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The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners (And What You Can Name Them)

Not too long ago, robot vacuum cleaners cost a lot of money. These days, they are far more approachable, with some models being as low as $200.

If you are anything like me, you want to slap a pair of googly eyes on it and watch a cat use it as a mobile platform. However, you can also use these robotic vacuums for cleaning.

To address those cleaning needs, we have five robotic vacuums you should consider. We will also give you some good ideas on what you can name them.

The Five Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Eufy by Anker – BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Slim

The BoostIQ RoboVac is an excellent entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner. As one of the most reasonably priced options, it is excellent between cleaner.

The BoostIQ excels at simplicity, communicating through a series of beeps. The number of beeps dictates what the device needs to keep running (emptying the bin, another technical issue, etc.).

Its most important feature is the recognition of battery limitations. When the battery runs low, it turns off the vacuum function and returns to the charging dock.

It is a cheaper robot vacuum, so its sensors do not function well with darker material. However, you’ll find this to be a common problem among other robot vacuums.

The BoostIQ excels when it comes to suction power. So if you are looking for an excellent entry-level robot vacuum, this is a good start.

A simple interface makes it easy to use.It does not operate well on dark surfaces.
The vacuum returns to the charging dock when low on power.Its small container requires regular changes.
Incredible suction for being a small device.
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Good Nicknames for Your BoostIQ

  • Obi-Wan Cleanobi
  • Dustbin Hoffman
  • Brad Pitt
  • Steve
  • Alfred

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum With Automatic Dirt Disposal

The other end of the cleaning spectrum is the iRobot Roomba i7+. As the first company to introduce robot vacuums, they were around during the early days. As a result, iRobot releases a premium product.

The self-emptying dustbin is a crucial part of what makes this a premium product. Unlike other robotic vacuums, you don’t have to empty the dust bin after each use.

Instead, you’ll be expected to do that once every few days, as it deposits your mess at the docking station.

The iRobot also works with well-known smart home devices. Those who have Amazon Alexa or Google Home will be able to give this robotic vacuum voice commands.

The features are comparable to the much more expensive Roomba S9.

Roomba enables you to see the layout of your home using their application, which is incredibly cool if you want to control what areas the Roomba cleans.

This can be convenient if you want it to avoid high-pile carpet, something that robot vacs classically struggle with.

However, you’ll find that the “always-on” mode means you will need to have your phone for the auto start feature to work.

This can be a problem if you do not want to rely on your phone or other smart devices as someone who likes to save money on electricity.

Besides that, this is easily the most expensive robot vacuum on the market. However, you are paying for quality across the board. So if you want a robot vacuum comparable to some stick vacuums, this is your ideal pick.

The app enables you to program specific vacuum zones.Very expensive compared to other models.
It has automatic dirt disposal.Has issues with the auto start feature in some situations.
Connects easily to smart home features.
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Most Popular Nicknames for Your Roomba

  • Dustbin Bieber
  • Johnny 5
  • Lazy Husband
  • Robot Overlord
  • Darth Cleaner

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Coredy R750 is a happy middle when it comes to cost-effectiveness. As a result, it is comparable in cost to a more expensive regular vacuum.

What makes the Coredy a powerful vacuum is the dual sweeping side brushes that come with this vacuum model. This makes it incredibly effective at picking up pet hair. The main roller is a bit small, however, meaning it will take more time to clean.

As a powerful vacuum, this is an excellent choice. However, what it has in power is taken away regarding smart features. It relies on 2.4 GHz internet, meaning it’s a bit behind the times compared to other vacuums.

Also, because it is a smaller company, Google Home doesn’t have automated integration. Compared to Roomba (the most popular company), this gives other companies an unfair advantage.

However, Coredy needs to address this weakness by making their wi-fi connectivity and application easier to manage.

The Coredy vacuum also has a higher chance of being stuck under low-hanging areas. Coredy is an excellent vacuum despite these necessary improvements.

Incredibly effective at picking up pet hair.The smart home setup is a bit of a pain.
A powerful vacuum that works well across most carpet lengths.It is likely to get stuck under low-hanging things.
It is pretty cost-effective compared to other models.
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

The Best Nicknames For Your Coredy Vacuum

  • Cle-anu Reeves
  • Katniss Everclean
  • Bill
  • Jeeves
  • Captain Planet

Roborock S6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

When people are thinking of a substitute for Roomba’s offering, the second company is Roborock. Roborock vacuum cleaners are solid among smart offerings, and this one is another company that undercuts Roomba’s high pricing.

The bonus with this model of Roborock is an included mopping feature. Through a connected water tank, you can choose to mop your floors automatically.

This can be handy if you are away from home often, as the floors will dry while you work.

This vacuum cleaner is also incredibly quiet. So even if you do work from home, you won’t hear it over what you are doing.

You can also expect extra-long battery life, perfect if you have a larger than average home. However, you should not expect this to handle medium-pile carpets.

This vacuum is pretty quiet.Not great for medium-pile (or higher) carpet.
It has a mopping feature which is great for cleaning.It has difficulties with darker flooring.
It is easy to use and replace the dust bins and water tanks.
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Great Nicknames For Your Roborock

  • Optimus Grime
  • Megaman (or Rockman depending on your reference)
  • Bob
  • Not a toaster
  • Dust Collector 3000

Tecbot S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For those who prefer budget options, Tecbot is likely going to be your preference. It is the cheapest robot vacuum on this list but manages to be pretty solid at what it does.

It is solid at cleaning pet hair on hardwood floors. However, you’ll find it altogether avoiding medium-pile (or longer) carpets, making it less powerful than other models.

Its pathing could use a bit of improvement, as it is more likely to get stuck than other options. You’ll find its robotic cries for help a bit funny at first but more annoying when it gets stuck and dies underneath your entertainment center.

However, the pathing on the Tecbot does seem to learn; it just takes some time.

It is more colorful than other robot vacuums, making it easier to spot—no more accidental stepping on the robot vacuum.

Your pets also won’t make the same mistake, as this one is a bit louder. Still, among budget options, this is a solid investment.

Decent pathing over long periods.It will cry for help when it gets stuck, which will happen often.
Easy to spot when it is moring around.The home integrations are a bit weak because it is a smaller company.
It has wi-fi connectivity and an included app.
Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

Popular Names For Your Tecbot Robot Vacuum

  • Bluey (or Pinky if you get the alternate color)
  • Undercover Roomba
  • Tachikoma
  • Wall-E

What Should I Look for in Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

How Robot Vacuums Create Cleaning Paths In Your Home

Robot vacuums have one of three standard methods for pathing through your home:

  • Bumpers
  • Eyes
  • Lasers

Using bumpers is the low-tech option, as the robot begins to understand a build a layout based on what it runs into.

Bumpers might also include placing down an electronic fence, directing where a robot vacuum can and cannot go.

The fence is in the corners of rooms you prefer the vacuum to clean. When a vacuum recognizes it is about to cross a fence, it directs.

Eyes, by comparison, enable a robot vacuum to build an environment using artificial intelligence. This method (similar to lasers) spreads out a visual representation of your house’s floor plan.

More advanced scanning features (such as those available from Roombas or Roborock vacuums) enable multi-floor views.

Your advanced robot vacuum will rely on these determined routes based on how it works outside your room and draws inward.

You’ll also find that bumper-based vacuums are less effective at cleaning, as they might recognize a table as a wall, not bothering to clean half of the room in the process.

How Convenient is an Auto-Dumping Bag for Robot Vacuums?

The Roomba vacuum is the only robot vacuum on this list that automatically disposes of vacuum gunk. This feature is convenient if you happen to be forgetful. 

Because Roombas are still considered the most premium line of robot vacuums, they have features that others do not. However, it isn’t so far over the features available from competing for robot vacuums.

If you find yourself willing to dump out your robot vacuum after each use, you’ll find that the iRobot vacuums aren’t worth the price.

However, it is still a significant convenience on top of another convenience, so ask yourself how far you are willing to go with robot vacuums regarding the budget.

Can Robot Vacuums Compare To The Suction Power of Upright Vacuum Cleaners?

No, the suction power of most upright vacuums is 200 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Most robot vacuums are more suitable for touch-ups.

Even the best robot vacuums cannot stack up when put up against upright vacuums. So regardless of having a robot vacuum, you will need a stick vacuum or upright vacuum.

Robot vacuums can have high suction power, with some examples going up to 2 kPA (comparable to some upright vacuums). However, its capacity for cleaning and ability to adjust to thicker carpets is minimal.

If you see a robot vacuum with a similar suction power to an upright, be aware that doesn’t mean it has the same power.

What Robot Vacuums are Best For Pet Hair?

All robot vacuums on this list are suitable for pet hair. However, not all of them are great for high-pile carpet that contains pet hair, which is the more significant issue.

Robot vacuums almost always function best on bare flooring. Sometimes, you will be lucky enough to find a robot vacuum that handles low-pile or medium-pile carpets.

A promising sign of this comes from the addition of side brushes, which run through the carpet to knocking the dirt loose.

What is a Robot Vacuum’s Cliff Sensor?

A cliff sensor refers to the ability of your vacuum to sense a drop-off. If you clean on the second floor, you need a robot vacuum with a suitable cliff sensor.

If your stairs are dark in color, no cliff sensors will be able to handle this issue. In this case, you will want to avoid placing a robot vacuum on the second floor.

What is the Use of Smart Maps on Robot Vacuums?

Smart maps are limited to some of the more premium available options. These are when your sensors work beyond bumper-based sensors, enabling the vacuum to create a floor map of your room.

In this case, once a robot vacuum “scans around,” you can direct it to clean specific rooms. For example, you can help it avoid high-pile carpet that typically wouldn’t be a good use of its time.

It also solves some of the cliff sensor issues mentioned above. If you prevent it from going over a certain point, it has enough of a sensor to avoid chucking itself down the stairs.

Smart maps are convenient when your house has an area you don’t want your robot vacuum to clean.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Among robot vacuums, you will find that they have little crossover with typical vacuum cleaning brands. Below are some of the brands we featured today:

  • iRobot The iRobot brand started in 1990, starting with a robot designed for space exploration.  Roomba, its primary brand, dates back to 2002. From there, they have created robots for a variety of home uses.
  • EufyEufy is owned by Anker, a well-known technology product most associated with phone chargers. Anker is also known to provide many smart home solutions, making them a very tech-focused company.
  • Coredy – Coredy was founded in 2011, where they started as a creator of Robot vacuums. The company has grown fast, with its products being in over 800 thousand homes.
  • Roborock – Roborock was founded by Beijing Roborock Technology Co., specializing in cleaning products. They produce robot vacuums and handheld vacuums and have been doing so since 2014.
  • Tecbot – Tecbot started as a Kickstarter project that gained popularity from achieving an HK$ 800 thousand funding goal.  The design has changed quite a bit since its original release.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

How Often Do You Empty A Robot Vacuum?

Assuming it runs every day, you should be emptying it after each use. If you have a self-dumping model, this can be extended to every three to seven days.

You will also want to clean your vacuum at least once a week.

How Long Does a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Last?

Robot vacuums typically have warranties for around one year. However, you can make them last up to five years if you take care of your vacuum.

Do Robot Vacuums Need Wi-Fi?

Yes, robot vacuums require consistent wi-fi connectivity when communicating with your smart home. This feature enables it to integrate with Google Home, Alexa, or your smartphone.

Bluetooth connectivity is typically too weak and inconsistent.

Do Robot Vacuums Learn Your House?

Some robot vacuums gain a greater understanding of your home with use. Those who have smart mapping features can path around particular obstacles.

There is some concern that this data is sold to third parties to better direct advertising to you. Check your chosen vacuum’s privacy policy before purchasing if this is a concern.

Do You Still Have To Vacuum When You Have a Robot Vacuum?

Yes, robot vacuums are not substitutes for regular vacuuming. However, you can spend less time vacuuming, scheduling out vacuuming sessions further as a result.

Will My Robot Vacuum Tell Me When It Is Full?

Most robot vacuums will send you a notification and return to their docking station when full. Roombas will provide similar messages when the docking station that receives regular debris dumps is full as well.

Final Thoughts

Our favorite robot vacuum is the BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Slim. It is small, relatively cost-effective, and just as good as some models that cost double. It provides the best overall features regarding its sensors and mapping capabilities.

iRobot makes the most premium product, but you will be paying for that premium. You might also require a mopping function, which Roborock excels at.

Regardless of what you need, there is something for everyone here (assuming you like robot vacuums).

If you like any robot vacuum on this list, consider adding it to your collection through our links.

We make affiliate commissions each time someone clicks, so you can help support us through these means. Thank you for reading!

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