The Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

The Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a useful outdoor tool. It makes transporting your heavy loads such as garden tools and hand tools fast and effortless.

But wheelbarrows vary in design, and you can find models with two wheels.

A two-wheeled wheelbarrow is the best choice for uniform load weight distribution for effortless transportation and excellent maneuverability. Here are the best two wheel wheelbarrow review.

But you want to buy the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow to unlock the full potential of a wheelbarrow. However, the market has plenty of wheelbarrows, and not all of them give the best performance.

As such, you want to choose the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow carefully. You will need a buying guide to help you narrow down your choices.

If you are looking for the best two-wheeled wheelbarrows with incredible load capacities, you have come to the right place.

We have rounded up some of the best two-wheeled wheelbarrows with at least a 200-pound load capacity. They feature large flat-free tires to traverse any terrain.

We have also included a buying guide with features to check for when shopping. The buying guide will help you narrow down your choices to the best wheelbarrows. So, be sure to read on for more information!

The Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow

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WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart will last longer than you anticipate as it boasts a metallic construction. That makes more sense since you want your investment to serve you for many years.

Durability aside, this wheelbarrow outperforms any traditional wheelbarrow with its incredible load-carrying capacity. The wheelbarrow carries up to 200-pound loads.

As such, it allows you to lift loads smarter and not harder.

Besides carrying a heavy load, this wheelbarrow offers more by performing 8 functions, making it an 8-in-1 wheelbarrow. First, you can use your wheelbarrow as a plant and rock mover.

The wheelbarrow features extension arms for moving plants and rocks. You can also use your wheelbarrow to move appliances.

It has a built-in dolly feature for transporting up to 300 pounds of appliances.

You will find the trailer mover function quite useful if you’re handling landscaping projects. You can hook a horse trailer or even an ATV trailer to this wheelbarrow and tow it across the worksite.

The extension arms even fold out, allowing you to use your wheelbarrow as a hand truck. This function comes in handy when using your wheelbarrow to transport your 80-pound patio furniture.

The wheelbarrow surprises further to become a bag holder for transporting lawn and leaf bags to a dumpster. It is a dual wheel wheelbarrow with two flat-free tires for efficient transportation.

The tires are rugged and guarantee smooth rides while requiring no maintenance. The wheelbarrow comes with the necessary accessories such as a bag holder, plant mover strap, and other accessories for all the functions.

Therefore, this is an excellent buy.

ManufacturerPositec/Worx - Lawn & Garden
Model NumberWG050
Product Dimensions57 x 15.5 x 12 inches
Item Weight49 pounds
Caster TypePneumatic
Load Capacity 300 lbs

Durable steel construction.The bucket is a bit small.
200-pound load capacity.The warranty is limited.
8-in-1 functions.
Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow Reviews

Polar Trailer #8449 Cub Cart, 50″ x 28″ x 29″ Hauling Cart

POLAR TRAILER – LARGE CAPACITY is a wheelbarrow of choice if you want to transport heavier loads. The wheelbarrow has an impressive load capacity of 400 pounds, making it ideal for heavy-duty performance.

This incredible load capacity is due to the sturdy polyethylene tub this wheelbarrow features. The sturdy tub has an impressive capacity of 7 cubic feet to transport large load volumes.

This heavy-duty cub cart also features two rubber tires for reliable transportation. What’s more, these tires are rugged and wide for durable performance.

Their wide design ensures you transport the load even if the ground below is muddy and unforgiving.

The rubber tires boast a 16-inch size to traverse any road. The tires even feature shielded ball bearings for smooth rides in any terrain.

Therefore, this is a wheelbarrow you want to buy for rough worksites. But the solid rubber tires aren’t the only incredible feature of this wheelbarrow.

This two-wheel wheelbarrow has the design to make your work fast and easy. If you want to haul rocks, firewood, camping gear, grass clippings, you will find this rugged wheelbarrow is best for you.

It is wonderful to find out what a 35-pound wheelbarrow can do. The wheelbarrow perfectly balances the heady load with the required effort, allowing you to transport a load that takes 5 people to move.

Therefore, consider buying this wheelbarrow for your heavy-duty transportation needs.

ManufacturerClam Corporation
Model Number8449
Product Dimensions50 x 28 x 29 inches
Item Weight36 pounds
Caster TypeBall
Load Capacity400 lbs

400-pound load capacity.The handles aren't ergonomic.
7 cubic feet sturdy tub.The tires aren't very durable.
Large and wide rubber tires.
Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow Reviews

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG564200BLA

RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL HEAVY-DUTY BIG WHEEL CART is more spacious and features a 7.5 cubic feet tub. The wheelbarrow has a load capacity standing at an impressive 300 pounds.

The all-resin construction makes this wheelbarrow rugged to handle even the heaviest loads. The one-piece molded design gives the wheelbarrow a simplistic design that makes it easy to operate.

And the wheelbarrow keeps its strength while remaining simple to use, which is an upside.

You can transport your garden tools or hand tools to any worksite if you have this wheelbarrow. And that’s because it features 20-inch flat-free tires that traverse the rough terrains.

These tires are more durable than pneumatic tires since they require no maintenance. More durability comes from the weather-resistant treatment that preserves the elegance of your wheelbarrow.

As such, you can use this wheelbarrow in any season. The wheelbarrow resists rust, dents, and it doesn’t leak to mess up the worksite.

Since it is a one-piece wheelbarrow, cleaning it is effortless and takes a short time. At least, you will want to clean your wheelbarrow after completing your project.

And you will appreciate the effortless cleaning.

Lastly, this wheelbarrow comes in a lovely black color that makes it elegant-looking. Also, this design makes cleaning easier.

If you want a wheelbarrow that traverses any worksite while carrying 300 pounds of load, you should consider buying the wheelbarrow.

ManufacturerNewell Brands
Model NumberFG564200BLA
Product Dimensions32 x 29 x 54 inches
Item Weight49.45 Pounds
Caster TypePneumatic
Load Capacity 300 lbs

300 pounds load capacity.It is a bit pricey.
20-inch never-flat tires.The tires have no replacement.
Sturdy construction.
Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow Reviews

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart

MARATHON YARD ROVER is one of the best two-wheeled models to buy for your transportation needs. Since it features two wheels, you can be sure it performs better than single wheeled wheelbarrows.

It features 14.5-inch air-filled tires. These tires are like no other since they distribute the weight of the load evenly. And this results in less effort required.

Also, the wheels improve handling, even in rough terrains. As such, you want to invest in this wheelbarrow.

The loop handle design improves maneuverability in any work terrain. You will have an easy time pushing, pulling, or emptying the wheelbarrow contents, and you have the loop handle to thank for this.

The featured tray boasts a 5 cubic feet capacity. It also comprises durable and impact-resistant polypropylene plastic that makes it very durable.

This sturdy construction ensures you can carry 300 pounds of load with your wheelbarrow.

Dumping the load is efficient and effortless with the contoured tray design. When hauling rocks, mulch, agricultural topsoil, or yard waste, your Marathon yard rover serves you excellently.

It puts up an incredible performance you only find in a steel wheelbarrow at an affordable price range. 

You will want to store your wheelbarrow after project completion. Fortunately, you can hang this wheelbarrow on a wall since its design supports this storage technique.

You can also stand it upright to save on storage space. The wheelbarrow weighs only 25 pounds and transports more than ten times its weight.

Therefore, it is an excellent buy, and you should consider having it.

Model Number70007-AMZ
Product Dimensions53.5 x 25.5 x 25.6 inches
Item Weight25 pounds
Caster TypePneumatic
Load Capacity 300 lbs

300-pound load capacity.The handle is not slip-resistant.
Large pneumatic tires.It is challenging to assemble.
5 cubic feet tray capacity.
Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow Reviews

What You Should Know Before Buying Any Wheelbarrow for Your Projects

A two-wheeled wheelbarrow transports even the heaviest loads effortlessly. It distributes the weight between two wheels, making handling efficient and effortless, as we have already seen.

As such, you should invest in a two-wheeled wheelbarrow for your landscaping projects (or any project at hand). But you require a buying guide to help you narrow down your choice.

If you want the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow, you will consider the following features:

The Construction Material

You want to check the material of your preferred wheelbarrow before buying it. And that’s because the material affects durability.

As such, you should pick a wheelbarrow featuring high-quality construction materials.

Even though you can still find vintage-style wheelbarrows wooden parts, you want to pay attention to two construction materials in particular:

Steel Construction

Steel is an incredibly high-quality metal for wheelbarrows. It makes the wheelbarrow lightweight while giving it the strength to carry hundreds of pounds of loads.

Steel also resists rust and dirt, making the wheelbarrow durable, maintaining its elegance over the years.

Since steel wheelbarrows boast heavy-duty load-carrying capacities and impressive durability, you should invest in a two-wheeled wheelbarrow featuring steel construction.

Plastic Construction

Despite what many users believe, wheelbarrows featuring plastic-made trays also have impressive load-carrying capacities. Precisely, these wheelbarrows carry up to 300 pounds of loads.

What’s more, they are affordable and suit users on tighter budgets. 

But only the tub or tray is plastic-made, and the rest of the components are sturdy steel-made. If you handle gardening tools, you need wheelbarrows whose trays comprise plastic.

Consider buying two-wheeled wheelbarrows with plastic trays if you are a gardener.

The Handle

You also want to check the handles of a dual wheel wheelbarrow before buying it. You can find a traditional wheelbarrow with straight handles.

But these are models you don’t want to use to haul loads. And that’s because straight handles demand more strength from you even though they offer the best flipping, tilting, and dumping.

You want to opt for closed or single-bar grip handles for unmatched ergonomics and effortless performance. A loop handle works better than a straight handle.

Therefore, consider buying wheelbarrows with loop handles, closed handles, or single-bar grip.

Dual Wheel Design

One thing sets two-wheeled wheelbarrows apart from traditional wheelbarrows: two-wheeled wheelbarrows are more effortless to use.

And for this reason, you want to invest in a dual wheel wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow with two wheels distributes the weight of the load between the two wheels uniformly.

As a result, you will use less effort to haul a heavy load.

Also, two-wheeled wheelbarrows traverse rougher terrains easily since they have two wheels to tackle uneven surfaces.

However, two-wheeled wheelbarrows sacrifice maneuverability significantly compared with single wheeled wheelbarrows.

But they make up for this deficiency with their incredible, effortless advantage and rough terrain handling. Therefore, consider buying a dual wheel wheelbarrow.

Pneumatic or Non-Pneumatic Wheel Design

Once you have checked for dual wheel design, you want to shift your attention to the type of wheel a wheelbarrow features in its design.

You have two types of wheels to choose from: pneumatic tires and non-pneumatic tires. Pneumatic wheels require you to pump them like you would with a bicycle or car tire.

But non-pneumatic wheels don’t require you to add air into them.

Pneumatic wheels offer smoother rides and increased maneuverability. But they risk getting punctures, which will affect your project somehow.

On the other hand, non-pneumatic wheels aren’t susceptible to punctures and handle risky terrains excellently. But they aren’t as maneuverable as pneumatic wheels, nor do they offer smooth rides.

You will want to choose the best wheel design, depending on the nature of your worksite.

If you suspect the ground has sharp objects that might puncture tires, you want to opt for non-pneumatic wheels.

But if your worksite has no sharp objects and you want smoother rides, you should pick pneumatic tires.

The Load-Carrying Capacity

One crucial factor to consider before spending your money is the load capacity. The load capacity refers to the weight a wheelbarrow handles excellently without damage.

Of course, this capacity varies, depending on the construction material a wheelbarrow features.

You can buy a wheelbarrow boasting a 400-pound load capacity to transport heavy loads effortlessly.

You want to opt for the maximum load capacity since you never know what you want to transport across the worksite the next time.

Therefore, aim for higher weight-carrying capacities to transport heavier loads effortlessly.

The Capacity of The Tray

Sometimes, you want a wheelbarrow that transports large load volumes besides transporting heavy loads. A classic example would be when transporting grass clippings or dead leaves.

A wheelbarrow transporting large volumes reduces the trips you make to transport tools or loads. As such, you want to check the capacity of the tray or tub of your favorite wheelbarrow.

Manufacturers express the tray capacity in cubic feet. The capacity varies, and you want to opt for more volume if you want to shorten your trips.

The tray capacity could vary from 5 cubic feet to 10 cubic feet. Therefore, consider wheelbarrows with more tray capacities for transporting large load volumes.


What’s the difference between a wheelbarrow and a garden cart?

A garden cart features more wheels. Specifically, it features 4 wheels. That makes a garden cart boast more load-carrying capacity.

Also, a garden cart offers more stability, making it the best option for hauling heavier loads.

However, you will use a small lawn tractor to haul loads in a garden cart. Of course, an ATV can also pull your garden cart.

On the other hand, a wheelbarrow features one or two wheels. You will mostly haul loads by yourself if you opt for a wheelbarrow.

If you want to transport heavier loads, you should consider having a garden cart. Otherwise, a wheelbarrow is just as useful.

How often should I clean my wheelbarrow?

You want to give your wheelbarrow a basic clean after every use. Basic cleaning involves scraping the remaining dirt after hauling a load, such as grass clippings or topsoil for agricultural use.

Then you want to clean your wheelbarrow thoroughly after a few uses. 

You will use a wire brush to clean your wheelbarrow by scrubbing it. You will then let your wheelbarrow dry outside before storing it.

Letting it dry prevents rust formation, thus prolonging the service life of your wheelbarrow.

Therefore, consider giving your wheelbarrow a basic cleaning after each use, and thorough cleaning after a few uses, probably 3 uses.

Do I need pneumatic or non-pneumatic tires?

When buying a wheelbarrow, you can choose pneumatic tires or non-pneumatic tires. These two tire types have their upsides, and they certainly have their downsides.

Pneumatic tires are inflatable and provide smoother rides. But they are susceptible to punctures.

On the other hand, non-pneumatic tires boast a never-flat design. If your worksite has objects that could cause punctures, you might want non-pneumatic tires.

But if you are looking for smoother rides and improved stability, pneumatic tires will be the best choice.

How many loads can a wheelbarrow carry?

Well, it depends on the weight of each load. Also, this depends on the volume of the tub or tray. A wheelbarrow has a specific load-carrying capacity in pounds.

The load capacity could be as much as 400 pounds. Therefore, your wheelbarrow can carry up to a given weight in pounds. Check for the rated load capacity and ensure you don’t exceed it.

Also, the wheelbarrow tray or tub volume in cubic feet tells you the load size you could transport. The tray’s volume will play a crucial role when transporting soil or grass clippings.

You will transport more grass clippings or soil if the tray has a large volume. Therefore, the load size and weight you can transport depend on your wheelbarrow’s specifications.

Wrap Up

Overall, the WORX AEROCART wheelbarrow performs the best since it features a sturdy steel construction that makes it durable.

But other wheelbarrows on the list come close with their incredible load-carrying capacities and super large carrying trays.

You want to invest in the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow to get the best load transportation while barely using any effort.

We hope that finding the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow for your transportation needs is easier than before.

You can use our buyer’s guide to narrow down your choices to the best wheelbarrows for transporting loads across the worksite.

You can also pick one of our recommended wheelbarrows as they have every feature to ease load transportation.

Take the time to find the best dual wheel wheelbarrow and transport the loads across the worksite with barely any effort!

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