The Best Garbage Disposal Units Money Can Buy

The Best Garbage Disposal Units Money Can Buy

A garbage disposal unit grinds food leftovers to tiny food particles for efficient disposal into the septic system. You will connect your garbage disposal unit to your kitchen sink drain.

Then you will continuously feed the garbage disposal unit with food leftovers, grinding food leftovers in its grinding chamber. Then water from the kitchen sink will help drain the grounded food particles into the septic system.

As such, a garbage disposal unit is an unsung kitchen hero that helps you get rid of kitchen garbage. Here are the best garbage disposal units money can buy reviews.

But you want to invest in the best garbage disposal unit to have the best kitchen refuse disposal. You can shop for a garbage disposal unit. However, the market has plenty of these units, and not all of them are best for your kitchen.

That’s why you need a buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your choices to the best garbage disposal units for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for the best garbage disposal units, you are in the right place! We have rounded up garbage disposal units with incredible grinding power.

Their grinding chambers have sufficient space to grind food waste into tiny food particles for efficient disposal.

We have even included a buyer’s guide with some features to consider to help you find the best garbage disposal unit.

So, be sure to read on for more information!

Popular Garbage Disposal Units to Buy

Frigidaire FF75DISPB1 3/4-HP Batch Feed Corded Disposer

Frigidaire FF75DISPB1 has an incredibly powerful grinding capability, thanks to the powerful onboard Torque Master® motor. The garbage disposal unit delivers instant high-speed torque to grind food particles with its 3/4HP crushing power.

The motor spins at an incredible speed of 2,700 RPM, making the crushing performance faster.

Even though it crushes foods faster with immense power, it is one of the quietest disposal units you can find. It features a fully sound insulated shell that significantly reduces the noise level.

You can batch feed this corded garbage disposal via the kitchen sink drain, and it will grind every food particle for easier disposal.

It features a design that perfectly fits your sink drain for efficient garbage disposal.

Durability and exceptional performance are guaranteed. The grinding system boasts a galvanized steel construction for maximum grinding power delivery. Also, this material makes the unit very durable.

As such, you will grind food for years without the garbage disposal unit failing you.

The BioShield design protects your garbage disposal unit from odor resulting from food buildup inside the unit.

It even features an antimicrobial shield for protection against mold. Once you have crushed unwanted food residues, you will clean your disposal unit. And it’s a good thing it is easy to clean.

You will remove the splash guards’ components to clean the grinding chamber.

Installation is a breeze; you only use the existing 3-bolt flange to install your garbage disposal unit.

Then connect its 3-foot power cord to a wall outlet to begin grinding food particles. It is a powerful disposal unit that you should consider buying.

Model Number‎FF75DISPB1
Product Dimensions‎8.5 x 8.5 x 17 inches
Item Weight‎15.47 pounds
Horse Power3/4
3/4HP power for grinding food.It is not very quiet.
Excellent sound insulated design.The power cord is a bit short.
It is easy to install.
Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

INSINKERATOR PRO880LTWITHCORD 2499391 7/8 hp Garbage Disposal with Cord

INSINKERATOR PRO880LT is another incredibly powerful garbage disposal unit. And it’s easy to see why since it features a 7/8 hp motor for grinding food particles inside its grinding chamber. The motor is a single phase.

So, you want to connect your garbage disposal unit to a single-phase electricity supply.

Besides its powerful grinding capability, this unit boasts a super quiet performance. It features a sound seal technology that reduces the noise level.

As such, you can grind your food particles while everyone else in the kitchen enjoys noise-free conversations.

The sound seal technology is efficient since it uses three different technologies to keep the noise level minimum.

These technology designs include Anti-Vibration Mount, Multi-Layer SoundLimiter, and Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount. 

The grinding chamber has an impressive capacity of 34.6 oz. That means you can crush all the food residue from the kitchen without the garbage disposal unit failing you.

Since it is a continuous feed model, you will continuously feed it with garbage via the sink drain. It is a continuous feed garbage disposal unit to consider if you want amazing food grinding performance.

Controlling the disposal unit is easy; you will use a wall switch to turn it on/off. The garbage disposer is also elegant since it comes in a black enamel finish.

If you want to dispose of your kitchen food residue without any hassle, this is a garbage disposal unit to consider.

Manufacturer‎GB Industrial Direct
Product Dimensions‎13.31 x 10 x 12.63 inches
Item Weight‎17.4 pounds
Horse Power7/8
7/8 HP motor power.It is a bit pricey.
Sound seal technology.Unresponsive customer support.
8-year warranty.
Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

KRAUS KWD100-75MBL WasteGuard Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

KRAUS KWD100-75MBL is a powerful garbage disposal unit with a 3/4HP motor. This motor has one of the most powerful crushing capabilities at speeds peaking at 3,800 RPM.

As a result, it crushes even the toughest food scraps fast with sufficient crushing power.

It is easy to install since it comes with an EZ mount kit. It comes with every accessory you need to install on your kitchen sink.

These accessories include dishwasher connectors, sink drain stopper, and mounting flange. Therefore, it is an install-ready garbage disposal unit for any kitchen.

It is also durable since it comprises premium-grade stainless steel components. And high-quality ABS housing ensures the components work efficiently over extended periods.

The garbage disposal unit also operates quietly since the housing material absorbs the most sound.

More durability comes from the auto-shutoff feature of the motor. The motor automatically shuts off if it detects blockage to protect itself.

As a result, the garbage disposal unit only works when convenient. And this makes it more durable. After your motor shuts off automatically, you will use the featured reset button to resume operation.

The reset button allows you to resume crushing your food scraps after cleaning the grinding chamber. You can use its featured sink stopper to fill your sink for soaking dirty utensils.

You can connect this disposal unit to a dishwasher. But this is an optional feature.

You can even connect your disposal unit to your septic system for efficient disposal. Therefore, this is a garbage disposal unit to consider when shopping.

Model Number‎KWD100-75MBL
Product Dimensions‎7.5 x 10.25 x 15.25 inches
Item Weight‎20 pounds
Horse Power3/4
3/4HP crushing power.The finish is not smooth.
It is septic-safe.It might easily scratch.
Automatic motor shutoff.
Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

You can upgrade your kitchen with this InSinkErator Garbage Disposal unit. This garbage disposal unit has the ingenuity to crush even the toughest food scraps.

Its electric motor packs 3/4HP power to grind your household kitchen refuse to shreds for easier disposal.

Even more incredible is that it remains very quiet while grinding food inside its chamber. 

It is clear one innovative design – the SoundSeal Technology – ensures your kitchen garbage disposal keeps the noise to a minimum.

So, you want to invest in this unit if you want noise-free waste disposal. The inside components boast alloy stainless steel for unmatched durability.

The inside grinding chamber even features the brand’s LeakGuard Liner that takes durability to new heights.

And to add a bit of elegance to your kitchen disposal unit, this unit features a Satin Nickel air switch and power cord.

The electric motor makes the unit stand out. It features the proprietary Dura-Drive for maximum power and durability.

The motor uses 2-Stage Multigrind Technology to take on tough food scraps, as we have already seen. The motor is the most durable component, meaning your unit will not sacrifice power and performance for anything. 

You should consider this garbage disposal unit for faster and cleaner kitchen waste disposal.

The garbage disposal unit has what it takes to leave your kitchen space waste-free. It is an efficient disposal unit that you should have on your list when going shopping.

Model Number‎Essential XTR
Product Dimensions‎8.75 x 8.75 x 12.6 inches
Item Weight‎19 pounds
Horse Power3/4
3/4HP powerful grinding.It could break easily.
Quiet operation.Poor packaging.
Durable and performs excellently.
Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

GE GFC1020N Garbage Disposal

GE GFC1020N Garbage Disposal has more power than any garbage disposal unit on the list. Specifically, it crushes food particles with 1HP crushing power.

This heavy-duty performance is fast, standing at an impressive speed of 3,500 RPM.

As a result, the garbage disposal unit crushes fast with more force. Consider this unit for tougher food scraps.

The grinding chamber is spacious, boasting a 32 oz capacity. Due to this incredible grinding chamber capacity, you can grind more food than you would with many garbage disposal units.

If you have a family of up to 4 people, this unit might suit your kitchen waste disposal needs best.

It is another septic-safe disposal unit. You can integrate it with your septic system for hassle-free kitchen waste disposal.

The grinding impellers are high-quality since they are stainless steel-made.

At least this ensures your unit lasts longer while maintaining its incredible performance.

The featured EZ Mount installation kits ensure your garbage disposal unit is kitchen-ready right out of the box.

The unit even features a removable splash guard for easy cleaning after crushing food particles from the kitchen. You also have a drain stopper for soaking utensils in your kitchen sink.

The unit operates quietly since it features sound reduction technology.

The drainboost technology makes it a highly functional kitchen tool for removing waste out of the picture. If you want the most powerful garbage disposal unit for your kitchen, you want to consider this waste disposal unit.

Manufacturer‎GE Retail Parts
Model Number‎GFC1020V
Product Dimensions‎8.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight‎13 pounds
Horse Power1 horsepower
1 HP powerful grinding performance.It doesn’t come with a power cord.
EZ Mount installation kits.It might leak.
Incredible 32 oz grinding capacity.
Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

What You Should Know Before Buying a Garbage Disposal Unit

You want to check for a few features when shopping for a garbage disposal unit to narrow down your choices. The best garbage disposal unit has some must-have features that you will check for before spending your hard-earned cash.

These features to check for include the following:

Choose The Best Type for You

Each kitchen is unique, and you want to fit yours with the correct garbage disposal unit. Generally speaking, there are two types to choose from, and you will eventually pick one that suits your kitchen best.

But garbage disposal units come in two significant designs:

Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal Units

A continuous feed model is the most common, and you will find plenty of them on the market. You can even find them at budget-friendly price tags. But you still want to decide if they are the best models for your kitchen.

These garbage disposal units run with their sink drain open since you will continuously push food waste you want to grind.

As such, it is the best model to choose if you have more food waste to dispose of for a cleaner kitchen. From their name, you can tell you will toss in food continuously until your kitchen is waste-free.

So, consider a continuous feed garbage disposal unit if you have more food waste you want to eliminate from your kitchen space.

But these units don’t come with a wall switch. You will have to buy this accessory separately. Since you will buy the wall switch separately, you might want to consider having a qualified electrician over to help with the installation.

An air switch also works efficiently to control them. Another downside is you risk tossing your utensils into your garbage disposal unit. But they work efficiently to get rid of more food waste.

As such, buy one if you want to eliminate more food waste fast.

Batch-Feed Garbage Disposal Units

The name explains it all – you toss in food waste in a batch, then grind the waste as such. If you have more food waste, you will grind your waste in one batch at a time.

Therefore, this garbage disposal unit is ideal for eliminating smaller food waste. 

These units only work if you close the drain. Also, they don’t require a wall switch and are the best for kitchen islands. However, they are more expensive and aren’t as common as their counterparts.

But they are safer to use. So, consider them if you have small waste to eliminate or if you want safer operations.

The Crushing Power

Once you have figured out the best garbage disposal unit for your kitchen, you want to ensure it has maximum crushing power. And this is essential for grinding tougher food waste. But the crushing power is in horsepower (HP).

As such, you want to check for the HP rating.

The more HP rating a garbage disposal unit features, the higher the crushing power in HP. But grinding power ranges from 1/3 – 1 HP. That means 1HP garbage disposal units are the most powerful.

As such, you want to invest in 1HP garbage disposal units for grinding food waste that would prove harder to eliminate from your kitchen if you used less powerful garbage disposal units.

The Construction Material

You want to check the construction material of a garbage disposal unit since material affects durability and performance. High-quality material makes the unit extremely durable and very powerful.

As such, you want to pick a garbage disposal unit featuring high-quality construction material.

Stainless steel is the go-to construction material. First, this material makes the grinding chamber and grinding impellers corrosion-resistant. Second, stainless steel material ensures the unit works efficiently over the years.

Therefore, consider garbage disposal units featuring stainless steel as their construction material. Of course, galvanized steel is also incredibly high-quality.

Size Of the Grinding Chamber

Although not important for continuous-feed garbage disposal units, you want to check the grinding chamber size. Batch-feed garbage disposal units crush food waste in batches.

And the more space the grinding chamber boasts, the more food your unit will crush at once.

The size of this grinding chamber is usually in ounces (oz). The crushing capacity could go up to 40 ounces from 26 ounces.

If you want to crush more food at once, you want to look for more ounces from your garbage disposal unit. Therefore, consider the crushing capacity of a garbage disposal unit before buying it.

Ease of Installation

Another factor to consider is the ease of installation. You will install your garbage disposal unit to your sink drain. But ease of installation depends on the included installation kit.

Generally, you have two options: EZ mount kits and 3-bolt mount kits.

EZ Mount is the fastest to install. If you want a unit that is easy to install, you can pick one featuring an EZ mount. But if you love DIY projects, you can choose the alternative installation kit.

The good news is garbage disposal units are easy to install. Whichever installation kit you choose, you will install your unit without hassles.

Anti-Jamming Feature

Your garbage disposal unit grinds as much food as you feed it. But feeding it too much food could cause the grinding impellers to jam. A unit with an anti-jamming feature doesn’t suffer the fate of models lacking this crucial feature.

An anti-jamming feature initiates an auto-reverse that reverses the jamming process. As a result, your garbage disposal unit will continue performing efficiently.

Since this feature helps prolong the service life of any garbage disposal unit, you should buy units featuring it.

The Power Cord

Garbage disposal units vary in design. You can find models that you plug into your wall outlet. At the same time, you can find models you directly wire into your household’s electrical system.

Of course, plug-in models are easy to install. And you don’t need an electrician to help with the installation process.

Even if your favorite garbage disposal unit isn’t a plug-in unit, you can still convert it into a plug-in model. But this requires you to buy a plug-in cord separately.

This is essential for easy installation. One thing you want to check is the cord length in feet. The longer the cord length, the better! So, check the power cord to see if it’s a plug-in power cord or it requires wiring into your electrical circuit.

Also, check to see if the power cord is long enough.

Quiet operation

You also want a garbage disposal unit with a quiet operation. A high noise level could render your kitchen conversation inaudible. And that’s why you want a unit that keeps the noise level to a minimum.

Garbage disposal units usually feature sound insulated grinding chambers. As a result, they usually produce low-noise levels. But you still want to look for the quietest unit on the market.

The noise level is always in decibels. A unit producing lower decibels is certainly quiet.

Therefore, consider the decibels rating before spending your money on a garbage disposal unit. If your favorite unit produces less than 80 decibels, you want to buy it since it is a quiet garbage disposal unit.

Consider even going much lower for ultra-quiet performance.


How do you pick the correct garbage disposal unit power for your kitchen?

The crushing power is one of the essential factors to consider when shopping. You will check for a powerful garbage disposal unit to eliminate the food waste from your kitchen.

However, you want to choose the best power, depending on how many members your family has. If your family comprises two members or less, a 1/3HP crushing power is fine.

1/2HP grinding power is also excellent for a family of 1 -2 members. If you have 2 -4 members in your family, a garbage disposal unit with 3/4HP power is best for you.

But if you have more than four members, you want a whopping 1HP crushing power.

Can I dispose of crushed food waste into my septic system?

Yes, you can dispose of the grounded food particles into your septic system. But septic experts highly discourage this practice since it clogs the septic tank.

Therefore, you want to channel the ground-up food waste elsewhere and not into your septic system.

How much electricity does a garbage disposal unit consume?

Your garbage disposal unit connects to your electricity supply via a power cord. It features an electric motor that powers the grinding impellers.

Therefore, your garbage disposal unit uses electricity to function. But its electricity consumption depends on its wattage rating.

Generally speaking, garbage disposal units consume between 500W and 1,500W of electrical power. Since you will use yours for a few minutes, it barely sets you back on electricity costs.

As such, they are convenient to use when eliminating food waste from your kitchen space.

Does any garbage disposal unit fit in my sink drain?

No, garbage disposal units are not usually universal. But you can find some models that fit in any kitchen sink drain. You can hire a plumber to tell you the best size for your kitchen sink drain.

Garbage disposal units differ in size, depending on their specifications. You can measure the connection size of the sink drain and garbage disposal unit to find out if they fit.

Wrap Up

Nothing quite disposes of food waste, and the kitchen refuses better than a garbage disposal unit. A garbage disposal unit grinds even the toughest food waste into tiny food particles for hassle-free disposal into the septic system.

And this leaves your kitchen space free of waste that would make the whole space stink or attract pests and rodents. As such, a garbage disposal unit is a worthy investment.

But you want to invest in the best garbage disposal unit for the best waste disposal.

Fortunately, finding the best units is easier than before since we have rounded up some of the best garbage disposal units. They pack incredible grinding power to remove any food waste from your kitchen space.

We have also included a buyer’s guide with features to check for when shopping. So, what’s left? Find the best garbage disposal unit and remove kitchen waste without hassle.

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