The Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

The Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

Adding specific solar lights to your outdoor space brings the landscape under the scope of a magnificent view from dusk to dawn.

And the best part is you don’t incur any electricity cost as these solar landscape lights rely on solar energy for power.

And with their impressive battery life, you can be sure to keep every outdoor section bright the entire night.

The best solar lights are also weatherproof, taking on even the roughest weather to provide brilliant light that keeps any danger lurking in the dark at bay.

Since they don’t consume your electricity supply, they are an energy-saving and Eco Friendly outdoor lighting solution. As such, you want to invest in the best solar lights for landscapes. 

If you want the best lighting performance, buy the best solar lights for landscapes. We have rounded some of the best landscape lighting systems for your outdoor space.

They feature incredibly powerful batteries and LEDs that provide brilliant lights. We have also included a few features to look for when buying a solar light in our buyer’s guide below.

So, consider spending a few minutes and find out more about these landscape lights!

Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

Sun Need 400W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

This SUN NEED 400W SOLAR STREET LIGHTS OUTDOOR is bright enough to illuminate your outdoor landscape for a spectacular night view.

Since it is a solar landscape light, you will spend nothing on electricity bills. The solar light features 468 LEDs that give a brilliant light while boasting over 50,000 hours of trouble-free performance.

The built-in battery is powerful, with an impressive charge capacity of 48000mAh. The battery provides 3.2V of electricity that lasts the entire night.

As a result, the solar landscape light will illuminate your garden area the whole night. 

Besides the amazing battery life, this solar light for your outdoor space also comes with a powerful solar panel. The solar panel has an impressive 40W output, capable of charging the built-in battery in low sunlight intensity weather.

And the battery will still provide power for 10 – 12 hours straight!

Since you will install a few of these solar lights outside to become your garden lights, they will have to handle any weather. Fortunately, this solar light is IP67 weatherproof rated for excellent performance in any weather.

Besides, its body comprises a rust-proof Aluminum that also makes it very durable.

You can choose to pole mount it or wall-mount it to illuminate the dark garden, patio, or driveway. The built-in motion sensor increases security.

If this solar light picks up motion, it brightens up for about 20 seconds, letting you know an intruder is nearby.

The solar light turns on automatically at dusk and switches off at sunrise. But you can also control it using the included remote controller.

Since this unit is weather resistant and Eco Friendly, besides producing a brilliant light, it is an excellent investment for your outdoor space.

Manufacturer XINHUI
Product Dimensions‎24.4 x 9.2 x 3.2 inches
Item Weight‎16.12 pounds
Item model number-
Maximum Compatible Wattage‎400 Watts
Battery Power48000mAh
400W of brilliant light.It doesn't include a user manual.
12 hours of battery life.Nonexistent customer service.
It has a remote controller.
Best Solar Lights for Landscapes Reviews

KINGHE 120W Solar Street Lights Outdoor

KINGHE 120W SOLAR STREET LIGHTS OUTDOOR is a reliable outdoor light that relies on solar energy for power. As such, it doesn’t affect your electric bill in any way.

The solar street light features 108 LEDs providing a bright light of 12000 lumens. What’s even more impressive is this light illuminates a large area of 4300 sq. ft.

If you install a few of these solar street lights, you will bring light to every section of your outdoor space.

This solar street light impresses with its excellent battery life. To be specific, the battery has an incredible 24000mAh charge capacity. As a result, it provides power for 3 nights after only 10 hours of charging time.

That means this landscape lighting system illuminates your outdoor space for the whole night.

The LEDs are durable and have a life of up to 50,000 hours. The housing boasts a die-cast Aluminum that makes the solar street light a long-term investment.

Also, you get three lighting modes with this particular unit. The three light modes include Automatic Mode, Light Control, and Timer.

The photocell sensor ensures the unit turns on the lights automatically at dusk and off at sunrise. But you could control this function with the included remote controller.

The remote also allows you to control other functions, such as the brightness level.

The IP66 weatherproof rating makes this solar light ideal for any weather. The light is also easy to install. You can mount the unit on a wall or pole. So, the choice is yours.

If you’re looking for a light source for your outdoor space, consider this solar street light. It comes with everything you need to light up your residence without incurring an electricity bill.

Manufacturer KINGHE
Product Dimensions‎23.5 x 15.5 x 7 inches
Item Weight‎8.14 pounds
Item model number-
Maximum Compatible Wattage‎120 Watts
Battery Power24000mAh
12000 lumens light brightness.It has no motion sensor.
The battery lasts 3 nights.The warranty is limited.
Die-cast Aluminum construction.
Best Solar Lights for Landscapes Reviews

Twinsluxes Solar Post Cap Lights Outdoor

TOMCARE SOLAR LIGHTS METAL FLICKERING FLAME is a pack of 4 solar-powered lights for the great outdoors. The four solar lights are ideal for outdoor spaces such as driveway, patio, porch, and garden.

You can invest in this pack to light up the dark areas around your residential building. What’s more, the solar lights provide lights mimicking flickering flames for picturesque scenery. 

Durability is another advantage of these solar outdoor lights. They boast a heavy-duty metal construction that makes them take on any weather perfectly.

To be more specific, these lights comprise a high quality metal that is rust-proof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant. Also, the solar lights feature an IP65 weatherproof rating for exceptional performance under any weather.

If you need an energy-saving solution, investing in solar landscape lights is a noble idea. These lights depend on solar energy for power.

As such, they are energy-saving as you will not connect them to your electricity supply to illuminate the dark garden areas, among other areas outside the house!

Each solar light features a solar panel that charges the built-in battery.

After this battery is full, it powers the solar light for 10 hours. The solar panels require only hours of sunlight exposure to charge the batteries fully. 

Since every working component is enclosed within the solar lights, they feature no wires, making every unit easy to install.

Use the included spikes to keep every outdoor light staked into the ground for hassle-free installation.

Then leave the rest to the solar light. These are beautiful solar torches that add refined taste to the aesthetics of any home. So, consider adding them to your outdoor lighting system. 

Durable and weatherproof construction.They don't work efficiently in heavy rains.
Impressive battery life.The rest-resistant finish isn't durable.
They provide realistic flickering flame lights.
Best Solar Lights for Landscapes Reviews


These 12 TWINSLUXES SOLAR POST CAP LIGHTS OUTDOOR are perfect for wooden, PVC, and vinyl posts.

You get a pack of 12 post cap lights, ideal for your patio, deck, and driveway, among other outdoor areas. Each post cap light provides a warm white light that improves the outdoor night walking mood.

Besides providing warm white lights, these post cap lights also provide only white light. And that makes them feature two color modes: white and warm white lights.

While the warm white light keeps your outdoor space comfortable, it illuminates the exquisite landscape for nighttime viewing.

Each decorative solar post cap light features a unique design you won’t see with any other solar spotlight. And that means you will have a unique outdoor decoration.

Your solar post cap lights feature solar panels for converting the solar energy into electrical charge for the batteries.

You want to expose these solar panels for 13 hours non-stop before using your solar post cap lights. This will ensure the batteries charge sufficiently.

The attention to detail in the construction of these solar lights is phenomenal. The solar lights boast high quality ABS material that makes them perform exceptionally in any weather and stand the test of time.

They are weatherproof-rated IP44 to withstand the outdoor weather, as we have already seen. Each battery has a charge capacity of 600mAh, capable of lasting you a whole night.

The high-efficiency reflector ensures each unit illuminates a wide area. 

Installation is a breeze as there are no wires involved. If you’re handling DIY projects, you will enjoy installing them on your posts to illuminate your patio, garden, and driveway.

Consider buying these 12 post cap lights to enhance the scenery view of your landscape at night.

Manufacturer ‎TWINSLUXES
Product Dimensions‎5.23 x 5.23 x 5.2 inches
Item Weight‎12.17 pounds
Item model number‎PL-Black
Maximum Compatible Wattage0 watts
Battery Power600mah batteries
Powerful polysilicon solar panels.Limited warranty.
600mAh rechargeable batteries.Installation is a challenge for some users.
Unique design.
Best Solar Lights for Landscapes Reviews

Linkmoon Outdoor Solar Post Cap Light

This LINKMOON OUTDOOR SOLAR POST CAP LIGHT is the next post cap solar light you want to consider adding to your outdoor lighting system.

It provides a comfortable 3000K warm light that keeps the outdoors comfortable at night. If you have posts near your patio or on either side of the driveway, you can invest in multiple Linkmoon Solar Cap Lights. 

As you would expect with any solar-powered landscaping light, this unit features a solar panel. That means it is 100% solar-powered, a perfect energy-saving outdoor light for your residence.

The solar panel charges the built-in battery for 7 hours, and the LED bulbs inside the solar light illuminate the dark patio or garden for 10 hours straight! 

The high standard stainless steel material makes the solar light elegant and durable. What’s more, this particular solar light is IP54 weatherproof-rated for unmatched performance in any weather.

With stainless steel as the construction material of this light, quality is a non-issue.

The solar light comes with a remote controller that makes controlling it convenient. The led lighting beads inside the unit provide a 350-lumen bright light, lighting a 180° area.

If you add a few more units, you will light up every angle of your outdoor space. 

Installing post cap lights is effortless, and this one is no exception. No wires mean quick installation.

So, install a few of these units on your outdoor posts to illuminate the dark outdoor space, even when there is a power outage at night!

Manufacturer ‎Linkmoon
Product Dimensions‎9.84 x 9.84 x 3.54 inches
Item Weight‎4.41 pounds
Item model number‎C3007H-S
Maximum Compatible Wattage‎5 watts
Battery Power4400mAh
350 lumens of light.The warranty is limited to 1 year.
10 hours of battery life.It has no motion sensor.
Easy installation.
Best Solar Lights for Landscapes Reviews

POWGDLT Solar Post Cap Lights Outdoor 

These POWGDLT SOLAR POST CAP LIGHTS OUTDOOR are a pack of 12 post cap solar lights that are easy to install. Every working component is enclosed within the shell.

That means no wires needing connection, making the installation process a complete breeze.

You will install these post cap lights on 3.5 – 5 square inch posts for the best illumination experience. The good news is you could do this by yourself. Or you can consult a professional for help.

These solar-powered landscaping lights take on the outdoor weather quite impressively, thanks to their IP44 weatherproof rating.

They are also very durable as they feature strong ABS plastic that makes them a long-term investment.

Besides durability, each solar light features a bungalow-style design that adds elegance to your outdoor posts. If you install them on posts leading to your garden, you can be sure to add a remarkable distinction to your outdoor space.

They charge faster than flood lights since you can have 8 hours of battery life after only 3 hours of charging. They feature two light modes: white and warm white lights.

Therefore, you can choose the light mode that enhances your evening mood. However, they feature no motion sensors, but they still do an incredible job of keeping intruders at bay.

So, consider adding them to your outdoor lighting system.

Manufacturer ‎POWGDLT
Product Dimensions‎5.24 x 5.24 x 3.86 inches
Item Weight‎11.23 pounds
Item model number‎SL1717-12P
Maximum Compatible Wattage0 watts
Battery Power 600mAh
IP44 Waterproof rating.They feature no motion sensors.
Fast charging solar panel.They are not very bright.
They are easy to install.
Best Solar Lights for Landscapes Reviews

How To Pick the Best Solar Lights for Landscapes

You want to buy the best solar lights for landscapes to get the best illumination of your landscape. But picking the best solar lights means checking for a few features before spending your hard-earned cash.

Many buyers don’t know what to look for when picking solar lights on the market. If you want to pick the best units, be sure to check for the following features first:


When buying a solar light for landscapes, the brightness level is one of the features you will check.

The rated lumens show how bright the solar light in question is, and you always want to check the lumens before spending your money.

If a solar light has more lumens output, it is brighter than a second solar light with fewer lumens output.

As such, you always want to pick a solar light with a high lumen output. If you want a good illumination of your outdoor landscape, you can start at 350 lumens.

But for a spectacular and unrivaled illumination performance, consider aiming higher.

You can find solar lights with as high as 12000 lumens output. Consider these solar lights if you want very bright lights illuminating your landscape.

The Construction Design

Solar lights for illuminating your landscape also come in various designs. You can find some featuring bungalow-style designs that add redefined touch to your outdoor space.

At the same time, you can find other designs. 

Aside from aesthetics, some solar lights feature a design that makes them post cap lights for easy installation.

If you’re a DIYer, you could find these designs more appealing, especially if you want to do the installation by yourself.

You could also look for designs that allow you to mount the solar light on a pole or a wall.

There are many designs on the market, and you want to pick one that makes installation convenient. As such, check the design of the solar light before buying it.


Whenever you buy a solar light for illuminating the landscape, you want it to illuminate the landscape for many years. As such, consider the durability of the solar light before buying it.

But durability depends on the construction material of the solar light.

Some materials have built a reputation for quality and impressive durability. They include stainless steel, die-cast Aluminum, and ABS plastic.

If a solar light features any of these materials, chances are good it will last for many years. Therefore, consider buying solar-powered lights featuring any of these high-quality construction materials for unmatched durability.

Solar Panel Output

Solar lights feature a solar panel that converts the solar energy into electrical charges stored in the built-in batteries. Since the solar panel is a crucial component, you want to check it for powerful performance.

A powerful solar panel charges the battery fast. So, you want to ensure the featured solar panel is sufficiently powerful.

Look at the power output rating of the solar panel to know if it is powerful enough. This power rating is in Watts (W). So, the higher the wattage rating, the more powerful the solar panel.

If the solar panel has a 10W power output, it is powerful enough to charge the battery fast. But you can pick more powerful solar panels.

Alternatively, you can check the number of hours a solar panel takes to charge the batteries fully. If it takes a few hours, that solar panel is sufficiently powerful.

So, you can also consider buying solar lights whose solar panels take a few hours to charge the batteries fully.

The Battery Life

The solar panel converts solar energy into electrical charges that the battery stores. Then these stored charges will power the LED bulbs that provide light.

Since the battery stores electrical charges, it should have sufficient charge capacity in milliamp-hour (mAh). 

A battery with a high charge capacity will store more electrical charges. And such a battery powers the solar light for extended periods.

Therefore, you want to check the battery to ensure it boasts sufficient charge capacity.

If the battery features a 2200mAh charge capacity or higher charge capacities, consider buying the solar light with such a battery. You always want to pick more powerful batteries for impressive running time.

So, look for the highest charge capacity when shopping for solar lights.

Weatherproof Rating

You want to buy a solar light that handles any weather. If a solar light doesn’t handle the weather during the rainy season, you will be in complete darkness during such adverse weather conditions when nighttime reaches.

Also, you want a solar light that doesn’t bail on you during freezing seasons. As such, you want to buy a weatherproof solar light.

The IP weatherproof rating tells you how weather-resistant a particular solar light is. As such, you want to check this IP weatherproof rating before buying a solar light.

A weatherproof rating of IP44 and above is what you want to keep a closer eye on before splashing the cash. The higher the IP weatherproof rating, the better the performance in adverse weather.

So, keep aiming higher for the best weatherproof performance.

Light Color and Temperature

Since you’re looking to illuminate your landscape, you want a solar light producing a warmer light. But when it comes to the light color, you can choose the color that appeals to you.

Some light color options include white, yellow, and warm white, among other light colors. So, you can choose the color that brings out the best landscape scenery.

Whichever light color option you choose, you want to ensure it is at the correct temperature in Kelvin (K).

A 3000K light temperature is great for landscaping. But you can always opt for warmer lights. So, look for a higher light temperature rating for a comfortable outdoor space.

The Lighting Area

A solar light can only light up the outdoor landscape up to a given range. This means a solar light can only light up a given area in square meters. As such, you want to check the lighting area of a solar light before buying it.

If you’re looking to install a few solar lights but have a wide landscape area to illuminate, buy a unit with an incredibly wide lighting area.

Also, you can check the lighting angle before buying a solar light.

A unit with a wide lighting angle lights up a wide area. If a solar light has an impressive lighting angle of 120° or a wider angle, consider adding it to your outdoor lighting system.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor is an excellent addition to solar light. This feature could add a security layer to your residence.

If a solar light features a motion sensor, it will increase its brightness for 20 seconds to scare away the intruder.

At the same time, it will alert you to the presence of potential danger. Therefore, keep an eye out for solar lights featuring motion sensors.

LED Bulbs

You want to get a solar light with LED bulbs because these bulbs boast over 50,000 hours of trouble-free operation.

As a result, your solar light will be remarkably durable. Apart from durability, LEDs consume less energy. and that means you will have impressive battery life. LED bulbs are also brighter.

Therefore, consider buying solar lights with LED beads for excellent illumination.


Where should I install my solar lights for landscapes?

If you’re looking to illuminate your landscape, you can install solar lights in a few areas. You can install these lights along the walkway, driveway, garden, and patio.

You can install solar lights pretty much anywhere that needs lighting. If you have bought post cap lights, your fencing posts could be an ideal installation place for the solar lights.

So, check the dark areas and add solar lights to them.

Do the solar panels require exposure to direct sunlight to charge the batteries?

No, your solar lights don’t need exposure to direct sunlight to charge. Artificial lights like the ones from LED lamps and incandescent bulbs can also charge the battery of a solar light.

That means you can still charge your solar light during cloudy seasons. As long as you expose the solar panel to some light source, it will charge the battery, and you will have light illuminating your landscape at night.

Do solar lights provide bright lights?

Yes, solar lights could provide as many as 12,000 lumens of light intensity. As a result, they could illuminate the entire landscape. You only have to pick one producing many lumens to have a brilliant performance.

So, check the lumens rating to buy a solar light that produces a sufficiently bright light for landscaping.

Can a solar light electrocute me?

No, solar lights have batteries producing below 5 volts most of the time.

Besides, they are weatherproof, meaning they don’t expose any wire. Since you will not be in contact with their electrical components, you don’t risk electrocution when installing them.

Wrap Up

The best solar lights for landscapes are brighter, more durable, and work efficiently in any weather. Also, the best solar lights charge faster and provide light all night long.

So, you want to ensure your preferred solar lights provide brighter lights all night long and take a few hours to charge fully.

After finding the best solar lights, you can use them to illuminate your landscape when darkness sets in. And the result will be a spectacular view! But to get this picturesque scenery, you have to pick the best solar lights from a market with many substandard solar lights.

Fortunately, we have looked at some features to keep a closer eye on when shopping. We have also recommended some of the best solar lights we think you might like.

They boast impressive running time, brilliant lights, unmatched durability, weatherproof ratings, and ease of installation, among other features. So, pick the best one to bring the landscape to life every night!

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