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6 Super Cool Crafts To Do When Bored At Home

Time away from your TV programs, video games, and smartphones is good for your health and that of your kids. There are loads of fun crafts to engage in when bored at home. Here are the 6 super cool crafts to do when bored at home.

But, unfortunately, most people find it challenging to figure out such crafts to keep them entertained during their dull moments at home. These crafts require just a bit of energy and cost you almost nothing as most supplies are already in your cupboard.

Whether you’re looking to have fun for yourself or keep the kids busy when taking a break from school, there are fun crafts to charge you up.

Most of these fun projects are easy to perform, mostly with daily items around your home. You may visit craft stores near you for other missing basic craft supplies.

Read on for inspiration to unleash the creativity in your kids as you spend bored moments with them at home.

Cool Crafts To Do When When Bored at Home

Below are fun crafts for adults you can try out when bored.

1.  Wine Cork Vase

Have some fun when bored at home with those excess wine corks spread all over your home. Use these versatile materials to make a flower vase.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wine cork
  • Rectangular-shaped glass vase
  • Craft glue


Glue the corks up, and that’s it. You’ve got rid of the excess wine corks and also have a creative-looking flower holder.

2.  Fabric Art

Fabric Arts

Image Credit: That Sweet Tea Life

Use different fabrics around your home to make various fabric arts on your wall. All you need is different fabrics, a stapler, or glue, and a small wooden frame.


  • Staple or glue the wooden frame on a wall
  • Paint your fabrics with different scenes, words, or whatever art you like
  • Stick the fabrics on the wooden frame, and you can now gaze at the elegant popping colors on your wall.

Repeat using different fabrics and artworks for more fun.

3.  Ombre Artwork

Ombre artwork is a fun craft that will need some organization, clever brushstrokes, and some attention.

Ombre Artwork

However, it’s a simple craft that only requires a brush and some colors.


  • Create a rustic look with up and down quick brush strokes and watch your paint colors grow darker from a light gradient. The craft is that simple, but more is eye-catching and somewhat tricky than it sounds.

Creating an ombre gradient is fun but a little complicated. But that’s the fun of it.

You can explore more adult fun crafts such as:

  • Framed Paint swatches
  • String Art
  • Wine Cork Board
  • Clothespin Wreath
  • Pencil Pinwheel
  • DIY Serving Tray
  • Paper Flowers
  • Ribbon vase

Fun Crafts For Your Kids When Bored

Unlike adults, kids have many activities that will keep their tiny bodies busy and entertained, whether they’re stuck indoors in bad weather or taking a break from school.

Below are some ideas about kids’ crafts you can try out.

1.      Tie-dye Art


Image Credit: Parent Map

Make tie-dye art using a paper towel, food coloring, and a muffin tin.


  • Fill sections of the muffin tin using water and color differently with food coloring.
  • You may use water and dried watercolor paint if you lack food coloring.
  • Fold your square paper towel severally to make a smaller square.
  • Let the child dip each corner of the smaller square into different colors.
  • Let the square unfold the square for the amazing tie-dye pattern.
  • Let it dry and help them mount it to a dark construction paper piece.

2.      Dilly Silly Putty

Dilly-silly Clay

Image Credit: Made With Happy

Cornstarch and dawn dish soap are enough for this fun craft. Food coloring is optional but can be included.


  • Add some corn starch (two tablespoons) to a small bowl
  • Add two tablespoons of your dishwasher soap to the bowl
  • Add two or three drops of food coloring to the mixture
  • Mix well using a spoon until it starts clumping
  • Take the mixture out of the bowl and knead it until you achieve a smooth and silky texture.
  • The feel and texture of silly putty will be fun for the kid
  • Try different colors for more fun

Note that silly putty is not messy on the hands and easy to make with just two ingredients.

3.  Toilet Paper Craft

Armed with a toilet paper roll, paper, yarn, glue or duct tape, markers, hole punch, scissors, and shoebox (optional), get your kids busy on that rainy day.


  • Create a character using the toilet roll.
  • Using glue or tape, stick on yarn to make the hair and draw a face.
  • Use the paper to make your outfit and tape or glue it to the character.
  • Take a photo of the character in their natural habitat, or draw a portrait of the character in any manner you like. Make it fast and fun.

Here are more fun crafts for kids you may look into:

  • Create Crayon Block
  • Dye Easter Eggs Using Nature Color
  • Origami Cars
  • Kid Play Teepee
  • Popsicle Stick Shelf
  • Water Gun Painting
  • DIY Wax Boats
  • French fold book


The article has outlined just a handful of crafts to do when bored at home. Otherwise, there are immeasurable fun activities for both you and your kids to keep you busy.

The best part is you can take part with other family members or choose a DIY craft.

Now go ahead and try out the above and discover your kids’ favorite crafts and their hidden creative talents. You may take online classes for other complicated tasks and share them with your kids.

People also Ask

Below are popular questions about fun crafts to do at home when bored.

What’s The Easiest Craft For Your Kids When Bored At Home?

Some fun activities may require several supplies and involve getting hands dirty and a lot more mental engagement. However, crafts such as dilly silly putty and paper towel tie-dye art will require less than three materials, are easy, and fun and can be done indoors.

What Alternative For Food Coloring Can I Use For Crafting At Home?

Although food color is widely used in most crafts when bored at home, you may also use markers or grapes such as strawberry juice for that added pop of color in your art pieces. Use raspberry powder, beet juice, or strawberry powder to create pink colors.

What Crafts Can I Use Food Coloring?

Food coloring is a significant supplier for your home crafts when bored. Tie-dye art is one craft that uses food coloring in both kids’ and adult crafts.

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