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Types of Lawn Bowls Games

Lawn bowl games could transform your lawn or backyard into a bowling alley. Besides helping you make use of your backyard space, lawn bowling games also give you a little exercise.

They also let you bond with friends and families since most of them come with two bowling balls. Here are the types of lawn bowls games.

You can also play them indoors, especially when the weather outside is unfavorable, but you still need to enjoy bowling. Therefore, lawn bowling games are versatile since you can play them almost anywhere.

If you enjoy bowling games and follow world bowls competitions closely, you could appreciate participating in lawn bowls games.

This article will look at the different types of lawn bowls games. It will also look at a few things to consider when shopping and answer a few questions that you might have. So, be sure to read on for more information.

What are the lawn bowls types to enjoy playing?

Hey! Play! Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

Hey Play is the brand to look for if you need a complete set of a lawn bowling game. The set comprises two bowling balls, ten wooden bowling pins, and a beautiful Nylon carrying case.

You can set up the game almost anywhere since it is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The material quality is also excellent, ensuring that the lawn bowls and the pins last longer than you might expect. The pins and lawn bowls comprise high-quality pinewood as their material.

And this doesn’t only improve the durability but also improves the performance on various playing surfaces.

The carrying mesh bag is nylon-made for easy transportation. And since nylon is also such a high-quality material, the bag will last long! When it comes to this lawn bowling game, age doesn’t matter.

You can be sure to enjoy this lawn bowl game with kids since it is also fun for the kids.

Besides using your lawn to play this game, you could also use your concrete and dirt ground surfaces to play. Therefore, this is one of those versatile lawn bowls games since it is ideal for multiple playing surfaces. You can easily convert your backyard space into a bowling surface.

The carrying case has straps that make transporting the game to your preferred playing surface a complete breeze. With its heavy-duty construction, you will be sure to carry the game and train hard for your bowling clubs.

Given the game’s quality balls and pins and its durable build, it is one of the best lawn bowls games to consider when shopping.

High-quality materials.The pins are smaller.
Carrying case included.The pins have no waterproofing.
Ideal for all ages.
Ideal for every surface.
It includes two balls.
Types of Lawn Bowls Game Reviews

Hey! Play! Skittle Ball

This is yet another game set by Hey Play! As a complete set, it has everything you need to start playing indoor bowls right away. The set includes two bowling balls and ten bowling pins, each 9.5 inches high.

The bowls and the pins also boast high-quality material, making this game set very durable and top-performing.

Besides obviously featuring a durable built, thanks to the high-quality pinewood materials, the game set also comes in a Nylon mesh bag for storing them after a bowls match.

What’s more, the mesh bag has straps and features heavy-duty construction for durability and easy transportation.

And with such an easy-to-carry bag, you can be sure to transport this game to wherever you see fit. This game of bowls is also ideal for outdoor space. And that means you can play it on your lawn just as much as you would in your bowling alley.

Since this game is played by kids and adults, it is one of the best lawn bowls games for family plays. You could play the singles game, but doubles will also do since the set includes two pinewood bowls.

The finger holes on the two balls make playing the game very easy. And this is one of the reasons why kids love this bowling game.

If you’re a bowler or an athlete, nothing can stop you from enjoying this game. The game appeals to larger demographics. And once the pinewood material finely ages, the set will have a classic look that everyone can be sure to view.

It is a great bowling game for kids and adults looking to spend time together indoors or outdoors.

High-quality pinewood material.Not ideal for uneven surfaces.
It is portable.The pins aren’t very smooth.
Ideal for indoors and outdoors.
Ideal for all ages.
It includes a carrying case.
Types of Lawn Bowls Game Reviews

GoSports Backyard Bocce Sets

One outstanding feature of this GoSport Backyard Bocce sets game is that you can choose between two different bowling sets. The first set comprises classic resin bowling balls.

On the other hand, the second set includes soft rubber bowling balls. But before you select any of these sets, be sure to consider the players’ age first.

That’s because the hard classic resin bowls are ideal for 12-year-olds and above. But the soft rubber bowls are suitable for all ages, including kids! Regardless of the game set you opt for, you will receive eight premium bowls and a white jack or kitty (Pallino).

You also receive a measuring rope, and all these components come in a beautiful carrying case that guarantees easy transportation. The bowls feature four different colors: green, yellow, blue, and red.

They also feature two different patterns, making them ideal for a group of 4-8 bowlers.

Play this game anywhere since it is ideal for indoor and outdoor plays. Once you’ve set up the while Pallino, you can start bowling on any playing surface. Use the measuring rope to determine your points.

No other game beats this lawn bowling game in score accuracy since it has one of the best scoring systems.

The material of choice for the carrying bag is phenomenal. The canvas material makes the bag have a heavy-duty construction for unmatched durability.

Also, the straps on the bag ensure you can transport the bowling set to your favorite bowling alley.

If you’d love to play late in the evening, you might appreciate bowling with LED light-up bowls. The good news is that this bowling game brand also has a set with Light-Up LED bowls to select. Shine your way up the scoring system and beat other players using low-quality bowls.

High-quality bowling materials.Some sets are not ideal for kids.
The set has a carrying case.Some users are dissatisfied with the quality.
It includes a measuring rope.
The bowls have multi-color finishes.
It is ideal for indoor and outdoor plays.
Types of Lawn Bowls Game Reviews

What Should You Look for When Selecting A Lawn Bowling Game?

a group of people traditional lawn bowl in Types of Lawn Bowls Games

Before deciding on a particular lawn bowling game, there are a few things you will need to consider first. And they include the following:

The Material

Before buying any lawn bowling game set, you want to check its material first. High-quality material will make the pins and the bowling balls durable and perform better.

And that’s why you should check the material first. There is no specific material that is the best since bowlers have different tastes.

But a few materials stand out since they are durable and have an ergonomic feel. Pinewood is one of the best materials to select. You could also select a hard classic resin material since it is also high-quality. These two materials are great for the bowling balls and the pin.

But you could go a little further and opt for a bowling set with soft rubber balls since soft rubber is also such an incredibly durable and excellent-performing material.

The Recommended Age

Lawn bowling games are easy to play, making them also ideal for kids. But not all games are ideal for kids. You could find some bowling games with complex bowling balls.

Therefore, you want to check the recommended age first before selecting any given lawn bowling game set.

The good news is that most of these lawn bowling games are ideal for all ages. And this means kids can also enjoy them as much as adults do, or even more!

If you’re looking to bond with your kids, be sure to select a gaming set that is ideal for kids. But if you aim to spend some time with friends in your backyard, you could buy a suitable game set for adults.

But it is perfect to opt for a lawn bowling game set for all ages since you never know who might show up and want to play the game.

The Recommended Playing Surfaces

The lawn is a great playing surface for these games. You could use your lawn space and convert it into a bowling alley and enjoy this exciting sport with family and friends! But that’s not the only playing surface you have as an option.

Since lawn bowling games are also ideal for indoor space, you could play them inside a free room in your residential house. But you might need to invest in short mat bowls to enjoy bowling inside your residential home.

You could also install bowling green mats inside your home to play bowling games indoors. Therefore, make sure the lawn bowling game you’re selecting supports your preferred playing surface.


The bowling balls and the pins never weigh much. But that doesn’t mean you can easily transport them to your preferred playing surface with ease.

When selecting a lawn bowling game, you want to select a game that is easy to transport.

As such, buy a lawn bowling game that includes a carrying bag with straps for easy transportation. Portability is a deal-breaker when selecting a lawn bowling game.

Since you want to play your game wherever you want, select a game with all the components in a carrying bag.

How to play a Bowling sport

If you want to knock down all the ten pins, you will need to throw the bowling ball to follow a curved path, striking the pins at an angle that depends on your throw.

Lawn bowls, on the other hand, are a bit different. Your objective is to throw the bowling ball to stop as close to the jack as possible. It is never challenging to bowl like a professional bowler.


a lawn bowl score board in Types of Lawn Bowls Games

What is the duration of a lawn bowling game?

Your lawn bowling game could last up to 2 hours. But this depends on the ends you decide to play. Lawn bowling games usually comprise 14-16 ends, with 14-end game lasting 2 hours.

When players from the two competing teams have rolled their bowls on the bowling green, that marks one end.

The more players a bowling team has, the longer you can expect each end to last. That means the bowling game might last longer than you expect. As you can see, a game with more ends might also last longer than 2 hours.

How many players form a bowling team?

Four players could form a lawn bowling team. But this number could go up to eight. You could start bowling with a team of four players and switch it up a bit in the next game.

That means you could change the number of players to eight in the next bowling game. You could also add only one new bowler in the next game.

What is the objective of lawn bowling?

The objective of the game is very straightforward. Each player will take a turn and roll the bowling balls. And the goal is to rest the bowling ball as close to the jack as possible.

Resting the bowls close to the jack is challenging at first, but you will be very proficient with practice. So, make a huge number of shots to hone your aiming skills.

How many bowling balls should players use when bowling?

Players will play this game in sets. And each set is unique and has its special symbol. When playing lawn bowling games, players should use four balls. Besides, a team could comprise of four players. And that means each player will have a bowling ball to roll down the alley.

Wrap Up

Lawn bowling is an exciting sport that you can play indoors or outdoors. You could turn your backyard into a bowling alley if you invest in a lawn bowling game. What’s more, these games are ideal for adults and kids.

But some of the lawn bowling games are ideal for 12-year-old players and above.

With that in mind, always check the recommended age before buying any lawn bowling set, especially if you intend to gift your kids. If you’re looking to spend quality time with your kids, there is no better way than to go bowling.

This article has looked at some of the lawn bowling games that might interest your kids. It has also looked at a few things to consider when shopping.

With our buyer’s guide, your chances of getting the best lawn bowling game set are high. Take the time to find a lawn bowling game that helps you bond with family members.

Nothing should come in the way of spending quality time with the people who impact your life in immeasurable ways.

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