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The Best Tool Box And Chest To Organize Your Garage Tools in 2021

No matter what type of profession you’re in, it always helps to have a neat and organized toolbox or tool chest with a wide assortment of tools that will assist you in getting any task complete. Here are the best tool box and chest to organize your garage tools in 2021.

If you’re looking for a good storage solution for your tool kit, a toolbox organizer can be great for carrying around smaller tools and heavy tools.

Depending on what type of job you’re doing, the tools in your toolbox will be different. Mechanics will be using many different tools than a finishing carpenter will be using, and that will reflect what tools will be in the toolbox or portable tool chest.

If you’re the type of person that does a lot of DIY projects, then you’ll want a toolbox that has a variety of different tools included in it, with lots of storage space. The best tool overall tool chest on the market is the Husky 52-inch Tool Chest & Rolling Cabinet Combo.

Husky 52-inch Tool Chest & Rolling Cabinet Combo – Best Overall – 5/5

The Husky 52-inch Tool Chest & Rolling Cabinet Combo is not only a tool chest, but it’s also a workbench that you can roll around. It comes in a matte black style and each drawer is capable of supporting up to 120 pounds. There is also a wood tray insert that can act as a surface for writing things down and working on.

Included in the tool chest are outlet strips that have USB ports built into them. The sizes of drawers are ideal, and there is one full-width drawer that spans the whole tool chest. This is one of the highest quality tool chests on the market, and the price tag reflects it.

Highly-rated HEPA filter.Noisy.
30 feet hose.No retractable cord.
Good quality accessories.
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Milwaukee Packout System – Runner-Up – 5/5

The Milwaukee Packout System is a close second when it comes to toolboxes. There are so many features of this product that make it stand out from other toolboxes on the market. It has packout drawers, rolling cases, and a radio system included in it. This product even has vehicle mounts and a dolly included in it.

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Sunex Full Drawer Service Cart – Best For Mechanics – 4/5

The Sunex Full Drawer Service Cart is the best tool chest for all of the mechanics out there, and it’s due to a number of factors.

  • There is a ton of tool storage
  • It’s highly portable
  • The drawers are extremely durable, manufactured from 18-gauge steel
Roku OSNo HDR10+ support
Gaming modePoor viewing angles
Simplified remote controlMediocre sound quality
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WEN Rolling Tool Chest Seat – Best For Rolling – 4/5

The WEN Rolling Tool Chest Seat is one of the best on the market, and it’s also decently priced. This rolling toolbox comes with a thick cushion on the top of it that can act as a secondary seat for those that want to sit down while using it.

It comes with three different storage drawers that are 2.25 inches in height. The slotted storage tray can fit an assortment of different tools. This toolbox can support up to around 350 pounds of weight. Another nice thing about this tool chest is that it doesn’t roll around on you, and that’s thanks to the fasteners and locking mechanism.

Very budget-friendly.
Replacement filters can be hard to obtain.
Removes smoke & odor particles from the air.Some buyers report a clicking noise.
Compact enough to fit on your desk.
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TANKSTORM Heavy Duty Rolling Tool Cart – Best Compact Cart – 4/5

The TANKSTORM Heavy Duty Rolling Tool Cart is perfect for those that want a good amount of storage on wheels. This tool cart is easy to handle and comes with a convenient side-tray that you can easily make use of for all of your tools.

There are two rolling casters on this tool cart that you can lock in place, and that reduces the chances of the cart rolling away from you as you’re trying to work on something.

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Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box – Best For Mobility – 4/5

If mobility is your primary objective in a toolbox, then you’ll want to pick up a Keter Masterloader Rolling Tool Box. The tires are 7-inches and because of how this toolbox is designed, the maneuverability is hard to beat when you compare it to some of the other toolboxes out there.

You can also remove the bins, and that makes the organization much more efficient. Some tool boxes contain only a single storage compartment where all of your big tools are placed, but this one has a nice divider that lets you place certain items in certain places for more organization.

Compact design fits on a desktop.Only appropriate for small rooms.
3 adjustable speed settings.Ionizer presents potential health risks.
Removes 99% of airborne particles.Not a true HEPA filter.
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Goplus Stackable Tool Box – A Good Lightweight Option – 3/5

If you’re not looking for a toolbox that’s extremely expensive or advanced, the Goplus Stackable Tool Box is a perfect lightweight option to consider. Not every DIY-er requires a $1,200 toolbox, and for those that just have some tools laying around that they need to keep organized for certain projects, this is a wise option to consider.

There are two distinct boxes with the Goplus Stackable Tool Box, and you can detach each one and carry around your tools as you see fit. There is also a tool tray that you can just fill up with whatever tools you’ll be needing for certain projects, and that makes a very versatile product.

There are a total of eight storage compartments on the top of the toolbox where you can place hardware and other things.

Guide available in four different languages.Cannot work with the different or old hose.
Effortless washing.Short life because of small nozzles.
Light in weight.
No replacement connector for future.
Noise-free cleaning.
Extra-long electric cord.
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You’ll always want to do your research before purchasing a toolbox. They can get fairly pricey depending on what you’re using it for, and not everyone will need the best ones on the market.

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