The Best Vacuum for Your Intex Pool

An Intex swimming pool is a brand that is well known when it comes to above ground swimming pools. They have 4 main styles: Easy Set Pools, Metal Frame Pools, Round Ultra Frame Pools, and Rectangular frame pools. They all come with sturdy, triple-ply walls and will hold up for years, offering great swimming fun and outdoor enjoyment.

Keeping an entire pool clean requires a good above ground pool vacuum. Choosing the best vacuum for an Intex pool is important so the vinyl liner, the pool surface, and the pool water remain clean. There are many suction vacuums to choose from, making it difficult to choose the right vacuum cleaner for you and your circumstances. Here are some of the best that can make pool maintenance easy.

Tips when buying the best vacuum for intex pool

A pool vacuum cleaner is not inexpensive, so you need to ensure that you buy the correct one. Buying one that works well and fits in your budget is a priority, so you are not wasting money. There are some factors to consider.

  • Weight – The vacuum you choose should be light enough in weight, so it is easy to maneuver on the walls and bottom of the pool. While the liners are pretty heavy-duty, lighter vacuums reduce the chance of damaging it when cleaning. Getting a vacuum that is under 15 pounds can help while also making it easy to transport and store between use. Consider how heavy the vacuum hose and head are, since they’re what you’ll be using if you purchase a manual pool vacuum.
  • Read what others think – One of the best ways to decide on a pool vacuum is to read what others think. If you vet out the obvious false reviews, many will tell you the good and the bad about their vacuum choice. Some are helpful and offer the tricks and tips of using their Intex pool vacuum as well.
  • Pool specs – Know the size of your pool floor and height, so you can make sure the vacuum is built to tackle the job you need it to do. Most will be fine, but some may have limitations, especially if it’s an automatic pool vacuum.
  • Size – make sure the design of the vacuum will work with the shape of your above ground swimming pool. You want to make sure it gets into every corner of the pool. A handheld pool vacuum might work for a smaller pool, for instance.

The best vacuum for intex pool

1. Dolphin EscapeThe #1 Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner

If you want the ultimate in pool cleaning, this product is it. It is not cheap, but it the best Intex pool cleaner you will find. There is not filter bag to worry about, as it has an oversized debris catcher that can hold a lot. There are no wheels to jam or stall, it has continuous tracks to move it along smoothly with added grip. It can hug the corners for a great clean even in the tight spots.

It has a dual scrubbing brush on the front to make sure that everything in front of it is cleaned up and nothing gets missed. The Dolphin is a robotic pool vacuum that uses SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning to make sure it finds its way all around the pool floor without getting caught on a pool filter, so you won’t have to worry about it jamming when you are not watching. It is only 14 pounds in weight, so easy to take in and out of the pool. It is corded, not rechargeable allowing you to have it run as long as you need to.

2. Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner

If you want your kids to help vacuum your pool, this might be the way to do it. Pentair is becoming more well known in the pool market for their quality products. It is a cleaner that is designed to scrub as well as vacuum. It does this automatically which is a great benefit and comes with a 25” hose. It is a good pricefor an amusing, quality cleaner. It is quick, quiet and has a good filter system.

3. OT QOMOTOP Robotic Pool Cleaner, Rechargeable Cordless

This is a newer vacuum that makes pool cleaning easy. It does round or square pools with flat bottoms. It cleans up to 860 sq ft and can be in water up to 6.6 feet deep. The vacuum has a large suction door and a brush in the middle to get all debris and stains. It has a removable filter tray so cleaning the vacuum is easy. The great thing about this vacuum is that it is rechargeable. It can clean for 90 minutes after 5 hours of charging. Simply charge then lower into the pool to start. This robotic cleaner can even automatically head to the side of the pool when it is low on power. A great and easy way to clean your Intex pool.

4. PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner

The Paxcess pool cleaner is a robotic pool vacuum run by an AI computer program, so you just have to set it and put it in the pool. It will clean for a set amount of time and cover the bottom as well as the walls. It has 4 pc PVA sponge roller brushes to clean both above and in-ground pools. The cord swivels so it can’t get caught. The large top access filter basket traps both large and fine debris. It will collect everything from leaves to dirt and silt. It is easy to use and your Intex pool will be sparkling clean with little effort.

Final Thoughts

There are some great vacuums on the market that will be good for your Intex pool. You can find them ranging from under $90 for a manual vacuum that is simply a vacuum head and hose, or up into the 100s of dollars range for rechargeable or a robotic cleaner. The Dolphin Escape is one of the best as well as one of the more expensive. However, even with its higher cost, it is easy to use and should last for years. When you pay for a quality vacuum, it means you won’t be replacing it each time it gets stuck or clogged.

Keeping an entire pool clean without having to lug out tubes, poles and vacuum heads is great, as you have more time to enjoy the pool rather than cleaning it. Leave the cleaner on in the morning and by the afternoon you can jump into your sparkling clean pool for a swim.

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