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The Best Lawn Drinking Games for Adult Fun

The best lawn games can be played with a beer in hand and are an excellent way to socialize with family and friends. Some of the best lawn drinking games are classics like cornhole and ladder ball, but what about drinking games that you can play as an adult?

In this article, we plan on addressing that issue by giving you a list of the best lawn drinking games for adult fun that you can play with your friends. 

The Five Best Lawn Drinking Games 

  1. Drink-a-Palooza:  If You Enjoy Cup-Based Drinking Games  
  2. Trunk of Drunk: A Combined List of Classics
  3. Drunken Tower: Jenga for Alcoholics 
  4. Drink or Swim: A Giant Board for Big Parties 
  5. Six Piece Drinking Dice Roller: Convenient and Simple

Drink-a-Palooza: If You Enjoy Cup-Based Drinking Games 

The best drinking games involve a red solo cup and a dream. The Drink-a-Palooza game has this acute awareness in mind as it combines kings cup, flip cup, beer pong, and quarters into a single experience.

Friends can also use the game with soda or water for those who don’t intend to drink alcohol. 

Despite the image showing these included cups, you will have to purchase them separately. The going rate for red solo cups is under $5 these days, so that shouldn’t set you back too hard.

Given it involved ping pong balls, don’t expect to use this with your standard beer bottle. 

Another unusual oversight comes from the board material. While the included board is engaging and interesting for your drinking games, the designers made it out of cardboard.

That means if you fill the cup up too full (which can happen with rounds of 12 or more people), it sloshes over the edge. The easy fix? Don’t make the “game up” the drinking cup, and you will be good to go. 

Get this if your favorite type of drinking game involves cups. The board material is cardboard, causing it to be easy to ruin. 
It involves many classic games for drinking.It does not include cups. 
It puts a great twist on your traditional game of beer pong. 
Best Lawn Drinking Game Reviews

Trunk of Drunk: A Combined List of Classics

When it comes to outdoor drinking games, you can’t beat anything that involves cards. Trunk of Drunk includes rules for those games, cards for those games, and a few classic cup games like classic beer pong and flip cup.

The cards are nice, but it doesn’t include the exciting board like Drunk-a-Palooza. 

Trunk of Drunk also includes red plastic cups. You can reuse them, but you might find yourself tempted to throw them out after enough alcohol has been through them. Disposable red plastic cups are just as good for what you want.

However, the convenience is a good inclusion. 

You can also do many of these classic games with a standard deck of cards and someone with a little bit of knowledge. However, Ring of Fire, Never Have I Hever, and Most Likely are greatly improved if you and your friends can’t brainstorm any ideas.

Overall, the lower cost makes this card game worth it. 

If you are looking for a convenient all-in-one drinking game experience.Some of these games only require a standard deck of cards.
If you want some assistance returning to classic drinking games.The price seems a bit hefty for what you get.
If you don't want to spend a lot to get a drinking game supplement.
Best Lawn Drinking Game Reviews

Drunken Tower: Jenga for Alcoholics

While this isn’t quite a game of “giant Jenga,” the wooden blocks will make people who love the game feel right at home. Drunken Tower is a unique spin on Jenga that includes actual wood blocks with instructions to drink more on them.

Those who love Jenga and getting intoxicated will love this combination. 

The quality is surprising given other games in this sector. Granted, those who already own a Jenga set and flashcards telling you to drink more will get much of the same effect.

The included shot glasses are a nice touch. 

The pieces are a bit small if you happen to have larger hands. If you are drunk and playing Jenga at the same time, those smaller pieces don’t help.

However, they are smooth and slide easily, making it a suitable game of drunken Jenga for those willing to spend some time cleaning up between rounds. 

If you like Jenga and drinking.The Jenga pieces are a bit too small for more extensive hands.
If you want a game that's more than just cards and a glass of beer.Playing Jenga while drunk can be a test of patience.
The rules are elementary to follow.
Best Lawn Drinking Game Reviews

Drink or Swim: A Giant Board for Big Parties

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If you happen to throw parties that gather many people, Drink or Swim feels like a variant of Candyland for adults. Drink or Swim has a colossal plastic mat that makes this the most suitable outdoor game.

The included carrying case also makes this easy to transport to a friend’s house. 

The mat is also waterproof, making it easy to use while camping. It is one of those games that becomes less fun if you have a small number of people. Make sure that your team is engaging and ready to be a part of the event. With the right people, this can be a pretty fun game. 

Because it is a new game, the rules are a bit more complicated to follow than your other backyard activities (like giant beer pong), but that’s part of the challenge. As you get into it, Drink or Swim becomes a pretty engaging game. Give it a shot, and it might just offer you the same. 

It deviates from other classic lawn games.This game becomes less fun when you have smaller groups.
The waterproof mat makes this great for camping drinks.It is a team-based game, which doesn't always work for people who don't want to participate. 
It is a hilarious and original idea. 
Best Lawn Drinking Game Reviews

Six Piece Drinking Dice Roller: Convenient and Simple

When on long camping trips, sometimes you want something simple to use. The Six Piece Drinking Dice same is just that. It has a reusable box which makes it easy to transport. The concept is also easy enough for people who are looking for an excuse to drink. 

As you might expect, the cost of this game is pretty low when compared to other options. This low cost and simplicity make it an easy upfront investment where what you need to do is pretty simple.

However, You can also choose to create your version of the game where the dice number equals how much you need to drink.  

This game is an excellent gift for people looking to spice up their bachelorette (or bachelor) party among simple games. However, calling it a game might be a bit too generous, as you will have to come up with all of the ideas. 

If you want a simple set of drinking dice.If you own a standard set of dice that can fit your needs.
For those looking for simple games for their friends.It isn't great for people who are looking for a classic game with rules.
Best for creative types that like to create their own game.
Best Lawn Drinking Game Reviews

What You Need to Know When Buying a Lawn Drinking Game

When it comes to outdoor drinking games, there are many options you have. This section will delve into different types of lawn drinking games you can play alongside the options above. 

Playing Beer Pong – How To Do It

Classic beer pong is one of the most traditional drinking games you can play. If you want to know how to play it, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Buy a simple card table (or beer pong table
  2. Mark off the tables so each side is equal (only needed with standard card table
  3. Set up red solo cups in the same formation on both sides (drink inside is optional)
  4. From both sides of the table, throw the ball onto the opposing side

Beer pong is something you can do in both teams and singles. If you want to play a giant beer pong variant, have everyone bring over buckets and small beach balls (or something about that size).

You can also create house rules, like the “NBA Jam” rule, which allows you to continue shooting if you make three consecutive shots in a row. 

How to Play Flip Cup

Flip Cup, which comes with the Drunk-a-Palooza list, is another classic drinking game with the following instructions:

  1. With any standard kitchen table, set up a line of red solo cups on both sides. 
  2. Fill the solo cups with your drink of choice. 
  3. In a solo flippy cup, position yourself and your friend, so you are on both sides of the table. 
  4. Have a referee shout when to go.
  5. Take a drink of the contents of your first cup.
  6. Attempt to flip your cup using a single finger. 
  7. It has to land face down before you can move on. 

You can also play flippy cup with a group of friends. Much like running circuits, you pass the baton when you finish flipping your cup. The “baton” in this case is you finishing your drink. 

Much like any game on this list, any party game does not have to include alcohol unless you want it. Just be sure that you are having a good time. 

How To Play Drunk Waiter (Dizzy Bat)

Among fun drinking games, one of the best outdoor options is Dizzy Bat. Otherwise known as Tipsy Waiter, your job is to face down towards a bat while spinning around.

Once you finish spinning, you grab a tray of cups that you have to run across the yard and dump each of them into a bucket. 

Meanwhile, your other team member has to be ready with extra water. You can do this with the teammates having garden hoses or gallon jugs of water. Your job is to have the full bucket when compared to the other team. 

You can turn it into an outdoor drinking game by having the losers take a shot, but this one is doable without alcohol. You can combine your cards from the other two games to make for an exciting combination. 

How To Play Polish Horseshoes (Bottle Bash)  

To start playing polish horseshoes, you need a couple of poles, two bottles/cans of your chosen drink, and a frisbee. The stakes typically need to be six feet tall, and you will need to shove them a couple of inches into the ground. 

It is your job to throw the frisbee so that it lands on the beer bottle or can. The opposing team must try and block the frisbee from knocking off or landing on the pole.

You “score” and cause the other team to drink when the bottle or can land on the ground between one or three times. 

You switch sides once the other team scores the required amount of times, causing the offense or defense to drink. It is a great outdoor game that is physically engaging and does not require alcohol unless you desire that. 

What Makes a Drinking Game Outdoors? 

The best kind of outdoor drinking games meet one of two requirements:

  • These games are best if you play them outside 
  • You can play them outdoors or indoors

Games like Dizzy Bat or Drunk Waiter are excellent examples of fun drinking games that are easy to set up outside. People playing them can run around like maniacs without much care for their surroundings, as you would need to set them up on an open lawn. 

You can also do card games and cup games outdoors. You and your friends can play outdoors provide any game to play indoors that the wind and weather cooperates. The more sun and fresh air you get, the better off you can be. 

The Best Lawn Drinking Game Brands

friends having a beer pong game of The Best Lawn Drinking Games for Adult Fun

Below is a list of brands that we reference among the best drinking games for outdoor use:

We also featured SOLO, the cup company known for creating the original red cup. 

Lawn Drinking Game FAQs

When it comes to drinking games (lawn or otherwise), there are many different options available. Here are some commonly asked questions about these drinking games.

How Do You Turn Cards Against Humanity into a Drinking Game?

Cards Against Humanity is one of the most iconic card games for people with a terrible sense of human. If you want to turn this into a lawn drinking game, all you need to do is think of specialized rules to apply to specific draws. Here are some ideas: 

  • Drink if you want to put down a second card. 
  • Points can equal drinks you want to give out to other people.
  • Drink every time you draw the perfect card you could have used last round. 
  • If someone says they are “going to hell” for a card, have them drink. 

What Does it Mean to Drink Responsibly?

We’ve mentioned a lot of alcohol-themed games on this list. Before we get too far, we need to remind you of the importance of drinking responsibly.

It is okay to have a beer or two, and sometimes good to indulge if you know you are safe. But it isn’t okay to put yourself into an unsafe situation.

Here are some tips on drinking responsibly:

  • Understand your limit before you get too far into any drinking game.
  • Please do not drink too fast, as it will be difficult to track if you cannot control yourself. 
  • Eat food before you drink and also when you drink. 
  • Have a glass of water with your drink, so you reduce your alcohol consumption rate.
  • Do not drink something when you do not know its strength. 
  • Be sure to have a designated driver available who will not have any alcohol on their system.

You are important, so do not do anything that will put you at risk. You can even turn Wiffle Ball into a drinking game; make sure you have self-control and respect other people playing 

Wrap Up 

As a reminder, our favorite board game out of the list is the classic cup-themed callback of Drink-a-Palooza. However, any of the games on this list can fulfill your needs as someone who enjoys outdoor drinking games.

The actual winner on this list is the one you find to be the most appealing. 

Trunk-of-Drunk is excellent for people who enjoy card games. We even have a variant of drunk Jenga that’s called Drunken Tower.

With the many ridiculous games on this list, find something that appeals to you. 

If you find something you like, we would appreciate it if you clicked on one of our affiliate links. By doing that, you help us continue to thrive and produce more awesome reviews of outdoor fun. Thanks for reading!

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