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The Best Quiet Stick Vacuums Your Neighbors Will Love

Vacuum cleaners are some of the loudest devices you can purchase on the planet. Nobody likes to hear a vacuum, but most people put up with it. Here are the best quiet stick vacuums your neighbors will love. 

To address this issue, you need to find an incredibly quiet vacuum cleaner. 

To address this issue without taking away quality, we’ve got a list of the five best quiet stick vacuums for your money. 

The Three Best Quiet Stick Vacuums 

Tineco Pure One S11 Tango Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Tineco Pure One S11 Tango Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum is an excellent choice for those looking for a new vacuum. While it might not be as automated as a robotic vacuum, it does have some unique smart features that make it handy.

The first innovative feature comes from the ability to adjust the area you are vacuuming. Sensor technology can tell when there is hidden dirt, increasing power as needed. It also includes smart features that remind you to vacuum, which you can also do with a reminder app.

It has a HEPA filter and two power brushes, limiting the chances that your items will get stuck. The dual brush power also enables it to be pretty effective at handling pet hair. 

The device is cordless and easily movable but will run out of power before cleaning larger households. This gives it a relatively short run time of about twenty to thirty minutes. You’ll also find this vacuum to be incredibly quiet, making it a great overall package to be on this list. 

Vacuum automatically increases power with more dirty areas.Somewhat heavy.
Simple to shift between handheld and stick modes.It cannot stand by itself.
Excellent cleaning performance.
Best Quiet Stick Vacuums Reviews

Orfeld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Orfeld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner offers six attachments in a quiet package. Two of the attachments are rollers that are intended for carpet and hardwood. The resulting flexibility makes this solid for your furry friends.

The attachable hose also enables you to reach high spaces. It is incredibly light and flexible with an expandable shaft. It’s almost too flexible, so you’ll have to get used to the number of attachments included. The attachments also don’t clip, making it a cluttered experience.

The power makes it suitable for many floor styles, but it isn’t as strong as our number one slot option. It is also has a natural design flaw, with the latch coming loose if you press too hard.

As a quiet vacuum, however, you won’t find much better. 

Includes numerous attachments.Attachments have nowhere to clip on.
Great flexibility can reach up to the top of ceilings.Design flaws can cause contents to spill if not careful.
Expandable and lightweight.
Best Quiet Stick Vacuums Reviews

Aleema Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The combination of purple and orange means Aleema is going for something that stands out. While I can’t agree with the color scheme, the vacuum this company creates is pretty solid. 

In 2021, Aleema went through a significant update that customers enjoy. The update increased suction power and improved the filtering system. Overall, customers have had positive feedback, resulting in them gaining a bit more attention as of late.

It is a smaller vacuum, so you can expect to spend a bit more time using it. The power switch is also located nearby the handle, resulting in a high chance of accidentally hitting it.

The battery lasts about 45 minutes, but the smaller size makes this a bit less flexible for larger houses. Regardless, Aleema makes a quiet vacuum worth being a part of your chosen appliances.

I went through a recent update improving filter and suction power.Not great for large households.
Incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver. Easy to repeatedly turn off.
Great for handling small pet hair.
Best Quiet Stick Vacuums Reviews

What Should I Look for in A Good (and Quiet) Stick Vacuum?

What are Good Noise Levels for a Vacuum?

The typical decibel level for most vacuums is around 70 dB. This level is standard for upright vacuum cleaners, which will almost always overpower any conversation. 

While 70 dB won’t cause any hearing damage, it is annoying. Plus, you might receive ear damage with prolonged exposure to particular loud vacuums. Thankfully, none of the vacuums on this list exceed 70. 

To determine the decibel level, you can use one of three methods:

Often it is best to view the advertised dB and compare it to your findings. If the vacuum exceeds 72 dB, it isn’t quiet. 

How To Determine a Vacuum’s Suction Power

A vacuum’s suction power is determined by its Pa ratings. Pa stands for Pascal Pressure Unit, which refers to the amount of air pressure inside a vacuum. 

Weaker vacuums struggle with high- and medium-pile carpets. You’ll also find some vacuums use a similar term under kPa, which just refers to the kilograms of pressure. 

Ideally, you’ll find a vacuum that’s between 20 kPa and 28 kPa for great suction. You might find yourself on the lower end of that spectrum if you have low-pile carpet or hardwood floors. 

How Do RPMs Affect Vacuum Quality?

One of the most high-quality vacuum brands, Dyson, announced (2014) a vacuum (the CD59) powerful enough to stand up to an upright vacuum cleaner. This was about 125 thousand RPMs. RPMs in vacuums impact quality in the available power settings.

Most budget cordless vacuum cleaners average at about 25 thousand, but these models are closer to that 100 thousand. However, most of these numbers are unnecessary, as kPa is a good indicator of power. 

Focus on the amount of air pressure your vacuum has, and you won’t have to worry about RPMs. 

What is the Best Type of Vacuum? – Stick Vacuum vs. Upright Vacuum

If you are looking for the best type of vacuum for you, there are many different categories. You’ll find that the most common classes for full-sized vacuum cleaners are two:

  • Stick vacuum cleaners 
  • Upright vacuum cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners are great for portability and flexibility. These are virtually silent vacuums and always bagless. With a cordless vac, you can get your apartment space down with relative ease. 

You won’t find these stick vacuums in any commercial location because they are generally weaker. When you have to clean multiple floors and high-pile carpets, stick vacs are typically not the best choice. 

Upright vacuum cleaners come in multiple forms as well. You can choose the classic bagged vacuums if you don’t like kicking dust in the air or the new bagless vacuum models. In this case, if you have allergies, you might want to wear a dust mask when emptying any bag. 

Upright models are typically considered a loud vacuum, unusually sitting on or exceeding the 72 dB limit we suggested above. The quietest vacuums are stick vacuums and handheld vacuums.

Different Stick Vacuum Attachments Worth Looking For 

If you are wondering about the best vacuum attachments, here is a list of different options and why you would need them:

  • Crevice Tool – These tools are great for getting into tricky corners. You can bring your cordless vac to the car with this tool to get between the seats.
  • Upholstery Tool – It has a brush on the end that is great for removing lint and pet hair from your sofas or car seats.
  • Dusting Brush – A dusting brush removes the dust from your shelves, blinds, and lampshades. It’s perfect as an instant solution for these items. 
  • Extension Hose – It is either a hard or soft plastic hose meant for reaching tough spots. The hard plastic hose is excellent for tall spaces, while soft hoses are great for tough-to-reach places. 
  • Motorized Brush Head / Turbo Brush – These brushes are for deep cleaning challenging locations like carpeted stairs or difficult sofas. 
  • Pet Grooming Brush – Some vacuums include a pet grooming attachment that enables you to skip the middleman and just vacuum the hair right off of your furry friend. 

The best vacuums come with clips or spaces where you can easily disconnect or reconnect these attachments. 

Many vacuums think they can give you a series of loose attachments. With handheld vacuums, this is common. Otherwise, many stick vacuums also suffer from having few places to put things. 

Best Quiet Stick Vacuum Brands 

We went through a lot of great small brands today. While they aren’t Dyson or Shark, these are just as good and far more reasonably priced. Here’s a review of these brands:

Despite a couple of unusual bits, all of the companies above are known to put out solid products. So yes, there are more vacuum brands in the world than Dyson, Shark, and Hoover.

Stick Vacuum FAQs

Can A Stick Vacuum Replace a Normal Vacuum?

If you have a smaller home or medium-sized apartment, the answer is yes. Stick vacuums are suitable for hardwood floors and some medium-pile carpets.

If you have a larger home or high-pile carpet, stick with regular vacuums.

How Long Do Cordless Stick Vacuums Last?

A cordless model vacuum can last up to five to eight years through regular cleaning and proper care. Warranties rarely exceed one year. 

Where Does the Dirt Go in a Stick Vacuum?

The dirt goes into a small canister sealed in by a HEPA filter. The cup needs to be regularly emptied to maintain the vacuum’s health. 

Stick vacuums are smaller forms of canister vacuums.

Can You Use a Stick Vacuum on Carpet? 

Premium stick vacuums are usable on all forms of flooring. However, most stick vacuums are best used for low-pile carpets and hard floors. 

Check the product description of any vacuum you buy for clarification. 

Are Corded Stick Vacuums Better Than Cordless?

Corded stick vacuums receive a more consistent power source than cordless vacuums. This doesn’t make corded vacuums better; it only makes them more consistent. 

By being aware of the power limitations of your cordless vac, it is a non-issue.

Are Stick Vacuums Better Than An Upright Vacuums?

 A stick vacuum is only better than an upright vacuum regarding flexibility. Stick vacuums are better when it comes to fitting into unusual spaces.

Stick vacuums are also more lightweight, making them better for long use periods. 

Final Thoughts 

The Tineco Pure One S11 Tango Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum is the best overall due to its high-quality construction and smart features. Having a vacuum respond to your dirt levels is a remarkable feature that we didn’t know we needed. We suspect most people would agree with us.

These features come with a higher price tag, so all of the other vacuums on this list might be more suitable. There are also budget vacuums below $100, but all are more flexible than your regular vacuum. If you want quiet vacuum cleaners, any on this list will do. 

Anytime you click one of these links, we make an affiliate commission. As Amazon Affiliates, we can continue making articles like these to help you out with your support. Thanks for reading!

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