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Spike N Smash Lawn Game

Lawn games could help you transform your lawn or backyard into an outdoor oasis. But only if you invest in the best lawn games. Spike N Smash lawn games are an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Besides helping you make the most of your outdoor time, these games also train you and give you a bit of exercise.

They also create memorable moments between the players. So, if you’d love to connect with your family and friends socially, Spike N Smash lawn games could be what you need. But as you might have guessed, not all Spike N Smash lawn games are of the best quality.

We have rounded up the two best Spike N Smash lawn games on the market based on quality and excellent performance. The lawn games in this review will, therefore, perform exceptionally well and might surpass your expectations.

We have also included a few factors to consider when looking for the best Spike N Smash lawn game. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Best Spike N Smash Lawn Games?

Go! Gater Steel Spike ‘N Smash Game Set

If you enjoy playing volleyball, you might also enjoy playing this tailgating game! That’s because it is played like volleyball only that you will spike n smash the ball into the target’s center.

But even if you are not a volleyball fan, you still can’t resist the thrilling fun you get from this lawn game.

The lawn game set includes a Spike’ N Smash ball with its inflation pump and a steel frame acting as the smash target. Nothing much in the set. Set up this tailgating game on your lawn and enjoy spiking and smashing the ball with friends.

Besides playing this game on your backyard or lawn, you could also set it up on a beach and enjoy refreshing moments with friends. It is ideal for outdoor space, and you can play it anywhere. When it comes to portability, you will appreciate how compact and lightweight the game is.

The smash target is a sturdy steel frame with foldable legs. Since the target is sturdy, it handles all the spikes, including the most brutal spikes.

And this makes it very durable, so you can enjoy playing for many years to come. With easy-to-fold legs, you can fit this target into a compact space and easily transport it to your favorite tailgating destination.

What’s more, the target only measures 35.5 inches in diameter. This not only makes it compact enough to transport but also makes it have a reasonably sized target area for landing your brutal spikes.

The ball is also high-quality and has a 4-inch diameter.

The ball also handles the abuse excellently, making the whole game set very durable. Use the inflation pump to add extra air into the ball and smash the ball with sufficient power.

The game is ideal for all ages, and kids can enjoy it as much as adults do. You can play it while tailgating or after a wedding ceremony. There is not even a single occasion where you can’t play this game.

All-weather-proof.The user manual is vague.
Ragged materials for unmatched durability.Some users complain that the ball is small.
It is ideal for all ages.
Spike N Smash Lawn Game Review

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

You can play this game indoors just as much as you can play it outdoors. The game is a complete set, with everything you need to start playing right out of the box. It includes three spike balls and a target net, all in a carrying bag.

If you’re a volleyball fan, then you know it is full of hitting the ball over the net. And this game is similar to volleyball when it comes to playing it.

As an easy game to play, it is ideal for all ages, including kids. Set it up in your backyard, beach, or park, and have thrilling fun with friends and family!

You will need two teams of two players each to enjoy this game. Playing the game is simple – you spike the ball off the center of the target net.

You will then wait for the opponent also to spike the ball off the target’s center. If the opponent fails to make this move, you gain a point.

Portability is another considerable advantage of this game. And this is reasonable given that this game is ideal for various occasions such as tailgating and after-parties.

The game set comes in a drawstring carrying bag. But before stashing the target net into the drawstring bag, you will fold up its leg. Fortunately, the legs are foldable.

The target net measures 45 inches in diameter, giving you enough spiking area to land the ball. This dimension also makes the target net occupy less and more compact spaces.

As such, the game set is very portable. The textured balls have a 6.5-inch diameter.

The textured surface ensures the ball has better control and achieves your ideal spin to give you a scoring advantage. The target’s material is rugged steel for excellent performance and durability.

The balls are also high-quality and might surpass your expectations. If you’re looking to pass the time at the beach or in your backyard, this game might be best for you.

No learning curve for beginners.You can't inflate the balls.
The target net tightness is adjustable.You might adjust the tightness regularly.
It is ideal for indoors and outdoors.
Spike N Smash Lawn Game Review

What You Need to Know Before Buying A Spike N Smash Lawn Game

When looking to buy the best Spike N Smash lawn game, you will consider a few things. And they include the following:

The Material of the Set

High-quality material makes the game set durable and top-performing. Make sure the spike n smash ball and the target net features high-quality material. You could opt for a rugged target net that is steel-made. Such a target net is sturdy and will be very durable.

Rubber-made balls are also great since rubber is a durable material. Rubber also makes the ball bounce for a heightened playing experience. With such high-quality materials, your lawn game set will serve you for an extended period.

Portability of The Lawn Game Set

Spike N Smash lawn game is ideal for beach, park, and lawn, to mention a few playing venues. Since this is a versatile game that you can play almost anywhere, it should allow you to transport it to your preferred venue with ease.

When shopping, make sure the game set includes a carrying bag for easy transportation. Also, look for a target net with foldable legs. Such a target net will fit in compact spaces and let you put it inside a drawstring bag without any hassle.

You will appreciate your carrying bag when traveling to some beach to play your spike N smash ball.

Where You Intend to Play the Game

Spike N Smash lawn game is a versatile game. What this means is that you can play it almost anywhere: the park, beach, lawn, and backyard.

With such comprehensive venue options for playing the game, you want to check where you intend to play your spike n smash game before buying it.

You might require a large area to allow team members to move without restrictions when playing this game. A small space will restrict the players’ movement, cutting back on the fun of the game.

So, you want to consider setting up this game in an outdoor space that is large enough. If your backyard isn’t large enough, consider setting up the game on a beach or park.

Ease of Setting Up the Game

Setting up a spike n smash lawn game is never a daunting task. But you still need to opt for a game that is easy to set up. Look for a game whose target net has foldable legs.

Such a game only requires you to unfold the legs, set up the target net on your lawn, and start spiking and smashing.

You could buy a game without an inflation pump. But buying one with this pump lets you add more air into the ball for more bounce.

Also, look for a target net that allows you to adjust the tightness or tension of the net to achieve your ideal bounce.

Age Appropriateness

Age is a crucial factor to consider when shopping for a spike n smash lawn game. You want a game that all participants enjoy playing. If you are looking to spend time with your kids, be sure to buy a game for kids.

But if you’re looking to spend some time with friends or colleagues, opt for a perfect lawn game for adults.

Since you never know who might want to play your spike n smash lawn game, look for a perfect spike n smash lawn game for all ages, including kids. Any player can play and enjoy such a lawn game.

Therefore, be on the lookout for lawn games suitable for all ages.

Occasions Where You Could Play These Spike N Smash Lawn Games

2 kids jump in the beach

As we’ve already seen, the spike n smash lawn games in this review are ideal for playing at various functions. And these functions include the following:

Beach and Lake Trips

When your outdoor summer plans lead you to lake trips, you’d be glad that you took your lawn and spike game with you, especially if you have a few friends accompanying you to the trip. You can increase the fun at the beach by playing the spike n smash games we have reviewed.

Pool Parties

A pool party is a great way to spend your summertime. But you can spice things up a bit by bringing these games to the party! Once you have set up the target net by the pool, friends wouldn’t help but notice how thrilling and exciting your spike n smash lawn game is, and they’ll rush to join you. Bring this game to any pool party and team up with friends, and create a moment that’s worth remembering.

Backyard BBQs

What’s a better way to have fun after munching a mouth-watering buffalo wing than to spend time playing with friends? Once you’ve had your fill, you can set up a spike n smash lawn game and dominate the better part of the match.

Lawn games could spice things a bit, and one of the best games to select is a spike n smash lawn game. There is no limit to where you can have fun with these games. You can always team up with your friends and hone your spiking and smashing skills.

So, if you’re planning to have backyard BBQs, consider increasing the fun by setting up these games.

Family Parties

Family parties are when every member comes together. There is plenty of stuff you could do together as a family. But playing together is the best. The great news is that you can play spike n smash lawn games at family parties.

Of course, there are a few more games that you could also play. Outdoor ping pong and badminton are some of the games that you could play as a family.

Spike n smash lawn games are perfect for various functions. There is not a single occasion where you can’t have fun with these games. If you’re looking to attend any wedding ceremony or go tailgating, increase the fun by bringing your lawn game long and play with friends.


Can I play my spike n smash lawn game indoors?

Yes, but your room’s size might be a significant limiting factor. Of course, the target net takes up a small space, but players will need plenty of space to move when looking to return the ball. So, you can play these games indoors if your rooms are large enough.

Can I carry my spike n smash game to different parties?

Yes, you can transport your lawn game to whatever party you want to attend. One remarkable feature of these games is that they are portable.

The target net has foldable legs to fold before putting it inside a carrying bag. The target net is also compact-sized, making the game set only easy to transport.

What material should I consider when buying a spike n smash lawn game?

High-quality materials make a lawn game set durable and top-performing. The balls should be rubber-made since the rubber has an excellent bounce and is very durable.

The target net should comprise sturdy steel. First, sturdy steel produces an excellent bounce. Second, it is a durable material.

Can I inflate my spike n smash balls?

Yes, some balls let you inflate them with a pump. But you can be sure to find others that don’t need inflation. It is ideal to select inflatable balls since they allow you to add more air or reduce air to achieve your perfect bouncing effect.

Wrap Up

With a spike n smash lawn game, you can make excellent use of your backyard space. Your lawn can be an excellent spot for playing with family and friends. You can also travel to other places such as parks and beaches to play a spike n smash lawn game.

As a versatile game, the spike n smash lawn game gives you the chance to have fun and excitement almost anywhere. Besides, the games are portable and fit in compact-sized spaces for easy transportation. As such, they are ideal for various occasions and parties.

The games in this review are ideal for friends and family, just as they are ideal for kids. They are high-quality and will be very durable. The material of choice also sets them apart, and they might surpass your expectations.

Therefore, take the time to select the best spike n smash lawn game and have fun on the go with friends and family. Be sure to use the buyer’s guide to find the best game on the market. Invest in a spike n smash lawn game and bond with friends and family!

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