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Wall Decor for Bathroom – 12 Beautiful Ideas That Add Modern Flare

The bathroom is one place in the house that can not be avoided. It is open to those who live there and visitors alike. Being one of the busiest rooms, having it look good should be a priority. This does not have to cost a fortune. Learn a wall decor for bathroom – 12 beautiful ideas that add modern flare.

There are some great ideas to enhance the look with wall decor for bathroom spaces without spending a lot. You don’t need to do a full bathroom remodel to make it look great. That’s not to say you can’t do some renovations, but it just means you do not have to rip out the whole bathroom to update the look.

Wall Decor that will Refresh Your Bathroom

The Bathroom Rules

Cheeky prints like this is not only stylish, but they are also fun. They can be found in multiple styles and colors to complement the current bathroom style. This is just an example, but there are other large prints that are similar that you can find as well.


These are not the stickers of the old days. They are great-looking styles that can style up all types of bathrooms. They work great on painted walls and say anything from lively quotes to salty bathroom humor.

Floral Wall Art

Wall space can be highlighted with color when you choose something like floral wall art. They can be found in different bold colors. These art pieces are interesting, as they are actual X-rays of flowers that have then been accented with more detail.  They come in four panels, some as framed pieces and other color choices in wood. They can all be put together as accents for bathroom décor or spread out on various walls depending on your space. A modern yet quaint set of prints that are flexible in use.


While this is something that fell to the wayside for a while, using it in a bathroom can brighten up the blank space of a wall. There is so much to choose from that can look stellar. Whether you like bold wallpaper or a botanical print, perhaps a color combo of abstract design or simply beautiful vintage-inspired wallpaper, no matter what you choose, it can create an eye-catching space.


A bathroom mirror can do wonders when it comes to adding a modern flair to the room. You can have your standard medicine cabinet or rectangular mirror, but if you have space, then put a mirror in that standout. It will not only make the room look bigger, but it will be a great piece of wall decor. Something bold and modern can enhance the style of your bathroom.


While many want to get away from putting tile on the bathroom walls, some have a lot of style and can look great. Angular tiles offer clean lines for a modern flair. There are other tiles that are plain white, or bold tile colors that can be mixed in for a pop of color. There are lots of options to look for a pattern that can be created. It is more work than paint or wallpaper, but it can offer a smart, modern look.

Mason Jar Organizer 

This organizer is great on any bathroom wall, as it can be adapted to various styles. If you are looking for something modern, then some bathroom-friendly plants can be added for color or candles for a little mood. It can also be put on a wall by the sink to hold toiletries and such. While it only has a bit of color, it will work well with botanical or floral wallpaper, or something with bold colors. It’s a great accent piece.

Modern Spa Art 

These art prints can set a relaxing mood in your modern bathroom. A picture that is relaxing and sets the mood for a tranquil setting is perfect when looking for that tone of decor.

Toilet Paper Holder 

While we don’t often think of this as wall decor, it can be. If you are lacking in extra storage space, then this piece is an interesting way to keep your toilet paper. It looks neat and won’t use up the limited bathroom space. It looks great against the white tile as it blends in well.

Toilet paper roll holder

This is something that can dress up a wall, especially if the holder isn’t recessed. Choosing a modern style that works with the decor is simple and inexpensive. It’s easy to install and change if you decide you want something different. They often have matching towel racks that go by the sink, shower, or bathtub to pull the decor together.


Shelves are versatile bathroom decor that can make a modern bathroom look great. There are shelves in various metallic colors, with different numbers of bars and, of course, various sizes. They can help when you are limited in storage areas, as well as taking up as much or as little space as you want them to. Designs vary, as do prices, but there are lots to choose from.

3-D Wallpaper

This is a really novel type of tile, and it can look great on the wall of a bathroom. It’s easy to put on, and it can complement most modern bathroom designs. It has been digitally printed on high-quality backing, so it can be put on and it will stay on. It’s great if you need something to offset flat or undecorated walls.

Final Thoughts

Deciding what decor looks good in your bathroom is based on your personal taste. The colors you prefer, what complements the fixtures, and your budget all play into what you decide. You can spend a lot on a piece of artwork or simply purchase some complementary items that will pick up the modern theme of your bathroom. You don’t have to spend a lot to add that stylish modern flair to your space.

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