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The Best Framing Hammer for DIYers and Pros

For many handymen, a hammer is one of the most important tools to have in a toolbox. Every professional has a different opinion when determining what makes a good hammer, including what makes the best framing hammer. Here are the best framing hammer for DIYers and pros.

Framing hammers are a staple in the toolboxes of most professional contractors, and many people in the construction industry have a favorite framing hammer that they swear by. It’s important to find the best framing hammer, as, with proper care, these hammers can last a lifetime.

Read on to learn what sets a framing hammer apart from other hammers and the best framing hammer for serious DIY enthusiasts and pros alike.

What is a Framing Hammer?

As its name suggests, a framing hammer is for framing wooden houses. The primary purpose of this tool is to drive nails into wood, but with more power and efficiency than general hammers can provide. A framing hammer is more heavy-duty than a traditional hammer due to the weight of their heads and their design. This weight allows them to hit each nail head harder and, therefore, frame faster.

Be aware that this hand tool may not be ideal for every DIY project as they are heavier and may cause wrist strain if you don’t choose the right one. It is best to determine whether a framing hammer is necessary for your project before getting one or if a regular claw hammer will do.

Framing Hammer vs. Other Hammers

Three points make a framing hammer different from a regular hammer:

  • Length: A framing hammer will be at least a few inches longer than a traditional hammer, providing you with more leverage during use.
  • Weight: The head of a framing hammer is heavier to give you more inertia when pounding each nail head.
  • Milled Face: Framing hammers may have a rigid milled face. This prevents the hammer from slipping when the head slams the nail.

A framing hammer may also have a flatter or straighter claw than other hammers.

The mass of a framing hammer is important in determining how much energy it delivers to the nail. That energy increases linearly with mass but quadratically with speed, meaning an easier to swing hammer delivers more energy to the nail.

Best Framing Hammer

The best framing hammer should be a good combination of function and form. Below are four of the best framing hammers to help you be more efficient in your next DIY project.

Real Steel 0517 Ultra Framing Hammer with Milled Face

The Real Steel 0517 Ultra Framing Hammer is an affordable hardcore hammer, great for those who want to try out a framing hammer. It has a stronger and lighter ultra-sleek design than other brands.

Weighing at 2 pounds, the head of this forged steel hammer provides optimal strength and durability, and the milled face increases striking accuracy. This framing hammer also has a magnetic nail starter that makes one-hand operation easy and a shock-reducing, textured rubber grip, making it easier on your hand.

This framing hammer is perfectly balanced to deliver powerful blows with an easy swing, making it ideal to meet all the demands of serious DIYers or professional contractors.

Estwing MRW25LM Surestrike Wood Handle Framing Hammer

Estwing has been at the forefront of hand tool technology for nearly 100 years. With many contractors claiming to use the same Estwing hammers throughout their entire careers, you can rest assured that Estwing makes hammers that last.

The Estwing Sure Strike Framing Hammer has a forged steel head and a handle made from top-grade hickory that is popular amongst contractors, providing an excellent feel and maximum durability. At only 1.5 pounds, this hammer is at an ideal weight to be swung around all day without getting tired while still delivering that power expected from a framing hammer.

The Estwing Sure Strike framing hammer also has a milled face and a nail setter function to help with accuracy. Most users would agree that this framing hammer provides excellent build, grip, and balance.

Estwing – GG417 Framing Hammer

The Estwing GG417 framing hammer is forged entirely in one piece, making it one of the most durable striking tools on the market. The rip claw proves to be versatile as it is capable of splitting wood, prying boards, pulling nails, demolition work, and more, making it an excellent choice for framers, roofers, serious DIYers, and contractors alike.

With a weight of 1.4 pounds, this is a lighter hammer and is one of the best that you can buy as it provides a powerful swing. The patented shock grip is comfortable and durable while reducing vibration by 70% to make swinging this hammer all day a doable task.

OX Tools 18oz. California Framing Hammer

The OX Tools California Framing Hammer has professional contractors in mind. At only 18 ounces, the one-piece design provides stability and durability to the hammer for long-lasting use.

This framing hammer features the popular hickory handle that feels natural in the user’s hand, providing shock reduction and reducing vibrations. The long handle design allows for an easier strike of the nail.

The milled face of this framing hammer allows the hammer to grip nails while striking while preventing the nail from slipping. Furthermore, the magnetic starter makes driving the nails into hard-to-reach places even easier. If you prefer a heavier head, this hammer is also available in 22 ounces.

Final Thoughts

The best framing hammer will have a heavy enough head to provide the right amount of inertia while remaining comfortable to hold with minimal strain to your wrist. Although framing hammers may not be ideal for everyone, they can be beneficial towards the right project. Choosing the right framing hammer may be difficult, but once you get used to using it, you will appreciate how much more efficiently than you can complete projects.

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