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The Best Inflatable Backyard Water Slides

Want to know a secret? The best inflatable backyard water slides can transform your yard into an adventure water park in a matter of minutes. That too, in half the price!

Most of the latest models have built-in sprinklers, water cannons, and many other interactive features that keep youngsters busy all summer long. They also brighten your boring backyard with their unique designs and vivid colors.

If your children love splashing around, get them one of these fun pool slides for the holidays.

Let’s have a look:

The Best Inflatable Backyard Water Slides 2021

If you’re in the market for a kid-friendly backyard water slide, you want to purchase something durable. Ensure that the setup doesn’t require too much effort, and it’s as easy to deflate and store.

That way, you can pack it up and carry it to a summer home or guest house if you’re planning a trip.

Apart from that, consider the weight and size requirements to ensure it’s a good fit for your children.

Once you have these essentials covered, you won’t have difficulty finding the perfect water slide for your home. We’ve shortlisted some options for inspiration.

Here are our top picks:

Best Overall: Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Inflatable Water Slide

Turn your backyard into a miniature water park with this fun slide.

Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Inflatable Water Slide has a spectacular winding course for the kids. It starts with an inflatable rock wall that ends with a curvy slide. Children can climb the easy obstacle course and then slide into a splash pool.

There’s a built-in basketball hoop near the pool area. All these specs lead to endless hours of fun for little ones.

The overall construction feels safe and secure with a puncture-resistant fabric to prevent mishaps. Plus, there’s a step-down sidewall that allows kids to step in and out of the bouncy slide whenever they want.

Nevertheless, it’s a high-end product, which makes it not-so-budget-friendly for some households.

Easy to climb and slide.Pricey.
Several interactive features to keep kids entertained.Takes a long time while drying up.
Puncture-resistant material.
Best Inflatable Backyard Water Slides Reviews


It’s an excellent multicourse water slide that makes a worthwhile investment for stay-at-home summers.

The Best Bouncing Castle/Water Slide: BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide, Bouncer Pool

The best backyard inflatable water slide has three things. It’s playful, practical, and portable. Bountech Inflatable Water Slide ticks all the boxes, making it an excellent choice for your home.

It features a long slide, bouncy castle, and splash pool with a water cannon. The climbing wall makes entering the splash zone extra challenging and fun for youngsters.

Parents will appreciate the mesh netting around the top, which prevents children from slipping when they are busy bouncing. Plus, the box comes with easy-to-setup stakes to keep the inflatable slide stable when the children are bouncing.

It also includes a repair kit with patches to fix accidental tears and scratches on the surface.

Best of all, you can set this slide indoors as a plain old bouncy slide when the weather outside is unfavorable.

Fun colors and design to attract toddlers.It does not come with an air blower.
Mesh netting and sturdy handle grips for extra security.It seems extra heavy while moving it.
It comes with a repairing kit.
Best Inflatable Backyard Water Slides Reviews


It’s a wonderful water slide for outdoor and indoor fun.

The Best Mega Slide: Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide

Sometimes kids are happy with a traditional ‘slip and slide’ design.

Wow World of Watersports presents a Giant Backyard Waterslide which works for older children. The mega water slide is 25 feet long, making it a blast for kids who love a challenge.

You can connect it with a water hose to turn on the built-in sprinklers. That way, the kids get squirted with water when they slide down on their sturdy water sleds.

The whole setup is easy-breezy, and you can deconstruct it (just as) quickly once it dries off.

That said some parents might be taken aback by the steep price tag. Consider it as a guarantee for a long-term investment that saves you the trouble of driving to the water park.

Older kids enjoy the 25 feet long slide.Not suitable for kids aged nine and below.
Features zig-zag sprinklers across the length of the slide.Takes a long time while drying up.
Simple set up.
Best Inflatable Backyard Water Slides Reviews


A simple lawn slide for water sledding

How to Set Up Your Inflatable Backyard Water Slide?

A little boy enjoying a backyard water slide.

Most of these products come with their specialized set of instructions for installation. We recommend sticking to the plan when you construct the slide. You can also look for online tutorials to ensure that you have an easy-to-follow demo for the complex steps.

Other than that, there are a few tips and tricks that make your job easier.

Here are some things to consider:

Pick the Right Spot

Select an open area with a long stretch of grass (with no plants or shrubs around).  To create a wilder ride, you can set it up near a slope.

Consider the dimensions of your backyard water slide before setup.

For example, if it’s tall, you need to steer clear of trees. Otherwise, the branches might puncture the material during a windy day.  Shorter slides can be placed under trees for shade.

Clear the Area

Survey the area to remove obstructions from your water slide’s immediate pathway. It can be anything from pebbles, sticks, boulders to protruding tree roots. Remove these elements to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Create a Repair Kit

Even the best inflatable backyard water slide get rips and tears after years of use. Have a repair kit at hand to patch things up before your kids go on the slide.

Your toolbox should include an air blower, stakes for security, patches to close tears, amongst other things. Many products come with relevant accessories. Make sure you have everything in stock before the slide season begins.

In a Nutshell

On the whole, learning how to set up an inflatable backyard water slide can become pretty easy with the right product. We hope that our recommendations bring you abundant joy and happiness in the coming season.

Moreover, you can always team up these water slides with an inflatable kiddie pool and floaties.

Happy Splashing!

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