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The Best 50-Inch 4k Smart Tv

55-inch smart TVs are excellent since they have 4K displays that produce excellent picture quality. But what you might not know is you could get the same outstanding performance from 50-inch smart TVs.

The only difference is the smidgen screen size, making these smart TVs an ideal option if you’re looking for something smaller but quite as powerful as larger TV models.

Besides giving you crystal-clear pictures, 50-inch smart TVs also give you crisp sound that fills your living room. They use advanced sound chips for excellent sound performance.

And they also work with your favorite voice assistants to give you voice control over them. As such, they are perfect home entertainment electronics that should be high up somewhere on your living room wall.

But with plenty of 50-inch smart TVs on the market, you might tire before you even get your hands on the best model. This article saves you the exhausting search by recommending a few incredible models that might be best for you.

It also includes a buyer’s guide to help you spot the best 50-inch smart TVs out there. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are Some of The Outstanding 50-Inch Smart TVs?

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The 50-inch smart TV has a screen that boasts 4K Ultra-HD resolution. The 2160P resolution is four times clearer than FHD, meaning your 50-inch tv produces Ultra-HD picture quality.

Besides having a large screen size, this smart TV also boasts HDR10 technology that boosts the performance of the excellent screen resolution. And the result is exceptional color performance and sharper contrast.

This HDR tv uses an LED-backlit LCD screen. This screen technology has a reputation for delivering a broad color spectrum and contrast ratio. And this only adds to the already brilliant performance of the 50-inch screen.

Aside from the magnificent picture performance, this smart TV also boasts powerful audio speakers.

The DTS Studio Sound system ensures your smart TV produces an immersive and crisp sound that fills the living room. The two powerful speakers are also durable to serve you for many years to come.

The smart TV also comes with a built-in Fire TV. As a result, you can stream over 500k movies and TV series from such platforms as YouTube, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Netflix, to mention a few streaming services.

Controlling the smart TV is also efficient and convenient. You could control it by voice using the Alexa Voice Remote that the smart TV includes in the package.

You only need to press and hold the voice button on the remote control and use voice commands for your TV to change the channel or switch between inputs.

With endless entertainment content comes the risk of exposing your kids to inappropriate content. Fortunately, this smart TV has parental control to help you choose what your kids can watch. Use the HDMI ARC to stream sound to your soundbar or any compatible AV receiver.

Also, you could use the three HDMI ports to connect game consoles and other devices such as a Blu-ray player to your smart TV. This is an excellent 50-inch smart TV at an affordable price range.

4K Ultra HD resolution.It doesn't come with wall mounts.
LED-backlit screen technology.Some apps no longer work, according to some users.
HDR10 performance.
The Best 50-Inch 4k Smart Tv Reviews

Toshiba 50LF621U21 50-inch Smart TV

This 50-inch smart TV by Toshiba has a 4K UHD screen resolution. The screen boasts more than 8 million pixels to give you breath-taking picture quality and excellent color performance.

The screen also features yet another technology that boosts its color performance – the Dolby Vision HDR technology.

With the advanced HDR screen tech, this smart TV has one of the best contrast ratios and wide color spectrums to give you detailed pictures. Since this is one of the smart TVs built for speed, it has a variable refresh rate of 60Hz for fluid responsiveness at faster picture motions.

You might appreciate the fast search results that come in handy when looking for your favorite entertainment from the over 500k content that could be worth watching. And this brilliant performance is a reality because of the Multi-core GPU powering this smart TV.

The new built-in Fire TV edition presents you with unlimited entertainment content, as we’ve already seen. And this android tv has apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu to help you stream your favorite content or TV shows.

You could search for your preferred TV show using voice command, thanks to the built-in Alexa in the remote control.

Connectivity is also bliss since this smart TV has a built-in Wi-Fi receiver to connect to your home network. You can then control this smart TV with other voice controls of your choice, such as Google Assistant.

Wi-Fi connectivity will also help you stream your favorite entertainment content. Since this smart TV has a 50-inch screen with impressive color performance, it could be a game-changer for your home entertainment. As such, it is worth considering.

4K UHD screen resolution.It doesn't come with any HD antenna.
Dolby Vision HDR technology.Some users complain that the screen is delicate.
Built-in Alexa.
The Best 50-Inch 4k Smart Tv Reviews

TCL 50-inch Class 4-Series Smart TV

This is a smart tv you can buy to transform your home entertainment, of course, for the better! It has a 50-inch screen with HDR technology.

The 4K resolution works with HDR technology to give you stunning picture quality with a wide range of colors. And the result is excellent contrast that shows the brightest and darkest colors on your screen.

It is one of those 50-inch TVs that let you personalize the home screen. You can then access your favorite entertainment content with ease since everything you need will be within reach. It uses Roku streaming services to make sure you have endless entertainment in your home.

But with unlimited entertainment content comes the challenge of finding your favorite channels or content fast enough. Fortunately, this smart TV boasts a fast and easy search through its remote control.

The remote control has a built-in voice assistant to help you choose your best content quickly and with unmatched convenience.

Not so many 4k TVs perform like this 50-inch smart TV by TCL. That’s because this smart TV lets you use AirPlay to share music videos and photos from your Apple device and cast them on the big screen for everyone to watch.

Connect this smart TV to a Wi-Fi network using its dual-band Wi-Fi and stream over 500k movies and TV episodes.

You could also connect a Blu-ray player to this smart TV via one of its four HDMI 2.1 ports and enjoy your favorite entertainment content.

Given the excellent picture quality and effortless control via voice commands, this is one of the best 50-inch smart TVs.

4K screen resolution.The Roku platform requires you to create an account.
HDR technology.Unresponsive customer support.
Fast and easy search function.
The Best 50-Inch 4k Smart Tv Reviews

SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD

This smart TV by Samsung has a 50-inch screen. The screen has a resounding 4K UHD resolution that delivers four times clearer pictures than FHD screens.

Also, the screen has HDR technology for a wide color spectrum and contrast ratio. Your screen shows more color details with the HDR performance than before, giving you a new cinematic experience.

If you’re looking for hands-free control, you might appreciate voice assistants because they let you control any device through voice commands.

Fortunately, this smart TV supports multiple voice assistants. The remote has built-in Alexa to give you control over this smart TV.

Use your voice to access your favorite entertainment content and control your smart TV. You could also control other connected devices through voice commands.

Whether Google Assistant is your preferred voice assistant or you have Bixby in mind, you can be sure to control this smart TV through voice commands.

One incredible feature that you might love about this smart TV is its universal guide. This feature brings you a list of curated content to help you find your preferred content to watch on the big screen.

The OneRemote control also comes to your aid to give you effortless control of this smart TV.

If you’re a gamer, you might find this smart TV very useful. It has an Auto Game Mode that optimizes the screen for you. This feature also reduces the input lag for a smooth gaming experience.

Once you have connected your gaming console to this TV via the HDMI port, your video game will run smoothly. You also don’t have to worry about cables laying around since this TV features a clean cable solution.

And all these features make it one of the best smart TVs for any smart home.

4K screen resolution.The remote buttons are not backlit.
HDR technology.It has no Fire TV.
It supports multiple voice assistants.
The Best 50-Inch 4k Smart Tv Reviews

VIZIO 50-Inch V-Series 4K Smart TV

Vizio is a brand that has built a reputation for producing some of the top-performing smart TVs on the market. And their 50-Inch V-Series smart TV lives up to the expectation they have established over the years.

This smart TV has a 50-inch screen with Dolby Vision HDR technology.

The 1080P resolution works together with the HDR10+ technology to give you excellent contrast and incredibly bright pictures. If you’re looking to have life-like entertainment happening before your eyes, this screen will surprise you in many ways.

More color brightness comes from the screen’s LEDs evenly distributed across the large screen. Gamers could also find this smart TV excellent to use, thanks to the Gaming Engine. This is Vizio’s tech for making their smart TV a gamer’s number one choice.

Vizio presents you with unlimited entertainment content if you opt for this smart TV. The TV has countless apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Disney to help you stream entertainment content with ease and a lot of conveniences.

But you might think you will face challenges finding your preferred content.

You might be surprised to find out that watching your favorite show is never a problem since the SmartCast comes to your aid. This incredible piece of tech eases your navigation and helps you select the best app for streaming your content.

You could also use your voice to search for content to watch. And that’s because the smart TV supports voice controls such as Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home.

If you have content on your mobile device, you could cast it to the big screen using Apple AirPlay 2, thanks to the SmartCast and Chromecast. This smart TV is a device that could revolutionize your home entertainment and is worth considering.

4K screen resolution.The sound performance is not very powerful.
HDR10+ technology.The user manual is a bit vague.
It has SmartCast and Chromecast built-in.
The Best 50-Inch 4k Smart Tv Reviews

How Do You Select the Best 50-Inch Smart TV?

When looking to buy the best smart TV, you will consider a few features. It is only after considering these features that you will end up with one of the best smart TVs for your smart home. And these features include the following:

The Screen Technology

When considering the screen technology to select, there are two options: OLED TV and LED TV. Of course, they all perform excellently, but one outperforms the other one. OLED TV produces the best picture quality and is more expensive.

But LED screens also produce spectacular pictures at 4K UHD resolution. The difference in picture quality is almost unnoticeable. So, if you are working on a tighter budget, you could choose LED TVs.

But if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks, OLED TV will be the best option among the two screen technologies.

The Screen Resolution

In layman’s terms, screen resolution is the number of pixels present in the screen to show every picture detail. The more pixels the TV screen has, the more details it will show. And that means you need to look for a smart TV with more pixels if you want more from your pictures.

But there are three screen resolutions: HD, 4K, and 8K. HD resolution has 1080P, where “P” is the pixels. That means an HD screen has 1080 pixels. 4K screen resolution boasts 2160 pixels (2160P). And an 8K screen resolution has 4,320P.

That means 8K is by far the best screen resolution. Since 8K screens are more expensive, consider choosing the next in line – 4K screens since they also offer superb picture quality.

But if you don’t mind spending extra bucks, go for 8K because it will be worth the investment. HD screens are also an excellent choice for buyers working with a tight budget.

HDR Technology

Screen resolution makes the screen show more details. But it is the HDR technology that makes the screen provide more colors of a picture. That means you will have vivid colors when watching your favorite TV shows or movies if the screen has HDR technology.

But don’t just go for any HDR. There are HDR technologies that deliver an outstanding wide color range. And they are the ones you want to keep your eyes on when shopping for the best smart TV sets.

HDR10 is an excellent starting point. If you could get HDR10+ by Samsung, that’s even better!

Dolby Vision HDR is a better option (better than HDR10+). Since HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR are the new industry standards, consider buying smart TVs with these technologies. That will boost the picture color performance of your smart TV screen.

The Refresh Rate

Smart TVs keep on refreshing the pictures they display on their screens multiple times per second. And this is important to maintain excellent picture quality.

But as you might expect, smart TVs refresh their pictures at different times per second. Most smart TVs refresh their pictures 60 times per second (60Hz).

But you can find TV sets that refresh their pictures more often than 60 times per second. You could find smart TVs with 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates. You want to choose a higher refresh rate because such a smart TV maintains picture quality better.

But if you’re a gamer, consider buying a 60Hz smart TV because that refresh rate will serve you better. The rest of the buyers who want to watch movies and TV shows from their smart TVs could get 120Hz smart TVs.

You could also get a higher refresh rate if you intend to watch movies from your smart TV.

Sound Performance

A smart TV should also have powerful speakers for powerful surround sound. There are a few technologies that smart TVs use to make sure they’re giving you crisp sound. Dolby Audio is one of the technologies that smart TVs use to give you powerful sound.

But you can be sure to find other sound technologies. If the smart TV has a more stellar review rating for impeccable sound, you probably want to look for such a smart TV. Keep a closer eye on smart TVs with powerful speakers because they also produce crisp sound.

Hands-free Control

With unlimited entertainment content waiting for you to watch, your options could overwhelm you. But with an efficient control method, your preferred content will always be at your fingertips.

Look for a smart TV with a built-in voice assistant to help you select your favorite content with ease and without using your hands.

Fortunately, you could find smart TVs with built-in Alexa in their remote control. And these are the smart TVs you want to select to have hands-free control over them.

You could also select TV sets that work with other voice assistants such as Google Home and Apple HomeKit since they will also give you the same hands-free control.


When buying a smart TV set, ensure it connects to the internet to let you stream unlimited content via the right app. You could buy a smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly to your home network.

A dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity would be great since a smart TV with this wireless connectivity can connect to two different Wi-Fi frequencies.

Also, ensure your smart TV has HDMI and USB ports for connecting other devices such as a game console or other media with entertainment content. These ports will increase the use of your smart TV for activities such as gaming.

So, it is important to buy smart TVs with Wi-Fi connectivity and connectivity through other ports.


What is the difference between 50-inch smart TVs and 55-inch TV sets?

There is not much difference except the screen size. 50-inch TVs and 55-inch models all feature the same tech, making their performance quite similar in almost every way.

They have the same 4K UHD screen resolution with HDR technology. They also produce crisp sounds, making them almost similar. But as you might expect, 55-inch smart TVs are more expensive. So, if your budget is a bit tight, you have 50-inch smart TVs to buy.

What is the best resolution for a 50-inch smart TV?

4K UHD screen resolution is the standard resolution for 50-inch smart TVs. Your TV set will show more picture details with such an impressive screen resolution.

But a higher screen resolution will even be better. You could also select 8K screens because their pictures are clearer. But you will pay a few more bucks to get such a resolution. So, 4K resolution is great, but 8K is greater.

What does the HDR tech do in a smart TV set?

HDR technology ensures that your smart TV can show more colors in a picture. Latest HDR technologies improve the color correctness and contrast of a smart TV by a significant margin.

So, you want to select smart TVs with the latest HDR performance – HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR technology.

Do smart TVs work with voice assistants?

Smart TVs work with voice assistants to give you voice control over them. Some TV sets have Alexa voice assistants built-in to their remote controls. You only need to press and hold the voice button and command the smart TV to do what you want.

On the other hand, some models connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your favorite voice assistant to let you control them by voice. So, smart TVs are compatible with various voice assistants.

What does the Fire TV do in my smart TV set?

Fire TV is a streaming service on your smart TV that also lets you watch unlimited entertainment content. This streaming service presents you with over 500k movies and TV shows to watch. You only need to connect your smart TV to the internet to watch your favorite content.

Wrap Up

We have presented you with a few 50-inch smart TVs that we think might work best for you. Besides having a large 50-inch screen size, the TV sets above also perform excellently with their HDR screen technologies.

Their HDR performance improves their color correctness and contrast ratios.

They also have excellent refresh rates for smooth watching experiences. Some even have renowned audio tech for crisp sound performance. And all these features could help when watching your favorite movies and TV shows from these smart TVs.

If you haven’t found a smart TV that you want to mount on your living room wall, you could use our buyer’s guide to find other best models on the market since the market is never short of the best smart TVs.

You want to select the best 50-inch smart TV to future-proof your high-ticket electronic device and to make it serve you better and for a long time.

So, take your time and find the best 50-inch smart TV to mount on your walls. Give yourself the best watching experience with the best 50-inch smart TV set.

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