The Best No Kink Garden Hose

The Best No Kink Garden Hose

Garden hoses can be problematic as you drag them across the yard. A rubber hose tends to bend and kink easily, making you backtrack to unroll it and fix the water flow.

Finding a garden or heavy duty hose that won’t kink takes some research. Here is not only the best no kink garden hose but some others that may be helpful as well depending on your outdoor water hose needs.

Non-kinking hose material

Most standard hoses used to be made from rubber and vinyl but with advances in technology, they now include fabric, nylon and plastic as well. The various product combinations help to create a no-kink, flexible garden hose.

While the material alone is not going to completely stop a hose kink, its engineered design along with various materials makes kinking less likely to happen.

Hose kink-ability

Looking for a kink-free, flexible hose means trying various ones out to make sure you are buying what you need. If you are looking at the more traditional rubber or vinyl hose, then try the following:

  • Take out 2’ of the hose if you are able and then coil that section backwards. If the hose kinks, then it will be a problem in the warmer sun as it will kink even easier. If it flexes and goes into a loop, then you likely won’t get a kinked hose.
  • Also, try to bend it into a 90-degree angle. Don’t go over past that point. While the hose will probably bend, if it resists somewhat then the inner tube is heavy duty and it will withstand kinking or any burst pressure from your water flow.

The Best Kink Free Hoses

Flexi Hose Expandable– The #1 choice as the best no kink garden hose

This expandable garden hose is going to meet all your gardening and yard work needs. It has a double latex inner tube that is covered with durable fabric on the outside.

This is a lightweight hose that’s easy to move around, and most importantly, rarely kinks. The hose length drops to a third of its fully expanded size when the water is turned off and the hose is emptied.

Once it is empty, then it just folds up on itself. This is the time to be wary of kinks, instead of when it’s actually in use. It will be kink-free when filled. When the water is turned on, then it unfolds easily and stretches out with the water pressure.

As with any expandable hose, they don’t do well in freezing weather and direct sunlight exposure can make their fibers break down. Good care of this hose means it will last for years.

It is easy to store, has a lifetime warranty, won’t kink when in use, and comes with a hose nozzle as a bonus. It is lightweight at under 5lbs for 100’. It has a standard ¾” fitting that is solid brass.

The hose is rot, crack and leak-resistant. Because of the lifetime warranty, you really can’t go wrong with this purchase.

If you decide that the Flexi hose isn’t for you there are other no-kink hoses on the market that are good and may fit your needs.

Zero-G Kink Free Hose

This hose is made from polymer and nylon making a lightweight and easy-to-use non kinking garden hose. It has a great hose fitting, is safe for drinking water, and is lead-free, keeping kids, animals, and plants safe.

It can be stored in a rolled or folded fashion and unkinks well when filled. It comes with a 5-year warranty so there is lots of time to find out if it works for you. It is not for freezing temperatures so needs to be put away when the temperature drops.

Legacy Flexilla Hybrid Garden Hose

This hose is durable and lightweight also safe for drinking from and is fairly kink-free. It is made from a polymer hybrid that is flexible and good in both hot and cooler weather.

It is one of the few that won’t be damaged in the freezing cold or direct sunlight. It won’t kink if it is stored on a reel rather than just loose. If piled on the ground, then you may end up with kinks whether ithas water in it or not.

Craftsman Rubber Garden Hose

While most no kink hoses are using new technology, this one is traditional. It is rubber and has a dependable and well made design. It is usable in all weather and will be a no kink hose if stored on a reel properly.

It is heavier than the other no kink hoses, but its durability is unmatched. It holds its shape and does not hold any kink memory should it happen to fold. It has a lifetime warranty if unpackaging is done according to the instructions.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of “no kink” garden hoses on the market that are not truly no kink. The ones listed above are all good choices and true to their claim of no kink if they are maintained and treated properly.

They resist kinking and all have the potential to be long-lasting and durable. The key to any of them meeting your needs is that they are stored as noted and cared for in proper temperature settings.

The overall best choice of this group is the Flexi Hose Expandable. It has everything needed when it comes to outdoor work. You can not go wrong with a durable hose that won’t kink and is easily stored.

The fact that it is under 5 pounds for 100 feet of hose is amazing and worth the money. It isn’t the most expensive no kink hose on the market, but it is one of the best.

The lifetime guarantee means that if there are any failings you have a way to deal with it. You will be pleased with this hose or you get your money back. It’s a win-win.

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