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4 Best Spray Paints for Outdoor Wood Furniture

Not any old spray paint will do when it comes to outdoor wood furniture. With all the types of spray paint out there, that’s something that can be easy to forget. Learn more about the Spray Paints for Outdoor Wood Furniture so you never lose them again.

You can get mesmerized by the brand names and glossy colors. But it doesn’t change the fact that you need spray paint that sprays evenly and well on wood.

And spray paint that can endure outdoor elements without chipping or peeling.

You’re ready to spray paints for outdoor wood furniture. You’ve done everything with your hands and now you want to finish it up.

Well, we have the best spray paints for outdoor wood furniture in one article. We’re going to share with you our favorites and they’ll become your favorites too.

Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metallic 

Rust-Oleum always has great products that every DIYer loves, including us. And this spray paint is up there with our favorites.

We love this unique “oil-rubbed bronze metallic” color and finish. The glossy metallic color looks as if it were there all along and the finish is just as natural.

It leaves your wood furniture with a smooth surface. The smooth surface is due to the oil-rubbed base in the formula.

This spray paint is durable. It’s corrosion-resistant and protects wood furniture from chipping. It also protects from nicks in the color. It’s even UV-resistant.

It dries within 30 minutes.

One can covers about 15 square feet.

Budget-friendly price.Temperature is not adjustable.
Easy to clean.Not for heftier cooking projects like brisket or pork shoulder.
Ready to go right out of the box.Thin aluminum construction won't insulate contents from cold weather.
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Krylon ColorMaster Aerosol Spray Paint, Satin Deep Gray 

Krylon is one of our favorite spray paint brands. We always find what we need with Krylon, including the right color.

The smooth finish from this deep gray spray paint is perfect. You don’t have to prime before you apply this spray paint because it includes the primer.

The formula is moisture-resistant. It’s also super durable and isn’t going to peel or chip without warning.

It has one of the easiest spray nozzles to use. It’s an EZ-Touch 360 spray nozzle. We’ve had zero issues with it.

Since it’s a 360 nozzle, you can spray at any angle and get great coverage.

And it gives you the widest spray you’ve ever seen in an aerosol can. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the paint running or dripping.

You can buy this spray paint at an affordable price.

One of these cans covers about 25 square feet.

This dries faster than every other spray paint on this list. It dries in a quick 10 minutes.

Convenient remote control.Higher price tag.
Adjustable cooking temperature.Can't be used for cold-smoking.
Wheels for easy transport.Glass door tends to fog up.
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Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint, Satin Pink Blush 

Krylon has a wide range of colors. And Krylon delivers with this satin pink blush color. But this isn’t the only color they have that stands out and looks great on wood furniture.

There’s no sanding or priming required before you use this spray paint. The primer is included in the formula.

And the formula is fade-resistant. This paint is going to stay despite sitting in the sun all day long.

They have a spray nozzle that’s different from other spray nozzles. The spray button will get paint in at any angle without a struggle.

The spray nozzle is also easy and comfortable to use. Your hand won’t cramp up if you have a piece of wood furniture to cover.

It dries in only 25 minutes.

Budget-friendly price.Some buyers complain of quality control issues.
Well-insulated for minimal heat loss.Requires significant assembly.
Fits enough food for 6 people.Not well-insulated.
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Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint + Primer Spray Paint, White 

This is another great spray paint product from Rust-Oleum.

This spray paint resists chipping and has long-lasting protection. Better yet, it has low odor. We all know the odor from a spray paint can be strong and uncomfortable.

It’s not only a glossy white paint finish but it has the primer too. So, you don’t have to prime your outdoor wood furniture before you spray paint. This spray paint does it all.

The formula dries fast so you don’t have to put your furniture up so it doesn’t get ruined. It dries in a mere 20 minutes.

And the application is easy as 1,2,3.

An entire spray paint can covers 12 square feet.

No gas = no emissions.Quiet operation.
No battery to charge.Less vibration means easy handling.
GFCI protected for safety.Not for professional use.
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Spray painting your finished outdoor wood furniture doesn’t have to be so hard. Once you get over choosing what type of spray paint is perfect, the rest is the fun part.


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