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Understanding Indoor Smokeless Grill Ratings

Many top ten lists feature the best-of-the-best of indoor grills. But when it comes to why they are the best, that’s the critical part.

So, how do you understand indoor smokeless grill ratings? Understanding indoor smokeless grill ratings here.

First, you should look for a grill that is easy for you to use and handle. It should be simple to break down, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. You also need to be sure it has the cooking space your family needs.

Below, we will delve into five things you need to know when looking for indoor grills.

#1: Look for “Infrared Technology”

The key to a smokeless grilling surface goes back to the heating elements. If you want to stay smokeless indoors, you can’t stick with the classic grill style. That will be just like having an outdoor grill inside. 

Infrared technology refers to the use of radiant heating. Radiant heating doesn’t heat the air around you; it heats the thing you are cooking. 

An example of this is the Tenergy Redigrill. Infrared heat just means that the pan heats. This differs from an oven, which heats an entire space. 

#2: It Needs To Be Easy To Clean

Charcoal grilling is a bit messy when you are all done. You’ve got to take the grill brush to it. However, the cooking surface of a Smokeless grill should be different. 

Start by looking for easy to clean removable pieces. You should ideally have a removable drip tray, grill plate, and (if applicable) glass lid. 

Electric grills shouldn’t be complicated to clean, so make sure yours won’t take you the rest of the day. 

#3: It Should Have Easy Features

You want to be sure you have confidence in using your grill. Since it’s electric, that typically comes in the form of a knob with easy heat control. 

When grilling steaks, you want to have high heat potential if you are looking for a seared outside. However, you want to be sure you have great control over those stakes, so they don’t burn to your grill plate. 

The best of these electric grills follow the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. Indoor grills are relegated to a single knob that acts as an on-switch, off-switch, and temperature control. 

#4: It Should Have The Cooking Space You Need

Think about the size of your family. If the square inch count on your grill is weak, it won’t fit the number of juicy steaks needed to feed your family. You know you can’t have a low juicy steak count, or someone is going without. 

To avoid bickering, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the right amount of surface area. This applies whether you are getting fresh meat or it’s a frozen food night. You need to have enough space for a wide range of what you need. 

#5: You Need To Have A Temperature Controlled Space

Going back to our discussion on heat control, you won’t have a great indoor grilling experience without the uniform application of heat. One way to accomplish this is by ensuring you have a temperature-controlled space. 

Heat distribution is typically pretty even when using radiant heat. Still, to make things better, you should consider investing in a grill with sealed containment. 

For example, a tempered glass lid is used on pots and pans to contain the heat and simmer things.

This “keep warm” function is impossible without being able to seal things up. Sealing things allows you to keep the heat where it’s needed the most: with your food. 

Optional Things You Should Consider For Your Indoor Grill

Whenever you invest in a new appliance, buyer’s remorse is a thing that can potentially happen.

To avoid this remorse, you’ll want to start by creating a list of priorities alongside your budget. 

This applies to any significant purchase, and you need to be willing to eliminate some things should it come down to you need to make a choice.

With this in mind, here are some neat features that are more “optional” than anything. 

  • A digital display 
  • Accessories 
  • Smart features (i.e., smart temperature control)
  • A cooking time indicator
  • Audible beeps 
  • Automatic modes 
  • A neat design 

While many of these things are incredibly handy, some of them are less than essential. When buying your indoor smokeless grill, keep these in mind.

Wrap Up

When looking up indoor smokeless grill ratings, it’s easy to get sucked in by something you see that is the “absolute best.”

But if you don’t consider your family’s needs, you might put on your fancy indoor grill the backburner. 

With that in mind, there’s still a place in your heart for charcoal grills.

To ease the more difficult cleaning process, check out this list of grill cleaning tools that will help you out. Thanks for reading!

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