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The Best Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt You Can Buy

If we were to catch 10 homeowners right after the 9 o’clock news, whether they would try to economize in home security, there’s a good chance that at least 9 would say no.

This is why the idea of using “smart” Wi-Fi-enabled deadbolts should come as a new brainer. Learn more about the best wi-fi enabled deadbolt you can buy in the market.

But is this really the best deadbolt lock option at this time? Would it be possible for someone to unlock your door from far away? And how can you use its remote control options to best protect your family and belongings?

The answer lies in shopping smartly and installing a well-rounded security system. Nowadays, Wi-Fi-enabled appliances offer instant communication and synchronization.

We have researched the best online options and watched a rundown of their strengths and weaknesses.

Why Get a Wifi Enabled Deadbolt

A Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt offers a few extra perks when compared to a standard physical key. The main one is the possibility to lock and unlock your home remotely depending on your needs.

This may include adding an extra lock late at night, or letting your cat sitter in while you are out of town. If you have other Wi-Fi smart appliances at home, such as security cameras, you can even check who is at the door before granting them entrance!

The extra security afforded by your “smart deadbolt” will depend on the settings you choose:

The Wi Fi bridge between the deadbolt, your home’s internet network, and your phone can be set as an override. In this case, if you don’t have the physical key with you, you can still get back home.

Alternatively, it can act as a two-piece “superkey” where you will need both a key and either remote permission or a passcode. In this way, if your key gets stolen, your home will remain safe!

The Top 5 Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt

These are the most balanced smart lock offers we could find. They all offer mostly positive reviews, advanced features and reasonable prices.

Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The Kwikset Halo works as both a standalone deadbolt and as part of a more comprehensive smart security system.

This kit includes the deadbolt itself, a touchscreen panel, and a removable key. All parts connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, which then allows you to operate the deadbolt using the Kwikset Home App.

One of the most notable features of this smart lock is how discreet it is. A common problem with many home security systems is that they often include visible fingerprint scanners and additional cameras.

For potential burglars, this is a good way of pointing out that there are valuable goods inside.

Instead, the Halo kit will only show a relatively small, sleek touchscreen. Before you insert the key, it won’t light up or show any numbers.

There are also no visible buttons that can get dirty or become worn down, which adds an extra level of security: after all, it may not take a lot of tries for a thief to guess the right order of just 4 digits.

When you arrive home, you can insert the key and then punch in your access code, or request entrance using the app. Whenever anyone enters the home, even with a code, you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

This device’s internal memory can store up to 250 different codes. You can use these codes to grant access to specific friends or family members.

Whenever any of these codes are used, it will leave a log behind that you can then access from your phone. You can also use your phone to send the order to open or lock the door at any time.

If you are only interested in its pin-and-key features, you won’t need to add any extra systems or subscriptions to your home security system.

However, if you would like to use a voice command to lock the doors, or synchronize this system with a wireless camera, you may need to install an additional Alexa Echo or Google speaker.

Discreet and sleek.Requires additional batteries.
The touchscreen prevents burglars from trying to guess your entry PIN.Users report a delay of up to 30 seconds when granting access through the app.
Doesn’t need any additional apps or devices.
Best Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt Reviews

Schlage Encode

Thin, light, yet surprisingly sturdy, the Schlage Encode is a great option for anyone who is looking for a “double key” system to secure their home.

The Schlage Encode lock comes with built in Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as its own microphone for voice control. The kit is largely self-sufficient, and it will enable remote control via the app, plus up to 100 different PINs that can act as entry codes.

You can demand the door to require both the physical key and the pin or schedule specific PINs to work during a specified period.

However, there are additional features that you can access if you pair it up with an Alexa Echo. In addition, you can also install the Amazon Cloud Cam in order to get a live video feed whenever someone rings the bell or attempts to punch in an entry code

The main screen uses a capacitive keypad instead of a regular button panel. This will hide the numbers until it senses the key is coming close to the lock.

The screen looks very sleek when it’s turned off, and it is designed to repel oil or grease, in order to camouflage any prior finger marks. However, the keys will still provide slight vibrating feedback when pressed.

The screen also features a blinking light that will notify you when the door has been locked properly, and a separate light to alert you when the device is low in battery

Smooth capacitive screen.The advanced options require Alexa Echo.
Built-in low-battery notification.Some users report the key is hard to fit in.
Possibility for remote commands.
Best Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt Reviews

Ultraloq U-Bolt

The Ultraloq U-Bolt is not just an internet-connected deadbolt. It s a 5-in-1  system that combined a keyless entry pad, a Wi-Bridge adaptor, automated proximity unlock, and a smartphone app that doubles as remote control and an active surveillance key.

One of the most notable aspects of this kit is that it includes two main panels for your door.

One of them is a more traditional-looking keyhole, with a hidden Bluetooth receiver that will allow it to communicate instantly with your smartphone (after installing the U-Tec app) or the physical key.

In addition, it also includes a second panel to allow you to enter your PIN or access code. This panel looks a little bit flashy, as it has a series of numbers arranged in a circle.

It is a bit reminiscent of the one that a hotel safe would have, which may attract stares from neighbors or passers-by. However, this panel includes an anti-peep mode that allows you to enter any series of numbers you want, as long as the PIN is “hidden” among them.

In this way, even if someone is watching you, they won’t be able to accurately guess your PIN.

The internal memory can store up to 60 different users. The “administrator” can delete or change the schedules of any of these users remotely.

In addition, you can also get instant notifications whenever anyone tries to enter, and it will keep a record of each entry for up to 2 weeks.

Both the physical key and the lock panel use geofencing technology, which will detect whenever your smartphone or the master key is nearby. This also allows you to sync your deadbolt with other appliances using ITTT programs, even if they belong to a different manufacturer.

ITTT (If This Then That) compatibility.The button panel may attract stares.
Independent Wi-Fi Bridge.It can only store up to 60 different entry codes at once.
Anti-peep protection for entry codes.
Best Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt Reviews

Manhaoya Smart Deadbolt Lock

The Manhaoya Smart Deadbolt lock is a high-tech kit that includes many of the safety features that were, until recently, available only for commercial buildings. At first glance, this option by Manhaoya looks very similar to the SCHLAGE Encode WiFi deadbolt.

It even uses a similar color pattern for the main button panel. However, it offers a more comprehensive installation package, plus a couple of extra major features for largely the same price.

On the other hand, it is made from a less well-known brand that most people are unfamiliar with.

The full kit includes a two-side main panel, a sturdy latch, two proximity-enabled MF cards (like the ones used on hotels), a set of backup keys, and a series of screws, screwdrivers and installation tools.

The goal here is to ensure that any buyer will already have everything they need to install the deadbolt without help.

Just like all the other models we reviewed, this model also allows you to lock your front door using an app, an access code, or an electronic key.

The app will allow you to store a series of “visitor codes”, which can be granted total or scheduled access.

In addition, it also has a fingerprint reader for frequent visitors. These fingerprints will also be tied to a “user identity” and will be logged by the app.

Finally, the app offers the possibility to create temporary passwords. These will be valid for only 5 minutes and can allow you to let a repairman or delivery person in without the risk of their ever returning.

On the downside, it is not compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, and it cannot be used with an existing ITTT system.

Includes a full installation kit.Not compatible with Alexa or Google Home.
Includes additional replacement keys and MF cards.Not compatible with ITTT.
Has a quick fingerprint reader.
Best Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt Reviews


The last on our list is the WYZE lock. This is a pretty basic, but well-rounded kit meant for people who are relatively new at home automation.

The concept behind the brand and the products is that it’s ”certified for humans”. Because of this, it simplifies some settings but it also ensures everything remains intuitive.

The kit itself only includes the main control pad, as it is meant to work alongside your existing deadbolt and keys – not to replace them.

The device will then allow you to use your smartphone as a complement to your keys: for example, it will detect when you are nearby, and unlock itself automatically whenever you are coming with your grocery bags.

This main pad also includes a gyroscope, which can detect whenever the door is being opened. It will log each time this happens, and send the information to your smartphone.

There is also an option to synchronize it with Amazon Alexa, in which case you can also lock and unlock the gate using the voice control. However, if you want to install access codes, you will need to buy the button pad separately.

Built-in gyroscope and motion sensor.Button pad is sold separately.
Easy to install and operate.Only includes basic features.
Provides quick notifications whenever someone opens the door.
Best Wi-Fi Enabled Deadbolt Reviews

FAQs about WiFi Enabled Deadbolts

Are new to the world of Smart Home automation? Then you may be wondering about how easy or safe these new gadgets are

Are smart door locks safe?

A smart door lock is all about security, but many new users are often wary of being “hacked”. In reality, while an expert hacker could potentially gain access to your home using your WiFi system, this is very unlikely.

The commands that go from your smartphone to your smart door lock are all encrypted. If you have connected your deadbolt to Alexa or Google Assistant, you will need to make sure your WiFi has a secure password.

An open WiFi network could provide a “weak point” in your home.

Are Smart Deadbolt Locks easy to install?

This depends largely on the model you choose. For the initial physical installation, you should probably enlist a locksmith – just like you would if you have to replace the locks or install a new door.

However, most of the time, the actual settings can be figured out by anyone who is only moderately tech-savvy.

As an added precaution, make sure to test everything after you finish the initial set-up, and make sure someone is inside the house until you know it works the way you want it to.

Final Thoughts

A deadbolt with built Wi Fi capabilities can be a valuable addition to your security system. The best locks on the market include thick deadbolts, as well as the possibility to set up pins and fingerprints to grant access.

However, not all these features are necessary for every home – so make sure to get something that adapts to your lifestyle!

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