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The Best Vacuum Cleaner for All Floor Types

When it comes to finding the most flexible type of vacuum, upright vacuums are typically the best overall. Here are the best vacuum cleaner for all floor types review.

With a great combination of flexibility and doability, we’ve got four of the most flexible vacuums you can choose. 

If you struggle to find a good vacuum for your unusual combination of floors, this list has you covered.

The Four Best Vacuum Cleaners With Great Flexibility

The Bissell Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell is one of the most well-known vacuum companies in the world. The Crosswave is a great reminder, working on a variety of hard flooring.

You’ll find that it does have the power to handle high-pile carpets. However, its true talent is its ability to polish your floors. Those who have large amounts of tile will find this cleaner to be incredibly effective.

There is a lot of complaints about this vacuum leaving streaky floors. However, filthy floors require multiple uses, so keep a consistent cleaning schedule to avoid this.

The streaky floor issue is not related to a design flaw of the vacuum, as it is known to be effective for pet owners and those with kids.

The Crosswave is also designed with a quick clean in mind, most of it coming from the combination of an effective scrub and powerful suction.

So if you want a machine that will replace sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming in a single unit, The Bissell Crosswave is your best bet.

Combines multiple floor cleaning functions in one vacuum.It requires multiple crossovers for filthy floors.
Lightweight and easy to use across tile and hardwood floors.The motor has a design flaw that is impossible to repair.
It is a wet-dry vacuum that is great at removing stains.
Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

The Shark NV360 Navigator combines the flexibility of a stick vacuum with the power of an upright vacuum. As a smaller vacuum, its flexibility is great for anywhere from medium-pile carpets and hard floors.

Other upright vacuums on this list are suitable given their ability to lift grime with wet cleaning tools. This is more suitable for strong suction in many scenarios.

Those who have carpeted stairs will enjoy this combo vacuum. Larger spaces will also appreciate the decent capacity. However, you’ll find this style less effective for tile flooring.

It also has numerous vacuum attachments, making it an incredibly flexible vacuum across multiple surfaces. Despite being a Shark, it is one of the least expensive vacuums on this list.

It has excellent flexibility for difficult surfaces.It is less suitable for tile floors.
It is one of the most popular vacuums available.It has some issues with the pressure switch.
It's great for those who have a large amount of carpet.
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The Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Multi-Surface System

Tineco is a newcomer compared to industry veterans like Shark, Bissell, and Hoover. Regardless of being a newcomer regarding vacuum cleaners, they give more popular companies something to think about.

The Tineco Floor One S3 is a king among cordless vacuums. Tineco is one of the few vacuums with smart control features, enabling adjustable cleaning depending on the filth on the floor.

This enables you to vacuum on autopilot and still get the job done.

The vacuum has a pretty heavy battery pack, but it is rechargeable. The battery life is only about 25 minutes, making them one of the shorter premium vacuums.

While you won’t do your whole house in one go, the powerful suction makes it comparable with some strong canister vacuums. Overall, Tineco has one of the best overall vacuum cleaners for smaller spaces.

Includes a removable battery pack.The battery life only lasts about 25 minutes.
Easy and straightforward to maintain.It isn't suitable for cleaning multiple house spaces.
Smart features put little thought into cleaning.
Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The Bissell MultiClean Allergen Lift-Off Pet Slim Upright Vacuum

Bissell is a good enough vacuum cleaner company to own two slots on this list. Its second model is not as popular, and we will discuss the reason why below.

This Bissell vacuum is known to have comparable power to Dyson vacuums. That means a solid bit of suction power, but not enough to pick up pet hair from hardwood floors.

However, you’ll find it incredibly effective on any high-pile carpet. This, compared to the hardwood floor focus of other vacuums, make this MultiClean vacuum more suitable for older homes.

The MultiClean also has multiple attachments, including a convenient upholstery tool. Its extensions are convenient.

It is a bit complicated getting replacement filters. However, the other features make this bagless vacuum well worth the investment.

Excellent at thick carpets and with pet hairs.Less effective for use on hard floors.
Seen as one of the most competitive vacuums against Dyson models.It is challenging to find replacement filters.
Solid suction power.
Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Umoot Six in One Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Out of all the vacuums on this list, you will find that Umoot is easily the less known. As a result, people are naturally more critical of it, but Umoot still offers something that other vacuums on this list don’t have: being budget-friendly.

The most inexpensive vacuum on this list comes with features you would expect of more expensive vacuums. It has 40 minutes of running time, six attachments, and 24KPA of suction. It is comparable to other vacuums with a higher price tag.

As a stick vacuum, it naturally has more weakness than other vacuums. But being comparable is impressive, making it suitable for both medium-pile carpets and hardwood floors. However, this is not a wet-dry vacuum, meaning you will need an alternative vacuum.

As a budget replacement for Dyson, its weakness is more prominent on tile floors. With the wet function, you might find yourself able to overcome it.

Overall, it is one of the most flexible budget vacuums out there. Compared to other cordless stick vacuums, it’s also pretty good.

Great at almost all forms of vacuuming.Less effective when applying this to tile flooring.
Much more lightweight than other vacuums on this list.No wet function for reducing cleaning time.
Suitable for medium-pile carpets and hardwood floors.
Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

What Should I Look for in Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaners?

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Different Floors

If your ultimate goal is to make as few vacuum purchases as possible, here is a breakdown of what you need to look for:

  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Stick) – A cordless stick vacuum cleaner is efficient for homes that demand easy storage and movement. These vacuum types are lightweight and easy to move around. These vacuums are also typically better for medium-pile (or weaker) carpets).
  • Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaners – Corded stick vacuum cleaners are also suitable for medium-pile carpets (or weaker). These typically have some limited cost savings and are better if you have many outlets and a lot of space.
  • Canister Vacuum Cleaners – Canister vacuum cleaners are long hoses connected to buckets on wheels. The buckets hold much space and have larger motors, making them suitable for high-pile carpets and lower. Hardwood floors might require a head replacement.
  • Upright Vacuums – Upright vacuum cleaners include most of the list above. These are typically the most flexible because they combine portability with power. You’ll find these most effective at medium-pile carpets and hardwood floors.
  • Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaners – Wet-Dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for tile floors and hardwood floors. Some can also be for low-pile carpets, acting as a shampooer. This type of vacuum cleaner has tremendous efficiency potential.
  • Robot Vacuums – This vacuum type isn’t suitable for heavy-duty work. Instead, robot vacuums fill in the gaps between different vacuuming sessions. You can use them on hard flooring and low-pile carpet. Robotic vacuums are not replacements for a full-size vacuum. 
  • Handheld Vacuums – A handheld vacuum is an excellent choice for spot cleaning. However, they are less flexible when it comes to extensive vacuuming across multiple types of flooring.

An exception to having high-quality robot vacuums is the iRobot Roomba S9, which is known to compete with some stick vacuums. Still, it is not good to rely entirely on robot vacuums.

Different Vacuum Cleaner Attachments for Different Surfaces

Different attachments work for different surfaces. Below is a list of various attachments for your vacuum cleaner.

  • A Replacement Brush Roll – A good vacuum has a backup brush roll. This isn’t a unique attachment, but a good brush roll can make a significant difference. Multiple brush rolls in a single head are typically better for pet hair.
  • Crevice Tool – For tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, a crevice tool is excellent. These can be great for fitting between couch cushions and on shelving.
  • Dusting Brush – A dusting brush is excellent at removing and sucking in the dust on surfaces right away. It is suitable for those who do not have an alternate duster
  • Upholstery Brush – An upholstery brush is suitable for quick cleanings of sofas and chairs.
  • A Motorized Tool – A motorized head is excellent when handling hard-to-remove pieces. These can also work as upholstery brushes and pet hair cleaners for your furry friends.

There are many potential cleaning tools for many uses. Depending on how your floors are, make sure you purchase the right tool for your needs.

Do Wet-Dry Vacuums Need HEPA Filters?

Whether you have a high amount of allergins or deal with pet hair, HEPA filters are helpful in wet-dry vacuums. HEPA filters are known to remove up to 99.97% of small particles at 0.3 microns.

This, combined with the wet features of your vacuum, make these wet-dry vacuums far more effective at removing a high percentage of dust. Dust removal is essential regardless of the type of flooring you need to wash.

Bag vs. Dirt Cup – Which Is Better To Use?

All the vacuums on this list are easy to empty bagless vacuums. This is primarily because the wet features cannot use a bag. Wetting a bag will cause it to degrade with greater rapidness.

Bagless vacuums are typically better than bagged vacuums due to their environmental impact. The amount of material to dispose of with bags is much higher.

What Power Settings Should I Look For On Vacuums?

Ideally, your vacuum should have at least two power settings. The lighter power setting is for cleaning bare floors, and the heavier power setting is for deep cleaning carpets.

With wet-dry vacuums, you should expect a third power setting related to leaving behind a cleaning solution. You might look for four separate cleaning modes in this case.

Why Should I Get A Wet-Dry Vacuum?

A wet-dry vacuum is excellent for those who have tile floors. Getting the grit between spots on these floors can be complicated. As a result, any t texture is perfect for wet-dry vacuums.

Wet-Dry vacuums are typically not great for carpet shampooing. Instead, you should seek out a carpet shampooer that specializes in your type of carpet.

If your chosen wet-dry vacuum has alternate claims, it is worth checking out.

Best Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner Brands

When it comes to cleaning multiple surfaces, here are some vacuum brands you should keep an eye out for:

  • Bissell – Bissell is one of the world’s oldest vacuum companies. It has been around since 1876, where they were trying to pick up spilled sawdust quickly. Today, Bissell remains one of the most well-known vacuum creators in the world.
  • Shark Mark Rosenzweig, the founder of Shark, is well known as a company on the cutting edge of vacuum creation. Among cordless models, they compete well against Dyson for the king of the pack.
  • TinecoOn March 13 of 2019, Tineco released the first-ever smart cordless vacuum cleaner. They have over 20 years of experience in the vacuum industry. As one of the first providers of smart vacuums, Tineco is quickly gaining ground against other major providers.
  • UmootUmoot is known as an inexpensive provider of stick vacuums. They are far smaller than other companies on this list but still manage to compete.

All of the brands mentioned above work across many surfaces and provide a solid product.

Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

Should You Use a Vacuum Cleaner Every Day?

No, it would help if you didn’t use most vacuum cleaners more than once a week. Using it more would be wasteful and burdensome on the motor.

What is a Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner?

A multi-surface vacuum cleaner is made for multiple surface types. Most vacuums you buy are considered multi-surface, working for both hardwood and carpet fibers.

Is Vacuuming Bad For Your Lungs?

The act of vacuuming is an improvement for your lungs. Picking up dust, dirt, and all manner of things enables you to keep a clean living space.

To avoid breathing in the contents (the bad part), empty the dust cup outside. It would be best to consider wearing a dust mask to ensure you avoid breathing it in.

Can You Use a Wet-Dry Vacuum to Remove Water From Your Basement?

Yes, although a canister-based wet-dry model is likely going to be more effective. Canister vacuums can contain more dust, debris, and water.

Acquiring a Shop-Vac from your local supermarket is usually a good step. Try to avoid bringing the canister downstairs; it is hard to lift when full of water.

Final Thoughts

Our favorite vacuum is the Bissell Crosswave All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Much of this favoritism comes from the wet-dry vacuum features, making it suitable for various hard surfaces.

Given hard surfaces are more common in modern homes, this vacuum is ideal for saving you time and money.

If you work in awkward homes, the Shark Navigator is likely an excellent second choice for you. There are also stick vacuums for smaller spaces and other wet-dry vacuums that are incredibly useful.

Whatever you need, always be sure to prioritize your family’s needs.

If you like any of the vacuums on our list, consider clicking our links. As Amazon Affiliates, we make money when you choose to click our links. Thank you for reading!

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