The Best Electric Freestanding Range Stove Ovens Reviews 2022

Electric ranges are top-performing cooking appliances that yield consistent cooking results. Here are the best electric freestanding range stove ovens reviews 2022.

Whether you prefer succulent steak cuts with evenly browned textures or delicious cakes with no burns, an electric stove will cook the food that delights you the most.

Besides cooking meals with unmatched precision, a freestanding electric range is easy to use, preheats quickly, and uses less electricity. As such, it is an investment your kitchen rightfully deserves. 

But you want to keep an eye on the best electric freestanding range stove ovens in 2022. And that’s because the best electric freestanding range is more durable and yields the best cooking result.

But the market is full of electric ranges, and not all of them are worthy of being in your kitchen. As such, you want to narrow down your choices to a few best models, then pick the one that suits your kitchen the most. 

If you’re after the best freestanding electric range for your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place! We present you with some of the most durable electric ranges boasting stainless steel construction.

They also boast features such as oven lights and auto-shutoff. We have even included a guide to help you spot other the best electric range ovens on the market.

So, be sure to read on for more information.

Empava Electric Oven Range

Empava 30 in Electric Single Wall freestanding range is impressively durable since it boasts stainless steel construction.

Stainless steel is the industry-leading construction material making ovens outlast competing units of different construction materials. As such, your investment will last long-term.

Durability aside, this freestanding electric range uses electricity to function, and you want to connect it to a 240V wall outlet supplying electricity at 60Hz frequency.

Despite its enormous size, it consumes 4,800W, which is pretty impressive for an electric stove of its size!

The high-power heating elements get the oven hot and ready quickly.

Also, this oven features a convection fan for circulating super-heated air within the cooking space. As a result, this convection oven cooks evenly and yields a flavorful crust. 

Besides featuring the air fryer function, this oven features additional cooking functions: warm, bake, broil, convection roast, convection bake, and convection broil.

Selecting the cooking functions is easy and efficient since you have a touchscreen to help you.

The touchscreen responds quickly, allowing you to switch between the cooking functions.

The unit also features a timer for setting the cooking time up to 11 hours, 59 minutes. And once the cooking time elapses, the auto-shutoff function takes over.

You can even set the time for the oven to start baking later since this unit features the Delay Bake function. 

The oven capacity stands at an impressive 5 cubic feet. The oven has two 25W lights to help you monitor the doneness level on the baked food.

The precise temperature probe allows you to monitor the cooking temperature without opening the oven.

You can even keep the cooked food at serving temperature as you prepare to serve the guests.

You also get two oven racks and six adjustable rack positions. However, you don’t get a baking tray.

But this oven remains one of the best electric ranges since it performs phenomenally. As such, you should consider it when shopping for oven ranges this year.

Manufacturer Empava
Model Number‎30 in Electric Single Wall Ovens
Product Dimensions‎23.5 x 29.9 x 28.4 inches
Item Weight‎50 pounds
Fuel TypeElectric
Burner Type‎Ceramic
Control ConsoleTouch
Form Factor‎Built-in
Capacity5.0 cu. ft

High-quality stainless steel construction.It doesn't include a baking tray.
0 cubic feet oven space.Selecting precise temperature is a bit challenging.
Quick response touchscreen.
Best Electric Freestanding Range Stove Ovens Reviews

Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Gallery Series

The GE JD630SFSS Electric Smoothtop Range Oven is another high-quality stove oven since it features stainless steel construction. It comes in a gray finish that blends with any kitchen décor.

The handle also comes in designer-style stainless steel for more elegance.

Even the control knobs share the same stainless steel as the rest of the oven, making it a more durable stove oven on the market.

The oven space boasts a 4.4 cubic feet capacity, ideal for roasting your Thanksgiving turkey. The glass door gives you a big view window for checking the doneness level while roasting your meal.

The glass window is even wrapped in gray, adding to the overall aesthetics of the oven.

Since it is among the cooking appliances that use electricity, you want to connect it to a 208V – 240V kitchen wall outlet.

It consumes reasonable electricity depending on the cooking function you’ve selected.

For example, baking consumes 3410W while broiling consumes 3420W. 

What sets this unit apart is its ceramic glass cooktop. The cooktop is easier to clean than other cooktops.

And this makes maintenance easier. The interior of the oven features dual heating elements for even heat distribution. And this results in great cooking results. 

On the other hand, the unit features 6-inch and 9-inch power boil elements for rapid and powerful heat. Cleaning the oven interior is effortless since this is a self-clean oven. Accessories include two oven racks with seven adjustable positions for them.

Even though you get control knobs, you also get touchpads for selecting the cooking programs.

The digital display shows you the temperature and cooking time. Besides featuring the display, you also get one oven light for monitoring the cooking progress.

You can set the delay bake since the unit features a timer and auto-shutoff.

This is another electric oven with cooktops for pots and pans. This unit could serve you better when boiling and frying your meals. Therefore, consider it when sourcing kitchen appliances for your home.

Manufacturer ‎FRIGIDAIRE
Model Number‎FGIH3047VF
Product Dimensions‎25.75 x 29.88 x 47 inches
Item Weight‎215 pounds
Fuel TypeElectric
Burner TypeGas
Control ConsoleTouch
Form Factor‎Freestanding
Capacity5.4 cu. ft

Ceramic glass cooktop.The glass window easily cracks.
It is easy to clean.It doesn't preheat faster.
4 cubic feet of oven space.
Best Electric Freestanding Range Stove Ovens Reviews

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Freestanding Professional Electric Range

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Freestanding Professional Electric Range also features stainless steel construction, making it another durable model. It is a professional electric range whose cooktop boasts a whopping 5 heating elements. The cooktop features 9-inch and 12-inch right-front heating elements.

Also, you get 6-inch and 9-inch left-front heating elements. Lastly, the unit features a 6-inch heating element. These features ensure you get unmatched cooking flexibility.

The oven capacity is also impressive, giving you 6 cubic feet of space for cooking your meals. The oven compartment also features heating elements for a consistent cooking outcome.

Specifically, the oven interior features three heating elements: top heating elements (3,000 Watts), lower heating element (3,000Watts), and rear heating element (1,300Watts).

The oven compartment also has a light to help you monitor your cooking. The unit includes two chrome-plated racks as accessories.

Also, you get six rack adjustment positions for the oven racks if you invest in this unit.

The 36 inches dimension makes this electric stove ideal for any kitchen.

Since it uses electricity, you want to connect it to a 240V power supply at 60Hz frequency. The induction range cooktop provides high heat for cooking your favorite meals.

Controlling the cooking functions is hassle-free since the unit has control knobs to help you select the cooking programs. 

Since this electric oven has incredibly powerful heating elements, you can rely on it to cook almost any meal. It boasts a polished finish that makes it elegant in your kitchen.

Consider this unit for a powerful cooking experience.

Manufacturer Thor Kitchen
Model NumberHRE3601
Product Dimensions‎36 x 36 x 28 inches
Item Weight‎198 pounds
Fuel TypeElectric
Burner Type‎Electric
Control Console‎Knob
Form Factor‎Freestanding
Capacity6.0 Cu. Ft.

Polished stainless steel body.It has no auto-shutoff.
0 cubic feet of oven space.No precise temperature selection.
It features an oven light.
Best Electric Freestanding Range Stove Ovens Reviews

Verona Designer Series VDFSEE365SS 36 Inch 5.0 Cu Ft Electric Range Oven 

VERONA DESIGNER SERIES boasts 304 stainless steel construction. It also features chrome finish knobs that ensure selecting different cooking programs is hassle-free and efficient.

The oven door features soft-close hinges to guarantee durability.

Since you will not slam the door, your electric oven will surely serve you for many years.

The oven space stands at an impressive 5.0 cubic feet for cooking your poultry and other meals.

Also, the oven compartment features two halogen lights to allow you to monitor your food as you cook it.

The soft-close door features a wide-view window to let you observe your cooking progress.

Aside from the oven compartment, the unit also features ceramic glass cooktops. The cooktops are 5 in total, giving you excellent cooking versatility.

The cooktops provide sufficient cooking power to handle any meal preparation.

Two cooktops provide 1,200W, another two provide 1,700W, while the third one provides 700W/2,100W of cooking power.

Cleaning the EZ clean cooktops is effortless, making maintenance a no-brainer.

Even though this is not a double oven range, it features one of the best storage drawers. And this makes it a versatile kitchen appliance.

You can use the drawer to store oven accessories such as baking sheets and pizza stones.

The oven comes with essential accessories: a pullout rack, glide rack, and two racks.

Controlling the unit is efficient as it features control knobs and buttons. It even features a timer and clock to allow for precise cooking.

It works with wall outlets supplying 120 – 240V electricity and consumes 50 Amps. You will have excellent cooking results if you invest in this kitchen appliance with all these features.

Manufacturer Thor Kitchen
Model NumberHRE3601
Product Dimensions‎36 x 36 x 28 inches
Item Weight‎198 pounds
Fuel TypeElectric
Burner Type‎Electric
Control Console‎Knob
Form Factor‎Freestanding
Capacity6.0 Cu. Ft.

304 stainless steel construction.The oven door gets a bit hot.
EZ clean porcelain oven surface.The pullout drawer is a bit small.
0 cubic feet oven space.
Best Electric Freestanding Range Stove Ovens Reviews

Frigidaire FFEH3054US 30 Inch Freestanding Electric Range 

The first thing you notice about this Frigidaire FFEH3051VS is that it’s freestanding, making installation a non-issue. It also boasts stainless steel construction like the other electric ovens on the list, making it yet another durable electric range.

Durability aside, the electric range has an incredible oven size of 5 cubic feet of space. As you’d expect from an electric range making the list of the best units in 2022, it features quick boil heating elements.

This ensures you cook your meals quickly for an energy-saving cooking experience.

Even though it is a freestanding electric range, you can have a built-in kitchen look without remodeling if you invest in this particular range.

It is one of the many slide-in ranges that perfectly fits in a 30-inch space in your kitchen.

But what sets it apart is the SpaceWise expandable element that expands from 6 inches to 9 inches.

You can then put larger and smaller pots for cooking flexibility. The oven space features even baking technology for a consistent cooking result every time you cook.

The steam clean function guarantees efficient light cleaning in under 30 minutes. And that means you can ready your kitchen appliance for the next cooking session.

The store-more drawer comes in handy to hold your essential cookware. And that’s a feature that you need when you need the accessories within arm’s reach.

Since this electric range offers cooking versatility and boasts reputable construction, you also want to consider it when shopping for electric ranges.

Manufacturer ‎FRIGIDAIRE
Model Number‎FFEH3054US
Product Dimensions‎26.75 x 29.88 x 36.62 inches
Item Weight‎5 pounds
Fuel TypeElectric
Burner Type‎Radiant
Control Console‎Touch
Form Factor‎Freestanding, Built-in
Capacity‎5 Cubic Feet

5 cubic feet oven.The cooktop is fragile.
Stainless steel construction.The oven door also gets hot.
Even baking technology.
Best Electric Freestanding Range Stove Ovens Reviews

Things You Want to Know Before Choosing an Electric Stove

An electric cooking range can set you back a cool $3,000. Even if you’re spending half of this amount, you still want to get value for money.

And that means carefully selecting an electric range from a flooded market. Of course, you will need to consider a few features. And these features include the following:

The Oven Size

The oven size in cubic feet is one of the factors you want to consider first.

The available space inside the oven dictates the meal size you can prepare at once. If the oven space is limited, you might not roast as large a Thanksgiving turkey as you would if the oven space is ample.

Therefore, check the oven space before buying the electric range.

Before opting for a given oven size, consider your family size. If your family comprises up to two members, you want to source a 3 cubic feet electric oven.

But if the family members are at least 5, you want to buy a 5 cubic feet electric oven.

If your family is much larger, you want to buy even a larger electric oven. So, consider your family size first, then match it with the correct oven size.

Cooking Programs

Professional cooks prefer gas ranges because they are versatile. But even electric ranges are as versatile. Besides, electric ranges also feature many cooking programs making them cook various meals. As such, they are also versatile, as we have already mentioned. 

But their versatility depends on the number of featured cooking programs. That means an electric range with more cooking programs is more versatile.

Since versatility is another factor to consider, you want to check the number of the featured cooking programs before buying the unit.

Even if you’re looking for more cooking programs, you want to ensure essential cooking programs don’t miss in your favorite electric range.

These cooking functions include air fryer, broil, bake, and grilling, among a few more. If your electric range has the cooking programs you usually use, it qualifies as the best electric range for your kitchen.

Reputable Construction

Durability is yet another factor you will consider before money exchanges hands. Buying a new electric range is a significant investment. And like any other investment, you want your kitchen appliance to serve you for years.

Besides, it sets you back a cool amount ranging from $1,500 – $3,000. So, it better serve you in the kitchen for many years.

But durability depends on the construction material. If an electric oven features high-quality material, it will last longer and perform exceptionally. Stainless steel is an industry-standard construction material.

It is easy to clean and guarantees excellent performance for years. As such, you want to keep a closer eye on electric ovens featuring stainless steel in their construction.

Cooking Power

Your electric stove or oven features heating elements that produce the cooking heat. Heating elements vary across the board in terms of wattage ratings. Those with higher wattage ratings offer more cooking power.

Since cooking power is a factor to consider, you want to check the heating elements’ wattage ratings before buying a particular unit.

However, more wattage rating means more electricity when cooking. So, you want to choose your kitchen appliances very carefully. The heating elements consume between 1,000W and 5,00W.

Low-wattage heating elements are perfect for simmering, and high-wattage heating elements are perfect for boiling. You want to ensure the cooktop has heating elements for every cooking method.

Oven Light

After ensuring the oven space is as large as you want, you want to shift your attention to the oven light. An oven light comes in handy to allow you to monitor the cooking turkey.

It lets you see if the browning is uniform and the crust meets your set standards. As such, you want to buy an electric oven with an interior light. 

Halogen lights and incandescent lights are all excellent. And you can pick either. But you want to ensure your preferred electric oven features two of these lights for added visibility.

The oven light could save you from burning your turkey since you will monitor the bird. So, be sure to check for the oven lights when shopping.

Wide Viewing Window

The oven light illuminates the cooking meal, but the viewing window lets you have a glimpse. You want a wide viewing window for an unobscured view of the turkey as it roasts.

Even if the window has a tint, you still want to ensure it allows you to see through. So, check for clear visibility and wide-view glass doors when shopping.

Cool-Touch Body

Safety is a concern when using any electronic device. And that means it is no exception when operating electric kitchen appliances.

Although electric ovens are generally safe, their handles might get too hot, especially if they have insufficient insulation. That means you have to check the handles for cool-touch designs.

The door should also be cool to touch. And the same goes for the body.

The last thing you want is to burn your hand while operating your electric oven. So, check to ensure your preferred electric oven has a cool-touch body, handle(s), and door.

The Number of Cooktops

The oven capacity isn’t the only factor affecting cooking adaptability. The number of featured cooktops also affects cooking adaptability.

Electric ovens usually feature 2 – 4 ceramic porcelain cooktops.

But some units feature up to 5 cooktops. If you want to cook more food in different cookware, a few extra cooktops will come in handy.

So, consider opting for more cooktops if you want unmatched cooking adaptability.


Whether you’re shopping from Amazon or Home Depot, you want to check the warranty information first.

The warranty protects your investment from malfunction due to the manufacturer’s defects. And the longer it runs, the longer the protection offered.

As such, you want to opt for a warranty that lasts as many years as possible. But you might not get a warranty that lasts beyond 5 years. 

The Overall Size of The Electric Oven

Even if you’re eyeing a GE Profile electric oven or any other model, you want to check its dimensions.

And that’s because it will take up some kitchen space. If you have limited space in your kitchen, the last thing you need is a space-hogging electric range. 

You can get an electric range that fits perfectly in your kitchen without demanding more than necessary space.

You only have to check the dimensions to choose the right-sized unit. So, check the electric range size before buying it to ensure it will fit in your kitchen.


How much electricity do electric ranges consume?

Electric ranges draw electricity ranging from 2,000W to 5,00W. But this depends on the design.

Of course, more powerful models consume more watts of electricity.

Many models average out at an incredible 3,000W, offering sufficient heat to handle your everyday cooking tasks. 

You want to check the wattage rating before buying an electric range to ensure it provides sufficient power.

Look for models averaging out at 3,000W. But you can also choose more powerful electric ovens.

What are the available electric range options?

When looking to add a new electric range to your kitchen, two types come to mind: smooth-top ranges and induction ranges.

Smooth tops have high-power burners underneath a heat-tempered glass-ceramic sheet. These burners then transfer heat to the sheet, thus heating the ceramic.

You can then place your skillet on the ceramic sheet to cook your meal.

On the other hand, you have an induction range. Induction ranges use magnetic induction to heat the skillet directly.

Electric current passes through a copper-made coil, thus creating a magnetic current that instantly heats the pot.

Induction electric ranges are the more efficient of the two options.

How durable is an electric range?

Electric ranges serve you for 13 – 15 years. But their durability depends on usage and cleaning frequency. You want to clean your unit frequently to restore its exceptional functioning after usage.

Food crumbs inside the oven could affect the heating elements. That’s why you want to clean your oven after baking or cooking your meal.

Also, you want to pick a unit boasting stainless steel material since it is very durable.

If you care for your electric range, cooking mouthwatering meals over a decade is possible! Therefore, consider high-quality electric ranges, and clean them regularly.

Wrap Up

The best electric range will yield the exact cooking results you seek. You will select the cooking program of your choice and cook your meal to a precise time and temperature.

But that’s only possible if you have the right electric range for your kitchen. Your needs are unique, and you want to consider a few factors before buying an electric range.

The cooking programs are one of the factors to consider.

But there is more to consider. Fortunately, we have included a buyer’s guide with some features to consider when shopping.

We have also recommended a few electric ranges with exceptional performances. You could benefit immensely from their enormous cooking power.

You could choose one that fits your kitchen the most, or use our guide to find other incredible options from the market.

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