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The Four Best Professional Sous Vide Machines

For the most tender food available, sous vide machines are a great addition to your household. Immersion cookers, sometimes called sous vide devices, are some of the most effective machines for cooking around.

But if you want to cook like a professional, it takes time to find the best machines.

Below, we plan on addressing the most professional sous vide devices available. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to use this vacuum-sealed cooking method to feel like a professional chef.

Our Top Picks for the Best Sous Vide Immersion Circulator 

Pemoo Sous Vide Immersion Circulator – The Best Overall

The best immersion circulator for professionals does not come from Anova. Instead, it comes from a lesser-known purveyor of sous vide: Pemoo. 

The Pemoo sous vide machine is powerful, with 1100 watts behind it. The temperature sensor inside is incredibly accurate, enabling precise temperature control. 

The cooker is large enough to handle the larges pots, enabling you to cook for the whole family. It also has a solid LED color display on top for easy access. 

The prebuilt settings inside are great for steak, lobster, and lamb chops. The stainless steel material is also shaped in such a way where this device is incredibly quiet. 

While other machines provide Bluetooth features, this one is classic.  So if you want your hot water baths to be done like a true professional, the Pemoo Immersion Circulator is your best bet. 

Handles 6 to 16L water baths.It does not have any smart features.
The powerful device heats up fast.There could be more programs.
The design makes it incredibly quiet.
Best Professional Sous Vide Machines Reviews

Anova Precision Cooker Nano – The Sleek One

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is Amazon’s Choice at the time of writing this article. Anova’s popularity primarily comes from the Bluetooth features and access to the Anova App. 

The Anova App comes with all of Anova’s precision cookers. This one is the sleekest, making it easy to store. 

However, the smaller size of the Nano results in difficulty in cooking for larger pots. However, you won’t find that much of an issue unless you are cooking a small amount of food in a large pot. 

The smaller cooking appliance also comes with less wattage. As a result, it isn’t suitable for cooking large batches over extended periods.

Bluetooth controls make it easy to manage.Weaker wattage results in slower heat times.
The application enables users to apply recipes easily.It’s too small for some stockpots.
It has a sleek, easy-to-store design.
Best Professional Sous Vide Machines Reviews

Greater Goods Kitchen Sous Vide – Accurate 

Another professional-level sous vide cooker comes from the greater Goods Kitchen Sous Vide. It has the same level of recognition as Pemoo and the same level of power. The cooking times of this device are lower as a result. 

When reaching your target temperature is more accessible, the knob can be tricky to hit that exact temperature. Still, the onboard controls are professional and easy to use.

With this in mind, it doesn’t have the same app support as Anova immersion cookers, so you’ll have to look up your recipes online. Still, Greater Goods is committed to creating a quality brand that would be a great addition to your kitchen drawer. 

Simple interface.The knob can be somewhat picky.
It has a brushless motor, so it is very quiet.Sometimes ships with timer issues.
Power makes it easy to get to desired cooking temperature .
Best Professional Sous Vide Machines Reviews

Breville CS10001 Joule Sous Vide – Easy to Use 

Those who know Brevill know that the company is known for creating premium products. The Breville Joule Sous Vide Machine is no exception to this rule. 

The large pillar-like design of the Breville Sous Vide is iconic. The resulting size makes it almost unsuitable for smaller pots, making it less flexible than other designs here. 

Breville has designed this to work in a wide range of larger pots. It also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi support, which connects to the Breville app. However, they have not specialized in creating sous vide devices.

Breville isn’t known for making devices with excellent connectivity. That means the smart features behind this device can be burdensome. However, excluding those features, this is easily one of the most potent and professional-looking sous vide machines available.  

Breville is a company known for making amazon products.It doesn’t always stay connected to your WiFi.
It is excellent for use with larger pots.It isn’t suitable for smaller cooking pots.
It has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
Best Professional Sous Vide Machines Reviews

What Should I Look for in a Good Sous Vide Immersion Cooker?

When looking for a good sous vide cooker, here are some tips to keep in mind:

What is a Good Container Size for Sous Vide?

Each sous vide cooker has a different capacity. However, a suitable container size will depend on two factors:

  • The size of your family
  • The size of your cookware

Our number one option is the most flexible, connecting to the side with an adjustable level. The cooking capacity can be anywhere from 6L to 15L.

However, other sous vide cookers are better suited at measuring water levels. For example, you might find some that can handle eight inches of water. An excellent minimum depth is about 2.5 inches

Good Sous Vide Wattage

Ideally speaking, you’ll want to have 750 watts of sous vide cooking at the bare minimum. However, suitable wattage typically exceeds 1000, enabling heating times under 15 minutes for your immersion cooker to reach an appropriate water temperature. 

Higher wattage is more vital if you have a more prominent family. So if you are just two people, a more petite sous vide cooker is suitable for your needs. 

What are Some Good Recipes for Home Cooks to Start With on Sous Vide?

There are a few options if you want to know where to start with your hot water baths. A personal favorite is cooked steak because having a soft steak that has been sous vide just right can be significant. 

Always remember to set the temperature to be precise with your sous vide. The exact temperature is critical during this process, and you will be essentially slow cooking your meat over a long period. 

Too high results in your sous vide project becoming mush. 

When cooking meat, it’s also vital to sear before placing it in. That way, you can seal the flavor early on when cooking with water baths. 

Whatever cooked food you start with, always follow a sous vide recipe your first time. 

Do Professional Chefs Use Sous Vide?

Yes, many professional chefs are known to use sous vide. Many of them will tell you how great it is. 

Sous vide is particularly excellent at simplifying the cooking process. So you won’t find any chefs telling you that it’s how they make complicated dishes, but it does simply high-quality dishes with a higher chance at perfectly cooked meals. 

Sous vide is excellent for providing consistent dishes. 

What Containers are Best for Sous Vide?

The best kind of containers are those made for sous vide. For example, the Everie 12 Quart Sous Vide Container is excellent for use

Good sous vide containers should come with the option of an easy place to insert your immersion circulator. Also, some of them should come with racks that enable you to hang your plastic bags. 

Perfect sous vide cooked means a lifted bag to ensure no water enters. If water enters the bag, that ruins the flavor of your sous vide. 

What is a Good Vacuum Sealer with Sous Vide?

Note that it isn’t required to vacuum seal your cooked food, but it works well when wanting professional-level cooking. The best vacuum sealer (Amazon’s Choice) is the Anova Culinary ANVS01-US00.

This vacuum sealing machine is suitable for use with Anova sous vide cookers. However, they work well with all bags that have the capacity for vacuum sealing. 

Suitable vacuum sealers need to be wide enough to accommodate your family. They also need simple onboard controls, which are typical for professional-level cooking equipment. 

Can You Use a Slow Cooker To Sous Vide?

Using a slow cooker is technically not sous vide. That’s because a big part of the sous vide process is water circulation. 

When water circulates through the pot, it treats the meat with consistent cooking. This ensures all ends of your sealed bag are covered in hot water. 

However, many slow-cooking pots have sous vide functions. The two most popular examples are the Instant Pot Accu Slim or the Pot Duo. Both have sous vide settings you can press to cook, but neither will circulate the water. 

What are Good Sous Vide Bags? 

Remember that standard freezer bags or other food-safe plastic bags are suitable. However, if you want the official stuff, Zerolism offers 50 reusable bags for a reasonable price. 

You can also acquire a hand pump for sous vide that you can acquire here on Amazon. Make sure that your bags are meant to handle high temperatures, regardless of where you get them. 

Best Immersion Cooker Brands

We went through a wide range of sous vide cookers on this list. Here are some of the top brands and what you need to know about them:

Out of all the options above, Pemoo is the least established brand. This is an interesting fact, as they provided the best overall product. 

Sous Vide Immersion Cooker FAQs

Is Sous Vide Safe?

Yes. Sous vide is one of the safer cooking methods available. If you are uncertain of your cooking skills, you can purchase a meat thermometer. 

Here are some safe cooking temperatures to keep in mind: 

  • Ground meat – 160 F
  • Poultry – 165 F
  • Pork – 165 F 
  • Ham – 165 F
  • Eggs – Until firm (160)
  • Seafood – 145 F

How Do You Pronounce Sous Vide?

Sous vide can be pronounced when thinking of the name “Sue” and seed with the letter “v.” So, pronounce it like “Sue Veed.” 

Does Sous Vide Cook Faster?

No, sous vide cooking is typically slower than standard forms of cooking. If you want to get that desired soft texture, your best cooking method is “slow and low.” 

If you want other forms of low and slow cooking, check out our favorite smart electric smokers

Can You Save Time With Sous Vide Cooking?

While the best cooking with sous vide is slow and low, it can save you time cooking large and complicated meals. Sous vide cooking is excellent at consistent cooking. That means it’s ideal if you need to cook for a lot of people.

How Do You Set Up For Your First Sous Vide Cooking?

First, you want to look up a recipe to make sure you are doing things right. You’ll wish to pay particular attention to the time and temperature. By setting a precise temperature, you can get perfectly cooked food every time. 

Pay close attention to different habits formed through the recipes. Once you perform enough varied cooking, you’ll have an idea of good cooking times. This starts by choosing the best sous vide immersion circulators from the list above. 

Final Thoughts 

Our favorite sous vide cooking machine is the Pemoo Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. It might not have smart features, but it does have a simple-to-use interface. All of the controls are easy and upfront, enabling you to avoid the use of smartphones.

Of course, Anova’s option is best if you prefer the Bluetooth option. Breville takes it a step further by including WiFi. Greater Goods is another brand that sticks with simplicity. Regardless of what you want, we’ve got numerous options available. 

If any of these immersion circulators sound great, we’d appreciate it if you click one of our affiliate links. We can continue to make this content that (we hope) helps you out through your support. Thanks for reading!

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