The Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

Even the best outdoor worker and gardener know how easy it is to tip a traditional wheelbarrow. One heavy load that shifts over, and the single wheel can flip over, leaving you carrying a heavier load or going through rough terrain without a heavy duty wheelbarrow. A 2 wheel wheelbarrow can help take this issue out of play. There are many of the hand pushed carts with two wheels that have a good hauling capacity to get you from point A to point B without tipping over. Outdoor work is easier using these two wheeled wheelbarrows, you just have to find the right wheelbarrow for your budget.

Factors in Choosing a Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

There are a few factors to be aware of when choosing the best two wheel wheelbarrow for you.

  • Tires – The best tires for a two wheel wheelbarrow are airless or pneumatic tires. Airless tires are often better as they don’t require much maintenance. Pneumatic ones need to be kept inflated at a certain level, so the wheelbarrow can be easily used.
  • Tub capacity – This is important depending on the work you are doing. If you are going to be moving and working with large items, then you want a well balanced and larger one for your work and with a steel frame. If it is just general yard work, then you can go with one that is smaller.
  • Storage capabilities – If you have limited space, then convertible or folding wheelbarrow would be the way to go. A standard wheelbarrow tends to need space to store, and that can be substantial if you’re low on space.
  • The material of the tub – Typically, you’ll find a steel or plastic wheelbarrow. A steel wheelbarrow tends to be more durable, especially if you need a steel tub to work with larger and heavier items. A plastic wheelbarrow works great as a garden cart, is lightweight, but has a lower weight capacity. Make sure whatever you choose is well built and tough for outdoor work.
  • Handle – Look for handles that are cushioned grip so steering is easy and comfortable. It is also good, so they are anti-slip grip. A polished wooden handle is good too, but make sure your hands are going to slip at all with heavier loads.

The Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

1. WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose WheelbarrowThe #1 choice of two wheel wheelbarrows

This dual wheel model has lots of bells and whistles and is not only a good wheelbarrow, but a great outdoor utility cart. It is engineered to distribute any load evenly over the wheels, no matter how big the load is. It has a higher load capacity of 300 pounds, which is equal to some of the big wheelbarrows. It has a stainless steel tub that is 85 litres and will not rust or wear. Because of its ability to evenly distribute the load, it does not tip easily and the sturdy tire design makes travel safe.

It has large,flat-free wheels that will cover almost any terrain and well designed ergonomic handles. It is sleek and easy to store due to its less bulky design. It comes with a flowerpot strap, cylinder holder, a place for a bag, as well as a rock mover. It can be quickly transformed into a hand truck, dump cart, a place to hold bags, or easy transport for bigger potted plants. It also has other accessories that can be purchased to make it into a garden seat to save your knees when gardening.

The WORX is a little on the heavy side but its multiple functions are great. It is easy to assemble when you first get it and quick to reassemble it into its other forms. It is also reasonably priced, considering its multiuse metal wheelbarrow design. The added bonus is that it is also fairly easy to store as it can be stood up in its dolly capacity so it will take up less room.

2. Polar Trailer – Large Capacity

While the best two wheel wheelbarrow has lots of positive features, there are many that are good and basic. This one can carry up to 400 pounds and is lightweight yet heavy-duty. It is easy to assemble and can carry almost anything for the outdoors be it dirt, wood, plants or leaves. It is simple to move and easy to handle with its well-balanced construction. It has a tapered box made of polyethylene as well as easy-grip handles and sturdy foot stands.

3. Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Big Wheel Cart

As soon as you see the name Rubbermaid, you know it will be a quality product. This heavy duty wheelbarrow is no different. This cart is 7.5 cubic feet and can carry up to 300 pounds (they also have one that will carry up to 700 pounds). It is great on rough ground and has big 20” never-flat tires to carry its load. This wheelbarrow is engineered for easy use and dumping no matter how full it is. The nylon wheel bearings won’t get sticky or rust and its heavy-duty tub won’t crack or break under stress.

4. Marathon Yard Rover

This two wheeled wheelbarrow is sturdy and dependable. Its loop handle makes grip and handling easy, so pushing and dumping heavy contents is simple. It has a rust-proof bin and can hold up to 300 pounds. It weighs less than most average one wheel wheelbarrows, so it’s easy to maneuver and store. The one issue you may have is that this model has air-filled tires, so they require maintenance to make sure they have the right air pressure in them. If not, it becomes bogged down and less maneuverable.

Final Thoughts

Oddly, there are not as many options on the market for two wheeled wheelbarrows as you would think. However, these ones are good options. The best dual wheel wheelbarrow overall is the WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All Purpose Wheelbarrow. This one has lots of versatility, is heavy-duty, and can meet all your outdoor needs. The bonus with this choice is you can choose to add on to it if you wish. There are accessories, such as a seat and tools that can make gardening even easier. You will have to pay a bit more for this model of two wheel wheelbarrow, but it may save you money overall, as you’ll ultimately have less to worry about when it comes to gardening accessories.

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