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The Best Dinnerware Sets of 2022

Are you looking for the perfect dinnerware set for your home? Whether you cook for one, two, or a family of four, everyone needs a statement dinnerware set for mealtime.

Luckily, we shortlisted the best dinnerware sets of 2022 to nudge you in the right direction.

Finding the ideal cutlery set can feel daunting when you have countless options available in the market.

Each product features functional and aesthetically pleasing aspects that make it a worthwhile investment for your crockery collection.

The Best Dinnerware Sets of 2022: Our Top Picks

What to expect from this dinnerware set review?

We categorized each dinnerware set according to its price, practicality, and design. We also weigh its advantages and disadvantages before giving our final verdict.

Use these product descriptions to make an informed decision for your next tableware upgrade.

Here are the best-selling dinnerware sets of 2022:

The Budget-Friendly Option: Amazon Basics 18-Pc Kitchen Dinnerware

Looking for a basic dinnerware set for your first home?

Amazon Basics has you covered with its classy 18-Pc Kitchen Dinnerware Set. The simple design strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

The sleek appearance and small size make it an excellent pick for small homes.

The porcelain plates are lightweight and easy-to-clean, making them a practical choice for a modern family. 

The heat-proof and water-resistant material makes these dishes safe for microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers.

Plus, they can withstand up to 572°F without showing evident signs of wear and tear.

Best of all, they are an inexpensive purchase compared to modern dinnerware sets available in the market. These characteristics make it a great fit for everyday use.

AffordableSmall size
Lightweight and sturdySlightly expensive
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Best Dinnerware Sets Reviews

Our Verdict:

It’s a minimalistic porcelain set that fits your essential needs and budget.

The Best Art Deco Product: Fiesta 4-Pc Dinnerware Place Setting

If you like to mix and match table settings, you must consider this contemporary collection. The Fiesta 4-Pc Dinnerware Place Setting brings a vibrant and lively look to your table.

It features the company’s signature style and comes in a varied range of colors. Popular choices include turquoise, tangerine, and daffodil. Homeowners interested in traditional options can select the ivory dishes.

The timeless design allows you to expand the collection as your family grows.

What’s more? These ceramic dishes cater to all your cooking needs. They feature a lead and cadmium-free finish that makes them food-safe.

You can also use them in the microwave or oven to pre-heat your meals.

Plus, these dishes are dishwasher-friendly, leading to hassle-free cleaning.

The only complaints are that the ceramic plates are too heavy. Also, many homeowners prefer a dinnerware set instead of a single-place setting.

However, the 5-year chip-resistant warranty makes up for the steep pricing.

High durabilityHeavy
Microwave-friendly, oven-safe, and dishwasher safeSlightly expensive
Includes a 5-year chip-resistance warranty
Best Dinnerware Sets Reviews

Our Verdict:

It is an excellent option to add a pop of color to your table setting.

The Contemporary Pick: Gibson Soho Lounge 16-Piece Square Reactive Glaze Dinnerware Set

The edgy Gibson Soho Lounge Dinnerware Set has become one of the top-sellers on Amazon.

Its black-rimmed detail, square shape, and varied list of color schemes make this collection a statement piece for modern homeowners.

The manufacturers use natural clays to make this sturdy stoneware.  Adding to this is an artisanal glaze that keeps these dishes scratch-free and spotless.

Its heat-resistant qualities make it suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.

Overall, it’s a practical and inexpensive product for a family of four.

Minimalistic designProne to breakage according to some online dinnerware reviews
Safe for microwave and dishwasher useSlightly expensive
Excellent price point
Best Dinnerware Sets Reviews

Our Verdict:

The contemporary dinnerware set that works well for outdoor and indoor settings.

The Best Fancy Dinnerware Set: Lenox French Perle 4-Piece Place Setting

If you like pretty and practical things, you will fall in love with Lenox French Perle place setting.

The artistic embellishments and handcrafted finish give it a delicate, chic look. Its elegant design makes it the best pick for formal gatherings.

Like the previous set, it’s made of heat-proof stoneware material. It’s dishwasher-safe and microwave-friendly. These qualities allow you to pre-heat meals before serving them.

It’s an economical purchase for a decorative collection.

It’s safe for microwave and dishwasher useHeavy
The textured fabric-inspired designVisible signs of scrapes and scratches obtained from cutlery-use.
Manufacturers offer a lifetime replacement program
Best Dinnerware Sets Reviews

Our Verdict:

The chic dinnerware set combines a flair of sophistication with functionality for your formal table settings.

It’s a Wrap!

In the end, every home cook dreams of owning a stylish dinnerware set for entertaining guests and celebrating family milestones.

Our dinnerware reviews give you a sneak peek of the best products in the market.

Use this guide as a reference to find a place setting that meets your aesthetic and functional requirements.

So which of these best dinnerware sets of 2022 sparked your interest?

Hold up! Looking for more home décor ideas?  Stay tuned for more product reviews, informative guides, and home décor inspiration.

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