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The Chefman Carbon Fiber Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Once you come indoors during the colder months, most people still find their grill lust unsatiated. The smell of charcoal or the clear taste of cherry wood on your grilled goods is something that’s hard to pass up.

So to address this time, you’ve got an electric grill to fall back on. Here are the Chefman Carbon Fiber Electric smokeless indoor grill reviews.

However, some people don’t have this electric grill yet. So to address the few that have yet to find a solution to this over the cooler months, we take a look at the Chefman indoor grills. 

Chefman lacks the relative recognition of your George Foreman but has all of the bells and whistles you might expect. But are the features behind this grill worth the trouble of getting an indoor grill? Let’s find out below. 

A Review of the Two Most Popular Chefman Grills

Chefman has two major grills we plan on reviewing today. The two claim that they provide “perfectly smoke-free grilling.” One is a larger grill while the other doubles as a panini press.

#1: Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

The Chefman electric smokeless indoor grill we feature has 150 square inches of cooking surface. The large space makes it much smaller than your traditional outdoor grill but is suitable for indoor use. 

The smaller-sized separate unit is suitable for using the counter, saving you room should you want to cook on the stovetop. The dimensions of this grill are 20.8 x 10.27 x 3.54 inches and it’s made of die-cast aluminum. 

The design of this grill looks beautiful and easily compares to any George Foreman. The bottom-most drip tray tells you to pour water. This means that water absorbs any grease that falls on it, preventing the potential for burns. Be sure to fill it between the minimum and maximum line. 

The drip trays are also removable, allowing for dishwasher-safe cleaning. Overall, its initial points are pretty easy to clean and take apart. 

The temperature control knob goes from warm to hot. However, there’s no clear indication of your temperature level, causing you to have to guess at the best areas. 

The temperature levels also vary depending on location. The far right of the grill handles fish and vegetables, the middle (hot zone) handles chicken and steak, while the left handles burgers and hotdogs. 

The problem with dividing up your cooking zones like this makes it an issue with larger families. That mean’s you’ll have to go back to this cooking surface multiple times to get a complete meal (in some cases). 

Overall, it is a smokeless grill of incredible convenience. The design makes for easy-to-see grill marks and the water prevents burning grease. It also has an auto shut-off protection in the event it is left on too long. 

Overall, it’s a pretty solid indoor smokeless grill. 

A great amount of cooking surface.No control over exact temperature readings.
Has multiple heat zones.Potential damage issue if you forget water.
Easy to cook multiple foods with varying temperatures.Different zones prevent you from batch cooking effectively.
Chefman Carbon Fiber Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

#2: Chefman Compact Indoor Electric Grill  

The second option is closer to a standard panini press but has a good bit of power behind it as well. Its smaller size makes it a bit more flexible with certain cooking activities, but there’s no additional water container. 

Instead, the surface naturally will work in preventing it from sticking to the food. The one heat zone also makes this more suited to cooking burgers, steak, chicken, fish, and other similar foods with relative ease.

Its temperature control has the same amount of vagueness, going from warm to sear with no specific numbers. 

The smaller size makes it easy to wash by hand or in your dishwasher. Of course, you won’t want to put any electronic components in the dishwasher. Still, the lack of a water tray makes it more difficult to remove grease from the surface. 

While it lacks the size for full-sized steak, it still manages to cook a couple of burgers at a time with no problem. Foods like corn, zucchini, tomatoes, burgers, and fish all will still find better cooking temps with the other grill. 

Great for grilling sandwiches.Far smaller than option number one.
Has a single temperature zone for cooking consistently.More of a panini press than anything.
Includes removable trays for (fairly) easy cleaning.Doesn’t have the same capabilities to cook larger steaks.
Chefman Carbon Fiber Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

What Should I Look in an Electric Smokeless Grill?

If you want an electric smokeless grill, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Why Do I Need An Electric Smokeless Grill? 

For perfectly grilled food year-round, an electric grill is a great addition to your cooking arsenal. Indoor grills work great for acting as a quick-and-dirty substitute for traditional outdoor grills. 

A Chefman electric indoor grill is also suitable for apartment or condo dwellers. People who live in these structures don’t have regular access to a grill. As a result, having this indoor appliance would be a great addition.  

What Makes A Smokeless Grill Dishwasher Safe?

A standard charcoal grill does not allow you to remove components to put in the dishwasher. Smokeless grills, by comparison, have removable cooking trays that enable you to place them inside of a dishwasher. 

You should not place any electronic components inside of a dishwasher, regardless of how waterproof it is. Also, be sure to let the grill cool before you decide to take any parts from it. 

What is Overheat Auto Shut-Off Protection?

Modern electric grills have the ability to shut off if left unattended for long periods. This saves forgetful people from fires but still is not a substitute for remembering to turn off the grill. Overheat protection automatically turns off the grill if its temperature readings go up to unsafe levels.

The grill has no way of telling when you are done cooking on it. So, while “auto-off” protection is nice, it still may not kick in until hours after you finish cooking. 

Overheat protection kicks in when there is something wrong with your grill. As a result, do not continue cooking if it overheats for no obvious reason. Instead, speak to Chefman’s customer service team on the issues. 

How Many Square Inches is a Good Cooking Surface?

Chefman’s number one offering boasts a 150 square inch cooking surface. This cooking surface includes three different zones for cooking different types of meat. As a result, the amount of space you have for cooking specific items is limited. 

The largest zone in the middle comprises about 2/3rds of total space. This space is suitable for bringing it up to the USDA recommended 145-degree Fahrenheit level for meat

To ensure meat safety, always be sure to take the internal temperature on a meat thermometer if you are unsure. 

What Makes These Pans Non-Stick?

A non-stick surface is typically a coating over the time of stainless steel or aluminum. The material is made with a Teflon coating

Modern Teflon coatings allow these pans to receive a great deal of heat exposure. Due to modern food safety standards, they are required to meet safety standards that prevent you from consuming poisonous material.  

Ideally, your electric indoor grill needs to come with some form of the non-stick coating. Otherwise, cleaning the surface of your pans will take a while and often lead to greater wear and tear. 

The Benefits of Having Removable Trays

Another crucial element to remaining dishwasher safe is access to removable trays. Without them, the grill plate and drip plate would always require hand scrubbing. 

This isn’t as much of a problem on outdoor grills, as you can use a combination of heat and a brush to remove any gross layers. However indoor grills are made using different materials and typically cause splashback if you use heat. 

With enough force, some non-stick coatings are known to come off. As a result, you need to use different approaches that put less wear on the surface, such as those involving a dishwasher. 

The Power Needed for a Good Electric Grill

A good indoor electric grill will plug into almost any outlet with modern electric conventions. Ideally, you’ll want to find a long power cord that allows you to position your grill with greater ease. This helps you have more control over your cooking space. 

There are few indoor grills that require alternative power sources. If you have a gas grill that looks indoors, chances are you need to take it outside. Camping grills are not rated for indoor use. 

Chefman Indoor Grill FAQs

Can I Lave My Electric Grill Outside in the Winter?

No, indoor electric grills are built to be used inside. As a result, leaving them outside might cause potential damage. However, that damage is likely to be minimal, as it isn’t very different from getting water on your grill. 

There is a chance that water could melt into your electrical system. So in this case, it’s best not to take the chance and ring your electric grill indoors. 

Can You Put Foil On Your Electric Grill?

Yes, most electric grills are meant to function similarly to standard grills. If you want to use your grill to make hobo dinners, that is an excellent choice.

You can also use the spare cooking space on your stovetop to brown the meat. This process can easily be done indoors. 

Do Electric Grills Need Oil? 

While it wouldn’t hurt, electric grills have a non-stick coating that prevents you from needing as much oil as other options. As a result, you don’t need oil, but greasing the pan is still an effective way to transfer flavors. 

Are Electric Grills Healthy? 

Compared to charcoal or gas grills, electric grills are far healthier. In both cases, grilling meat is a great way to remove the fat. However, the coatings on charcoal are unhealthy for some individuals.

Modern grills and charcoal mostly remove this problem. Still, the cooking process for electric grilling is overall healthier.

Do Electric Grills Use A Lot of Electricity?

With advancements in technology, electric grills are more energy-efficient than they were years ago. However, they still use more electricity than conventional grilling. 

You shouldn’t expect electric grills to add more than $5 to your energy bill. This assumes you will continue to use these grills every day. 

Taking a Look at Chefman 

Chefman may lack the star-studded power of your George Foreman grills, but Ralph Newhouse, the CEO, heads an excellent team that has produced a wide range of products. 

Below are a few product types from their website:

  • Fryers (air and deep)
  • Multi-cookers (including sous vide
  • Tea & Coffee makers
  • Countertop cooking (electric grills, griddles, waffle makers, etc.)
  • Food prep (blenders, mixers, knives, meat grinders)
  • Dehydrators
  • Popcorn makers
  • Warming trays
  • Portable fridges

Chefman offers a wide array of products that seek an integrated system. They say that cooking should be an experience, which is a nice sentiment to live by. 

Final Thoughts 

Chefman’s primary offering is the Chefman Electric Indoor Grill. At 150 square inches, this device is solid at cooking for the whole family. While its zone-based cooking system takes some getting used to, it allows families to cook an entire meal with limited space.

Their secondary option, which is a sandwich-sized grill, is an excellent backup with a more familiar design. It’s better for small groups and essential for grilling two sides at once. But it isn’t as suitable for those who don’t need a panini press. 

Both options are pretty solid investments if you want an indoor grill. So if any of these options sound like a great addition to your appliances, consider clicking our affiliate links.

With those links above, you enable us to continue producing blogs that make both of us hungry. Thanks for reading. 

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