Ten Advantages of Using an Electric Smoker

There’s nothing quite like the savory taste of smoked brisket or smoked salmon, but operating a wood-fired smoker is complicated and requires expertise.

Thankfully, modern cooking technology has brought us the electric smoker, a decidedly cleaner, easier to use, and less labor-intensive way of smoking food.

Here we’ll explore ten advantages of using an electric smoker, including ease of use, safety and health benefits. But are electric smokers any good?

1. Electric smokers don’t use a lot of electricity

A majority of electric smokers use 800 watts per hour. If you were to smoke your meat for eight hours a day for thirty days, your charges would be as follows: If we take 800 times 8, this gives us 6400 watt-hours or 6.4 kilowatt-hours.

Multiply this by 30 to get your total monthly consumption of 192-kilowatt hours. If you multiply this by the average kilowatt hour cost in your area, you will see that an electric smoker is very cheap to operate.

For example, at a typical rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour, it would cost less than $25 a month to smoke food all day, every day. So you can definitely use an electric smoker often without having to worry about incurring high electric bills. 

2. You can choose your type and combinations of smoke chips.

Electric smokers use wood chips that create the amazing smoky flavor we all love. These are similar to the wood pellets used in a pellet grills, pellet smoker, gas or charcoal smokers.

One of the great benefits of using electric smokers is you can easily try every kind of wood chip on the market and even create your own masterful combinations.

Wood chips come in several flavors. Adler, Apple, Hickory, Cherry, and Mesquite just to name a few. 

3. An electric smoker doesn’t need constant supervision

If you were using a charcoal smoker or propane smoker, you would have to keep monitoring it to ensure that the process is not interrupted by the depletion of fuel.

The same does not apply to an electric smoker since it feeds off electricity, which is in constant supply. (For more on this, read our article on electric smokers versus propane smokers.)

While using an electric smoker, you just set it, and you are free to participate in other activities as you wait for your meat to be ready. For a better understanding, learn more about how electric smokers work.

4. They’re more earth-friendly

Electricity is a far cleaner source of energy than propane, charcoal or wood, meaning electric smokers are more environmentally-friendly.

The particles in wood smoke contribute to haze and overall air pollution.

5. Cooking with an electric smoker is healthier

And in addition to being better for the environment, electric smokers are also better for your health. Burning wood and charcoal have been shown to produce carcinogens which are thought to cause cancer.

Generally equipped with a small pan for wood chips, an electric smoker create the heat and smoke you need for delicious smoky-tasting food without dangerous odors.

Also, cooking with an electric smoker is healthier than other cooking methods like sautéing or frying because you don’t need to use oil or butter. 

6. It’s easier to maintain a consistent temperature

Most electric smokers come equipped with a rheostat and a thermostat. The purpose of this is to maintain a consistent temperature inside the smoker, which is crucial for your food to cook evenly.

Unlike charcoal or wood smokers where the inside temperature can vary widely, you have absolute control over the temperature that your food is subjected to.

Most electric smokers have digital temperature controls so you can set an exact temperature you want to cook at.

7. Electric smokers requires very little know-how

You do not need to be a barbecue guru to use an electric smoker. This is unlike wood-fueled smokers, which require significant know-how to master.

In fact, if you can use an oven, you should have no problem using an electric smoker. Typically equipped with a digital control panel, they couldn’t be simpler to operate.

This is one of the most important advantages of using an electric smoker because there’s very little learning curve.

8. They’re safer to use

The dangers involved with this type of smoker are quite small compared to some other smokers such as the propane smoker. You would be safer using an electric smoker than you would be while using any other smoker.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that it’s still not a good idea to use an electric smoker indoors.

9. They are easy to clean

A majority of electric smokers are made of stainless steel. The food cooked does not stick to the sides of the smoker, which means you have less cleaning up to do after you are done smoking.

However, you’ll want to take care of cleaning your electric smoker and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for doing so.

Due to the electric components, you’ll want to be careful when getting an electric smoker wet.

10. Electric smokers are energy efficient

Most smokers of this type are made of thick steel that absorbs the heat and redistributes it in the cooking chamber. Very little energy is, therefore, lost.

Even when opening the door to check on your meat temperatures, the temperature will recover quickly. This ensures that your food is cooked evenly. The thick steel sides also ensure that it is capable of withstanding the test of time.

Also, They’re sturdy

Being made of metals such as aluminum or steel, most electric smokers are very sturdy devices. You can set it to smoke your meat overnight while you sleep without worrying about the wind or a pet knocking it over and messing up your meal.

Ready to buy your first electric smoker?

Now that you’re familiar with the many advantages of an electric smoker, you’ll want to check out our roundup of the best electric smoker reviews to find one that’s right for you.

With an average capacity of around 750 inches of cooking space, electric smokers have plenty of space to cook for your whole family.

Equipped with a drip pan to catch meat drippings and a water pan to help maintain humidity levels and keep food moist, an electric smoker makes a great addition to your kitchen.


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