How Water Softeners Can Help Your Skin

How Water Softeners Can Help Your SkinHow many of us have gone into the bathroom and have seen the water marks and spots left on the shower curtain or glass door? How about that ring around the tub that needs to be scrubbed every week? Those watermarks are from the water drying on the surface and the soap scum left behind to dry and cake onto the surfaces. If that is how your shower and bathtub looks after a few days, imagine what your skin really looks like if what is left on the shower walls, is what is left on you.

That is what happens when we shower in hard water. Now, this is where water softener comes in, and right now we will try to unravel how water softeners can help your skin. First of all, there are several chemicals in regular tap water, which why most people filter their drinking water but don’t really think to filter the water used for showering or for washing the dishes. Yeah, those blotches all over the dishes that are supposed to be clean come from the same harsh water. Think about it a moment, there are seven different chemicals in the water. The chemicals found in regular tap water are:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine compounds
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Salt deposits of radium, copper, lead, arsenic, mercury, barium, and cadmium
  • Nitrates
  • Pesticides
  • Hormones

No wonder we have so many issues that relate to our skin drying out, flaking, and being oily. We are not taking care of our epidermis very well and this shows.

When we get into the shower, we usually bathe ourselves with soap and other soap like products. We assume these products rinse off in the shower with the water. The truth is when we shower our pores open up like small holes that allow those products to get into our skin. When we get out of the shower our skin dries up and closes the pores. What we can’t see is the calcium from the hard water has bonded with the soap and has created a layer of chemicals on our skin to dry out. This is the main reason so many people battle with dry, flaky skin or oily and unmanageable hair. It is not so much our skin, but the by-product of what we washed with.

So how do you really get clean and take care of the skin?

Some people buy moisturizers to help with the dryness, but that doesn’t stop the problem from reoccurring. The only way to really help your skin and get it radiant again is to get yourself a water softener. Getting a water softener for the home is a brilliant idea and great investment. These nifty devices range from about $400-$1500 and some don’t require salt at all.

A water softener simply removes all the minerals, calcium and magnesium ions found in regular tap water and replaces the chemical structure with sodium ions. This, in turn, cleans the harsh water which will result in softer and cleaner skin and hair. Using treated water allows a person to use less shampoo, and that fancy soap you bought. Your skin and hair won’t dry out and will actually leave the body looking more naturally beautiful.

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