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Top 5 Must-have Tree-pruning Tools for Gardeners

Pruning trees and shrubs is important to keep them looking great and healthy. It helps in preventing them from coming too close to roofs, electrical lines, roofs, fences, and plants. Here is a list of tree-pruning tools designed to keep your trees healthy and your yard safe. Here are the top 5 must-have tree-pruning tools for gardeners.

Tips On Buying the Correct Tree Pruner

Not all models are created equally. Before buying a tree pruner, you need to first check the type of design. The trimmer should be ergonomic since it may be in your hands for extended periods. It should not strain your back, arms, or neck while operating it.

Select one that is easy to use to prevent fatigue.

Examine the durability of pole saw parts. Pruners are durable and should not immediately break. The handle coverings need to be solid and provide adequate grip. The bumpers need to absorb impact.

Blades should be durable and contain quality material. High-carbon steel blades are ideal because they are strong and sharp. The head needs to be die-forged metal or drop cast. This will increase the strength of the head.

When selecting the right tool, find one that is useful for your yard. Some types of trimmers have narrow blades for smaller tree trimming jobs. Others have different grips to handle thorny branches.

It should be easy to use. Pick one with a locking mechanism. It should be easy to start and can be used with a single hand.

Consider maintenance as well. The quality will dictate the money and time spent in this area.

Types of Tree Pruners

Sun Joe Telescopic Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe Telescopic Pole Chain Saw reaches 15’, making it perfect for homeowners as it will reach most trees. It has a 6 ½ AMP battery that will cut most branches effortlessly. This chain saw reaches high into the trees and removes the danger of standing on a ladder.

Easy to use for home cleaning.Plastic filter attachment.
Safe for outdoor cleaning.Difficulty in removing and connecting the wand.
Provides new look to wooden surfaces.Shorter wand hose.
Best for cleaning vehicles.Insignificant soap sprayer.
Quick connections.
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Friskars Power-Level

Friskars Power-Level extends 14 feet out for high branches. It has a power lever that increases leverage. It gives you increased cutting power over tradition pruners. The tree pruner has a wood zig saw blade that cuts through thick branches.

Powerful motors.Slow jet stream.
Automatic lock of trigger.Does not go with a standard garden hose.
Lightweight equipment.Lousy customer service.
Faster and easier for cleaning with less fatigue.
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GreenWorks Cordless Pole Saw

Greeworks Cordless Pole Saw is made by a company known for durable and strong tools. This is an electric tree pruner.  The Greenworks cordless pole has a 40-volt battery, which takes an hour to charge (for 2.0 AMP battery).

Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association certified.No on-board tank.
Good power for residential use.Poor customer service.
Available at affordable/reasonable prices.No dispenser to hold the cleaning fluid.
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Corona Cutting Tool

Corona Cutting Tool has a telescoping fiberglass handle. It can prune a wide variety of trees. The steel cutlery blade removes 1” branches, and the pruning head is a die cast zinc alloy. This pruner is durable and has non-slip grips for comfort.


Mesoga Tree Pruner

Mesoga Tree Pruner is lightweight and sturdy. It reaches 6-10 feet and contains adjustable nodes. The pruner reaches high branches, twigs, limbs, and shrubs. It can also remove thorny and prickly plants.

This pruner has a high-carbon steel blade and is heat treated. It is great for thicker branches and has an anti-rust, low-friction, non-stick coating on the blade.

Extra storage bin.Bad designing of CFI circuit breaker.
Removable detergent tanks.Longer pressure hose.
Works with accessories of most of the brands.Lightweight wheels.
20-foot hose.
Three different nozzles.
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What is the Best Tool to Cut Tree Branches?

While you can potentially cut branches with heavy-duty shears, a pole cutter is advisable. With pole cutters, you don’t have to stand on a ladder to cut a tree. This makes it a safer alternative other than either climbing a ladder or tree.

Pole cutters generally do a better job on thicker branches, and many come with removable saw blades to further cut the tree into smaller pieces.

How do you Trim a Tree with a Pole Saw?

  1. Clear a sizable work area below the place that you are cutting. You want to avoid it snagging on wires, other branches, and want to prevent injury to others. Be mindful of potential hazards.
  2. Plan where to cut. Removal of any branch needs several preliminary cuts for weight reduction before the last cut. Cuts should be made horizontally or as close as possible.
  3. Bring the pole vertically and pause for a while to control the weight. Place it at the cutting spot. The weight should rest on the branch.
  4. The tool should be at chest level. Users should stand off to the side. Never place yourself below the limb as you may sustain injuries. Cut the branch at an angle, never up and down.
  5. Begin with a groove. The first strokes should be done slowly and in a controlled manner. Try to bite into the branch as much as possible.
  6. Continue after the saw is firmly positioned in the groove. Then increase the stroke speed. Watch the branch if it is almost ready to fall. Notice a place to safely go if things go wrong.
  7. Clean up the work area before doing the next cut. This is so you don’t fall.

These tree pruners are the perfect tools for reaching high and hard-to-cut branches. They will slice through them with minimal effort. The blades are durable and designed to last for years.

Always be mindful when operating a tree trimmer, as there is potential for danger. Make sure the tree will not snag on any electrical wires and try to avoid anything that may get damaged in the process. Safety should be the No. 1 concern.

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