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Washers Lawn Game Rules – How to Play

If you want to play Washer Toss, you need to know the rules. While there are always house rules to be aware of, there are some general rules across all forms. First, here a short guide on how to play Washer Toss: 

As the name suggests, Washer Toss involves tossing discs (washers) into a box with a small hole in the middle of it.

Each person throws all four of their washers at once. Three points go to the person whose washer lands inside the hole in the box’s center, and one point is given to washers that land in the box.

The winner is the first one who gets to 21 points.

Below, we will go through some additional details as to what makes the game unique. By the end of this article, you will know how to play and the materials you need. 

What Do Washer Toss Game Sets Come With?

If you want to get a game set, GoSports has a high-quality offer for you here. But if you find a local seller or another option, it’s essential to know what comes with a standard set.

Here’s a quick roundup.

  • Two boxes (washer boards) with a latch on one end for easy transport
  • “Washer pits” in the form of a hole in the center of the boxes
  • Two different sets of washers in different colors

Technically, you only need a single box and four washers, but having two sets makes it easier to score simultaneously.

This addition adds a certain level of excitement to the game, almost like doing it tournament style. 

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A Detailed Look at the Rules of Washer Toss

You can break down the game to the rules above, but we do wish to clarify some points if you and some friends want to play this game.

Disagreements can lead to long pointless conversations about what counts and doesn’t. So let’s get into the details:

Step One: Place the Boards on the Ground 

Your first step is to ensure that you have a regulation amount of distance between you and the board.

In most cases, this means you will need to have 25 feet between you and the game board. For handicaps, you can reduce this distance to about 20 feet. 

To ensure people follow this rule, you can mark the ground with a piece of tape or wood. If either player scores while stepping over the lines, those points should not count in a regulation washer game.

You can choose to create a tournament setup via groups of two to four or have single players throw their washers. 

Step Two: Know What is a Regulation Game Board

The hole washer has a small size to ensure that players scoring have a challenge when throwing their washers into the hole. The cup centers should be about four inches in diameter, with discs being only slightly smaller. 

You ensure that whenever the player or team scores, they have a challenge of throwing into a small space.

Washer toss is one of those games where you should feel accomplished to get any metal washer into the washer box. 

Step Three: Know Regulations on How Many Points You Get 

In the game of tossing washers, to score points by landing your washer in the cup, box, or on edge yields different results: 

  • Landing in the box yields one point
  • Landing inside of the cup yields three points
  • Land on the edge of the cup yields an immediate win.  
  • Scoring seventeen points while the other person has only scored one (or less) is an immediate win called a “whitewash.”
  • The first team or player to get to 21 points wins the game. 

There is some variance to the rules depending on the game of washers you want to play, but the above restrictions apply in most situations.

Some people suggest five points for landing in the cup and one point only if you get close to the cup (within a ring outside of the cup). 

You can even choose to share a box and eliminate it down to the washer closest to the cup.

Whatever you choose, make sure you remember that this is a fun game meant to be enjoyed, with no reason to get overly competitive. 

How To Make Your Own Game of Washer Toss

If you don’t want to buy this game, there are some easy ways to create a game at home. Follow these tips to make this game cheaply:

  1. Locate or create a uniform box. Depending on your preference, the box’s materials may be wood or cardboard.
  2. Measure the box on either side and cut directly down the center. Make sure the two boxes are almost exact in size.
  3. Gather a piece of PVC pipe and cut it down, so you have two even pieces. 
  4. Glue the PVC pipe chunks down in the center of each box, ensuring they are the exact distance from each other and on a completely flat surface. 
  5. While waiting for the glue to dry, gather some small, unwanted washers and paint them two distinct colors. Red and blue are two of the most classic and different colors in this case. 

While seeing your washer in the cup of an official game set is appealing, seeing if your washer lands in the bottom of a cardboard box or PVC pipe can be just as attractive. 

Final Thoughts

Washers game, otherwise known as washer toss, is pretty fun as an outdoor lawn game. Just make sure that when you play, game tension between family members stays low.

Otherwise, you and your family might end up playing “find the washer in the tall grass” later in the afternoon. 

If you are looking for some extra tips for outdoor fun, check out this article on picking a good garden hose.

Suitable garden hoses are great for watering plants and kids. Thanks for reading!

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