The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches

The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches

Roaches pose serious health risks to you, and that’s why you want to eliminate them from your home. Even though you could use chemicals to eliminate them, you want to use electronic plug-in ultrasonic repellents for the job.

And that’s because these electronic repellents are non-toxic and don’t kill roaches, meaning you will not clean up dead roaches from under your furniture. Learn more about the best ultrasonic pest repeller for roaches.

Electronic repellents for roaches use ultrasonic sound waves to repel roaches from your home. As such, they are eco-friendly as they use no toxic chemicals to eliminate roaches.

What’s more, they allow you to target other pests and rodents, thus eliminating various pests from your home. As such, they are an investment worth considering.

The only problem is that the market is flooded with ultrasonic roach repellents, and many don’t work efficiently.

But worry not because we present you with some of the best-rated ultrasonic pest repellers for roaches. Some even use a combination of ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves for more effectiveness.

As such, you can count on them to help solve your pest problem. We have also included a buyer’s guide with some features to consider when looking for the best ultrasonic roach repeller.

If you have squirrel problems, consider the best ultrasonic squirrel repellers. So, be sure to read on for more information.

The Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches

RADARCAN PRO Ultrasonic Repeller

RADARCAN PRO Ultrasonic repeller features a beautiful design that fits perfectly in your home. The design lets you place it in a corner to repel roaches and other pests.

The repeller features two tweeters that transmit ultrasonic sound across a space of up to 5,382 sq ft. Therefore, you can use this ultrasonic repeller to remove any roach ant mosquito from your room.

What’s more, the ultrasonic repeller also removes rats and mice, making it a repellent of choice for solving your pest problem. What makes this ultrasonic repellent more effective is its INSonuerit3.0 technology.

The technology comes in handy to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen, pantries, or even garage. You can put this repellent in any room to remove spiders roaches ants from your home.

The ultrasonic repellent uses ultrasonic sound when repelling pests. That means it doesn’t use toxic chemicals, making it a completely safe repellent for you and your pets.

It removes roaches from your home without killing them. As a result, you will not clean up dead roaches from your room, nor will you touch them.

Although this ultrasonic repellent is for indoor use, you can also use it outdoors. But it will require a cover to protect it from the weather elements.

It covers an impressive 1,076 square feet of outdoor space, preventing roaches from infiltrating your home.

It is an electronic plug in pest control device that you want to plug into a wall outlet. It uses 10W of electricity, so you want to connect it to a 120V – 240V wall outlet.

You can use it in any room: garages, kitchens, offices, and restaurants. Since it removes roaches without using toxic chemicals, it is eco friendly and safe for use in homes and restaurants.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions8.98 x 6.18 x 3.31 inches
Item Weight13.76 Ounces
Area of Coverage5382 SQ FT.
Rated Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Power3 ~ 5 W
It protects 5,382 sq ft of space.It is not very durable.
Efficient INSonuerit 3.0. technology.It doesn’t repel bats efficiently.
It perfectly fits anywhere.
Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches Reviews

4 PACK Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

4 PACK Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent is a pack of 4 ultrasonic repellers. The 4 ultrasonic repellers allow you to repel roaches and mosquitoes from essential rooms like your bedroom, office, kitchen, and garage.

Each ultrasonic repellent covers an impressive 11000 square feet of space. 

You want to connect each electronic pest repellent to a wall outlet supplying electricity in the range of 110 – 240V. Since each ultrasonic device covers an extended area, you can use the pack to protect the entire home from roaches and mosquitoes.

The ultrasonic waves even penetrate the walls to offer more protection.

Each roach repeller uses only 3 ~ 5 W of electricity. So, you don’t have to worry about the electricity costs shooting up. The featured dual-chip technology emits ultrasonic waves that also repels squirrels and bugs.

Therefore, this is an all-around ultrasonic repeller.

What makes the repellents very effective is their deployed ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves. These waves work to irritate roaches and rodents, thereby driving them away.

When these two waves combine forces, you can be sure to flush out all roaches and pests from their hideouts.

What’s even more impressive is the roach repellents remain silent while sending out ultrasonic sound waves to eliminate pests from your rooms.

You can use them in your bedroom and still have a peaceful night’s sleep. The ultrasonic repellents work efficiently and cover many rooms. As such, you should consider this pack.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions 10.5*6*6cm
Item Weight0.102kg
Area of Coverage1100 ft2
Rated Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Voltage110 - 240V
Power3 ~ 5 W
They protect 1100 sq. ft. each.The warranty is limited.
Energy-efficient functioning.They are not ideal for use outdoors.
They are safe and silent.
Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches Reviews

CLEANRTH CI007 Advanced Ultrasonic Insect Repelling System

CLEANRTH CI007 Advanced Ultrasonic is an electronic plug in device for protecting your 7,000 square feet room from roaches and other pests.

The ultrasonic repeller effectively protects such an extensive space from pests as it features the latest technology for transmitting ultrasonic sound waves.

It is easy to notice how advanced the technology is given that the ultrasonic repeller features two high-tech speakers for generating ultrasonic sound waves.

The dual-speakers project powerful waves across the room, driving all pests in their paths. 

Even though the dual-speakers transmit powerful ultrasonic waves, they don’t affect pets at all. That means the device is safe for use around pets. Besides, it doesn’t use toxic chemicals to eliminate roaches from your room, making it an eco friendly pest control solution.

The ultrasonic roach repellent even features various repelling modes to target different insects and pests. Whether you want to repel mosquitoes or roaches from your kitchen or bedroom, this ultrasonic device is up for the challenge.

You can switch off the night light if it bothers you to have a peaceful night’s sleep. This is an ultrasonic repellent rodent, and other pests flee when you switch on the power.

Since it works efficiently over an extended area, you should consider this ultrasonic repellent when shopping around.

ManufacturerCleanrth Products
Model NumberCI007
Product Dimensions2 x 3.5 x 6 inches
Item Weight6 ounces
Area of Coverage7,000 Square Feet
Rated Frequency60Hz
Power1.5 watts
It covers 7,000 sq. ft.It doesn’t repel bed bugs effectively.
It features various repelling options.Unresponsive customer support.
It is pet-friendly.
Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches Reviews

SEVINNOK PRO – Powerful Multi-Functional Ultrasonic Installation – Repeller

SEVINNOK PRO is a highly durable ultrasonic repeller boasting alloy steel construction. It also comes in beautiful white color to blend with your home décor.

But it offers more than elegance within the confines of your beautiful home. First, it features high-powered speakers that transmit ultrasonic sound waves across the room. 

The super-strong ultrasonic waves are 3-dimensional. That’s why they are super-strong. As a result, they cover an impressive 6458.35 square feet of space.

Besides transmitting powerful ultrasonic waves, the device also features technology for changing the wave frequencies up to 60 times per minute.

This ensures the roaches and rodents don’t adapt to a single frequency. As the ultrasonic device transmits waves at fluctuating frequencies, it repels roaches effectively. Also, it repels rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents. 

It even features a control knob for activating ultrasonic waves for rodents, insects, and birds. You also get a second knob for controlling the speed of the repelling function.

As an electronic ultrasonic repeller, you want to connect this unit to a wall outlet. It only consumes 2W~6W of electricity. 

Therefore, it is an energy-saving pest control solution for large villas and homes. It transmits the ultrasonic sound waves at frequencies ranging from 20~65 kHz, leaving no room for the pests and rodents to adapt to the waves.

As a result, it offers adequate protection against roaches and pests. Therefore, you should consider this unit when shopping for the best ultrasonic pest repeller for roaches.

Model NumberZN-1006
Product Dimensions7.8 x 5.7 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight3.95 Pounds
Area of Coverage10 sq. meters to 600 sq. meters
Rated Frequency20~65 kHz
Voltage24 V
Power6 Watts
It protects 6458.35 square feet of space.It doesn’t work efficiently outdoors.
It varies the frequency for effective protection.Some users complain it doesn’t work for long.
It is energy-saving.
Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches Reviews

Diaotec Mice Repellent Spider Repellent for House Indoor Pest Repellent Ultrasonic

Diaotec Mice Repellent is a pack of two electronic ultrasonic repellents. The repellents boast advanced technology for pest control.

They also fluctuate the emitted frequencies to control the pests effectively. Since the frequencies change up to 60 times per second, roaches and other pests don’t adapt to the transmitted ultrasonic waves. And this makes the devices control the roaches effectively.

The ultrasonic devices control rodents as well. You will drive all rats, mice, and squirrels from your home once you switch on the electronic repellents.

Each ultrasonic roach repeller features two speakers. The speakers transmit the waves across a 1650 square feet room, offering effective pest control within your kitchen.

Of course, you can also use the electronic ultrasonic repellents in other rooms like your bedroom or home office.

The devices feature a single control button that makes operation hassle-free. The sound wave frequencies range from 22kHz – 85kHz, flushing out all rodents, pests, and insects from your home.

They consume up to 6W of electricity each to provide energy-saving pest control solutions.

They keep the sound level to a minimum (below 20 decibels). As such, you barely hear your ultrasonic device as it functions. They are also eco-friendly as they use no toxic chemicals to repel roaches and other pests.

And this makes them user-safe. Besides, they meet the strict EPA standards. If you have two rooms to keep roach-free, you have this pack to pick.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions4.76 x 3.78 x 2.52 inches
Item Weight5.9 ounces
Area of Coverage31 to 47 inches from the ground
Rated Frequency22KHZ-85KHZ
Voltage120 Volt
Power6-8 Watts
They protect 1650 sq. ft. of space.They don’t work outdoors.
They eliminate various pests and rodents.They don’t offer various working modes.
Ultra-quiet performance.
Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches Reviews

What to Look for When Picking the Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Roaches?

You want to consider some features when shopping for any electronic pest repellent for roaches. The best ultrasonic repeller has some industry-standard features, and these are what to look for before spending your hard-earned money.

If you’re looking to pick the best roach repeller from the flooded market, you should consider the features below:


You want an ultrasonic repellent that serves you for extended periods. That means durability is one of the factors to consider when shopping for ultrasonic pest repellers

. A few materials make ultrasonic pest repellers very durable, but no material outperforms alloy steel. As such, you want to prioritize this material over other materials.

Durability is usually a non-issue since many ultrasonic repellers last many years. But you still want to check the construction material to ensure you’re buying a highly durable pest repeller.

You can check the reviews on durability to ensure you’re sourcing a repelling device that will serve you for many years to come.

Power Supply Needs

An ultrasonic pest repeller uses electricity to transmit ultrasonic sound over a given area. Since these repellent devices vary in design, you will find they use different power supplies to function.

While many of them use the power supply from a wall outlet to function, few rely on battery power. 

What’s more, some pest repellents even use solar power to charge their batteries, making them ideal for off-grid homes.

An ultrasonic pest repeller such as Lulu Home Ultrasonic Animal Repeller or YARDEC Gopher Repellent uses solar energy to function.

But these solar-powered pest repellers are ideal for outdoors only. You want to invest in units powered directly from your wall outlet if you intend to keep the indoors free of pests.

However, these units are ineffective during a power outage. But you can still repel pests with battery-powered ultrasonic repellers. Your needs are undoubtedly unique, and you want to choose a power supply that meets your needs best.

The Ultrasonic Sound Frequency Range

Your ultrasonic pest repeller relies solely on ultrasonic sound to repel pests. It transmits the ultrasonic sound waves over a given area in square feet to drive pests away from the target area.

But it repels pests only if it produces sufficient ultrasonic frequency.

Usually, pests hear sounds of frequencies ranging from 50kHz – 100kHz. Sound waves of this frequency range irritate pests, thus driving them away.

As such, you want to choose pest repellers emitting ultrasound of the 50kHz – 100kHz range. 

That means reading the description to check if your favorite ultrasonic pest repeller emits ultrasonic sound waves ranging from 50kHz to 100kHz (or even above the 100kHz mark).

You want to opt for a particular ultrasonic pest repellent if it produces above 50kHz of ultrasonic sound waves. Such an ultrasonic repellent will drive pests away from your targeted area.

Effectiveness Range

One thing you will have to contend with is finding an ultrasonic pest repellent covering the entire area you want to keep pest-free. An ultrasonic pest repeller transmits sound waves over a given area.

The ultrasonic sound waves then irritate the pests, thus driving them away. But the effectiveness of the ultrasonic sound works within a given area in square feet.

That means you will check the room size before buying an ultrasonic pest repeller to protect it against pests. You can then check to buy an ultrasonic device that covers the entire room space effectively

. Generally, ultrasonic pest repellers effectively cover areas ranging from 800 – 1,200 square feet of space. 

But more powerful models cover up to 7,000 square feet of space (or even more). You want to pick an ultrasonic repellent, depending on your room size.

If your room is 1,200 square feet or less, you want to buy a repeller covering no more than 1,200 sq. ft. But if you have a more extensive room, say 6,000 square feet large, you want to source a more powerful ultrasonic pest repeller.

Therefore, check the room size before buying an ultrasonic repeller covering the entire space.


When buying an ultrasonic pest repellent, you still want to consider if it is safe for use. You have pets in your home, and you want to keep them safe. Also, you want your kids to be safe.

As such, you should check if a particular ultrasonic pest repellent is safe before buying it.

Fortunately, ultrasonic pest repellents rely only on ultrasonic sound waves and not toxic chemicals to eliminate pests. That makes them ideal devices for removing rats and mice from your kitchen space.

Also, ultrasonic pest repellers don’t expose you to electrical shock hazards, making them even safer. As such, they’re worth the investment and eliminate pests without killing them.

You don’t have to clean up dead pests the following day if you invest in an ultrasonic pest repeller.

Pest Repelling Modes

Even though pests hear ultrasonic sound waves of frequencies ranging from 50kHz – 100kHz, they respond to different frequencies. That means mice respond at a different sound frequency from roaches.

Therefore, you can’t expect to eliminate all pests at one sound frequency.

Your goal is to buy an ultrasonic repeller to get rid of cockroaches. But you might also want an ultrasonic repeller for repelling pests such as rats and mice.

If this is another one of your aims, you will check for different pest repelling modes. An ultrasonic pest repeller with various modes allows you to target different pests. For this simple reason, you want to check for ultrasonic pest repellers with various pest repelling modes.

Warranty Information

Although not a feature, you still want to consider the warranty first. Buying an ultrasonic pest repeller to get rid of roach ant mosquito is an investment like any other.

The manufacturer can offer to replace your ultrasonic repeller if it malfunctions due to manufacturing defects. 

But this is only possible if your ultrasonic comes backed by a warranty. That is why you want to check if your preferred ultrasonic pest repeller comes with a warranty.

Also, you want to check the warranty period. The longer the warranty period, the longer the investment protection.

For example, a 5-year warranty offers more protection than a 3-year warranty. Since you also aim to protect your investment long-term, check for an extended warranty.

If the warranty goes over 2 years, that’s great. But you want to pick repellers with an extended warranty period.


How does an ultrasonic repeller remove roaches?

It emits high-frequency ultrasonic waves and transmits them across your room. The waves irritate the roaches and other targeted pests and rodents, causing them to flee.

The ultrasonic sound doesn’t kill the roaches, meaning you don’t have a mess to clean up the following day. Since ultrasonic roach repellents don’t use toxic chemicals, they are eco-friendly and very effective. As such, you should invest in one if you have a roach problem.

After how long do I notice a change in my roach problem?

You will notice a change for the better after 1 – 2 weeks. So, you want to be a little bit patient. You want to plug your ultrasonic repeller in a room with roaches since the ultrasonic waves are ineffective if they come from an adjacent room.

But some ultrasonic repellers transmit ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves for better penetration. These units are ideal for eliminating roaches in adjacent rooms. So, prioritize them when shopping around.

Can I compliment my ultrasonic repellent with essential oils?

Yes, you could use special essential oils for rats together with your ultrasonic repellent for a more effective result. Peppermint Essential Oils works excellently to repel rats.

So, you could complement your ultrasonic repeller with the essential oil if you intend to eliminate rats from your kitchen. Also, you could use essential oils for roaches for a more effective solution.

How much electricity does an ultrasonic repeller for roaches use?

Ultrasonic repellents for roaches use little electricity in the range of 3 – 6 Watts. They offer an energy-saving solution for removing roaches and pests from your home.

You want to plug them into wall outlets supplying 100 – 250V of electricity. You will then flush out all the roaches from their hideouts.

Wrap Up

You can eliminate roaches from your kitchen space without using toxic chemicals. But that’s only possible if you use an ultrasonic pest repeller for roaches.

These electronic pest repellents rather use ultrasonic sound waves to scare away roaches, leaving your home free of roaches. As such, they are eco-friendly and very effective at ridding your home of roaches and rodents.

But you want to invest in the best ultrasonic roach repellents for the best outcome.

Fortunately, we have reviewed some ultrasonic roach repellers with outstanding performances. We have also included a guide to help you spot other best ultrasonic repellents for roaches.

So, the only thing remaining is you picking the best ultrasonic repeller to remove roaches from your home. Rid your home of these disease-carrying insects from your home with the best pest repeller for roaches.

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