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solutions. As such, a solar heater is a worthy investment.

Fortunately, finding the best solar heater for your above-ground pool is no longer much of a challenge. And that’s because we have reviewed solar heaters that are among the best units on the market.

We have even included a buyer’s guide with some factors to consider when shopping. You are now armed more than ever with information to help you narrow down your choices to that final solar heater.

So, choose the solar heater that suits you best and raise your above-ground pool water temperature.

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