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Toys to Keep Dogs Busy

Dogs are great fun. They are loyal animals that look after us when we’re sad and protect us when nobody else will.

That said, there is no denying the fact that some dogs can be a bit annoying or over the top at times.

We’re talking about the attention seekers that follow you around all day long and don’t give you a single moment of peace from dawn to dusk.

Let’s take a look at some of the best dog toys to keep dogs busy.

Rope Toys

Rope toys may not seem that exciting to you, but dogs love them. Just be careful because they can be a bit risky.

Only dogs that are not heavy chewers and prone to shredding their toys should have rope toys.

Dogs love swinging and shaking them around, as it simulates hunting and killing, and if you have more than one dog, a game of tug of war will inevitably ensue.

Plush Animals

If you have a dog that loves to lightly chew on its toys and might like a “companion,” a plush toy or stuffed animal is a good idea, particularly if it squeaks.

The squeaking sound is supposed to simulate a prey animal calling for help, and dogs love it, mainly if the toy actually looks like an animal.

Squeaky Toys

If you think that an ordinary plush toy is too soft for your dog,  you might want to invest in a sturdier rubber squeaky.

In all reality, if you have a destructive dog, even the toughest of rubber squeaky toys will only last so long, but your dog will have fun chewing and squeaking while it is still in one piece. Just make sure that it is size-appropriate.

Noise-Making Balls

The next option that works well for dogs that like to chase things, chew, and like to hear noises, is a noise-making ball.

These are balls filled with various items, or sometimes just a little noisemaker, and when they roll around or get hit, they make a noise.

These can be good for heavy chewers because these balls can be made out of tough rubber and even reinforced to withstand even the sharpest of teeth.

Kong Rubber Balls

If you have an extreme chewer that shreds every toy it comes in contact with, one of your only options may be the Kong line of dog toys, which are specially designed for this exact purpose.

Treat-Dispensing Balls

One of the greatest motivators for dogs is food. Therefore, something that can keep your dog busy is a ball that you can fill with treats, which will dispense on their own as it rolls across the ground.

It’s like the beginner version of a puzzle toy that relies primarily on luck to dispense the treats.

Puzzle Toys with Treats

If treat-dispensing balls are too simple for your dog, there are tons of puzzles designed just for dogs. You would not think so, but dogs are actually pretty good problem solvers, especially when there is a treat involved.

Look online for dog puzzles. We guarantee that you will be floored by the selection and the complexity of some of them. These puzzles can keep dogs busy for hours.

Nose Work Mats

There are also big cloth or fabric mats with layers, flaps, and pockets in them. The point is to hide treats inside the various crevices.

It’s called a nose work mat because dogs have to rely on their sense of smell to find the treats. It might not be a toy per se, but it will keep your dog busy.

A Sandbox

Sandboxes aren’t just for kids. Many people build sandboxes for their dogs to prevent them from digging in the yard.

Dogs love digging, and you can up the ante by burying treats and toys deep in the sand. Your dog will love it.


Between the nine toys or types of toys discussed today, you should be able to find a few that are suitable for your dog.

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