Best Overall 5 Brightest Solar Spot Lights For Your Outdoor Space – 2020

Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights For Your Outdoor Space

A solar spotlight illuminates your driveway, patio, porch, among other areas, every night, including one of those nights when there is a power outage.

Solar-powered spotlights feature solar panels that charge their built-in batteries that power them at night. And that means they will work every night, even when there is a power outage.

Here are the best overall brightest solar spot lights for your outdoor space.

What’s more, they provide brilliant light that illuminates your property up to 100 feet away. You will then spot potential hazards on your property.

As such, consider installing them in your outdoor space to light up the dark corners. But you want to choose the brightest solar spotlights to get the best performance.

You will consider a few features before buying solar landscape lights to get the best model on the market.

Fortunately, we have rounded up some of the best solar-powered outdoor lights that work under all weather conditions. They provide bright light and work excellently to illuminate the dark corners of any home.

We have even included a buyer’s guide with all the features to consider before buying a solar spotlight. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Best Solar Spotlights for Your Outdoors?

Biling Solar Spotlights Outdoor, 2-in-1 Solar Landscape Lights

Biling Solar Spotlights Outdoor is a pack of 6 solar security lights ideal for your residential building. You get enough solar lights to light up your yard, garden, driveway, pool, patio, or any section of your residential area. 

Each solar spotlight is super bright because of 12 LED bulbs. As a result, each spotlight produces 3400K warm white light, way brighter than 4 LED spotlights.

What’s more, the warm white light creates a soothing atmosphere in your outdoor space.

The spotlights have two lighting modes – Low Bright Mode and High Bright Mode. The power switch also controls these lighting modes.

If you press it once, you activate the Low Bright Mode. Pressing it the second time activates the High Bright Mode, while the lights will turn off if you press the power button for the third time.

Each spotlight features a built-in light sensor that turns off the light during the day before the sun charges the battery.

And when darkness sets in, your lights will turn on automatically. And this minimizes controlling the spotlights.

The built-in battery of each spotlight boasts a whopping 2200mAh charge capacity, capable of providing light for a cool 15 hours.

These spotlights perform excellently under all weather conditions since they feature an IP67 Waterproof Design. 

You also have two installation options – you can choose to stick them into the ground or mount them on your wall. Each spotlight has an incredible 150° lighting angle.

As such, the 6 spotlights will cover every angle of your residential space to keep danger lurking in the dark at bay.

Manufacturer Biling
Model Number-
Product Dimensions‎12.95 x 6.54 x 5.24 inches
Item Weight‎4.18 pounds
Luminous Flux‎700 Lumen
Voltage3 volts
Wattage3 watts
350 – 700 lumens adjustability.The warranty is limited.
15 hours of run time.LED bulbs are not very durable.
Weather-resistant materials.
Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights Reviews

Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

SOLAR MOTION SENSOR LIGHT OUTDOOR is also a pack of outdoor solar spot lights. But the pack contains only two units. So, you want to strategically install these solar lights in zones needing illumination the most.

Ideal places could include your driveway, front door, porch, patio. 

The solar lights feature photocell sensors that help save energy. These sensors automatically shut off the lights during the day while the sun is charging the replaceable batteries.

And the lights will turn on automatically at night to illuminate the monitored zones.

Each product is very durable. First, the LED bulbs boast an astonishing 50,000 hours of trouble-free operation, meaning they don’t need a replacement any time soon after purchase.

Second, these units feature high quality Aluminum alloy shells for working in any weather condition.

As a result, these solar lights will work for 5 years without issues.

Each unit features a solar panel that ensures the battery is fully charged after only 6 hours of sunlight exposure. The rechargeable battery in each spotlight is replaceable.

So, you can replace the batteries if they become less efficient. The featured batteries are so powerful they provide lights for 30 hours.

You can even have lights for 3 days if your solar lights are on a Low-Lighting Mode.

What’s even more incredible is the brightness of the lights. These solar lights produce 1400 lumens of bright light to illuminate up to 55 feet away while covering an impressive 120° lighting angle.

The featured PIR motion sensor adds a final touch to improve security. 

This sensor picks up motion from 26 feet away and turns on the light automatically for 20 seconds to improve security. These solar lights surpass expectations with their exceptional design.

They are an excellent buy, but you want to install them strategically to improve security.

Manufacturer ‎DrawGreen
Model Number‎DG08-S2b
Product Dimensions‎9.33 x 7.87 x 5.31 inches
Item Weight‎1.83 pounds
Luminous Flux‎1400 Lumen
Voltage12 volts
Wattage9 watts
1400 lumens of bright light.Poor motion detection.
50,000 hours of trouble-free performance.They don’t work efficiently in heavy rain.
PIR motion sensor.
Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights Reviews

ROSHWEY Solar Lights Outdoor

ROSHWEY SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR could light up your patios, driveway, and porch, among other areas of your residential property.

If you opt for this particular product, you get 4 solar lights for your residence. But these solar lights aren’t your everyday spotlights as they are colored.

Each solar light features 9 working modes – 7 different colors and 2 color-changing modes – that make them the best solar landscape lights. The units feature a button that you long-press to turn on the lights.

And if you short-press this button, you switch from one color-changing mode to the next one.

The color modes include Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, and While. These colors will make your residential home look more welcoming.

So, consider these decorative solar lights for your home. Each unit features a solar panel that charges the battery after only 6 hours of sunlight exposure. 

The built-in batteries are powerful, boasting 2200mAh of charge capacity. As a result of their impressive charge capacity, they power the solar lights throughout the night.

The solar lights feature an ip65 waterproof rating, thanks to the durable ASB construction.

As such, you can use these lights in any weather to illuminate the dark sections of your residential space.

Besides installing these lights on the wall, you can also stick them into the ground. This is essential if you want to illuminate the footpath or poolside.

The solar panels are adjustable through 180° vertically and 360° horizontally to capture the solar energy for charging the batteries.

If you need solar-powered spotlights for your patio, consider buying these color-changing solar lights.

Manufacturer ROSHWEY
Model Number‎DS - 18
Product Dimensions‎13.7 x 8.6 x 8.6 inches
Item Weight‎3.52 pounds
Luminous Flux600 lumen
Voltage‎3.7 Volts
Wattage‎1.8 watts
9 Lighting Modes.The batteries drain faster.
IP65 weatherproof design.They are inefficient during heavy rains.
120° lighting angle.
Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights Reviews

Doluck 4W LED Landscape Lights

DOLUCK 4W LED LANDSCAPE LIGHTS are ideal for illuminating the dark driveway, yard, patio, and lawn. You can use them to brighten up just about any section of your residence! 

Each landscape led spotlight features 16 LED bulbs producing super bright light at 320 lumens. Also, the LED bulbs provide a 3000K warm white light that makes the outdoor space comfortable.

Despite the LED bulbs producing super bright light emulating the brightness of 4W bulbs, they are Eco-Efficient. And that means these landscape lights save energy.

You can even connect your outdoor spotlight bulbs with a 12V low-voltage transformer. And that’s because these lights consume fewer volts to save on energy.

Since they are low-voltage outdoor spotlights, they carry minimal electrocution risks.

The Die-cast Aluminum construction of each spotlight ensures your lights work excellently under all weather conditions. Also, this ensures the units serve you for years.

This is a pack of 8 spotlights for your outdoor space. When you order it, you will receive 8 spotlights, each having a heavy-duty ground spike.

That means the spotlights are easy to install – screw the spotlights onto the ground spikes and stick the spikes into the ground. Also, each spotlight has it’s a 36-inch-long 18AWG pigtail wire.

The spotlight heads are adjustable through an angle of 270° to focus the light in dark spots. You can power these spotlights using AC or DC currents at 12V. So, consider adding them to your home lighting system.

Manufacturer ‎Doluck Lighting Co. LTD.
Model Number‎GL106-BKLED8
Product Dimensions‎15.87 x 8.58 x 7.8 inches
Item Weight‎8.95 pounds
Luminous Flux320 Lumens
Voltage‎12 Volts
Wattage‎4.00 watts
4W LED bulbs.They don’t include a solar panel.
Eco-Efficient spotlights.They might require a professional installation.
Die-Cast Aluminum construction.
Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights Reviews

Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor

BSOD 100W SOLAR FLOOD LIGHTS OUTDOOR SPOTLIGHT has a powerful built-in battery that provides sufficient electrical power, thanks to its 25000mAh charge capacity.

Of course, a powerful 25W 10V solar panel charges this battery so that the floodlight has sufficient electrical power at night.

This particular floodlight has what many colors solar spotlights lack – an efficient light sensor. This built-in photocell sensor turns off the light automatically during the day to save energy.

And while the LED beads are off, the solar panel charges the battery in half a day.

The super brightness level of this floodlight puts competitors to shame. The floodlight boasts 221 LED chips that provide brilliant light at 14365 lumen.

The floodlight also features reflective panels that guarantee a 120° lighting angle. So, if you have 400 square meters of space that needs lighting, this floodlight does an incredible job.

The featured remote control is an excellent final touch to this already impressive outdoor floodlight. You can use its remote control to turn it on/off while you are inside the house.

And that makes controlling it easy and convenient. 

The unit stands the test of weather as it is IP66 weatherproof-rated. You can illuminate your outdoor space in any weather if you invest in this particular lighting system.

It is a completely wireless system. It comes with essential components you connect to work together. As a result, it is easy to install.

14365 lumen.Short battery life.
25000mAh powerful battery.No motion sensor.
25W 10V powerful solar panel.
Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights Reviews


NEKTECK SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR is a pack of 10 solar-powered outdoor lights for your residence. Each spotlight features a highly efficient solar panel that absorbs more solar energy to charge the batteries fast.

And with the built-in batteries having sufficient charge, the LED bulbs will provide lights through the night.

The spotlights feature two brightness modes: High and Low Modes. You can be sure to light up the dark zones in 6-10 hours. But this depends on your selected brightness mode.

As such, you want to select the Low Mode to get the most run time from the battery.

The spotlights even feature light sensors to save energy. During the day, the light sensors turn off the spotlights automatically as the solar panels charge the batteries.

And at night, the spotlights turn on automatically. Therefore, using these outdoor lights is easy.

The spotlights are bright, producing 260 lumens of bright light. You can adjust the head of each spotlight to focus the bright light on specific areas of your residence.

The spotlights are weatherproof, thanks to their IP66 rating. That means they will illuminate your patio, sidewalk, or porch in any weather.

You have two installation options. First, stick them into the ground and adjust their heads. Second, you could mount them on a wall. So, you want to choose the installation method that’s more convenient for you.

If you’re looking for warm lights to illuminate all the corners of your outdoor space, you can opt for these spotlights.

Manufacturer Nekteck
Model Number-
Product Dimensions‎13.98 x 11.42 x 7.4 inches
Item Weight‎8.2 pounds
Luminous Flux‎260 Lumen
Wattage0 watts
260 lumens of bright light.They don’t work well in heavy rains.
Each unit has a solar panel.The batteries take time to charge.
Two installation options.
Best Overall Brightest Solar Spot Lights Reviews

What You Need to Know When Buying Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

If you want to buy the brightest solar spotlights on the market, you will consider additional features besides checking for brightness.

And that’s because there is more to a solar-powered spotlight than the light brightness. So, you want to check the following features besides checking for brightness before spending your cash:

The Brightness of The Light

One reason for buying solar spotlights is to illuminate a dark patio, yard, driveway, and porch, among other areas. But to illuminate such areas excellently, you need brilliant light.

Therefore, your chosen solar spotlight should provide brilliant light.

You can check the light brightness by looking at the lumens rating. A solar spotlight with a high lumen rating provides brighter light than another model with fewer lumen ratings.

For example, a solar spotlight rated 700 lumens is brighter than another one rated 350 lumens.

So, you want to check the lumens rating before buying solar spotlights. If you want incredible performance, consider at least 260 lumens.

But you can go higher and choose a unit producing way more lumens for a brilliant performance.

The Charge Capacity of The Battery

The charge capacity refers to the electrical power potential of a battery. A battery with a high charge capacity stores more electrical power and runs for many hours.

Since the charge capacity affects the running time, you want to check it before buying a solar spotlight.

Manufacturers express the charge capacity in milliamp-hour (mAh). A battery with more mAh rating is more powerful than a second battery with a lower mAh rating.

So, you want to look for a battery with a high mAh rating. Batteries with 2200mAh charge capacity provide sufficient running time. 

But you can look for more powerful batteries if you want the solar spotlight to provide light for extended periods. You can start at 2200mAh. But you can go as high as 25000mAh for unmatched running time.

What’s more, a more powerful battery provides enough power even when there is poor sunlight during the day. So, always buy units featuring more powerful batteries.

The Solar Panel Charging Capability

Solar spotlights feature solar panels that convert solar energy into electrical energy that charges the built-in batteries. As such, you also want to check the charging capability of the solar panel.

Or, in better words, you want to check the electrical output of the featured solar panel.

The solar panel also has an electrical power output in watts. For example, you can get a solar panel boasting a 25-Watt electrical output. You can be sure to find less powerful or more powerful solar panels.

But a more powerful solar panel charges the built-in batteries sufficiently in less time.

Since you want your solar spotlight to have sufficient power in its battery by dusk, you should pick a unit with a powerful solar panel.

Ensure your preferred solar spotlight features a powerful solar panel for quick charging.

Look at the wattage rating of the solar panel to determine if it is powerful enough.

Lighting Angle

Solar spotlights have heads with tiny LED bulbs. Also, the spotlight head has reflective panels that shine a light on the monitored area at an angle.

That means the light from your solar spotlight covers a given angle. This is what the lighting angle entails.

Of course, solar spotlights have various lighting angles. Some cover an impressive 150° while others cover 120° with their lights.

When shopping for solar-powered spotlights, you want a unit that has a wide lighting angle.

Consider solar spotlights with at least 150° lighting angle to cover most angles (if not all angles) on your patio, driveway, or porch, among other outdoor spaces.

Motion Sensing

Illuminating the dark zones around your home increases security. But triggered illumination of such dark zones takes your safety to new heights.

A solar spotlight with PIR motion detection illuminates your property if it picks up movements. And you will be sure of intrusion.

As such, you want to consider buying solar spotlights with this revolutionary feature. Motion detection ensures the solar spotlight illuminates where the motion is coming from, and you will spot the intruder right on time.

What’s more PIR motion sensor reduces false alarms; that’s why you want solar spotlights with this particular motion detection technology.

So, consider buying units with this feature to be safer at home.

Weatherproof Rating

Your outdoor solar spot lights will always be on the outside space to illuminate dark zones around your residential building. And that means your spotlights will be under various weather conditions.

As such, you want to ensure you are getting weatherproof outdoor solar spotlights.

Check the IP rating before buying any solar-powered spotlight. The higher the rating, the better the weatherproof performance.

So, look for the highest possible IP rating to get a unit that performs excellently under any weather.

IP65 rating should be your starting point. You don’t want to go below this weatherproof rating if you want incredible performance during rainy seasons.

You could go higher than the IP65 rating but not below it. So, consider higher IP ratings for better performances under all weather conditions.

Ease of Installation

Since you’re most likely to install your newly bought solar spotlights by yourself, you want to ensure they are easy to install. You will usually have two installation options.

The first one (possibly the easiest installation option) requires sticking the solar spotlight spikes into the ground. 

The second option requires you to install solar spotlights on your outdoor walls. If you’re not confident, you can consult a professional installer to help you.

You can choose solar spotlights featuring an installation option that’s easiest for you.


You also want solar spotlights that illuminate the outdoor space for years. If durability is what you’re looking for while shopping, consider the construction material of the solar spotlights.

Die-cast Aluminum should be your go-to material as it features unmatched durability.

But other materials such as ABS are also durable. If the shell of the solar-powered spotlight boasts a highly durable material, you want to buy that particular solar spotlight.

Therefore, always buy units boasting durable construction materials.


How far away can a solar-powered spotlight illuminate?

A solar spotlight can illuminate up to 100 feet away. But you can be sure to find some high-end models illuminating even further. Since the lighting range is a crucial factor, you want to consider it before buying any solar spotlight. 

You want to ensure your preferred solar spotlight illuminates dark zones efficiently to see everything in the monitored area. As such, buy a unit illuminating zones further away for safety reasons.

Check the lighting range and choose one with the best lighting range.

Can a solar spotlight have motion detection technology?

Yes, some solar-powered spotlights feature PIR motion sensors that are way more accurate to eliminate false alarms.

Once they detect movements in the monitored area, their lights turn on automatically for about 20 seconds.

As a result, they scare the intruder away, offering an extra security layer.

As such, you want to consider buying solar spotlights featuring motion detection technology. Such lighting systems could monitor up to 55 feet away, keeping you ahead of the intruder.

You can then respond by alerting the authority before securing potential entry points.

How long does the battery take after a full charge?

Solar spotlights usually feature built-in batteries that power them at night. But some feature replaceable batteries. Whichever battery type a solar spotlight features, you can be sure the battery will only last for a given duration.

But this depends on the battery type.

Usually, batteries last for 8 hours. But some could power the solar spotlight for 15 hours non-stop before needing more charging.

When buying a solar spotlight, you want to buy a unit with an extended running time.

You will be sure the unit will last the night if its running time is over 10 hours!

How long do the batteries take to charge?

If the solar panel is powerful, it will charge the built-in batteries for 12 hours or even less.

But if the solar panel is weak, you will wait for an entire day for your batteries to charge fully. So, you want to choose a solar spotlight featuring a more powerful solar panel to charge the battery quickly.

Wrap Up

You will need the brightest solar spotlight to illuminate your patio, driveway, and garden excellently. Also, the brightest solar spotlight will ensure no danger lurks in the dark.

As such, you want to invest in nothing but the brightest solar spotlight on the market. But finding such a unit producing a brilliant light requires looking at specific features before spending your money.

Fortunately, we have covered some essential features to look out for when shopping for the brightest solar spotlight. We have also covered some best-rated outdoor solar spot lights.

As a result, you might find the solar-powered spotlight that meets your lighting needs easily.

What’s left is you finding the brightest solar spotlight to illuminate all the dark patios, gardens, and driveways to stay safe!

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