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7 Spring Décor Ideas To freshen Up Your Home

We all look forward to the spring season for a chance to revamp, spruce up and plan a cool spring decorating idea in every room, from the dining room, living room, and outside on the porch. Here are the 7 spring décor ideas to freshen up your home.

And now, it’s that time when winter is quickly fading into spring, and you can’t ignore the excitement to brighten up your house with light colors and fresh flowers.

This isn’t necessarily time to renovate and re-do your entire home. Instead, it’s an opportunity to tweak a few things, throw in a spring color or two, do some spring crafts, and spruce your home up with some seasonal decor – without breaking the bank.

Short of ideas on how to do it? Read on as we unravel tested and proven ideas from top interior designers across different states in the country.

Spring Décor Ideas

We’ve compiled spring decoration ideas that will transform your home into a spring oasis with minimal effort and resources. You may apply everything or choose what suits your style.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Tweaking your furniture just a little is a fantastic way to add some spring vibes to your room. Shift those sofas and tables to new positions and watch the amazing transformation.

If you have limited floor space, consider rearranging the more miniature furniture like consoles and accent tables.

If you have the resources, it’s a great time to consider treating yourself to some new furniture you’ve always thought about acquiring or making.

2. Invest in New Plants and Flowers

Indoor plants have scientific proof of freshening up your home and giving it a relaxing ambiance. Studies show that apart from removing toxins from the air, indoor plants can also help you relax and boost your productivity.

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Even an artificial indoor plant will trick your brain and help you relax. Add some 2-3 plants in your living room. You may also place one in your master bedroom.

You might consider trying out a palm tree or other succulent plants that require little care. You may also use smaller plants growing in vintage bottles — research well for what compliments your style.

3. Allow Nature In

It’s a no-brainer that spring is a great time to let your windows open throughout and let nature flow in freely. Leave your window shades high during the day. Replace your heavy and dark curtains with whiter or lighter shades.

More nature also means allowing in as much sunshine as possible. Additionally, it is also a great time to replace your light fixtures with new ones for a new look.

4. Update Your Bedroom

Updating your bedroom decor may involve changing your bedding and changing your bed position if you have enough space. It is a time to throw away your bulky duvet and bring in some smaller pieces such as linen blankets and other light sheets and throw pillows.

White color brings in a calm feel and is an excellent way of adding a fresh twist without going big.

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5. Add Some Color

No paint beats nature-inspired hues such as cloud white, sky blue, and lush green when decorating your room, irrespective of the time of the season.

Hang some paintings on your blank wall, allowing them to blend in with other existing items and furniture in your room. For example, you may experiment with blue to remind you of the sea and sky.

Feel free to try other pops of color that blend with your spring home decor and other floral arrangements.

6. Change to Lighter Fabrics

As you move your wardrobe from heavy sweaters to light t-shirts and pajamas, you should do the same to your room interior décor. Take out those faux fur coverlets near the bed foot and introduce a matelasse coverlet.

Consider using a linen tablecloth; make it bright-colored. You may add runners and some crisp-pressed napkins. Take out the cushions from the dining chairs. There are various types of flooring available, coming in different colors such as blonde, grey, honey, and more.

You may incorporate a pop of color with a cheerful tone such as indigo blue and bright green. Light pink and soft pink are other vibrant colors you may also experiment with for vibrancy.

7. Install a New Floor

We mentioned that getting your home ready for spring does not mean renovation. However, spring might be an ideal opportunity to install new flooring.

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Although renovations tend to be a little expensive, they also make up a good way of freshening up your room ready for spring.


Whether you choose to use all of the above spring décor ideas or just a handful, your home should feel fresh and ready for spring. Try rotating your home décor every time the season changes.

Incorporating nature-inspired hues such as blue and green colors will work magic in freshening up your room.  Bright accents such as batik table linens and white paint on your wall are also budget spring decor ideas you may apply.

Throw a statement piece on the wall, such as an artwork with sea and sky shades. Wires baskets with some flower arrangements are also spring styling tips that the kids can jump in to help.

People Also Ask

Below we answer some common questions from homeowners about spring decor ideas.

How Do I Freshen Up My Room Decorations?

An effective way of freshening up your room decorations during spring is to declutter the room first.

Remember that freshening up your house during spring is more about bringing in lighter fabrics and removing thick or furry fabrics, such as your merino duvets and heavy floor rugs. Clear your shelves and sell or give away what you don’t need.

How Do You Decorate Your Room For Spring?

Do these simple things to decorate your room during spring:

  • Rearrange your room
  • Declutter your shelves
  • Bring in new flowers and plants
  • Let in more sunshine
  • Paint new cheerful colors
  • Leave your windows open
  • Update your bedding
  • Remove your floor rugs
  • Changer to lighter and whiter fabrics

How Do I Set My Spring Dining Table?

Apart from changing the position of your table as you welcome in summer, consider changing the tablecloths. A good idea would be replacing heavy covers with bright color linen materials. You may also throw in a well-pressed table runner and napkins.

Remove those dining chair cushions too.

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