Sous vide container

The Four Best Sous Vide Containers at Different Sizes

Sous vide container

When it comes to finding the best sous vide cooker, we’ve got plenty of guides on that. However, there are fewer guides on containers for sous vide machines. We’ve got four of the best water bath containers available on the market to rectify that issue. 

Let’s dig into the details: 

The Best Sous Vide Containers 

The Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooking Container

The best sous vide containers are those specifically designed for use with specific sous vide cookers.  In this case, the Anova Precision Cooker, or Anova Nano, pairs well with the ANTC01 Cooking Container.

Given that the two fit together, you don’t have to worry about finding the right sous vide device for your container. 

At 16 liters, this container is massive and intended to cook the largest meals. However, you aren’t required to use all of this space. Regardless, the extra room makes this one of the most flexible cooking containers out there. 

The Anova Sous Vide Cooking Container also has a built-in divider rack. The divider rack connects to the roof of the unit, enables you to easily lift and submerge your food when your immersion circulator finishes cooking. 

The early forms of these plastic containers needed some work, but with improvements over time, they managed to reduce heat loss with a rubber seal. Overall, Anova is one of the best sous vide companies in the world.  

Large capacity makes for more flexible use.Early iterations of this were of lower quality.
Built explicitly for use with Anova products.Too large for some people.
Includes rack as part of the design for easy submerging.
Best Sous Vide Containers Reviews

The VÄESKE Insulated 26-Quart Sous Vide Container

With 26 quarts of capacity, the Vaeske gives Anova something to think about. The large capacity is comparable to Anova’s, making it fit many needs. It’s also designed with other options in mind like the Nano, Joule, and Breville cookers. 

It is a polycarbonate container made for good heat resistance. Compared to most plastic materials, it doesn’t tend to bow out or deform. So the material is of very high quality. 

It also comes with insulating sleeves, which act as vacuum sealed sous vide bags. The Vaeske container also has included racks which make this a complete setup. 

As a complete offering of sous vide accessories, you’ll be paying for the privilege. However, as one of the larger containers, it is well worth it. 

One of the larger sous vide containers.Expensive.
It comes with sleeves, and a sous vide rack.It doesn’t fit smaller sous vide machines.
Made of high-quality material.
Best Sous Vide Containers Reviews

Everie 12-Quart Container with Universal Hinged Lid

Everie is one of the most cost-effective models on this list. At half the cost, it’s also half the size, only fitting about 12 quarts. But if you are a smaller family, you won’t need substantial hot water containers. 

There are two versions of the item. One of them includes a sous vide rack and dividers while the other does not. Double-check to be sure you get the right one, as some customers mistake getting the wrong one. 

The container is made of thick plastic, which is clear, allowing you to see through to look at the cooked food. It’s rated for use with all Anova models, the Joule, Wancle, and other options. 

Because it lacks the same sealing technology, it lets heat escape from the container. Provided you are willing to check the water level. This is a solid investment at half the cost of most other options. 

Inexpensive.Too small for some sous vide cooking.
Great for smallerfamlies.Made of cheaper material.
Great for smallerfamlies.
Best Sous Vide Containers Reviews

Homenote 12 Quart sous Vide Container w/ Lid Rack and Sleeve

The Homenote is comparable in cost to the Everie Series Container, with a critical difference coming from the rack being include regardless.

The frame connects to the roof of the container, enabling quick removal. However, the lack of flexibility means this model isn’t suitable for those who don’t need the racks.

The sous vide container is made of polycarbonate and stainless steel. Still, you can see through it to see the cooking status of your food. It also isn’t as well insulated as some of the others on this list. 

Homenote’s container holds 12 quarts of water, making it more suited for smaller sizes. With a high star rating, Homenote is great at making sous vide containers for smaller families. 

Good for smaller families.It isn’t great for larger families or big food.
The rack is connected to the lid.There is no version without the rack.
You can see through the container to your food.
Best Sous Vide Containers Reviews

What Should I Look for in a Good Sous Vide Container?

Good sous vide containers have a couple of bonuses. Let’s take a look at what makes good sous vide containers: 

Good Sous Vide Container Sizes 

The capacity of your sous vide containers will either be measured in liters or quarts. Sometimes, you’ll see this measurement in gallons, so it’s essential to be aware of those differences. 

Ones we found measured between 2L to 12 quarts. Both are relatively similar, but it’s important to note that one liter is about 1.06 quarts

This means our number one option is about 16.91 (basically 17) quarts. This is still far short of the number two option, which sits at about 26qt. 

When it comes to sous vide containers, bigger isn’t always better. You’ll find that larger capacity sous vide containers need equally sized sous vide immersion circulators. 

Larger containers also take longer to heat, as there is more water inside. So while the Vaeske can cook ten steaks, do you need ten steaks? 

Ideally, suitable containers are around 16 quarts, but larger containers are more flexible. It’s crucial to balance your priorities. 

Sous Vide Container Materials

Sous vide containers are made using three types of materials:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Plastic
  • Neoprene 

A polycarbonate container is known for use in security features. So this material is made for long-lastingness and heat resistance. It’s more expensive than plastic, which is another option for use in containers. 

Neoprene (CR) is also known as polychloroprene rubber. It’s commonly used to create the seal between a lid and a container as a gasket. It’s also used in high temperatures.

All materials are often part of the process. Plastic is cheaper but can last as long as polycarbonate with the proper care. 

You’ll also find many racks made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a pretty metal made of iron and carbon. It’s also sturdy and long-lasting but primarily chosen for how shiny it is. 

Clear Containers in Sous Vide 

You’ll want clear containers for your sous vide machine because it enables you to see the food as it cooks. This is more useful for foods that look visually different when cooking. 

You cannot do this with an instant pot, which doesn’t always work with these containers. Regardless, food cooking is a lot easier when you can look at what you cook. 

A Good Seal Prevents Heat Loss

As sous vide containers lose quality, they are more prone to heat loss. This is important for two reasons:

  • More temperature loss will result in the temperature potentially dropping, creating longer cook times.
  • Heat loss means water loss, meaning you might have to refill the water during longer water bath sessions. 

Containers with good seals are preferred because you spend less time caring for them. So a silicone lid with neoprene rubber is a great combination. 

Sous Vide Cooking Balls – Are They Worth it With Containers? 

Sous vide containers are the only product with sous vide cooking balls. These cooking balls, which resemble ping pong balls, help reduce heat loss and water loss when doing this cooking method. 

The Locisne Joule Sous Vide Cooking Balls are one of the few options available on Amazon. But do they work? 

Thankfully, these unusual ping pong balls do what they offer. If you plan on cooking for more extended periods (up to 24 hours), these balls can help prevent heat loss. The design is similar to the shade balls concept made famous on YouTube

How Do I Know if My Sous Vide Cooker Will Fit The Container? 

Most sous vide containers are of similar size. However, finding the right fit for your container is still a bit of concern. There are two ways to figure this out:

First, you can look at the product description of your favorite container to see what products they tested. Ideally, they’ll fit with the major brands like Joule or Anova. This is a non-issue if you buy the Anova container, built explicitly for Anova products.

Your other option is to take a look at the measurement of the lid. All the covers on this list are about 2.5 inches by 2.5, making them suitable for most containers. Some are a bit larger, but the clamp on one end of the immersion circulator should address any potential for “falling in.” 

Suitable Racks with Sous Vide Containers 

Many containers on this list come with racks, with few options not including them. Racks perform two essential duties for these containers:

  • Prevent bags from floating around, sticking together, and touching
  • Enables circulation to occur between bags, allowing for even cooking

Rack dividers are excellent for ensuring that the price temperature you choose touches all chunks of meat inside. 

Are Sous Vide Containers Dishwasher Safe? 

All sous vide containers are dishwasher safe. Given that they can withstand boiled water, that is a safe assumption. 

Best Sous Vide Container Brands

Many of the sous vide containers on this list have very recognizable brands. For everyone else, this will be our first time featuring them. Let’s give these brands some love:

All these sous vide container brands are excellent in their ways. However, few of them are established outside of Amazon. 

Sous Vide Container FAQs

Can You Sous Vide In Any Container? 

Provided that the container has enough heat resistance, you can sous vide in it. You don’t need to use a stovetop space to participate in sous vide cooking. 

You will want to be sure that your provided surface beneath the container has heat resistance. The water will boil, so be sure that you know your surface can handle high heat.

What Do You Put Under Your Sous Vide Container? 

If your counters aren’t heat resistant, pot holders are typically the best thing to put under them. You can also use layers of saran wrap or aluminum foil. But you’ll want to put something thicker underneath the foil. 

What Happens if Your Sous Vide Bag Leaks?

If your sous vide bag leaks, it will ruin the flavor of your food. At this point, you’ll likely want to dry the food, replace the bag, and replace the seasonings inside. 

How Long Does It Take To Sous Vide Steak?

For steaks under two inches, it can take no more than one hour. However, thicker steaks that reach up to four or more inches can take two or three hours. 

To keep a steak in god form, you’ll not want to exceed four hours in your water bath. Doing so may turn your steak into mush. 

Do Sous Vide Bags Need To Be Fully Submerged?

Yes. Sous vide bags need to stay submerged so that the food inside continues to cook. If any part of the food is above water, that part isn’t getting boiled.

Submerged sous vide bags also force any remaining trapped air from inside to the top. This cooking process assists in food safety, making the inside of the bag very unsafe for any potential bacteria. 

Can Sous Vide Containers Be Used In Food Storage?

No, sous vide containers are not entirely sealed. As a result, they aren’t suitable for food storage purposes.

Final Thoughts 

Our favorite container is The Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooking Container. It is specifically for the Anova line of products. As a result, this rating takes the guesswork out of picking the right sous vide immersion circulator. It also is see-through, enabling you to look inside of the food.

While Anova makes some of the best sous vide products, you might need more from our number two options. The latter two options are also more budget-friendly. Regardless of where your priorities are, all of these products will make a fantastic cooking experience. 

As Amazon Affiliates, we make a commission on any of the links you click on above. If you like any of the sous vide containers, please consider clicking our links. They enable us to continue to make good content. Thanks for reading!

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