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6 Unique Kitchen Storage Furniture Ideas

Whether you have a tiny or extra-large kitchen, you will need genius and affordable kitchen storage furniture to keep your counter space, shelving, and cupboard space neat and organized. Here are the 6 unique kitchen storage furniture ideas for you.

Without the right furniture for your kitchen items, your space will be cluttered, clumsy, and lacking in aesthetics.

Kitchen storage furniture comes to your rescue by providing easy storage points where you can place various kitchenware and kitchen appliances for easy access whenever you need them to prepare or serve sumptuous meals.

In this article, we explore some clever kitchen storage furniture ideas that you can try to maximize on space utility, enhance quick access to kitchen items, and add that crucial aesthetic appeal that should accompany the preparation and consumption of a delicious meal.

1. White Kitchen Food Pantry Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves

Adding a white kitchen pantry storage cabinet in your kitchen is a plus because white color reflects light, making walls recede and increasing the sense of a bigger space in an otherwise tiny kitchen.

A DIY or purchased kitchen pantry is a genius storage solution when you don’t have a built-in kitchen pantry. Or perhaps there’s one, but you still need extra storage space.

A non-white pantry would come in handy in a casual kitchen, but you can stick to white for its professional, super-clean, and eye-catching appeal.

You can try out these two white kitchen pantry storage solutions for your kitchen from Home Styles:

Home Styles Nantucket White Pantry

The Nantucket white pantry will last you a long time as it is made of engineered wood and hardwood solids. It has a storage drawer, double doors, and four adjustable shelves for plenty of shelf space.

Home Styles Dover White Kitchen Pantry

The Dover white kitchen pantry from Homestyles shop is one of the most highly recommended wood pantries by recent buyers.

It has two drawers and four fully adjustable shelves. The wood is enhanced with a unique metal combination with a center metal area with an antique nickel finish.

Suppose you would like to apply a DIY touch to your wood storage cabinet or pantry. In that case, you can buy the Prescott Polar White Modular 6 Shelf Pantry base or the Prescott Polar White Modular 2 Shelf Pantry base and complete the top with new wood panels or weather wood for an appealing distressed finish.

The Prescott Solid Black Modular Kitchen Pantry with wine rack will be an all-in-one pantry solution for your kitchen because of its built-in wine rack, which means you don’t have to worry about making one on your own.

Suppose you would like some shift from the usual wood? Here, go for a metal thin rolling pantry to save space and enjoy the added mobility advantage as you can roll it around on its wheels. Also, enjoy all the extensive storage fun at the current selling price of only $47.98.

2. Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a unique kitchen storage solution, especially when you have plenty of space in the center. A multi-tier kitchen island allows you to store plenty of kitchenware on the added shelf space on the tiers below the top.

The Hodedah Shop on Amazon has a handy kitchen island suitable for tiny kitchens. It features a towel rack, spice rack, a drawer, and solid white color with a lovely beach top. The island will cost you less than $100, with no shipping fees charged.

3. Sideboard Buffet Cabinet

If you like to keep things short and sweet in your kitchen, then sideboard buffet cabinets will be the best for you. They are highly versatile and can serve as buffet stands for parties, TV stands, and storage cabinets.

HomCom has two handy sideboard buffet cabinets you can check out:

HomCom Sideboard Display Cabinet with Double Framed Glass Doors, 2 Adjustable Shelves, and Elevated Base, Espresso

Use this sideboard for an assortment of storage purposes in multiple places in your house, such as the kitchen and living room or dining room storage, TV mounting, or buffet stand solutions.

HomCom Modern Kitchen Sideboard Buffet Server Cabinet with Glass Doors/TV Stand Console Table for Living Room, White

This is yet another white wooden kitchen storage furniture piece suitable for its versatility in both usage and home placement options.

4. Floating Shelves

Our kitchens have ample storage space on the walls that we can use with floating shelves. A floating shelf is attached to a wall and may comprise several tiers on which various kitchen items can be placed safely without falling over.

The Ekena Millwork Factory Primed white wall-mounted floating shelf details include a width of 36 inches, a retail price offer of only $32.99, and a solid urethane build for optimum durability.

5. Wood Storage Cabinet

A wood storage cabinet is an indispensable storage facility that can come in handy if you like short kitchen furniture. Depending on the construction, it can work as a buffet stand, TV stand, or enclosed storage solution.

The Kings Brand Furniture – White Finish Wood Kitchen Cabinet Storage Buffet with Glass Doors is worth trying for the added advantage of white reflective color and the see-through glass doors suitable for decorative pieces you keep in the drawers.

For a unique weather wood or distressed wood appeal in your kitchen, you can get the Simpli Home Connaught Entryway Storage Cabinet in Distressed Gray finish.

6. Kitchen Wine Rack

A kitchen wine rack is an excellent addition to your home if you prefer to keep your drinks and wine bottle collection (for decorative and antique collectibles purposes) in the kitchen a bit removed from the living room or dining room.

Where space is limited, and only a few bottles need to go into the rack, you can buy Kings Brand Furniture Metal with Marble Finish Top Wine Storage Organizer Display Rack Table.

If you have ample storage space and many wine bottles, you can purchase Hombazaar Wine Rack with Glass Holder, a Metal and Wood Wine Cabinet with a 20-bottle capacity, and a console table. In addition, the grill-like shelves can be tweaked as a DIY project to serve as a plate rack for additional storage space.

Bottom Line

With kitchen storage furniture, you will be spoilt for buying choices among the many options available.

The secret to the best choice is first to identify the actual items you want to store and then pick the suitable furniture that will keep your things safe and blend well with your kitchen outlook.

There are plenty of solutions for a remarkable kitchen makeover, from a wine rack, spice rack, kitchen storage cart, buffet sideboard, kitchen island, plate rack, floating shelf, and kitchen storage pantry to a weather wood storage cabinet

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