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The Four Best Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Accessories

The Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill is an excellent addition to any household. Advanced infrared technology allows this grill to produce less smoke than conventional grills.

Most models have convenience features, including a drip tray, a dishwasher-safe grill face, and special reflectors that help with even grilling. Here are the four best Philips smokeless indoor grill accessories.

When it comes to finding the best available grill accessories for this electric grill, you want to put in minimal effort. That’s why we have a list of the best pans for Philips Smokeless Grills. 

The Best Phillips Smokeless Indoor Grill Accessories

Phillips HD9910/21 Fry/Grill Pan  – For The HD9910/21 and HD9925/00

Our first removable pan is suitable for use with Philips air fryers and grills. It also has excellent versatility among those air fryers, being compatible with a wide range of models. 

Amazon’s system allows you to put in your model number to be sure your air fryer hits. Thankfully, electric grills don’t have the same issue. 

The thoughtful construction allows for ample airflow alongside non-stick features. That means you can easily clean it. It’s also dishwasher safe. 

This model comes with no additional accessories but has a detachable handle. It is also the most cost-effective option on this list. 

Easy to clean.No additional accessories.
Excellent airflow for your fryer.Too small for some types of food.
Removable handle that is easy to adjust.
Best Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Accessories Reviews

Phillips Grill Master Kit XXL –  The Best for Big Meals 

The Philips Grill Master XXL is suitable for giant chunks of meat. As a result, it lacks the same versatility as the other pans on this list. Still, this is the most suitable for large families. 

This larger piece comes in five different forms for different uses:

  • Baking – comes with cupcake holders 
  • Grilling – comes with kebab skewers
  • Party – has a double-layer rack for more food
  • Pizza – A pan suited for homemade pizza 
  • Snack – comes with a cover and tongs suited for small item removal 

All models are relatively expensive by themselves and are compatible with the Philips XXL model grills. All come with a guide and recipe book to teach you how to use them. 

All are great and have excellent airflow. However, some of these accessories have limited use potential, making them less worth the cost. 

The XXL accessories have great potential.Most are a bit more expensive than average pans.
Perfect for large families and small parties.Some of these items won’t get much use.
All come with chef’s tips to teach you how to use them.
Best Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Accessories Reviews

Phillips Stainless Steel Grill Pan  – for Older Models 

Because Philips Smokeless Grills have great longevity, there is still some use in the older pans. This pan has incredible airflow with several gaps located under divots. 

It is suitable for cooking meat, fish,  and vegetables. It’s a must-have for HD962x and HD964x air fryer models. It’s also ideal for all smokeless grills.

The detachable handle design stays the same here. However, the handle on this one is a bit bulkier. However, it still functions as a grease tray to avoid cleaning the grill or basket. 

It’s clear what air fryer models this fits.It’s more ideal for the older model.
It’s suitable for taking the cleaning off of any grill.It might not fit your more current grills.
It’s made with incredible airflow abilities.
Best Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Accessories Reviews

Grill Master Accessory Kit with Pan & Skewers – Incredibly Versatile 

These Philips accessory kits come in three forms: baking, grilling, and “party.” All of them are the same as those listed above, but these are in more compact models. 

Those models include the following:

  • The Grill kit supports the HD9941 and 00 air fryer models
  • The Baking Kit supports HD9925/01
  • The Party Kit supports HD9904/01

Given that they are smaller than the XXL model, these are slightly less expensive than those. However, they still suffer from the “limited use” potential.

It’s nicely built for browning and helps reduce grill smoke by avoiding burning grease. This one is also flexible into the models listed above. 

Excellent at reducing unpleasant smoke.Most items here have somewhat limited use.
Works with almost any modern Philips electric grill.It doesn’t come with a lot of accessories.
Great household products for versatile uses.
Best Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill Accessories Reviews

What You Need To Know Before Buying Philips Indoor Grill Accessories 

What is Infrared Heat Technology?

Infrared heat is radiated heat. It is typically known as “heat radiation” and is similar to heat coming from the sun. Unlike other forms of heating, radiated heat heats physical objects over the air around it.

In lamen’s terms, Infrared cooking heats the meat, not the air. Unlike your conventional oven or grill, infrared heat will warm the surfaces directly. The surfaces then radiate heat outward towards whatever is nearby. 

Infrared heat is typically more efficient, which is why you see it often in home heating applications. It’s also typically more efficient in cooking as well. 

What Makes These Grills Dishwasher Safe?

With all the pans, it’s easy to see what “dishwasher safe” refers to. Slapping a regular pan in the dishwasher is common. But when you apply that same logic to the grill, there should be removable parts. 

Dishwasher safe in general means the product can resist the high heat of the dishwasher. But with these accessories, you shouldn’t have to limit your grill purchase based on what can be removed and ran through the dishwasher. 

Reference the owner’s manual to see about removing these parts. Of course, do not run any electrical components through the dishwasher. No plastic, plugs, or outlets are intended to be hit with hot jets of water. 

How Does Airflow Help Cooking? 

Airflow helps keep the heat in motion. This heat in motion prevents your cooking surface from generating hot or cold spots. This ensures that your meat and vegetables cook thoroughly. 

These Philips accessories make airflow better in two ways:

  • They a lifted grid achieving strong airflow
  • They might have holes alongside th grill surfaces to allow heat to travel 

If you want a great example of how airflow works, use a smoker. Charcoal grills or electric smokers require airflow to prevent hotspots from forming in the area.  

Having your vents open in these contained units allow for even disbursement of heat throughout the chamber.

In these accessories, the existence of perforated surfaces is what contributes heavily to the airflow. Perforated services just mean “pierced.” Combined with the lifted areas, you can be sure that there’s some excellent airflow on this list.  

What are Grill Marks on My Food?

Grill marks are the appealing series of black lines located up and down your food. When you see grill marks, they immedite bring your mind to the ideal girl. 

Many of the accessories on this list have pans that assist in making grill marks. While those marks are a reminder of the practical airflow features, they also serve to make a pretty cut of meat. 

You do not need grill marks to have a delicious cut of meat. However, something is appealing to taking a stake from the grill that has this. 

What is the Detachable Handle For?

The detachable handle is more beneficial for air fryers. Ideally, you should be able to fit the entire grill surface inside. Next, pressing a button will remove the handle, allowing you to close the air fryer. 

These handles aren’t included with the XXL models because they are not suited to its partner grill’s design. Instead, you can lift them using handles already included. 

Removing the handle also works to ensure the pan surface isn’t heavy on one side. This allows the pan to rest comfortably on top of the grill. 

Why Would I Need Any of the Other Kits?

Two of the models listed above have the options to allow for specialized kits. You might ask about why those are included, as they have little to do with a grill. Still, utilizing the radiant heat for other purposes can be helpful. 

The party kit, in particular, is excellent for layering on multiple items. Skewers, stakes, and everything in between can be cooked in greater levels when the heat radiates from the bottom-most surface.

They even have a kit for pizza, which appeals to anyone seeking a healthy alternative to ordering pizza from a restaurant. While none of these kits are necessary, it’s a matter of opening your mind to the possibilities. 

You might find your family’s diet changing with enough effort. 

Philips Grill FAQs

Does a Philips Grill Radiate Ultraviolet Light?

Many people assume that the included heat lamps radiate ultraviolet light. These are heat lamps, so no specialized light is behind them. 

Radiant heat has nothing to do with radiation in the classic sense. It’s just a form of heating that heats physical objects over the air between. 

What Parts of a Philips Grill are Dishwasher Safe?

Typically, the only parts of a Philips grill that you can clean are the trays inside. Wait for the unit to cool down before removing the tray on top. 

Check underneath those trays for a grease trap and any additional trays below. At most, you’ll find three different layers below.

The parts you cannot remove includes the outer shell. You’ll want to clean them through more standard means.  

How Do I Find Out the Compatibility of Philips Grill Accessories?

Seeking parts compatibility can be tricky, but the easiest way to find it is through product descriptions. These descriptions might be located on the side of the box if you are buying it at a physical store.

If you buy it online, you’ll find them in a “features” or “product description” section. When purchasing from Amazon, you might be able to insert your model number into their matching system. This system will be located on a product page if it is compatible. 

A Closer Look at the Philips Brand 

Because Philips is the only brand we have on this list, here’s a bit more about the company that’s worth knowing about:

Philips is a huge company known to be part of the following industries:

  • Personal care (mainly dental)
  • Child care
  • General household products
  • Lighting
  • Health
  • Sound
  • Vision (TVs, monitors, and projectors)
  • Automotive 

Philips has been around for 130 years, allowing them to develop its brand image and product lineup. Most people know them for their technology efforts, so it’s interesting to see what else they offer. 

They have 65 thousand patent rights and a whole bunch of money in research and development. They also make a pretty good grill. 

Their company motto tells us they strive to make life better. Their goal is to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030, 400 million of those in underserved communities. 

As time progresses, we’ll see what that means for Philips. 

Wrap Up

With infrared technology in mind, the Phillips Smokeless Grill is an excellent addition to any household. For accessories, none o the above is necessarily the best. However, the most cost-effective is the black pan in position number one

Of course, this pan won’t fit your XXL air fryer or larger grill. It also doesn’t have the same versatility as some of our other featured products on this list. Whether you want to make pizza or host a party, just make sure your grill accessories can handle it.

If any of these Philips accessories feel like a good fit for your household, consider clicking our affiliate links. Those links allow us to keep writing content that we hope helps you out with your cooking plans. Thanks for reading. 

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