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The Best Hepa Vacuum for Pet Hair

If you have allergic reactions, maybe it’s best to keep your home allergen-free. A hepa vacuum will help you remove dust particles and pet hair that might cause an allergic reaction.

And the result of cleaning your home with one of these vacuums will be an allergen-free environment. 

Hepa vacuums feature hepa filters. Since hepa stands for high-efficiency particulate air, you can bank on your hepa vacuum to trap the allergens from pet hair.

And that’s because hepa filters are so efficient that they trap small particles that are 0.3 microns in size. Therefore, a hepa vacuum is a worthy investment if you want an allergen-free home cleaning experience.

If you’re looking for some highly efficient hepa vacuums for your home, we’ve presented a few incredible models for you.

Besides featuring highly efficient hepa filters, they have other features that make them top-performing.

And to ensure you can find other best hepa vacuums on the market, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you. So, be sure to read on for more information.

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What Hepa Vacuums Should You Consider Adding to Your Home?

Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum

This Kenmore Intuition BU4022 Bagged Upright Vacuum has one of the most efficient Hepa filters. The efficient Hepa filter makes the filtration system trap 99.97% of dirt and allergens from pet hair.

As such, you will be removing pet hair from your home without worrying about allergens.

The vacuum cleaner is excellent at cleaning any surface since it has accessory tools.

You can even perform above floor cleaning if you opt for this vacuum cleaner. And that’s because the wand detaches to reach the ceiling.

What’s amazing is the accessory tools are on the unit for easy access. These cleaning tools include a dusting brush, Pet HandMate, and a 3-in-1 combination tool.

The cleaner head boasts swivel steering for excellent maneuverability. The cleaner head even features LEDs to spot dirt hiding under the furniture.

The featured floor transition lets you remove pet hair from the hard floor and carpeted area.

The vacuum cleaner boasts a power flow technology to maintain incredible suction power that leaves no pet hair on the floor. 

Besides unmatched suction power, the vacuum cleaner features a lift-up technology to help you clean stairs. Besides, the detachable handle also allows you to clean upholstery.

Therefore, this vacuum guarantees versatile cleaning.

If you’re looking to remove pet hair and want a vacuum cleaner with an exceptional filtration system, this could be the vacuum cleaner you need. 

Incredible power flow technology.The motor isn’t very durable.
It has no-touch bag technology.It is a bit loud.
Highly efficient filtration system.
best hepa vacuum for pet hair Reviews

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet Swivel Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover MAXLife Pro Pet is a vacuum cleaner you can rely on to clean pet hair in your home. The swiveling cleaning head removes all pet hair hiding under the furniture.

What’s more, it comes with a multi-purpose cleaning tool that removes pet hair from furniture, stairs, and hard-to-reach places.

Removing pet hair from the hard floor or carpeted area is a breeze for this vacuum cleaner. It features a brush roll on/off switch that you will use to move from hard floor to carpeted area.

The suction power is also incredible to pick up pet hair and debris from the cleaned surfaces.

The filtration system is also efficient. Besides trapping allergens from pet hair, the filter also contains the odor from the pet messes.

Precisely, the filter traps 99% of dust and pet hair, preventing them from getting back into the cleaned space.

The dust cup that collects pet hair is sufficiently large. It has an incredible capacity of XL, enough to collect all pet hair from your home. What’s more, it is easy to empty. 

The cleaning head has LEDs to illuminate all the dark spots hiding pet hair. At least this ensures you don’t leave any pet hair behind.

Since this is a corded vacuum cleaner, it features a 13-foot cord to increase the cleaning reach.

This upright vacuum is very durable and works as good as new up to 3X longer. If you want to give your house deep cleaning while ensuring no pet hair remains, this might be the vacuum cleaner to pick.

Incredible power flow technology.The motor isn’t very durable.
It has no-touch bag technology.It is a bit loud.
Highly efficient filtration system.
best hepa vacuum for pet hair Reviews

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max Performance Pet

This Hoover WindTunnel 3 Max vacuum features a carbon Hepa filter. As a result of this filter, the vacuum cleaner absorbs pet odor from the collected pet hair. This makes it an ideal vacuum cleaner for pet owners. 

The vacuum cleaner collects pet hair and debris in a dust cup. The dust cup boasts a 1.4L capacity, making it handle extensive cleanings.

Also, this powerful vacuum delivers incredible suction power. It features the WindTunnel 3 Technology that creates powerful air flow at the end of the hose nozzle.

The WindTunnel 3 Technology translates to an incredible power that picks up pet hair from the floor and carpeted areas.

As such, this is an excellent vacuum for pet hair. The brush roll cleaner has a button to switch this function on/off.

The button allows you to make smooth transitions from hard floors to carpets. Since it is a corded vacuum, it features a 40-foot power cord to increase the cleaning reach.

The vacuum has a 15-inch cleaning path to reduce the cleaning time.

The vacuum cleaner is versatile, and it includes cleaning tools to let you clean various surfaces. These cleaning tools include a crevice tool, dusting brush, and turbo tools for stubborn stains.

You can even adjust the cleaning head to four height levels for customized cleaning.

If you want a pet-friendly vacuum that traps allergens and pet odor, this might be the vacuum cleaner to choose. It will help you remove pet hair from carpets and hard floors.

WindTunnel 3 suction technology.The cleaning head doesn’t swivel.
Efficient carbon filter.Poor packaging.
It cleans hard floors and carpets.
best hepa vacuum for pet hair Reviews

Dyson Ball Animal Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner

This Dyson Ball Animal vacuum cleaner features the Ball Technology that increases stability tremendously.

Stability is essential when cleaning the floor since it improves control of the vacuum cleaner. All the critical components are inside the ball, though.

The cleaner head self adjusts to remove pet hair from any surface.

This feature is possible since the cleaner head has an active base plate that raises and lowers it to suck up all pet hair from various surfaces such as hard floors or carpeted areas.

The filter is washable, meaning it will serve you for a lifetime. With such a very durable filter, you can expect your vacuum to clean almost any surface while trapping dust.

And it’s a good thing the vacuum cleaner comes with a stair tool to clean stairs.

Also, it comes with a combination tool to clean hard-to-reach areas. Regardless of the surface you clean, the Hepa filter traps microbes, allergens, and odor. Besides, the filter is certified asthma & allergy friendly™

The hose and wand detach, making this cleaner one of the most efficient handheld vacuums. Emptying the dust cup is effortless due to the one-click bin emptying design.

The suction power is immense since the Radial Root Cyclone™ technology builds up cleaning power.

If you have asthma or allergens, you will appreciate the efficient filter in this vacuum cleaner. Besides, the ball technology allows for an excellent swivel of the cleaner head.

As a result, the vacuum collects all pet hair. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment.

The cleaner head self-adjusts.It is very loud.
It has an efficient filtration system.Some components are fragile.
270W of cleaning power.
best hepa vacuum for pet hair Reviews

Shark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away ADV DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum

Shark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away has the brand’s DuoClean PowerFins to pick every pet hair on the floor or carpet.

What’s amazing is no hair gets in the way of the DuoClean PowerFins, meaning your floor will be sparkly after cleaning it.

The power fins dig deep into the carpet. So, this is a vacuum cleaner you want if your carpeted areas need a thorough cleaning. Also, this unit features Lift-Away technology.

As such, you can lift away the pod to clean above-ground surfaces such as stairs and ceilings.

The vacuum cleaner comes with all the cleaning tools you need when in the Lift-Away Mode. It shares a lot with the shark navigator vacuum, including a 99.99% efficient filter.

Whether it is the upholstery you want to clean or the pet bed, this vacuum cleaner will remove all the pet hair.

The filter is so efficient that it traps .3 microns or larger ones. That leaves no chance for dust particles to fly back into the room.

The dust cup has a 0.89-quart capacity. So, it can collect pet hair from a room of any size. 

This vacuum has what you need to remove pet hair from your home. The self-cleaning brush roll leaves no hair behind to give your home a clean look.

With the cleaning head featuring LEDs, you will be sure to spot all debris under the furniture. Therefore, it is an excellent buy.

DuoClean PowerFins clean deeply.It is heavy.
It converts into a handheld vacuum.Hair might wrap on the brush roll.
99% efficient Hepa filter.
best hepa vacuum for pet hair Reviews

How Do You Know If a Hepa Vacuum Is Best for You?

If you’re going to buy the best hepa vacuum, you will need to navigate your way around the flooded market.

While you will usually need a map to navigate an area, you will consider some features to navigate the markets.

You want to separate the best from the rest by keeping a closer eye on specific features. And these features include the following:

Vacuum Cleaner Power

The cleaning power is one of the first things you will check before spending your money on a hepa vacuum. Under this factor, you want to consider two things: 

The Airflow

The airflow also impacts the cleaning power. That’s why you want to look at it before buying a vacuum cleaner. Usually, vacuums suck in air, sucking up pet hair and debris in the process.

The airflow is all about sucking in the air together with pet hair (or debris). The more air a vacuum sucks in, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner is.

But the airflow is cubic feet per minute. So, you want to check the CFM rating on a vacuum before buying it. You want to check if your preferred hepa vacuum has at least 100 CFM.

Of course, a higher CFM rating is better since that means more cleaning power.

Suction Power

Besides checking the airflow rating in CFM, you also want to look at the suction power. The suction power is a measure of power at the cleaning nozzle where the vacuum sucks in pet hair.

Manufacturers express the suction power in watts (or air watts). 

So, you want to check for the Wattage rating (W) or Air Watts (AW). The airflow and suction power are usually balanced, meaning they should have the same rating.

But still, you want to ensure the suction power doesn’t fall below 100 AW. If you can find a higher suction power rating, that will be excellent.

Cleaning Attachments

Besides featuring a cleaner head, a vacuum cleaner should include cleaning attachments for customized cleaning. Some ideal cleaning attachments that you will need include the following:

Crevice Tool

You will need a crevice tool to remove pet hair between tight spaces. For example, if you have to clean tight spaces between furniture and a wall, a crevice tool will come in handy.

So, ensure a crevice tool is one of the included cleaning attachments.

Soft-Bristle Dusting Brush

This cleaning attachment can clean pet hair from lampshades and fragile surfaces. Some dusting brushes even have a pivoting design to remove dirt from shelves.

If you want fragile surfaces to be pet hair-free, you want to check if your preferred vacuum includes this cleaning attachment.

Upholstery Tool

Pets love cozy places like your couch. But removing pet hair from such surfaces requires a specialized tool.

What’s a better cleaning tool to remove pet hair from your furniture upholstery than an upholstery tool? So, ensure an upholstery tool is among the included cleaning attachments.

Filtration Efficiency

Once you’ve checked all boxes for sufficient cleaning power, you want to shift your attention to filtration efficiency. Specifically, you want to look at the filter to see if it’s efficient enough.

Filtration efficiency is important, especially if you’re allergic to pet hair, dust, and odor.

You want a filter that traps allergens from the air exiting via the exhaust port. Even better, you want a filter that traps the tiniest of allergen particles from the exhaust air.

Even though hepa filters are usually very efficient, some are more efficient than others. As such, you still want to check their efficiency percentage before buying a vacuum cleaner. 

Even though most hepa filters are 99.97% efficient, some filters are 99.99% efficient, making them more efficient. That means they trap the tiniest allergens in the air.

So, consider buying vacuums with hepa filters boasting 99.99% filtration efficiency.

The Dust Cup Capacity

Bagless vacuum cleaners such as Bissell pet hair eraser usually feature dust cups. These vacuums use dust cups to collect pet hair and debris after cleaning your floors or carpeted areas.

As such, the dust cup is a crucial component you also want to consider before deciding on a vacuum.

You want to opt for a vacuum with a large dust cup. Such a vacuum cleans an extensive area without the dust cup filling up fast.

Some vacuums express the dust cup capacity in liters, while many vacuums express the capacity in quarts.

Whichever volume unit the vacuum uses, you opt for more volume. You want to opt for at least a 1-quart dust cup. If the dust cup capacity is in liters, you might also want to go for at least 1 liter (or something larger).

The Power Source

Hepa vacuums are either corded or cordless. The cordless models usually use battery power to function. But the corded vacuums use electricity from a wall outlet to function.

Cordless vacuums have a limited run-time due to the limited battery life. Many cordless vacuums can last 40 minutes, with a few vacuums lasting an hour.

If you want unlimited reach, you should go cordless. But if you want to clean extensively, a corded vacuum is your best option.

Also, you will check the length of the cord to ensure it is long enough. The cord length should be at least 30 feet. And if it is longer, that is even better!

Easy Maneuverability

A vacuum cleaner cleans more efficiently if it is easy to maneuver. But easy maneuverability depends on the swiveling of the cleaning head.

That means a vacuum cleaner whose cleaning head swivels more is easier to maneuver.

Such a vacuum will glide between the sofa legs more efficiently to remove all pet hair. Therefore, check the cleaning head to ensure it swivels for better cleaning results.

The Noise Level

You also want to check the noise level to ensure you clean your room quietly. Noise can be a nuisance to family members, especially during studies.

So, that’s enough reason to keep it quiet while doing anything, including cleaning a room.

Vacuums produce noise in the range of 60-80 decibels. Anything above this range is loud. And anything below this ranger is super-quiet.

So, consider vacuums with noise levels within the 60-80 decibel range. If you can find noise levels falling below this range, that is perfect!


Are canister vacuums more powerful?

Canister vacuums are more powerful than upright vacuums. These vacuums pack more cleaning power since they have increased suction power from higher airflow rates.

Therefore, these vacuums clean bare floors better than upright vacuums. If you’re looking to clean pet hair and dust with immense power, cleaning with a canister vacuum cleaner might be what you need.

Can robot vacuums clean up pet hair from the floor?

Robot vacuums are powerful enough to suck up pet hair from bare floors. These vacuum cleaners clean pet hair without your input.

What’s more, they have sensors to prevent them from hitting obstacles such as walls and furniture legs. 

And the result is excellent cleaning performance and durability. Robot vacuums will use a planned route across the floor, thus increasing their performance.

How efficient is the Hepa filter?

Hepa filters are mostly 99.97% efficient. But a few incredible filters boast a whopping 99.99% filtration efficiency. Of course, more efficiency means better filtration.

Hepa filters with 99.99% efficiency capture allergens up to 0.3 microns in size. So, these are the hepa filters you want to pick when shopping for a vacuum cleaner.

Can I vacuum my cat?

Yes, you can vacuum your furry friend if he doesn’t mind. However, it is important to note that the vacuum might terrify your pet.

So, you want to vacuum your cat only if the pet is familiar with the vacuuming experience. Besides, vacuuming the pet removes loose dander that would stick on your bed, carpet, or furniture upholstery.

Wrap Up

A hepa vacuum for pet hair cleans your home while keeping the allergens at bay. Besides cleaning pet hair from surfaces, hepa vacuums also remove dust, dirt, and debris.

With its hepa filter, a hepa vacuum traps allergen particles, leaving your home allergen-free. What’s more, some hepa vacuums contain odor from pet hair.

Therefore, you can rely on a hepa vacuum to clean your home thoroughly.

If you want to choose the best hepa vacuums from the market, you will need a guide to help you.

Fortunately, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you tell the difference between the best vacuums from the rest.

We have also recommended hepa filters to remove pet dander from your residential space.

You want to contain the pet mess if you own a furry pet. And what’s a better way to remove the pet hair than to vacuum it away? So, invest in the best hepa vacuum if you have a pet hair problem.

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