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The Top 10 Best Toilet Reviews of 2022

The toilet is one of those fixtures in your bathroom that you will use frequently. A day cannot pass by without using your toilet, making toilets very important.

As such, you want to fix a toilet in your bathroom. But you don’t want just any toilet in your bathroom; you want the top 10 best toilet reviews of 2022 on the market.

The only problem is finding the best toilet for your bathroom. The overflooded market is challenging to traverse when looking for the best toilet.

But a guide will come in handy to help you narrow down your options to the best toilets worth having in your bathroom.

If you’re looking for the best toilet for your bathroom, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up some incredible toilets that could transform your bathroom into a fully functional facility.

We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you spot the other best toilets on the market. So, be sure to read on for more information!

Top 10 Best Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option Siphonic Toilet

American Standard 2887216.020 is a durable toilet that’s also easy to clean. It boasts a Vitreous China material that makes it last longer than the competition.

Even though this particular unit is white, you can get this toilet in two other colors: bone and linen. 

The toilet also features the brand’s EverClean surface. This means your toilet has inside and out treatment, protecting it from mold, mildew, and algae.

As such, it is very safe for use. Also, this particular surface design ensures your toilet maintains its glossy appearance and doesn’t stain over the years.

Cleaning the EverClean surface is effortless and takes a short time, even after using your toilet for years. Aside from ease of cleaning, this toilet features a PowerWash rim.

The rim has specially configured holes that discharge water jets at high pressure. As a result, the water jets power wash the bowl, making cleaning your toilet even more effortless after use.

Also, this toilet boasts a jet-powered siphon. This feature works to evacuate the contents of the bowl excellently. Of course, you get a dual flush design with all these features.

The dual flush system uses less water to evacuate more content, thus reducing the water bill.

The dual flush system comprises two buttons, one for flushing liquid content and the second one for solid content flushing. So, you only use the necessary amount of water when flushing the toilet.

Liquid flushing consumes 1 gallon per flush, while solid flushing consumes 1.6 gallons. The speed connect design also halves the installation time. If you’re looking for an easy-to-install toilet consuming less water, you have this unit to pick.

Manufacturer American Standard
Model Number2887.216.020
Product Dimensions‎29.75 x 15 x 29.5 inches
Item Weight91 pounds
MaterialVitreous China
Installation MethodFloor Mounted
Flushing SystemDual Flush Toilets

Easy-to-clean EverClean surface.The float cup on the tank doesn't work excellently.
Low water consumption.The buttons aren't very high-quality.
High-quality Vitreous China material.
Best Toilet Reviews

Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil Comfort Height Intelligent Toilet

Kohler K-5401-PA-0 Veil is a one-piece toilet boasting a flowing and balanced sculpted design. As such, it is a genuine work of art that sits beautifully in any bathroom.

Since it is a one-piece toilet, it features a minimalist design that takes up little space. It is also comfortable to give you the best experience.

The elongated bowl offers excellent comfort, as we have already pointed out. The 17-inch seating height also provides additional comfort for a user-friendly experience.

That means you get a chair height if you opt for this particular toilet.

As you might expect from a low-profile unit, it is tankless to save space. It uses a direct water supply instead. This particular toilet is also dual-flush.

As a result, it reduces your bills. The liquid flush uses 0.8 gallons to empty the bowl content, while the solid flush uses 1.28 gallons, consuming less water in the process.

What sets this unit apart, though, is its automated features. And this gives it a hands-free operation. Since it features a motion sensor, the toilet cover opens and closes automatically.

Also, the toilet automatically flushes when you walk away. 

This toilet even includes a remote control for adjusting some features. These features include toilet seat temperature and the deodorization system.

The toilet self-cleans the wand surfaces with UV light and electrolyzed water. Also, the rear and front wash systems use warm water to clean the bowl for a sparkly finish.

Even if you’re in a blackout, the emergency flush system allows you to flush the toilet 100 times automatically. It is great to know the cover closes softly without noise.

And the LED lighting illuminating the bowl makes a perfect night light. This toilet unit puts competitions to shame and is a perfect option for smart homes.

Manufacturer Kohler
Model Number5401-PA-0
Product Dimensions26.13 x 17.25 x 21 inches
Item Weight86 Pounds
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Flushing SystemDual-Flush
Heightchair-height seating

It includes a remote control.Installation is a challenge.
Automated functions.Not ideal for off-grid homes.
It is elegant.
Best Toilet Reviews

TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Toilet

TOTO CST244EF#01 is another toilet boasting high-quality material – Loza vitrificada. This reputable material makes the toilet last longer than toilets featuring inferior materials.

Aside from durability, this toilet boasts superior flushing that ensures your toilet remains clean after use. As a result, cleaning the toilet after use is effortless and takes a short period.

The elongated bowl provides comfort, while the universal height ensures you don’t strain while seated. Also, this height provides additional comfort.

The toilet unit features an E-Max flushing system, which earns it the right spot in the top 10 best toilets. The E-Max system evacuates the bowl’s content efficiently without making noise. As such, this is a quiet toilet.

However, the toilet doesn’t feature a dual flushing system. But it features the brand’s E-Max flushing system, consuming only 1.28 gallons per flush.

This E-Max system saves up to 20% water, making this a water-conserving toilet. What’s more, the flushing system possesses sufficient force to evacuate the bowl’s contents excellently.

Excellent performance aside, the toilet comes in a beautiful cotton-white color to complement your bathroom with its elegance. The chrome trip lever is certainly premium-quality and will last through the years. 

The toilet cover also closes softly, adding to the overall durability of the unit. Since this toilet flushes quietly but with sufficient power, comes in an elegant white color, and reduces the water bill, you want to consider it when shopping for the best toilets.

Manufacturer TOTO
Model NumberCST244EF#01
Product Dimensions15 x 15 x 15 inches
Item Weight‎0.01 ounces
Color‎Cotton White color
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Flushing System‎Siphon Jet
HeightUniversal Height

E-Max flushing system.Poor packaging.
Premium-quality material.Unresponsive customer service.
It is powerful and quiet.
Best Toilet Reviews

KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Toilet

Inodoro Memoirs de KOHLER is another full-set toilet featuring the high-quality Loza vitrificada material. Besides a reputable build, the toilet also features a two-piece design. The elongated bowl is sure to deliver the comfort you need as it provides sufficient room.

The bowl also provides a comfortable height to heighten the user experience. Precisely, this particular model offers the same chair-height seating KOHLER toilets provide. The overall design is an excellent traditional-style one that will match contemporary bathrooms.

Despite its traditional style, the toilet still saves water. Precisely, it saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year. As such, it is a worthy unit that you want to consider. It uses only 1.28 gallons to evacuate the content of the bowl. 

Of course, you will use the left-hand chrome trip lever to flush the toilet. It is also leak-proof, thanks to the canister design. Overall, the toilet checks all the boxes for the best toilets in 2022, and that’s sufficient reason to consider it.

Manufacturer KOHLER
Model Number‎K-3817-96
Product Dimensions‎30.38 x 18.87 x 30.06 inches
Item Weight‎105.8 pounds
Installation MethodFlush
Flushing SystemAquaPiston Flush

The Single-flush gravity saves water.It has no dual-flush.
Elongated design for comfort.Unreliable customer service.
The traditional design is elegant.
Best Toilet Reviews

Signature Hardware 941043 Burnside 1.28 GPF Siphonic One Piece Elongated Toilet

Signature Hardware 941043 boasts a one-piece design that eases installation. The elongated bowl also provides the comfort and sufficient room you need.

Specifically, this elongated design provides an additional 1.5-inch that you would not get if you opted for a round-configured toilet.

The white color finish is glazed to add elegance to any bathroom. And it is even more impressive that the glazed finish doesn’t tarnish even after years of usage.

The Vitreous China material makes the unit very durable and ready to withstand years of usage excellently.

Cleaning the unit is effortless as the toilet doesn’t easily stain. The soft-close seat will surely add durability to the entire piece, while the 1.28 gallons per flush conserve water.

The toilet features a left-handed chrome trip lever for flushing the toilet. Since this unit boasts a reputable material, is easy to install, and saves water, it is worth considering.

Manufacturer Signature Hardware
Model Number412266
Product Dimensions15.75" bowl height x 27.75" overall height x 29" depth x 16.25" width
Item Weight115 Pounds
MaterialVitreous China
Installation MethodFloor Mounted
Flushing System-
Height27.75" overall height

28 GPF.It has no dual-flush.
The elongated design is roomy.Unreliable customer service.
The one-piece toilet is easy to install.
Best Toilet Reviews

The American Standard 2887218.020 Elongated Toilet

THE AMERICAN STANDARD 2887218.020 also boasts the premium-quality ‎Vitreous China material that guarantees unmatched durability. The elongated style provides all the room and comfort you need, while the normal height provides user convenience.

Even though this is a two-piece toilet, installing it is easy. Cleaning your toilet is another easy task as it features the brand’s EverClean surface. And that’s because this surface resists stains and fights molds, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. 

The toilet features a dual-flush for maximum water saving. It uses 0.92 gallons to flush liquid waste and 1.28 gallons for solid waste. What makes this unit a water-saving toilet is the featured Siphon jet bowl technology.

Of course, this technology works with the featured PowerWash rim to clean the unit excellently after using the toilet.

Besides, the fully glazed surface is easy to clean. The push-button for evacuating the bowl’s content is top-mounted and chrome-plated for elegance and durability.

If you opt for this unit, you get a lifetime warranty on chinaware and a 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts.

Manufacturer American Standard
Model Number2887218.02
Product Dimensions‎15 x 29.75 x 30 inches
Item Weight‎61 pounds
MaterialVitreous China
Installation MethodTwo Piece Toilet
Flushing SystemGravity Siphonic

Dual-flush design.It doesn't come with a seat.
High-quality Vitreous China.It is a fragile toilet.
EverClean surface.
Best Toilet Reviews

American Standard 211AA.104.020 Champion PRO Toilet

This American Standard 211AA.104.020 toilet features high-quality Vitreous China material that makes it a durable unit. This material ensures your toilet provides a professional-grade performance for a convenient user experience.

The toilet self-cleans as it features the brand’s Power Wash Rim. This particular feature scrubs the bowl for a clean-looking toilet after usage.

Also, the toilet features High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) to conserve water. As a result, it consumes only 1.28 gallons per flush. And this makes it a toilet that meets the stringent EPA WaterSense Criteria.

It also meets the ADA standards as it features a universal height that makes using it very convenient.

The brand’s Champion flushing system doesn’t sacrifice the flushing power despite using less water than standard toilets consuming 1.6 gallons per flush.

The EverClean surface is surely effortless to clean, and you will take a short time cleaning the toilet. 

Also, this particular surface resists molds, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. Therefore, it doesn’t easily stain, hence the ease of cleaning.

The chrome-plated trip lever is left-handed, making this unit best for left-handed users. 

Installing the toilet on the floor is an easy task because this unit includes EZ Install Tools. The elongated design offers more room for user convenience. Since it is a two-piece unit, it includes a bowl and a tank.

The white finish makes it a perfect toilet for any bathroom, while the round front shape provides comfort. If you’re looking for an easy install, this is a toilet unit you want to consider.

Manufacturer American Standard
Model Number‎211AA104.020
Product Dimensions‎30.25 x 19 x 30.88 inches
Item Weight‎97 pounds
Material‎Vitreous China
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Flushing System‎Gravity Flush Toilets
Heighttaller than standard

Durable Vitreous China construction.Terrible customer support.
It is easy to install.Poor packaging.
It consumes 1.28 gallons per flush.
Best Toilet Reviews

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Elongated Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa is another toilet featuring the durable Vitreous China material. One thing you might love about this unit is its one-piece design.

This seamless appearance makes it easy to install as well as elegant-looking. Also, this design ensures you clean your toilet easily.

This toilet also features one of the most powerful flushing performances. And that’s because it boasts the brand’s AquaPiston canister flush valve. Besides flushing the bowl with sufficient power, the AquaPiston technology eliminates common leakage problems. 

The comfort height design is another feature that makes this model a favorite for many users. That means you will have an easy time sitting and standing from your toilet. Precisely, this comfort height provides chair-height seating for comfort.

And that means the toilet meets the ADA standards. The included seat closes softly, which improves the overall durability. Also, the toilet meets the WaterSense standards as it saves up to 16,500 gallons a year.

And this is possible since it uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. 

Even though this toilet features a single-flush gravity system, you will be sure to evacuate the bowl’s content excellently. And what’s more impressive is the system conserves water, as we’ve already seen.

If you’re looking for a toilet that is easy to clean and uses less water, you have this powerful-flushing toilet to pick.

Manufacturer KOHLER
Model Number3810-0
Product Dimensions‎31 x 20.75 x 29 inches
Item Weight‎102 pounds
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Flushing System‎Gravity Flush Toilets
Heightchair height

Powerful Single flush gravity.Poor packaging.
28 gallons per flush.The glossy finish isn't very durable.
Comfort height design.
Best Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2886218.020 H2Option Dual Flush Right Height 

AMERICAN STANDARD 2886218.020 is a toilet that doesn’t come with a seat, but it has all the features you require to have a well-functioning bathroom.

First, the toilet features the legendary EverClean surface that you will clean easily without using expensive cleaning products.

You can also expect the featured Vitreous China material to last longer since the material has built an undefeated reputation over the years. This unit also ensures you have sufficient room; that’s why it features an elongated shape.

You want to install this toilet on your bathroom’s floor.

And the unit included two color-matched bolt caps to assist you in installing it. The dual-flush system helps you conserve water since you have the option to flush liquid and solid waste separately.

You get to flush liquid waste with only 0.92 gallons. On the other hand, you have 1.28 gallons to choose from for flushing solid waste.

You will use the featured chrome-plated top-mounted buttons to select one of the two flushing options. The Siphon jet bowl you get if you opt for this model ensures you evacuate the bowl’s content with sufficient water pressure. 

It is a toilet unit that allows you to have a clean bathroom that functions excellently. Since it earns its rightful spot in a list of the 10 best toilets, you should consider adding it to your home.

Manufacturer American Standard
Model Number‎2886218.020
Product Dimensions‎29.75 x 15 x 31.5 inches
Item Weight‎72.3 pounds
Material‎Vitreous China
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Flushing SystemDual Flush toilets
HeightRight Height

Dual-flush system.It doesn't come with a seat.
EverClean surface.Poor packaging.
The elongated shape offers comfort.
Best Toilet Reviews

EAGO TB351 Ceramic Toilet

EAGO TB351 Dual Flush is a floor-mounted toilet that will be sure to complement your bathroom. Its one-piece design eases the installation as it shortens the time by half.

So, you want to get this unit for an easy installation. Besides allowing you to do all the installation work, the toilet comes with features that make it one of the best toilets for any home.

First, it boasts porcelains, another high-quality material that’s as durable and elegant as Vitreous China. As such, you can expect this toilet also to be quite as durable!

As a one-piece unit, the toilet includes a seat with a cover. And it is amazing how softly this cover closes to reduce the slamming, which improves the overall durability. 

Like the rest of the toilet units with the dual-flush system, this toilet also conserves water. The tank features two buttons for flushing your toilet.

Of course, one button selects the 0.8 GPF for liquid waste flushing, while the other button selects the 1.6 GPF for flushing solid waste down the drain.

The 3-inch flushing valve provides sufficient pressure to clean your toilet efficiently after using it. Using your toilet is convenient due to its elongated style. Also, this style provides more comfort.

The white color finish adds elegance to your bathroom while guaranteeing easy cleaning. If you’re looking to conserve water while excellently cleaning your toilet, you can opt for this unit.

Manufacturer Alfi Trade Inc.
Model Number‎TB351
Product Dimensions‎26.63 x 15.13 x 26.63 inches
Item Weight‎92 pounds
Installation Method‎Floor Mounted
Flushing System‎Dual Flush Toilets
Height38 x 23 x 38

Dual-flush system.The warranty is limited.
Highly durable porcelain.The water tank might leak.
Soft-close cover.
Best Toilet Reviews

What You Want to Know Before Buying a Toilet – The Best Toilet Buyer’s Guide

When sourcing a toilet fixture for your bathroom, you want to choose the best possible toilet. But that will require you to check for some features.

You might not know the features to ensure your preferred toilet has. That’s why we’ve included the buyer’s guide below to assist you. So, be sure to check for the following features:

The Material of The Toilet

You want to consider the construction material of the toilet before buying it. And that’s because the material quality impacts durability the most.

Also, quality dictates performance excellence. As such, you should consider buying high-quality toilets.

A few high-quality materials make the toilet perform excellently over extended periods. Vitreous China should be your go-to material if you’re looking for a shinier toilet.

The material boasts a glazed design that makes your toilet very elegant. 

Of course, porcelain is next in line as it is the most durable. And that’s because porcelain is the hardest and strongest. You can also select ceramics, which is another reputable material for toilets.

If your preferred toilet model features one of these materials, it is an ideal buy that you want to consider.

The Toilet Design

Once you have checked for the material quality, checking the toilet design becomes the next thing you want to do. Generally speaking, you have three designs from which to choose:

One-piece Toilets

These toilets usually cost more and are easier to clean. As their name suggests, they combine the bowl and tank as one unit, hence the name. We have reviewed a couple of one-piece toilets. So, be sure to check them out.

Two-Piece Toilets

As you might expect, these toilets have their tanks and bowls as separate components. And that means you will marry these two components together during installation.

Two-piece toilets are the most common and are more affordable. Also, they are easier to install. You want to choose the toilet design based on your budget, ease of cleaning, and installation.

Tankless Toilets

These toilets don’t feature the tank traditional toilets feature. Instead, you connect a water line directly to the bowl. The toilets end up taking up the least space in bathrooms. So, you want to opt for these toilets if space in your bathroom is an issue (small bathrooms).

However, your water pressure should always be sufficient to flush the toilet excellently. But you can opt for an accessory to boost the bowl’s water pressure.

Installing toilets with this design is usually a challenge. But the toilets are worth the investment if you have a small bathroom, require unmatched elegance, or want a unit that’s easy to use.

The Flushing Technology

Toilets rely on flushing technology to evacuate the bowl’s content. You have two flushing systems to choose from, and you want to base your decision on some factors.

So, here are the two flushing systems from which to choose:

Gravity Flush System

Toilets featuring this flushing system rely on gravitational force to generate the water pressure for flushing your toilet. The gravitational force pulls the water in the tank with sufficient force that the water excellently flushes the bowl’s content.

Generally speaking, this flushing system costs less, is easier to install, and is quieter.

Pressure-Assisted Flush System

You want to opt for this system for more toilet flushing power. Toilets with this system have a compression tank inside their tanks for the extra water pressure.

This compression tank increases the water pressure inside it. As a result, the water from the tank reaches the bowl with immense force to flush everything down to the sewer line.

If you want extra flushing power and a smaller tank, you can opt for this system but don’t mind the extra bucks on the price tag.

Dual-Flush Design

The dual-flush system comprises two buttons – one button flushes liquid waste while the second button flushes solid waste from the bowl.

That means you can use the correct button to flush liquid waste, which usually requires less water. At the same time, you can press the button to flush solid waste from the bowl.

The dual-flush system has a reputation for conserving water. And that largely depends on the fact that your dual-flush uses lower gallons per flush (GPF).

Usually, liquid waste flushing requires less than a gallon, while solid waste requires slightly over a gallon. Since a dual-flush system conserves water, you should consider toilets featuring it.

The Shape of The Toilet Bowl

One other factor you will consider before buying a toilet is the shape of the toilet bowl. Generally speaking, you have two shapes to choose from – round and elongated toilet shapes.

Round toilets don’t offer as much room as their elongated counterparts. But they are best for smaller bathrooms.

Also, round-shaped toilets cost less. But you want to pick elongated toilets since they offer additional room for comfort.

You only have to ensure your bathroom can accommodate the extra portion resulting from the elongated design.

Installation Type

Installing your toilet in the bathroom after buying it is inevitable. That means you have to know how to install your newly bought unit. You have three installation styles from which to choose:

Floor Mounted Installation

These toilets are many on the market and the most common. You will attach this toilet directly to your bathroom floor. The good news is these toilets are easy to install.

Wall Mounted Installation

These toilets offer a clean and contemporary look. Your toilet beautifully hangs above the bathroom floor after installing it. This installation method ensures the toilet takes up less space.

You can sweep under your toilet for a cleaner bathroom. So, you have a reason to opt for these toilets.

Freestanding Installation

These toilets don’t require installation. They sit on your bathroom floor, and that’s it! But they aren’t as common as the first two options.

So, you can choose the installation method that works best for your bathroom.


What is the best seating height for my toilet?

You want a toilet that is 17 inches to 19 inches high from the bathroom floor. Toilets with this height range are easier to get up from and don’t stress your back.

But this height range doesn’t work well for children. So, consider stepping the height a few inches down to 15 inches if you have a kid(s). 

What material should I look for when buying a toilet for a bathroom?

Generally, you have three materials to choose from when toilet shopping. Porcelain is one material to pick since it is the most durable. Another option, Vitreous China, is your pick if you’re after unmatched elegance.

Ceramics is another high-quality option for users looking for durable toilets. So, consider one of these materials.

How much water do toilets use?

Toilets use slightly over a gallon to flush waste from the bowl. Many toilet models use 1.6 gallons, but more water-conserving models consume only 1.28 gallons per flush.

And these are the toilets to pick if you want to reduce your water bill. So, check the GPF before buying a toilet for your bathroom.

Wrap Up

Having the best toilet in your bathroom is your number one goal when making a few changes to your bathroom. The toilet is an essential bathroom fixture, and you want nothing but the best model.

And that’s because you will have the best user experience if you have a high-quality toilet.

Fortunately, we have recommended the above toilets to help you find a toilet worth having in your bathroom.

Even if you haven’t found one that works best for you, our buyer’s guide will always help you pick other incredible models from the market.

We couldn’t exhaust the best toilets to buy this year, and that’s why we’ve included a guide to help you narrow down your choices. We hope we have provided valuable information about the best toilets to buy.

As always, we’re happy to share with you some of the best home products to have in your home.


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