The Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather

The Best Outdoor Light Bulbs for Cold Weather

The light bulbs for cold weather are ideal for outdoor spaces. They shine a warm, brilliant light from dusk to dawn, keeping the outdoors comfortable and safe from potential intrusion all night long!

If you want to illuminate the great outdoors throughout the night, you require the best dusk to dawn light.

What’s more, the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather have a weatherproof rating for handling the cold weather outside.

As such, an outdoor bulb is a worthwhile investment. But you want to keep an eye out for the best outdoor light bulbs when shopping.

And that’s because the market has plenty of these products, and not all of them are an excellent buy.

If you’re looking for the best light bulbs for cold with unmatched energy efficient performance, you have come to the right place!

We will look at some of the best outdoor light bulbs for your outdoor space. Also, we will look at some of the features to go for when shopping.

These features include energy efficiency to reduce your monthly electricity bill, brightness, and color temperature, among others.

More information about these features is in the buyer’s guide below. So, be sure to read on.

What Are the Top Picks for The Best Light Bulbs for Cold Weather?

Outdoor Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb

OUTDOOR DUSK TO DAWN LED LIGHT BULB is a pack of 4 outdoor light bulbs. That means you can light up four outdoor sections from dusk to dawn, keeping any danger lurking in the dark at bay. Each bulb is incredibly powerful.

They produce as much light as 60W bulbs, only that they consume 9 Watts of electricity. As such, they’re energy-saving. 

Despite consuming less energy, you still get a 600K color temperature.

As a result, the bulbs produce soft white light that recreates the daylight. Therefore, you can be sure to keep your house safe 24/7.

The featured light sensors ensure these light bulbs for cold weather auto turn on/off.

That means you don’t have to worry about your outdoor space remaining under cover of darkness.

When dusk sets in, each outdoor bulb automatically turns on. And when it’s dawn, your bulbs will turn off automatically. 

What’s more, these are energy-saving bulbs as we’ve already seen to reduce your electricity bill significantly.

And this makes them an investment worth considering for your outdoor space.

Since you want to install these light bulbs outdoors, you want to cover them with a lampshade. The great news is that installation is a complete breeze. The bulbs use 100 – 240 Volts of electricity and require an E26 base. Once you’ve replaced your traditional bulbs with these modern ones, you want to keep the switch on since your bulbs will turn on/off automatically.

The color rendering index also stands above 80, meaning objects under the lights from these bulbs retain their natural color.

If you want accurate vision during the night, you have these types of bulbs to pick. They are worth investing in for indoor and outdoor space.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions‎2.35 x 2.35 x 4.01 inches
Item Weight‎9.8 ounces
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎9 watts
Luminous Flux‎600 Lumen
ColorCool White(daylight)
They’re energy-saving.They’re not dimmable.
Turn on/off automatically.They require a lampshade in the outdoor space.
600k color temperature.
Best Outdoor Light Bulbs Reviews

SAATLY 30W LED Security Lights, Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

SAATLY 30W LED Security Lights are perfect for the outdoor space, and they have a weatherproof rating that makes them ideal for such rough areas.

First, the light heads boast an IP65 waterproof rating to withstand the extreme moisture and rain in the outdoor space.

Also, this rating ensures the unit operates optimally in the cold.

Unlike many outdoor lights that come in packs, this one is a single unit. But it features three heads to shed light in different directions.

As such, it illuminated a wide area, making it another worthy investment for your outdoor space. Each light head is super bright, producing a staggering 3,000 lumens of light!

What’s even more impressive is the unit consumes only 30 Watts of electricity. As such, it is an energy-saving outdoor light for your home.

If you invest in this high quality outdoor light, you can cut your electricity bill by a whopping 80%. 

Besides producing super bright light, you also get 5000K color temperature for accurate vision during the night due to the incredible color rendering index.

With each lighting head illuminating an area that’s 100° wide, you can be sure to illuminate into every direction with the three heads.

The unit even features an upgraded motion sensor that picks up motion 69 feet away within a 270° detection zone.

That means the unit illuminates your outdoor space when an intruder attempts to trespass. 

The DIM Mode ensures the outdoor light produces only 15% of light if the motion sensor is untriggered. But if the motion sensor picks up movements, the lights shine at full capacity (100%).

What’s more, the light auto turns on/off, meaning you don’t need to control your outdoor light.

If you need to add an extra security layer to your home, you need an outdoor light consuming way less energy than traditional halogen bulbs.

And you have this outdoor dusk to dawn light to illuminate your outdoor space.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions‎11 x 8.1 x 7.7 inches
Item Weight‎3.29 pounds
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎30 watts
Luminous Flux-
Color‎3 Heads 30w
3,000 lumens of light.The motion sensor isn’t very efficient.
High-sensitive motion sensor.Not ideal for indoor space.
Anti-flickering and energy-saving.
Best Outdoor Light Bulbs Reviews

Sunco Lighting LED PAR38 Outdoor Flood Light Bulbs

Sunco Lighting Outdoor Led Flood Light is another pack of 4 outdoor lights. Each dawn light bulb features an E26 base.

So, you want to ensure your lighting fixture supports the featured base.

Sunco bulbs are always high quality, and you can expect this pack to light up your outdoor space for an impressive 25,000 hours!

Durability aside, the bulbs use 120V of electricity to provide the same light as 100W bulbs.

What’s impressive is the bulbs use 13W each, making them more energy efficient options.

So, if you’re looking to cut your electricity bill significantly, you can invest in this pack of outdoor lights. If we put this into perspective, it might surprise you to find out you will only spend $35.8 to light up your outdoor space after the expiry of the 25,000-hour service life.

Since cold weather requires outdoor bulbs that handle the condition, you’re in luck because each outdoor light is wet rated.

That means they perform optimally in the cold weather. So, you can use this pack to light up your footpaths, patios, or spotlighting flags.

These outdoor bulbs work incredibly fine if you have other specific areas you want to keep under brilliant light all night long.

Thanks to the angled beam these bulbs create, each bulb ensures a 40° wide area is under sufficient light from dusk to dawn.

Specifically, they emit 1050 lumens of light, enough to keep your outdoor space looking like daytime during the darkest nights. Also, you can choose to regulate the brightness level as the bulbs are dimmable.

You can dim the bulbs from 10% up to 100% to meet your lighting needs.

However, you will require specific dimmers for this to be possible. Among the best dimmers for the bulbs are Lutron, Leviton, and TP-Link. So, be sure to choose the best dimmer.

And you will be sure to vary the color temperature from 2700K – 6000K depending on your selected dimming.

If you require durable, high quality, and dimmable outdoor lights for the cold weather, you have this pack to pick.

Manufacturer‎Sunco Lighting
Model Number‎SCPAR385K4PK
Product Dimensions‎8.23 x 8.15 x 5.43 inches
Item Weight‎1.81 pounds
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎13 watts
Luminous Flux‎1050 Lumen
Color‎5000K Daylight
Energy-efficient.They don’t come with a dimmer.
They’re Rated for wet conditions.They have no motion sensor.
1050 lumens of bright light.
Best Outdoor Light Bulbs Reviews

Arrownine PAR36 LED Bulb Landscape Spotlights

Arrownine PAR36 LED Bulb is an excellent pick for landscaping. The LED bulb boasts cast Aluminum material that makes it handle the cold weather quite remarkably.

As such, it is another very durable outdoor light bulb for your outdoor space.

What’s more, it boasts an IP67 water-resistant rating that makes it work optimally under any weather condition. That means a mere cold will not stop it from shining its light outside.

Power consumption is an essential factor to check for when shopping for the best outdoor light bulb. And it’s a great thing this bulb consumes only 10W of electricity.

Despite consuming less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb, the bulb provides the same light as a 100W bulb, making it energy efficient.

Whether you’re powering it with AC or DC electricity, it uses only 12V to keep the running cost to a minimum.

And it features a G53 standard connector for hassle-free connection to a power source.

Besides providing sufficiently bright light, it also ensures objects under its light retain their natural color, thanks to the 3000K color temperature. 

The warm white light also ensures the outdoor space remains comfortable. Besides using it to light up your outdoor space, you can use this particular LED light to light up the way – you only have to add it to your off-roader!

Although this unit produces only warm white light, you can get other light color options such as Blue, Green, and Red.

Use multiple units to light up wider areas since each unit boasts a 34° light beam angle. The 82 color rendering index ensures you can spot anyone with accuracy for added safety.

This unit surpasses expectations in every sense and is another outdoor light bulb to consider buying for your outdoor space.

Therefore, consider adding it to your outdoors!

Model NumberPAR36
Product Dimensions‎4.72 x 4.33 x 2.76 inches
Item Weight‎12.3 ounces
Voltage‎12 Volts
Wattage‎10 watts
Luminous Flux-
Color‎Warm White
Excellent IP67 water-resistant rating.It has no motion sensor.
1028 lumens of brilliant light.It has no RGB color performance.
Excellent color rendering index.
Best Outdoor Light Bulbs Reviews

Night2Day Dusk to Dawn LED Light Bulb

Night2day Dusk to Dawn Led Light Bulb pack comprises 4 bulbs for your outdoor space. They use LED technology to provide sufficient light to the outdoor space.

Since LED technology is energy efficient, you can be sure to reduce your electricity bill significantly if you invest in these light bulbs.

Each bulb uses only 8W of electrical power while giving the same light brightness as 100W traditional bulbs.

The E26 standard base works with many light fixtures, making installation a no-brainer.

You only have to screw in the bulbs into a standard E26 fixture, and your outdoor space will have sufficient light all night long! Precisely, each bulb provides 800 lumens of light.

And this results in your outdoor space having a soft white light of up to 5500K color temperature illuminating every dark corner!

Each bulb has a solar sensor. The purpose of the sensors is to turn the light bulbs on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.

As such, you will not have to worry about using more power than necessary. Also, the auto on/off function ensures controlling the bulbs is hassle-free.

You can choose to use the bulbs to light up any section of your outdoor space. Whether it is the patio you want bright or the porch, these outdoor lights do an incredible job.

You can also use these light bulbs to keep the indoor space brilliant at night.

If you require light bulbs with a wide application, you can consider adding these bulbs to your indoor or outdoor light fixtures.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions‎9.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches
Item Weight‎9.6 ounces
Voltage 120V
Wattage‎8 watts
Luminous Flux‎800 Lumen
Color‎Soft White
Energy-saving design.They have no motion sensors.
Auto on/off function.Unresponsive customer support.
Premium construction.
Best Outdoor Light Bulbs Reviews

What You Want to Know Before Buying Light Bulbs for Cold Weather

Buying outdoor lights giving off sufficiently warm white light to keep the outdoor space comfortable is quite an investment.

And as with any other investment, you want to get value for money.

But that’s only possible if you have picked the best outdoor light bulbs.

The good news is that finding the best bulbs for your outdoor isn’t as complicated as you might think; you only have to consider the features below:

LED Technology

Many outdoor light bulbs use light-emitting diodes to provide light. As a result, they cut the electricity bill by up to a whopping 80%.

What’s more, they tend to outlast any traditional incandescent bulb since they could work for over 20 years.

As such, LED technology is what you want to look for when buying the best light bulbs for cold weather.

LED bulbs are also brighter to illuminate all the dark corners throughout the night. Outdoor bulbs could have small LED beads.

Those types of bulbs are also ideal. So, always choose LED bulbs for your outdoor space.

You will save a ton of cash in electricity bills, light up the outdoors with sufficient light, and keep your outdoor space illuminated throughout the night for over 20 years!

Color Temperature

One of the reasons for investing in light bulbs for cold weather is to have a warm, cozy outdoors when it’s cold outside.

The color temperature of the light tells you if you could achieve this outdoor condition with your outdoor light bulb.

Generally, outdoor bulbs provide warm white lights ranging from 2700K – 6000K. Of course, more rating means better outdoor conditions.

If you’re looking to warm the outdoors when it’s cold outside, check for outdoor bulbs with a 6000K color temperature.

Energy Efficiency

You already know LED light bulbs cut the electricity bill significantly. But you still want to ensure your preferred outdoor bulb uses as little electricity as possible.

Normally, you will see a wattage rating on any light bulb, including light bulbs for cold weather.

The wattage rating tells you how much electrical power a light bulb consumes.

So, the lower the rating, the more energy efficient the bulb in question is. Usually, outdoor bulbs consume between 8 Watts to 30 Watts.

This is nothing compared to the 100 watts by traditional halogen bulbs. 

Since LED outdoor bulbs also consume electricity to function, you want to check out the Wattage rating before buying them.

Specifically, you want bulbs using fewer watts for energy efficient performance.

An 8W outdoor bulb is more energy efficient than a 10W bulb. But any outdoor LED bulb using between 8 – 10 watts is energy efficient. Therefore, consider choosing them.

The Light Brightness

After ensuring your favorite outdoor light bulbs are energy-efficient, you want to check if they provide sufficient light.

That means brightness is another feature to look for when shopping around. But the light brightness is usually in lumens.

That means you have to check the lumen rating to know how bright the outdoor light is. Of course, more lumens mean more brilliant performance.

Lumen ratings vary from 800 lumens up to 3,000 lumens. You can even find way more brilliant outdoor lights.

But their wattage rating will be above 10W to make up for the extra brightness. Still, such light bulbs will be more energy efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.

So, be sure to pick outdoor lights producing more lumens if you want brighter light to illuminate the dark outdoor space.

Dimmable Lighting

Dimmable outdoor lights use even fewer watts of electricity. And that’s because they allow you to control their brightness levels.

With the dimming function on, you can slash a few more bucks from your monthly electricity bill.

As such, consider buying outdoor light bulbs with a dimming function.

Some light bulbs have a built-in dimming function. But others require you to invest in a separate dimmer.

You want to give light bulbs with built-in dimmers a priority when shopping.

But if your preferred bulb lacks this function, consider investing in a dedicated dimmer for more energy efficient performance.

Therefore, consider dimmable light bulbs for your outdoor space.


Since you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into a safe zone, you will spend a considerable amount of money. And you will want your investment to last you many years.

As such, you should consider the construction material of a light bulb before buying it.

If only premium quality materials go into the construction of a particular light bulb, it’s only then that you should consider the light bulb.

Manufacturers usually express the durability in terms of the working hours. A light bulb with, say, 50,000 hours of service life is more durable than a second bulb boasting only 25,000 hours of service life.

Therefore, consider buying outdoor light bulbs with more working hours as their service life.

Weatherproof Rating

The outdoors is usually extreme. Cold conditions are just the tip of the iceberg if you think of the extreme weather conditions out in the open.

Rain and extreme heat are other conditions an outdoor bulb will have to cope with after installation. 

Since you’re looking to leave your outdoor light bulbs outside, they should handle all the weather elements outdoors.

Bulbs with an impressive IP Code rating withstand all the abuse from the outdoor elements. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection the casing offers.

The weatherproof rating ranges from IP20 to IP67. Of course, IP67 handles the outdoor weather best.

As such, consider light bulbs boasting this casing protection. You will be sure to protect your investment throughout its lifetime.

Automatic On/Off

An outdoor bulb with an automatic on/off function is easier to control. Precisely, these light bulbs control themselves without your input.

As a result, they help save energy. And that’s because they switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn, meaning they don’t stay on during the day.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about leaving them switched on when you head for work.

These outdoor light bulbs use different techniques to turn on/off automatically. Some feature solar sensors for accurate on/off function, depending on the availability of natural light.

Other bulbs might use timers for automatic control.

Whichever outdoor bulb type you choose, ensure it features an automatic on/off function for hassle-free control and energy-saving performance.

Motion Sensing

An automatic on/off function allows you to have light outdoors without pushing any button. But a motion sensor adds an extra security layer to your home.

Outdoor bulbs with a motion sensor increase their light brightness up to 100%, letting you know someone has trespassed.

As such, you want to consider buying bulbs with this revolutionary feature.

But you want to consider two things when checking the motion-sensing function. First, you want to check the motion-sensing accuracy.

A high-sensitivity motion sensor is your go-to feature. You want a bulb that detects even the slightest movements to alert you to potential trespasses.

Second, you want to check the motion-sensing zone. A bulb whose motion sensor monitors a larger area is more effective at keeping you safe.

So, check to see if the motion sensor monitors an extended area in feet.

If it picks up motion from 70 feet away, you want to consider buying that particular outdoor bulb.

The Angled Beam

Outdoor light bulbs can illuminate up to a given area. But this depends on the beam angle.

A light bulb with a 120° angled beam illuminates a wider area than a second bulb with an angle beam illuminating through 100°. 

When shopping for any outdoor light bulb, you want to check the beam angle. The wider the beam angle, the more area the outdoor light illuminates.

If you have an extensive outdoor space, you want to choose a bulb with an extensive beam angle.

Ease Of Installation

After ensuring a particular light bulb for outdoors has all the features you need, you want to check if it is easy to install.

Bulbs with an E26 base are easier to install; you only screw them into a compatible fixture.

Then you will turn the wall switch on, and the auto on/off feature takes over the control. Always check for ease of installation before buying your bulbs for cold weather.


Can I use my outdoor light bulbs for cold weather indoors?

Yes, you could use your outdoor bulb indoors. But some types of bulbs aren’t ideal for use indoors. A classic example would be the SAATLY 30W LED bulbs best suited for the outdoor space.

The other bulbs we have covered so far could fit inside your home as much as they do outside.

Therefore, consider using your outdoor bulbs inside to have an energy-saving lighting system.

How much electricity does an outdoor light bulb consume throughout the night?

Energy efficient outdoor bulbs consume between 8W – 10W of electricity. This is the electricity amount each outdoor bulb consumes per hour.

Take an outdoor bulb consuming 8W, for example. Such a bulb consumes 0.008kWh of electricity every hour (divide the wattage by 1,000 to get kilowatt-hour).

If you switch this outdoor bulb on for 10 hours straight, it consumes 0.08kWh of electricity. 

Are LED bulbs the best for outdoor applications?

Yes, LED bulbs give brighter lights to keep the outdoor space well illuminated throughout the night. And this makes them the best bulbs for lighting outdoor spaces.

Also, they consume up to 80% less electricity, making them more energy-efficient.

Therefore, you should pick LED light bulbs for your outdoors when shopping.

How far apart should I place my outdoor light bulbs?

One thing to consider when installing your outdoor light bulbs is the spacing. You can keep your light bulbs six to eight feet apart.

This is essential for lighting your patio and sidewalks. Consider this spacing for lighting your pathways and other outdoor sections.

Wrap Up

The best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather should handle the outdoors excellently. Since IP rating dictates the weatherproof rating quality, you want to pick a bulb with the highest IP rating.

Such a light bulb excellently withstands the cold and other extreme atmospheric conditions.

Also, you want to check the color temperature since you’re looking to keep outdoors cozy and comfortable. Bulbs boasting 6000K color temperature provide warm white light for a comfortable outdoor space even when it’s cold outside.

There are a few more features you will check for to find the best outdoor light bulbs for outdoors.

Fortunately, we have included a buyer’s guide with all the features to keep a closer eye on when shopping. But we didn’t stop there; we also rounded up some of the best outdoor bulbs to consider buying.

As a result, finding the outdoor bulb that suits your home best might be easier than before.

Find the best outdoor light bulb and keep your outdoors comfortable and illuminated.

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