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7 Surprisingly Easy DIY BBQ Pits Anyone Can Make

Outdoor DIY BBQ pits come in handy during the summer when you need to go out in your backyard and grill some delicious barbecue as you bask in the warmth of the season. So, here are the 7 surprisingly easy DIY bbq pits anyone can make.

While you can buy a barbecue pit or grill from various outlets, a DIY BBQ pit will give your meal a more personal touch. Your backyard barbecue can turn into your own outdoor kitchen or outdoor grill station, all with an easy DIY project.

DIY outdoor kitchen projects are popular for the personal touch and appeal they have because you do most of the groundwork yourself, and it’s possible to customize things to your liking. What’s more, you’ll only be limited by your creativity and skills if you get your hands on the right tools.

DIY barbecue pits do the magic for you as they can work both as a grill and a source of heat. This article discusses some easy DIY BBQ pits that you can make in your backyard. Be sure to read through to the end to pick a favorite design for your next barbecue grill.


1. Above-the-Ground Fireplace barbecue Pit

A pit modeled after a fireplace will be easy for anyone to make for your next or first-ever outdoor DIY barbecue pit.

A fireplace has a familiar design we have all seen or used a hundred times over, and so the picture is vivid in the mind. It is this picture that needs only a few twists to turn into a creative outdoor barbecue pit.

Outdoor DIY Pits

Image Credit: Thisoldhouse

You can make this pit by starting with a fireplace design and then adding a stone veneer, fire bricks, and finally angled irons for holding the metal grate to turn the entire setup into a complete barbecue pit.

Be sure to consider the direction of the wind and the distance from the nearest structures. There should be at least a ten-foot distance all around the pit to ensure maximum safety with zero risks of jumpy fire.

2. Argentine-style Above-the-ground BBQ Pit with Adjustable Grill Grate

Because of the somehow complex nature of the Argentine-style BBQ pit with an adjustable grill grate, you might need an extra hand to make one for your outdoor barbecue needs.

Image Credit: Thisoldhouse

The adjustable grill system may prove challenging, which is why a professional metalworker will be needed.

Despite its complexity, this barbecue pit is one of the safest you can ever build. Firstly, it towers high above the ground, which means the fire is less exposed to any winds that would accidentally spread it all over.

Secondly, the height also ensures that you don’t have to bend too often.

The metal grate is easy to clean because you can raise it high off the pit’s surface to a height where cleaning is easy.

One other advantage is that the cranking system allows for adjusting the grate to bring it closer to the burning charcoal or further away when the heat is too much.

3. Contemporary Above-the-ground Square-shaped barbecue Pit

barbecue pits are usually round in shape, but you can challenge the norm by making a backyard barbecue pit with a square shape. You can use concrete blocks or fire bricks to make the pit, depending on which option is more readily available to you.

Image Credit: Backyard Boss

You have to top off the square pit with a suitable metal mesh to turn it into a complete and functional barbecue pit. The charcoal goes into the pit and can be held in a round metal drum that you can pull out easily.

The round metal drum will ensure equal distribution of heat to the grate in a whirlpool style. However, the square shape will do just fine, and your favorite barbecue foods will cook evenly.

4. Above-the-ground barbecue Pit with Pulley Kit

All you need for this type of DIY barbecue grill is a sizable metal basin, some concrete or cinder blocks, a pulley stand with a hook for hanging the metal grill, and some wood to keep a fire going.

Image Credit: Backyard Boss

Although a simple barbecue pit to try, you might end up using a lot of wood or charcoal because the pit is too much in the open. It has no side walls to keep the wind out or trap the heat inside. But you can use an optional heat shield all around the pit to keep the wind off.

5. Permanent Above-the-ground barbecue Pit

If you are sure that you won’t need to shift or knock down your next barbecue pit, gather your materials and build a strong, permanent above-ground fire pit. You will need cinder blocks or bricks, a fire tray, mortar, metal grill, cement, and metal braces for connecting the bricks and grill.

Image Credit: Wikihow

A handful of tools will come in handy, too, including a spirit level, shovel, hand tamps, and trowel. The setup might be challenging, making it necessary for you to enlist the help of a professional builder in laying a solid foundation and ensuring a slight slant to drain rainwater.

6. Temporary Above-Ground Barbecue Pit

There can be tons of ideas to explore when you think of a temporary fireplace, but this one is about easy dismantling rather than portability. A Franklin barbecue pit will come in handy for ease of portability as you can move it around even on its wheels!

Image Credit: Wikihow

You will need a lot of cement and mortar to make a temporary pit. Start by leveling the ground and laying the bricks in layers on top of each other with mortar in between to hold them together. Make the mortar moist enough because dry mortar will crack easily.

Any extra mortar can be plastered on the sides to ensure more heat retention and give the pit the characteristic rugged appearance of DIY barbecue grills.

As with any other design, ensure you observe barbecue pit vitals like stability and levelness so that your pit doesn’t become wobbly.

7. Above-Ground Barbecue Pit with Wide Cozy Hearth

Instead of taking chairs out of your house to your backyard fire pit, try out a creative pit that includes several seats around a wide hearth with the fire point at the center.

It makes for an ultimate backyard getaway where you can relax and have fun with friends and family as you enjoy your favorite barbecue foods.

Outdoor Diy Pit

Image Credit: Backyard Boss

While it takes longer and requires more space to build, it is highly permanent and will serve you for a long time. It pays off to erect the pig in any regular backyard where space is plenty.

Bottom Line

DIY barbecue pits are easy to make on your own if you have all the materials and tools required for the job. However, if you are pressed for time or can’t make one because of space limitations, you can buy ready-made barbecue pits but have to wait until one is available.

Have you chosen one from our list that you would like to try out? Go for it!

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