The Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

The Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

Landscaping a garden area with solar lighting can make any outdoor area look spectacular. The benefit of a solar powered light is while you get a great look, you keep your electric bill low. This lighting solution can look just as good as any wired landscape lighting you might want. Choosing outdoor solar lights takes some insight simply because you want to make sure they are weatherproof and will give off the illumination you want.

Most solar lights used as landscape lighting or as accent lights have a lower lumen level and are specifically designed for garden areas. Their brightness level helps you to see in the dusk, while subtle enough to give a lovely look to landscape walkway lights, and not for something like a stark spot light.

Benefits of Solar Lights for Landscapes

There are lots of benefits to having solar outdoor lights, the most obvious being they are sustainable and inexpensive to run. This type of garden light also has other benefits:

  • Easy to put in and use – often auto turn on and off
  • The power source is environmentally friendly
  • No electricity required
  • Safe to set up with no power cords
  • Weatherproof and good in all weather
  • Can add security as a path light, while enhancing the garden area

Installing solar lights

This installation of a solar light is not difficult, but it does have to be planned out. Because they use solar energy, they require sunshine, so they have to be placed somewhere to absorb sunlight in order to produce a lasting bright light. The bulb needs enough light so it can charge during the day and then last into the night. Most are simple installs once you have found the most solar efficient place. They either are just set in the ground, pushed in on posts, or mounted on fences and higher areas.

Best solar lights for landscapes

While many solar landscape lighting setups are designed as smaller and for placement in the garden, there are lots of sizes and styles to light up the outdoors. There are lots on the market and you can find almost any style to fit your needs and budget.

Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW DaytownThe #1 Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

This versatile light is one of the best you can get when it comes to quality and outdoor lighting. It can be put up on the walls of your home, on a fence, or various areas around the garden. It simply uses an outdoor wall bracket to go wherever you would like it. It gives off a clear white light in a classic design. It will work up to 10 hours when fully charged. It is automatic and turns on when dusk approaches and turns off when the sun is coming up. They are relatively inexpensive considering their classic solid design and offer 130 lumens for a great outdoor look.

AMIR Solar Powered String Lights

Each string of these solar-powered lights offers 100 bright LEDs on copper wire. This flexible

wire means they can be strung anywhere throughout your outdoor area. They come

with a bobbin to keep them untangled when not mounted. The bulbs do not need the sun for power. It is only the stick mount that has to be in direct sunlight. This means the lights can go in the shadiest spots of the garden. They have an automatic sensor so turn on when the evening starts. They are 200 lumensoffering good light for a dark area.

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

These solar lights are easy to place and ready to go once they are charged. They can be placed anywhere in a garden with sunlight or they can be mounted onto a wall for higher-level illumination. They are waterproof and durable in all types of weather. The angle of the light is adjustable, offering light anywhere you need it. It has a light sensor that automatically turns on and off as needed based on outdoor light levels. When fully charged, it will last up to 9 hours so the outdoor area will be safe and look good all night.

Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light

This flagpole light is innovative. It is designed to go on the top of a flagpole,so the flag is illuminated even at night. Although it was designed for flag poles, it can also be used in other high places as well to light up backyard design. It has a light sensor, so it turns on and off as needed and is easy to put up. It is strong at 1300 lumens so it can light up a flag or outdoor décor well.

Flickering Flame Garden Lights

As solar technology improves, solar lights for landscapes become more decorative. These solar torches look great with a flickering flame design. They are safe and make for great outdoor décor. They are 22.8 inches long so they can be used to light a pathway or outline beautiful garden sites. They are constructed from ABS and are waterproof, so they can stand up to harsher weather as well. They can last up to 12 hours with a full summer sunlight charge. They have a photosensitive switch that will automatically turn on and off according to the light levels.

Solar Candle Lanterns

These outdoor solar candles are realistic looking and can be placed around any outdoor area. They are realistic-looking candles that give oft a soft light into the evening when the sun is going down. They last up to 8 hours on a full sunlight charge, and are weatherproof, so they will look good in rain or shine. They should be brought in if the weather is extreme though to protect the glass. This is a stylish addition to any outdoor landscape.

Final Thoughts

The best solar lights for landscapes are the traditional looking Gama Sonic GS-105FPW-BW Daytown that can be mounted in many areas of your outdoor gardens. While they may be the best overall, there are also many new designs on the market that are innovative and stylish. Decide what style you are looking for and then you can create a landscape scene that will make your nights outside enjoyable and lovely.

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