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The Best Tub For Sous Vide

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Sous vide cooking yields a consistent restaurant-quality result every time you use it. But getting it right every time requires a little practice.

But don’t worry because there isn’t much of a learning curve. Only a few tries, and you will get a consistent level of doneness with every cooking.

But to get the best restaurant-quality result, you need the best set of tools. An immersion circulator is one of the kitchen appliances you will need to do sous vide cooking. Also, you will require the best tub for sous vide cooking.

We’re going through some of the best sous vide tubs on the market. We’ll look at what sets them apart from the rest and look at the steps you’d go through when buying a tub for sous vide cooking. So, be sure to read on for more information!

What Are the Best Tubs For Sous Vide Cooking?

Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooker Cooking container

A sous vide cooker requires a high-quality cooking container. And this Anova Culinary container is one such high-quality container since it comprises high-grade plastic. What’s more, the plastic is clear to allow you to monitor the cooking results round the clock.

The container features a curved body that encourages excellent water circulation. And this allows the water bath to achieve your set temperature in a much shorter period.

You also receive a silicon lid with a cutout collar that accommodates all sous vide immersion circulators. As such, you can use any sous vide machine if you invest in this container.

Safety is a concern, especially when your food is on the line. Luckily, this container is BPA-free as its high-grade plastic comprises the food-grade polycarbonate component.

The silicon lid ensures you don’t lose water through evaporation, besides helping the water bath withstand temperatures you’ve set.

Since there are no electrical parts in this container, it is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning work a no-brainer. Using this container is a complete breeze. You only need to fill it with water to the designated water level. Then you will attach an immersion circulator of your choice using a clamp.

There is also a stainless steel wire rack that comes with this sous vide container. You will place your food beneath the wire then close the lid to sous vide your food.

You can also access recipes via the Anova app to improve your cooking skills. As such, this is a sous vide container worth considering since it is high-quality and comes with every component you need.

High-grade plastic.A high water bath temperature might deform the container.
Stainless steel wire rack.The lid doesn't fit snugly.
Silicon lid.
Best Tub For Sous Vide Reviews

EVERIE Sous Vide Container

This sous vide container has a 12-quart capacity, which is a bit of a drop in capacity compared to the first container on the list. But it still boasts a high-quality material that makes it quite as durable. Also, it comprises a transparent plastic material that allows you to monitor

Like the first container on the list, this one also comes with its lid. But the collapsible lid doesn’t support any immersion circulator. The lid only works with a Breville Joule cooker.

Therefore, you want to pick only sous vide cookers that are compatible with your sous vide container.

The lid has a hinge that is close to the machine. And this allows you to remove the ingredients, refill, or check the cooking progress without removing your immersion circulator.

Of course, the lid prevents heat loss. As a result, your food will cook to a precise temperature.

Not so many sous vide containers minimize water evaporation excellently, but this one does. You could do sous vide cooking overnight without losing water due to evaporation.

And this makes the container ideal for overnight sous vide cooking!

If you invest in this space-saving container, you will not have to worry about clamping your food to prevent it from moving around in the water bath.

That is because the lid clamps the food in sealed bags for efficient sous vide cooking. Therefore, this sous vide container has what it takes to sous vide your food right out of the box.

Transparent container.It only works with Breville Joule.
Minimum water evaporation.The lid is not very durable.
No heat loss.
Best Tub For Sous Vide Reviews

EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Quart EVC-12 with Collapsible Silicone Lid

This is another sous vide container that comes with a lid. It has a 12-quart capacity, making it an ideal choice for a medium-sized family.

The material quality is also exceptional since this sous vide container boasts a Polycarbonate-made material. As such, it is a durable product.

The lid is silicon-made for excellent heat loss prevention. The lid also has a side mount hole to accommodate your sous vide immersion circulator.

But this hole cutout for a sous vide machine doesn’t accommodate any immersion circulator. It only accommodates an Anova Nano Cooker.

Due to the exceptional material quality of the product, especially the lid, you will experience minimum water evaporation. You could reduce the evaporation process further by adding ping pong balls to the water bath.

The lid is collapsible to allow you to refill the container with ease. Also, you could easily remove the ingredients.

Besides, this product also features a wire rack for clamping the ingredients in place to stop them from moving around in the water bath. As such, you don’t need a clamp if you invest in this sous vide container.

Since the plastic container has excellent heat insulation properties, you can be sure to cook to a precise temperature overnight. It is a safe container that is NSF-approved. Therefore, it is safe for sous vide cooking.

12-quart capacity.It only supports some immersion circulators.
Minimal water evaporation.It can only support 750W powerful cooking.
Excellent heat insulation.
Best Tub For Sous Vide Reviews

Sous Vide Container 4.75 Gal.

Ping pong balls could significantly reduce water evaporation from the water bath. And the manufacturer of this product understands that better! That is why they have included ping pong balls in their product.

The sous vide ping pong balls are BPA-free, which means they are safe.

Away from safety concerns, this sous vide container is transparent to allow you to monitor your cooking progress. The plastic container is heat resistant and holds 19 quarts of water.

Also, it withstands high temperatures, making it a perfect choice for precise cooking at higher temperatures.

To be a lot more precise, this sous vide container is polycarbonate-made. Since this material is high-quality, your sous vide container will serve you for years – just what you need when investing in kitchen appliances!

You can be sure to cook your food at 210°F and expect your container not to warp. The container also has a hole cutout for your sous vide machine.

The lid is also transparent to allow you to monitor your cooking. All the components are dishwasher-safe, making this product easy to clean. So, if you’re looking for another excellent sous vide container, this product might be best for you.

19-quart capacity.The balls don't withstand extreme heat.
It comes with ping pong balls.It might not work with some immersion circulators.
Transparent design.
Best Tub For Sous Vide Reviews

Buying Guide for The Best Tubs For Sous Vide Cooking

When picking the best tub for sous vide cooking, you will consider a few things. You want to choose the best tub possible from a market that is never short of products – and not all the tubs are of the best quality.

You will consider the following features before settling on any given tub for sous vide cooking:

The Material

When investing in sous vide cooking equipment, durability is one of the things you look for in a product. And the material of the product is one thing to consider since it determines durability.

Even if you are looking for the best tub for sous vide cooking, you will still check the material quality of the container.

Polycarbonate plastic is an excellent material for the sous vide container. It withstands heat excellently and does not warp when the water bath achieves 210°F.

Some tubs can even withstand water bath temperatures of up to 450°F. As such, polycarbonate plastic is an ideal material choice, and you can pick a tub featuring this incredible material.

Transparency of the Material

Once you have ensured the material is polycarbonate plastic, look if it is transparent enough. That is because you might want to monitor your cooking without opening the lid of the container.

A completely transparent tub is the best since it allows you to monitor food with unmatched clarity.

Also, you could go for a tub with a transparent lid, but this is not necessary. A transparent lid allows you to overlook the food storage bag with your ingredients.

You can then check the level of doneness with ease without flipping open the lid. Therefore, consider picking sous vide tubs with a transparent lid.

The Lid of the Container

You also want to check a few more things besides checking if the lid is transparent enough. First, check if the lid has hinges for easy closing. A hinged lid opens easily to grant you hassle-free access to the water bath.

You can then be sure to refill the container or remove the ingredients with ease.

Also, check if the lid has a side mount hole for your preferred sous vide immersion circulator. Some lids only support specific sous vide machines.

So, you want to ensure the lid supports your preferred sous vide machine. And if not, pick the compatible sous vide machine, or look for a container that works with any machine altogether.

The Capacity of the Container

Tubs for sous vide cooking have a capacity. The capacity is a description of how much water bath they can contain. As such, tubs with a high capacity carry more liters of water.

The manufacturers express the capacity in quarts or liters.

Before picking any tub for sous vide cooking, you want to check its capacity first. Of course, this is after you have considered the size of your family.

If your family is mid-sized, you could choose a 12-quart container for sous vide cooking. But if your family is quite large, a container with a capacity of 26 quarts might suit you better.

Therefore, consider your family size and select the capacity to handle the cooking for everyone in the family.

Ease of Cleaning

Sous vide containers are easy to clean as they are usually dishwasher-safe. That means you could clean them with a dishwasher. You could also clean them with your hands by hand washing them. But to clean them more easily, you will dismantle the components.

You will open the lid and take it off completely. Then you will wash the container and the lid separately in a dishwasher. Therefore, pick tubs for sous vide cooking if their lids come off with ease for effortless cleaning.

Safety Concerns

The chemical composition of the container’s material could disintegrate and mix with food. But this is possible if the material has BPA – a chemical element in some polycarbonate plastics. BPA is a chemical that could affect your mental and reproductive health.

But some polycarbonate plastics are BPA-free, which means the dangerous chemical cannot leach into your food. These BPA-free materials are what you should pick for safety reasons. Therefore, pick sous vide containers that are BPA-free.

Heat Withstandability

Another factor to consider is the heat temperature levels your preferred sous vide container withstands. You could find a tub that withstands a water bath temperature of up to 450°F.

At the same time, some tubs only support water bath temperatures of up to 210°F.

But recipes call for precision cooking to a specific temperature. Therefore, ensure the tub you are eyeing can handle the heat without warping.

Check the temperature range recommended for safe sous vide cooking. Then you can proceed to buy your sous vide container.


How much water bath does sous vide cooking require?

Sous vide cooking requires a water bath depth of at least 2.5 inches deep. But it is ideal to do sous vide cooking in a water bath 8 inches deep.

Since evaporation is a factor when doing sous vide cooking, you want to monitor the water level in the container. A transparent container will make work easier. Therefore, consider using transparent sous vide containers.

What do ping pong balls do in some sous vide containers?

The ping pong balls work to reduce water evaporation in the containers. Also, they maintain the heat to allow your food to cook to a precise temperature. Therefore, these sous vide accessories serve a meaningful purpose in sous vide cooking.

Should a sous vide container have a raised base?

The hot water bath in the container can be harsh on the countertop, especially when doing sous vide cooking at high temperatures. To protect your pristine countertops, manufacturers raise the base.

As a result, the bottom of the container doesn’t come in contact with the countertop, protecting it in the long run.

Can sous vide containers work with any immersion circulator?

No, some sous vide tubs only work with specific immersion circulators. The great news is that they tell you which immersion circulators they support. As such, be sure to check the compatible sous vide cookers before buying any container.

Wrap Up

Sous vide containers are among the kitchen appliances you will need to do sous vide cooking. They come in various capacities for different cooking needs.

Many tubs for sous vide are transparent and also have transparent lids for easy food monitoring. Their materials are also high-quality and can withstand water bath temperatures excellently.

But not all sous vide containers are of the best quality. Fortunately, we have presented you with a few incredible tubs for sous vide cooking. We have also looked at the buying steps to ensure you end up with the best container on the market for sous vide cooking.

Therefore, finding the best sous vide container is easier than before. Invest in the best sous vide container and cook to a precise temperature without worrying about safety or durability.

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