What are the Different Types of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

What are the Different Types of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

What are the Different Types of Kitchen Ventilation HoodsMany people do not realize how many different types of kitchen ventilation hoods there are until they are remodeling and need to select one for the new layout. There are several types, and they all have their own unique benefits to your cooking appliance. There is a kitchen ventilation hood for every personal preference and budget. From a vented hood to a ductless hood, there are tons of options for your exhaust hood system, all to ensure that your kitchen is clean and well-ventilated.

The types of kitchen ventilation hoods include under-cabinet, wall mount, over the range microwave with vent, downdraft vent hood,ceiling mount, and ventilator power packs. We will discuss these types in greater detail to assist you with making an informed purchasing decision.

Under-cabinet range hood

This type of range hood is likely the most seen in homes and apartments across North America. They are popular and with good reason. These range hoods fit under pre-existing cupboards. This is beneficial for space saving, and you do not have to remove cupboards, which turns the jobinto something more complicated. We usually need all the space we can get, so this is an ideal style if you want to keep the cupboards above the range.

If you are interested in an under-cabinet range hood, it is important to take careful measurements to ensure it fits in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. Be sure to measure the length, width, and depth of the space.

This style does provide ventilation, which is important for ensuing that your indoor air quality is healthy. The duct work usually vents through an exterior wall, or up the wall and out through the ceiling. You may need to hire a professional to ensure the installation is performed correctly.

Wall mount range hood

Wall mount range hoods look great in modern kitchen layouts, and most new home development firms tend to install this style rather than the under-cabinet option. The wall-mount hood range is sleek, elegant andits design getsa lot of compliments. These range hoods mount on the wall above the range, and typically higher than with under cabinet. This gives an airy and spacious appearance and makes the stove a focal point of the kitchen.

You do not need a cabinet at all to mount these range hoods, so this offers a lot of versatility when it comes to designing your new kitchen layout.

If you like this style and already have cabinets above your range, installation is still possible with the removal of a cabinet or two. These ranges typically vent out through a wall behind them and sometimes even come with a small chimney.

Over the range microwave with vent

This is a space-saving setup as the microwave is located above the range. This product saves much needed counter space because you do not need to put your microwave on the counter, and it has a vent located under the microwave to ventilate the room when the stove is in use.

This setup is great in an apartment or small home where space is an issue, and it has the benefit of ventilating harmful contaminants and food particles that burn and splatter off food and cooking utensils during food preparation. This will improve your indoor air quality and that is an important benefit.

Downdraft vent hood

There are layouts that seriously lack space in terms of walls, and cabinets and this case a downdraft vent hood could be your solution. This is one of the least common options, but it is a very clever design. The vents are installed on the stovetop and they only pop up when it is time to use them. Then the fumes and particles are pulled into the vent and vented down or sideways rather than up. This style can only be used with a cooktop so if space is a serious concern and you are replacing the kitchen appliances, this is definitely a good way to go, and you should plan to buy the cooktop. This style can also work with an island or peninsula setup.

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Ceiling mount range hoodCeiling mount hood vent

If you are remodeling with a kitchen island or peninsula setting, this is likely the range hood you will want to select. This is also the most common style for commercial kitchens, but of course on a much larger and more powerful scale. This product requires no under cabinet or wall mounting and truly makes the range a focal point in the home.

Many homeowners also get a decorative or custom hood to draw the eye to this kitchen centerpiece. You can buy ceiling mount range hoods in interesting and eye-catching materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, glass, and copper. The look can end up being very classy and upscale.

The ventilation on this type of product is completely vertical. The considerations with this model are that the hood must be slightly larger than the range to be effective, and that duct work is likely required for this set up. To not entirely block the view into and throughout the kitchen, these range hoods are typically installed higher up than the other styles.

Ventilator power packs

These types of ventilation hoods are unique and designed to work with pretty much any set up or custom designed range hood. This product offers versatility as they can go anywhere from fitting flush under the cabinets, in wood, or any custom designed hood. They are quiet, and available with lighting and filters included. The benefit of these is that they are small and seamless. They fit anywhere, but it is always best to hire a contractor to fit the ventilator power pack precisely for optimal look and functionality.

There are several different types of kitchen ventilation hoods and they all come with their own benefits and uses depending on the layout of your home. Ventilation is necessary as it removes harmful contaminants, reduces grime build up from greasy foods, and cools down the indoor environment when a lot of food is being cooked at once. With so many options, anyone can find a kitchen ventilation hood to suit their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

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