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The Best Stick Vacuums for Cleaning Your Dorm Room

We all know the struggles of living in a small space for a few years. Dorm life is rough, especially if your roommate seems to spew crumbs like a helicopter. Here are the best stick vacuums for cleaning your dorm room.

If this sounds like your situation, we want to help you find the best vacuum for dorm room living. Below we have a list of five of the best vacuums for shared living situations. 

The Five Best Stick Vacuums for Cleaning Dorms

Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

The Eureka RapidClean Pro Cordless Vacuum combines some of the best features of any handheld vacuum cleaner. The lightweight design makes it suitable for all people. 

It is usable on both laminate, hardwood, and medium-pile carpets. The vacuuming time is up to 45 minutes, enough for your space and any shared spaces you want to address. 

The canister on this stick vacuum is lightweight and large enough to handle medium spaces. It can be a bit tricky to get off, but that is a small price to pay. 

Compared to other vacuums of similar power, it has an incredibly reasonable cost. Combined with all factors on this list, the Eureka RapidClean Pro combines the best of all worlds. 

It is quiet, efficient, and great for vacuuming up any floor. 

Lightweight and easy to store and maneuver around.Cannister can be somewhat tricky to remove.
Battery life lasts up to 45 minutes.The power button is in an inconvenient location.
The canister is large enough for multiple uses.
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Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Tineco A11 Hero is known for powerful suction. The 250W motor is good enough for almost any surface. It can also handle most carpets, hard surfaces, and pet hair. 

The A11 comes in a variant called the A11 Tango, which has numerous smart features. Even under the weaker Hero model, Tineco is known for creating premium vacuums.

It is made to handle larger-than-average spaces, with a battery life of around 40 minutes. Given its power, you can expect it to be a bit more expansive than other vacuums on this list. This pricing choice makes it out of budget for some students.

Regardless, the potent motor and suction power makes it an excellent addition for those who prefer premium designs.

It comes in three vacuum varieties that fit multiple needs.It is out of budget for some college students.
The 450W motor makes it suitable for all kinds of floors.It is somewhat tricky to adjust for complex spaces.
It is lightweight and quiet.
Best Stick Vacuums Reviews

Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum is a convenient vacuum with a sleek design. Despite being from a well-known vacuum brand, it is priced for lower budgets. 

It is made for hardwood floors, laminate floors, and low-pile carpets. It isn’t quite as powerful as many upright vacuums, but it gets the job done in many standard dorm environments. 

If you are into late-night vacuuming, this model also includes headlights. However, it isn’t relatively quiet enough for use at any time of day, so save your late-night vacuuming for when everyone is out. 

The lower price point comes with an inconvenience, as it is a corded vacuum cleaner. If you are willing to put up with moving around a cord, this is an excellent investment for any small dorm room. 

It is priced lower than most comparable vacuums.It is corded, making it less flexible than most stick vacuums.
It has suitable suction power for hardwood floors and thin carpets.It doesn’t handle longer hairs very well.
It has more inexpensive handheld variants for spot vacuuming.
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Umoot Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Umoot is easily the least well-known brand on this list of vacuums. Regardless, it does have a handy feature that most other stick vacuums forget about: a detachable battery. 

The detachable battery enables users to buy a backup battery and set it in a charger. The charger can build one of your batteries while you use the vacuum. 

The drawback of this design choice is that you’ll need to buy another battery pack. This can add a bit of extra cost to your purchase, something that college students do not need more of.

The included attachments with this item are also pretty solid. It’s got equipment suitable for inside your car and inside of your dorm room. 

The battery might be removable, but it needs a bit of work. You can expect 30 minutes of usage from four hours of charging. Overall, it is still an excellent choice.

It comes with a removable battery, which enables you to charge a backup.The removable battery only lasts 30 minutes and takes four hours to charge.
It has numerous tools and accessories.Buying a second battery will increase payments.
It is cordless and easy to move around.
Best Stick Vacuums Reviews

Jashen D18 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Jashen D18 is a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner for hard floors, tile, laminate, and low-pile carpets. It comes with four attachments suitable for multiple uses, which is reflected in its above-average pricing.

The battery isn’t removable, which is typical for most standard stick vacuums. The charge is pretty weak, typically lasting around 15 to 30 minutes for each use. This is great for small dorm rooms given the suction power, just not for anything larger. 

The filter canister is easier to use than major brands like Dyson. Removing it is a cakewalk, but it doesn’t fall out like other designs.

If selecting a vacuum for college dorm life, keep an eye on this for any sales. Otherwise, it’s a bit of an above-average investment, but it isn’t too bad compared to others. 

Excellent suction power for hardwood floors and carpets.No extension attachments.
Four attachments for multiple types of use.Battery life could use some improvement.
Lightweight and easy to move.
Best Stick Vacuums Reviews

What Should I Look for in A Good Stick Vacuum for My Dorm?

Corded vs. Cordless – What is Better for a Dorm Room?

When choosing between a corded and cordless vacuum, both can be great. When considering what is better for a dorm room, cordless vacuums work just fine. 

This is mainly because the square footage of a dorm room space doesn’t exceed 400 square feet. Given that cordless vacuums are cheaper, this is an easy way for you to save money. 

The exception to this rule comes from those who own vehicles. A cordless vacuum can save you money on going to the car wash for detailing if you own a car. 

Your other option is to buy one corded vacuum and a separate handheld vacuum cleaner. Both options are great; just don’t blow your budget!

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners vs. Bagless Vacuums – What is Better for Dorms? 

To save a bit of money, stick with bagless vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuum cleaners save money and use less paper. Overall, they are better for home use as well.

Bagged vacuum cleaners are old-fashioned. These days, stick vacuums with removable cups are more common. 

If you still have a large home space, a bagged vacuum cleaner is justifiable. However, you need to be ready to include bags in your monthly budget. 

Do I Need A Vacuum With A HEPA Filter? 

HEPA filters, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, are a type of air filter that claims to remove 99.97% of the dust. These filters are located inside the dust cup. They can capture any dust particles above 0.3 microns. Microns are incredibly small.

HEPA filters might seem gimmicky, but they are beneficial for those with dust allergies. The filters remove any dust particles, so they aren’t kicked into the air when you dump the cup. 

A HEPA filter’s effectiveness comes from its MERV rating, referring to its ability to capture particles between 0.3 and 10 microns.

Vacuums don’t always refer to this rating, but a HEPA filter is handy regardless. A dusting brush is also handy in this situation.

You will have to replace these filters, but the replacement happens less often than bags. 

What is a Good Budget for a Vacuum as a College Student?

As a college student, your budget is already minimal. That’s why the amount you want to spend on a vacuum cleaner should typically be between $100 and $250. 

You might think that is crazy, but most vacuums around standard college budgets will break after five uses.

These are used vacuums that have already been through a lot or something you can pick up at the clearance aisle at Walmart. 

To avoid spending more money, it’s best to stick with medium-priced vacuum cleaners with solid warranties. 

How Much Should a Vacuum Weigh for Easy Transportation? 

Ideally, you should look for a vacuum between five and ten pounds. Anything larger will be a bit difficult to move around. 

You’ll find most of the vacuum cleaners to fit on this list. Anything heavier would be challenging to move around, especially if you live on higher floors.

Even if you do live on lower floors, think about where you are going to put it. Weight is just as significant as the size of your vacuum and is typically a good indication of how you need to handle it. 

Handheld Vacuums vs. Stick Vacuums – Which Are Better for Dorm Rooms?

This list contains one variant that delves into handheld vacuums. While you might think that smaller size is great, stick vacuums are usually better overall. 

This is because many modern stick vacuums are much more effective than handheld vacuums. Stick vacuums take up more space and have a larger motor, meaning they pick things up better. 

A handheld vacuum can be pretty good at picking up big pieces, but most won’t handle dirt. You’ll find that there’s still dust in the air after using handheld vacuums. 

Also, many stick vacuums convert to a handheld mode. So when it comes to the best of both worlds, stick vacuum cleaners are better overall. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners are usually better for cars and spot messes. Take your handheld cleaners with you to your office. 

Suitable Vacuum Modes for Dorm Rooms 

You might think that more cleaning modes are better for options, but two possibilities are suitable for any cleaning needs:

  • Low
  • High

Low is great for hardwood floors, while high is great for filthy spaces and medium-pile carpets. Any vacuums with more than these two settings probably are a bit too advanced and more expensive. 

Best Stick Vacuum Brands for Dorm Rooms

Brands like Shark, Dyson, or Hoover are excellent. But none of those brands are great for college students. Just mentioning those brands is enough to make your limited college budget run and hide. 

Instead, it’s best to look for brands that are more reasonable in price. Here are those we went through:

Despite many lacking the same brand recognition as famous vacuum cleaners, you aren’t missing any quality. 

Dirt Devil is another alternative brand, but those are typically fairly cheap compared to the models above. These vacuums are not known to last long.

Stick Vacuum FAQs

Do I Have to Vacuum My Dorm?

Because you are living in a small space, it is recommended that you vacuum your dorm often. You should do this about as much as you would vacuum an apartment or home, at least once a week. 

Suppose you have a high amount of foot traffic vacuum more often. Smaller spaces get dirty quickly. 

Can You Wash a HEPA Filter?

Yes, some HEPA filters are washable using regular water. However, you’ll want to check your owner’s manual to see how you can wash it. 

Many HEPA filters need regular replacement. Cleaning can extend your longevity but is not equal to replacement. 

What Should I Use To Clean A Couch?

Many vacuums on this list have an upholstery tool you can use to clean your fabric items. These items also include dorm beds, which should be done regularly. 

For hard-to-reach areas, use a crevice tool between the cushions. If you are still struggling, you might need a powerhead. 

Are Robot Vacuums Good for Dorms? 

Many robot vacuums are excellent for small spaces like dorm rooms. However, robotic vacuums have one major disadvantage: price.

The cost of robot vacuums exceeds stick vacuums heavily. Many of them start at $400, well above the budget of a college student. 

You can choose to subscribe to monthly robot vacuum services, which is a relatively new phenomenon. However, there are much better options when spending your money. 

Final Thoughts 

When looking for a vacuum for dorm rooms, the best overall Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum. This vacuum is an excellent combination of portability and price. It can clean your car, dorm room, and everything else with relative ease. 

Eureka’s other option is a bit more cost-effective if you don’t mind corded vacuums. Otherwise, Tineco offers the premium option, while Jansen and Umoot are great overall vacuums. Whatever you need for your dorm room, you are allowed to be picky.  

If any of these vacuums some great to you, please consider clicking on our affiliate links through Amazon. With your help, we can continue to make articles helping you clean up. Thanks for reading! 

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