What are Some Unique, Affordable DIY Room Divider Ideas?

Just like fashion and technology, architecture and floor plans change with the times. Sometimes you need to break up a open living area or create some home office space. Check out these creative DIY room divider ideas for some inspiration.

These days, open layout homes have become the norm when it comes to building styles. They are great when it comes to entertaining or simply watching over a family while cooking or tending to the house.

However, when it becomes necessary to create room dividers of some sort, questions undoubtedly creep up:

  • Should I make it a permanent divider?
  • Are there budget friendly options?
  • What about eco friendly options?
  • How to make a room divider that looks decent?
  • What are some unique, affordable DIY room divider ideas?

DIY room partitions and dividers can be crafted out of virtually anything and be as permanent or temporary as you desire. You’ll want to consider what options work best for your layout and the needs of your family.

Let’s take a closer look at what room divider ideas are out there and what may work best in your home.

Use What You Already Have

DIY bookshelf room divider

Source: HGTV

The easiest and most cost effective option for fashioning a DIY room divider is by using items you already have in the home. Bookcases work great for creating room dividers from pieces you already have.

A low bookshelf placed behind a couch can easily separate living and dining spaces while also being functional for placing, drinks, remotes and other items on it.

Taller bookshelves are great for creating private spaces. You can block off the corner of a room with them to create a home office space. It’s also great because the bookshelves double as storage and organization space for your office.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

DIY Room divider from pallets

Source: Pallet Designs

Pallets can be obtained for free in most cases and also make an excellent room divider when connected together. They can be painted to match your room decor and adapted to fit the shape of your room. Whether you need a straight, wall, a corner piece or varying heights – pallets can get the job done.

Old doors can also be reused as room dividers. Connected together or framing an open doorway – doors add a certain style and charm when used to divide a room. They also create usable space for hanging pictures and wall art which is always a great bonus!


Drape It In Style

DIY curtain room divider

Source: Daily Home Ideas

Fabric, tapestries, and curtains all can be used to create affordable DIY room dividers. Family heirloom quilts can have a place of prominence in your home when you display them as a room divider.

Loft dwellers or studio apartment inhabitants should consider using black out curtains as their loft room dividers to keep their sleeping space dark and soothing.

Fabric dividers can be hung using various ceiling tracks for those that own their space. If you’re renting, you can use tension curtain or shower rods in smaller spaces. For larger areas – consider using PVC pipe cut to fit your space.


Use The Outdoors

diy plant room divider

Source: Remodelaholic

Planters can be a great way to divide a room while getting some true function from the piece. Separate a kitchen or dining area with a planter shelf that contains herbs and spices you can use in your cooking. Or choose fragrant plants that will freshen up the space.

Pro Tip – Choose plants that can thrive in the lighting for your space. If the area the room divider will go in has low or natural light, choose plants like bamboo, spider plants or dragon trees.


Picture This

DIY Canvas Photo Room Divider

Source: Living and Kitchen

Canvas photo prints are insanely popular and oftentimes can be purchased rather inexpensively. Whether you’re looking to use one large print or connect multiple prints to make a room divider – it’s a great way to display treasured family photos.

Imagine providing newlyweds a creative room divider from their wedding photos as a housewarming gift!


Turn It Up

DIY room divider made from vinyl records

Source: WooHome

If you’re into music, then you should totally create a room divider from vinyl records. A great option for a homemade room divider – thrift stores and yard sales usually have records for a steal. For visual interest you could mix 45’s in as well.

Pro Tip – If your records came with the album covers  – you could make another screen or divider using those. Pick a theme like Jazz or Rock and show your love for music to all.


Eco Friendly

diy plastic bottle room divider

Source: Pinterest

Do you need a room divider that is practically free? You can create a room divider made entirely from plastic bottles!

Save yours, grab the neighbors on recycling day, and start building. You don’t have to limit yourself to plastic or clear bottles – mix colors or choose glass instead. Do what works best for you.

Wine and beer bottles would also work well for making your own room divider and have such great variety in the color and style of the bottles. If you’re super dedicated, you could even go with a room divider made from wine corks or beer bottle caps!


Staying Power

diy room divider wall

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Occasionally, you might realize that there is just too much open space in your home. Or you desperately need more usable wall space to mount pictures, a TV, or even for storage. Those times call for building a freestanding wall in your space.

Building a free standing wall doesn’t mean you need to lose all of your open layout. They can be built with cut out’s like the wall pictured ab or as a half or three quarter wall. You decide what works best for your space.


PVC Please

diy room divider from PVC

Source: Decor Love

You don’t get much more affordable than PVC pipe when it comes to building materials. Available in different widths, you can mix the sizes for a visual effect or build a room divider that is entirely composed of pipes of the same size.

These dividers are great as they can double as storage space. You could certainly have one of these double as a wine rack if used in your living or dining space.


A Taste of Childhood

diy room divider from lego bricks

Source: Inhabitat

If you’re incredibly lucky and your mom saved your entire childhood Lego collection, you can construct a divider made entirely from Lego’s. Admittedly, this would be a time consuming project but what a conversation piece! Building a wall like this could be a great bonding experience with your kids or friends.

If you don’t have a life supply of Lego’s to build a wall like this, you could still build a similar design. Jumbo building blocks could be used to reduce both cost and time in constructing your wall.


Remember It’s Your Space

With so many different ideas for room dividers, you are certain to find an option that will create the space you need and enhance the look of your home. When planning to add a room divider as a DIY project, make sure you’ve measured the space ahead of time and have the tools you’ll need to complete the job.

As you consider your room divider options, keep these steps in mind:

  • Take a photo of your room and use a free online design tool to help you determine the layout.
  • Decide if you need a solution that also offers wall space or storage and then plan accordingly.
  • Remember to measure twice and cut once.
  • Consider options for children’s rooms and outdoor spaces as well. Let us know which divider option you chose and send us pictures of your finished product!










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